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Education / Training Webley Raider 10 – Part 1

Webley Raider 10 – Part 1

by B.B. Pelletier

This test is for DH and for all of you who like to hear about fine PCPs. Pyramyd AIR sent me a .22-caliber Webley Raider 10 some time back and it was working its way to the front of the queue when DH asked about it. This is the 10-shot model, not the 2-shot rifle.

Like a carbine
The Raider 10 is light weight at 6.6 lbs. and short, at just 38 inches. It’s really more of a carbine than a full-sized rifle, but that should make the hunters happy. The metal is evenly finished in most places, with a few tool marks showing through on the receiver and some dull patches on the reservoir. The finish is a medium shine that’s brighter than matte, but not the deep black of some other airguns.

The beechwood stock is highly figured for beech and as attractive as many walnut stocks. It is fully ambidextrous, as well, though the bolt action is suited to right-handed shooters. The raised comb rolls to both sides of the butt. The cut-checkered pistol grip has a slight Wundhammer palm swell on the right side, but lefties will not find it bothersome.

Shrouded barrel!
The Raider 10 has a fully shrouded and baffled barrel, so I will be making comments on the noise signature. The power is not adjustable, and there are 10 pellets in each clip (which the owner’s manual calls a magazine).

Dealing with the fill adapter
I thought I’d do something new with this test. I’ll show you what I do when I receive a new PCP like this. The Benjamin Discovery and any AirForce rifle can be purchased ready to go, but no other PCP comes that way. Inside the package with the gun comes a fill adapter. In the case of a rifle from the UK, it’s threaded to screw into a 1/8″ British Standard Parallel Pipe fitting (BSPP). That’s a standard among UK PCPs. I own a Hill hand pump that has a hose that also has the other end of a 1/8″ BSPP fitting, so many folks would be tempted to just screw the two together. A lot of the time that would work, but sometimes not, so let me tell you what I do.


Would you know what to do with this adapter? This is what you get with most PCPs. It has to be attached to a hose that accepts 1/8″ BSPP threads. Those two o-rings need a light smear of diver’s silicone grease so they don’t nick or tear when inserted into the probe hole in the rifle.

Teflon tape
I wrap the threads of the quick-disconnect (probe-type) fill adapter with three wraps of Teflon tape (also known as plumber’s tape). If the seal in the hose is compromised in any way or even missing, this takes care of it. I wrap the tape in the direction opposite the one the adapter will be turning when I thread it into the hose.


If you’re going to shoot PCPs, get used to this stuff. It’s Teflon tape wrapped three times around the threads to seal the adapter to the hose fitting. Wrap it in the opposite direction that you will screw the adapter, so it doesn’t get loose when attaching the adaptor to the hose fitting.


This female 1/8″ BSPP fitting on the end of a hand pump hose accepts the Raider adapter.

The two o-rings on the adapter get a light coat of diver’s silicone grease. Please don’t write me and ask what you can substitute for diver’s silicone. Just get some. A quarter-ounce jar will last a lifetime.

The rifle also has a plug to seal the fill port when the adapter isn’t installed. It has an o-ring, as well, so I also greased it.

Pump her up!
The Raider 10 took 128 pump strokes to go from completely empty to 200 bar. By the way, when the Hill pump gauge says 200 bar the pressure gauge on the rifle reads 150. That’s a difference of 750 psi! It’s a huge difference, but be aware that it can happen. I will use the pump gauge because it has worked well in the past. When I get to velocity testing, I’ll refine the max fill number by watching the chronograph to determine where the gun comes up on the power band. Yes, you need a chronograph to do this and, yes, it’s worth it.

The bolt on this brand-new gun is incredibly hard to cycle! I had to strike it with the heel of my hand to get it to work. The clip didn’t always index properly in the beginning, but I think both of these things will even out as the rifle breaks in.

The two-stage trigger is adjustable for first-stage length, second-stage letoff and sear engagement. It seems nice enough as it comes from the box, so I’ll leave it as it is. There’s no safety on the rifle.

We’ll do velocity next.

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Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

59 thoughts on “Webley Raider 10 – Part 1”

  1. So, what can I use instead of the diver’s grease?

    Just kidding.

    I find all the fitting types confusing. This probe type does seem to be predominant with the British rifles I’ve read about.

    Having a Discovery pump, are there adapters available to convert Foster fittings to the British standard?

    The bug has bit and every month Airgun World has a bunch of nice airguns to tempt me…

  2. Mornin B.B.,
    Another great write-up. But then again arent they all. So if i buy an Airforce rifle i do not need an adapter? Its quick connect foster? I knew the Benjamin Discovery was this way. Thats why i will be purchasing this rifle soon. Once i buy my new camera.

  3. B.B.

    This one is of interest to me, light weight and all. I still want to learn why a heavy rifle is easier to shoot accurate, I can see it with a rest, but off hand, I don't get it…

    How long has this repeater model been out?
    Do Air Arms and Webley use the same manufacturer? It looked like the FX line and Air Arms use the same one…maybe in Sweeden on some models..

    The PA site said the noise level is 5, loud. I hope that is wrong, with the shrouded barrel. It also said they only got 10 shots when starting at 160 bar,bringing it down to 110 bar.. For some reason my S410 in .177 is getting 60 shots with no loss of POI, when I fill to 200 bar, way more than the specs say, and your report on the .22 cal showed. I wonder if the .177 cal always get more shots?

    Can you compare the air tank size to the S410 for us..and the S410 carbine as well, I'm planing on ordering one and the Webley seems like a close second choice…number of shots per tank without loss of POI comparison would be very nice as well…

    The fill adapter on the S410 turned out to be fine after I got it attached to the Scuba yoke hose. I have a yoke with the Discovery fitting and one with the S410, then I can use the tank for the Discovery when it gets to low for the S410, just switch yokes…

    The foster fittings for the Discovery have failed 3 times for me so far, the o ring and bearings just fall apart (PA sent me new ones)..So I am liking the simple and no fail possible fitting of the S410. How does the Webley compare?

    It is worth it to have a Discovery, just to use the low pressure tank, let alone the accuracy and fun to shoot it..

    Very timely report for me, thank you B.B.

    Ashland Air Rifle Range & Rentals

  4. BB – Having read your reviews and done my research, I have purchased a Discovery with pump. I also found a used steel SCUBA tank on e-bay ($40) and after spending 5 times this amunt on Hydro testing, a yoke/guage and hose rig, I’m learning about the Discovery. A question came up during my research as to whether the hand pumps, like the one that comes with the Discovery, have moisture traps? (I think your Hill does?) What is the reasoning behind Crosman not equipping their pump with this and do you feel that those of us who will be manually pumping our rifles, equip the pump with a moisture trap?

  5. B.B.

    I just saw the Webley Spectre Mark 2 .177, an 8 shot repeater also. The PA site says it is made by FX in Sweden. I wonder why they dropped the .22 cal model. The Spectre looks like a nicer stock than the Raider, with more checkering…I’m really into nice wood stocks, being a woodworker and all….

    Any chance you can add this one to the comparison as well…..

    My other concern is the clips (or magazines, which term should I use). The S410 has a plastic cover to keep the pellets from falling out, the other mags don’t, could this be an issue?


  6. Hey BB,
    I got a quick question for you , im sure thats not a surpris. The Gome Viper and Shadow Express shotguns, can they be used for hunting? I have a problem with some pigeons and a rabbit in my back yard and they are so close that i dont want to use my Beeman RS1. I willbe shooting from 5-1 5 feet away and possibly down at them.

    Critter Controller

  7. il bruce,

    You will need an adaptor to go from the female Foster filling on your Discovery pump to whatever kind of other adapter you want to use. A universal way to make the change would be to get Airhog to make a male Foster to female 1/8″ BSPP.


  8. Brody,

    You have to read EVERYTHING I said! The AirForce guns are all AVAILABLE with fill adapters. But you can buy them cheaper without – however, why would you?

    Well, if you were also buying an AirForce hand pump that comes with the right adapter to fill their tanks, and you have no plans to ever use a scuba tank, then buying the rifle without the scuba tank adapter would make sense.

    If you look at the AirForce listing I linked in the blog, their rifles come in a variety of packages.

    The AirForce rifle does not use a Foster quick-disconnect fitting. But Airhog can make one for you, if that’s what you need.


  9. Wayne,

    So many questions!

    A heavy rifle holds steadier than a light one when you use a proper offhand stance. Look at these champions and their stance:


    This next girl is 10. Her rifle weighs 8.5 lbs.:


    These repeaters (like the Raider 10) have been out about 8-10 years. Not this model, but the same idea. Look at the Hammerli 850 AirMagnum.

    I hope the noise level is below 5 also. My test will determine it.

    A .22 PCP should usually get more shots than a .177 because they are more efficient.

    Compare the air tank size of the S410 to what? That’s like asking for a comparison of a Jet fighter fuel tank to one on a Corvette. They do different things. Air capacity is just one part of a very large equation. Look at the Discovery. It has a small tank and only gets filled to 2,000 psi (1,700, in your case). Yet it gets 21-26 good shots. My Daystate Harrier has 2 times the air volume of the Discovery and gets pressurized to 2,650 psi. Yet it gets only 24 shots AT THE SAME VELOCITY AS THE DISCOVERY!!!

    Are you putting silicone grease on the tip of the male fitting of your Discovery? That will spread to the female Foster o-ring and preserve it for years. Mine is 2 years old and has never failed.


  10. Fred,

    The Hill pump doesn’t have a moisture trap. No hand pump does. The Hill and all the others remove moisture in their base by condensation, which gets purged by the air bleed screw.

    The thing on the side of the Hill pump is a desiccant cartridge that the air flows through on its way into the pump. On really humid days, it probably removes some additional moisture, but not as much as the base does.


  11. Ooops,
    Sorry B.B., i just saw Benjamin, Airforce rifles dont need an adapter. I have a question that is a bit off topic. I was shooting my Storm today, and it was way off. I thought you know it has to be these rings. So i swapped these rings for a set of weaver rings i had on my 880. Now my POI had changed by almost 3 feet. I got it centered again, but i dont see how my POI would change so much. Any suggestions. The rings are about the same height, and are the same size.

  12. Wayne,

    The plastic cover over the clip prevents dirt from getting into the rifle. The pellets are held in the clip by a large o-ring around the circumference of the clip. The pellets don’t fall out, but with the plastic you can carry extra clips in your pocket and not get lint into the rifle.

    The old Webley Axsor rifle was an 8-shot FX. I tested it and it shot about the same as your S410, which I also tested.


  13. Brody,

    It has to do with machining and the fact that a very small angle can affect a very large change. It only takes a few degrees to influence something when the line is as long as the distance we shoot.

    Remember Quigley Down Under? His bullets were falling many FEET (20-40) by the time they reached their target. Yet he was able to compensate by turning a Vernier screw on his rear sight just a few turns.


  14. B.B.

    Sorry I wasn’t more clear, I meant the size of the air tank on the S410 to the S410 .22cal carbine and the Webley raider. But the real question is how many shots per tank on high power without loss of POI, right? Sorry not to be clear. It must be hard to answer so many questions that are clear, and way too hard when they are not…sorry again.. I will try harder..


  15. thank you bb, but im worried about what the pellet would hit if it came out the other side. i might juts have to use my friends pumpmaster.


  16. Critter Controler,
    I have a Shadow express. It is one of the best hunting guns I’ve come across, but I would rather have an Rws 34. What really bugs me is the plastic barrel shroud. The barrel, although accurate, is not crowned. I don’t advise getting the Viper or the Shadow express shot guns despite their preformance. Also, if you are worried about overpenetration, just get a RWS 34 in .22cal and use crow magnums or wadcutters.

    BB, how do you crown a barrel. What tools do I need.

    shadow express dude

  17. Shadow Express Dude,
    Thank you for the info on the Express. I didnt know much about the rifle other than its performance. I do not like the way they use plastic barrel shrouds like you said. I think ill betrying the 34. THANK YOU.


  18. Wayne,

    You’re asking me to guess how many shots you might get on high power from a gun I’ve never seen.

    Here’s a rule of thumb. The Korean carbines usually get half to three-quarters the number of shots as the rifles. I’d say the answer lies in that range.


  19. B.B.

    Thanks, I get it now. I didn’t know you could rest your elbow on your hip in 10 meter off hand. The weight then becomes a steadier. Those are very helpful photos and articles…got to remember to look in the archives…

    I will try the silicone grease on the tip of the Discovery foster fitting and see if it helps.. It also might be that using a pump, bringing the pressure up slowly, is easier on the fitting, than the scuba tank pressure all at once. The problem has lessoned since we open the scuba tank valve very slow now…

    It will be interesting to see how loud and if the bolt and clip smooth out on the Webley Raider, with a little more use.

    I hadn’t thought of keeping lint out of the clip, that’s another nice feature of the S410..I do carry the extra clips in my pocket.

    Wow, if .22 cal gets more shots per fill than .177, the .22 cal S410 carbine is looking better all the time, especially if the Carbine and the S410 .177 have the same air tank. The carbine being shorter, I doubt it…

    Ashland Air Rifle Range

  20. shadow express dude,

    A lathe is the best way to crown a barrel, though a reciprocating bronze ball with lapping compound can do a pretty good job. Chuck it in an electric drill and move it in a random orbital motion as the ball spins.

    The object is to make the exit at the muzzle the same length around its entire circumference.


  21. B.B.
    I thought you tested the S410 carbine in .22, because the PA site links that one to your review of the S410. I notice now that it also comes in .22 cal.

    I can’t find anywhere in the specs. if the air tanks are the same size.

    If you don’t know off hand, I’ll check with the Air Arms web site..they will have it, I’m sure..

    It’s good I have to wait for the Carbines to arrive ( 8/1 predicted) so I can see how the Raider does in your next report. But the power adjuster and smoothness of the “bolt” or “cocking lever” whatever the name, out of the box on the S410 .177 is leaning me strongly to the S410 .22 cal Carbine instead of the the Webley line.

    It seems smart to have more guns from the same line, if they are so similar to another line, so our tech can learn them and have parts on hand with less inventory expense.

    Who is the most dependable supplier of these two?

    Ashland Air Rifle Range

  22. Wayne,

    Tough call. Air Arms is probably slightly ahead of Webley, but not in reliability. In quality of finish and style.

    Both are equally accurate (or they should be – we’ll see soon), and both are equally reliable.

    In spring guns Air Arms buries Webley, but in PCPs they run close.


  23. Wayne,

    Both companies are good when it comes to supply, but Air Arms can be slower sometimes. I don’t know why that it – maybe demand, but sometimes their shipments are slower.

    Having said that, they also sometimes air-freight things to PA (PA is the exclusive U.S. importer) just to stay on schedule.


  24. B.B.

    That pretty much settles it for me…Air Arms it is..if PA is the exclusive U.S. importer and they sometimes ship air-freight just to stay on schedule….that’s what I want to hear…

    And so far the power adjuster, quality of the woodwork on the stock and last but not least the way it is very quiet, to me, put the S410 line above the others in that price range…

    Please tell me if there is some other line that PA sells, with a better line of PCP repeaters at that price point….or at least ones I should try to compare before I make a 6 to 12 gun purchase in one line….

  25. Critter controller
    1 more thing I forgot to mention! Most Gamo airguns have a plastic barrel shroud. The barrel shroud is plastic to improve balance. This it does but, it also makes the rifle too light to control. You will be safer going with a crosman, mendoza, beeman, benjamin, or the RWS lines.

  26. B.B.

    i noticed that IZH-Baikal came out with the new MP-661K Blackbird gun which apparently has a 400 round BB mag. I was wondering if Pyramyd AIR would ever attatch a bulk CO2 tank to the gun so that the shooter would be able to shoot the gun for long periods of time without ever having to reload CO2 as well as BBs.


  27. Hey BB,

    Sorry for being off topic. I’m trying to build a silent pellet trap at home and you said that duct seal is a very effective material, the problem is i don’t know what duct seal is and the people at the mall hardware store don’t know either!

    I came across a few items that MIGHT be duct seal because they were sold in tube packs and had looked clay-like. They came in different brands so i just read the main label. So is duct seal “polyurethane sealant”, “acrylic sealant”, “silicone sealant” or none of the above?

    Thanks in advance!

    – Abel from manila

  28. hey bb,
    Should i get the Gamo .177 Cleaning Kit? it sounds like a nice kit but is it everything u need to get the bore of my pellet guns clean? Or should i pick up a thing of JB paste? Also is the Beeman Silicone Gun Cloth worth getting?


  29. Abel in Manila

    For a silent trap I used lead sheet. I made a frame from 2X4’s on top and sides and a 2X6 for the bottom plus a plywood back. I just happen to have a 12″ X 48″ X 1/8″ sheet of pure lead. Folded that into a 12″ square and place a sheet of foam between that and the plywood to dampen any noise. Works perfict and when it started to get shoot up since it was so soft, I just melted some old bullets and poured the lead right onto the target and all the holes locked in the new lead. Now with alloyed lead instead of pure I will never have to even repair the surface again. The pellets just bury themselves, one on top of the other. No cost, no repairs, no noise, no putty mess, pefict.

  30. B.B.,
    BSPP-NPT-Foster fitting adapter source—
    Catching up on my FUN reading.
    I fought with the adapter situation, and after much searching, found and bought NPT to BSPP adapters at Mcmaster.com
    The pipe adapter that is 1/8 male American tapered pipe thread (NPT male) on one end and 1/8 British standard parallel pipe male(BSPP)on the other, is part number 4092K91 for $8.39 in stainless steel.
    After you find the part number on the web site, click on “Catalog Page” in the left hand column and it will show all the other variants in the NPT/BSPP – M/F adapters they have.
    Unfortunately, they don’t have the actual Foster fittings in 1/8, so I had to buy them at my local paint ball store for way too much money.

    A general question:
    Are Fosters becoming the standard (more-or-less) on PCPs, at least for the US?
    The paintball guys have standardized.


  31. hey bb,
    Should i get the Gamo .177 Cleaning Kit? it sounds like a nice kit but is it everything i need to get the bore of my pellet guns clean? Or should i pick up a thing of JB paste? Also is the Beeman Silicone Gun Cloth worth getting?


  32. Hi BB,

    Thought you might be interested in this. Recently I asked if you’d run across any stories about self-defense with airsoft. This isn’t exactly what I wanted, plus it’s completely theoretical (I had wanted true-life examples). I ran across it while looking for a way to contact UHC. MrAirsoft.com seems to be a US site that offers cheap airsoft guns for beginners. Their gun details are often lacking and the site left me with a less-than-excited opinion about them.

    His scenarios are pretty ridiculous…and dangerous! They assume you can face a perp with a gun and be steeled enough to hit him in the face with the initial shot, then run in with the bat and smack him in the head (which in itself could kill the guy). Still, it’s kind of funny, and no more dangerous than Gamo’s video encouraging airgunners to hunt wild boar with Raptors (accompanied by the barking of non-existent hunting dogs).

    –Joe B.

    Home Protection Alternatives: Using Airsoft Guns for Self-Defense

    By MrAirsoft, published May 08, 2007

    Using an airsoft gun as home protection does not usually come to the mind when thinking about home protection. More traditional is a home security system or a real gun. But let’s look at the negative sides of those two options (there are other things, but I’ll just focus on these two). I first would like to say that the home security system is definitely the best way to go, and the only real downside is the price. You have to pay a large monthly or yearly charge in order to keep the service, and that can make a big dent in your budget. And let’s be real, you do not need the actual system as long as you have the sign on the front of your lawn. If you have the money, the security service is the best route to take, but of course a real or airsoft gun could be used as a backup. The problem with real guns is that, according to statistics, they kill more people than they protect, in the case of home protection. Also, you are supposed to keep the ammo and the gun in separate places, which is worthless in an emergency. Imagine a guy waking up to a burglar, reaching for his gun, and remembering the ammo is in the basement. What a horrible feeling that would be!

    An airsoft gun is the perfect alternative to a real gun. While, of course, it does not have the power a real gun has, it still is an effective defense weapon. You don’t need to seriously injure someone or kill them to stop them. However, a spring gun would not do well enough, because you would need to fire multiple times. You may be worried, if the assailant has a real gun, that he would be able to defeat you. This is not true. While it cannot be argued that he would have an advantage, you can still easily “win”. If you shoot someone in the face once with an airsoft gun, they will immediately reach up to their face, even if they have a real gun. It really only take shot, because getting shot in the face with anything hurts A LOT, and the burglar will be stunned for a good while (only a few seconds, but in the moment, enough). This gives you time to run up and give a hit large enough to knock him out or disable him. The airsoft method should be used in conjunction with a bat, to be sure that you completely disable the assailant. The reason you should not use a spring gun is because one, they are not that powerful and would not hurt as bad, and two, if you miss, you cannot afford to re-cock the spring.

    I bet all of this seems like a lot of trouble when you could simply kill the guy. Keep in mind that real guns are incredibly dangerous, and as mentioned, hurt more people then they protect. Also, you get into a lot more legal trouble if you kill someone, even if it self-defense. Not to mention, shooting someone makes a lot of blood, and then you have to worry about cleaning all that off your wall and carpet/floor (that’s a joke).

    Even if you have a safe neighborhood, something bad can happen at anytime. There are times when you might not feel safe for some reason. Having an airsoft gun can make your home feel safer; it does not have the serious damage capacity of a real gun, but it will work in an emergency. On dark and stormy nights, a simple airsoft gun can make the difference between feeling scared or calm.

    BB–don’t bother telling me what we both already know: that an airsoft gun is a chancy, ineffective weapon in the face of a perp with a real gun. I really was looking for instances in which someone actually used an airsoft gun for self-defense. I’m still looking….

    Also, have you looked at any of the videos on Youtube by teenage boys shooting each other with airsoft guns (one had his friend ‘draw’ a smiley face on his stomach with one–one of the last shots was from 2″ away!)? You could tell they hurt, but mostly it was a jury-rigged right-of-passage ritual in a time where real rights-of-passage are so seldom available to young men (other than the millitary…or Columbine). Watching some of these videos reminded me uncomfortably of Columbine, but they also reminded me of how strong the need is for teens to have some ritual that identifies for them the line crossing over from child to adult.

    –Joe B.

  33. Hi BB,

    Can you tell me how to get in touch with either UHC (the airsoft company), or (better) their US distributer?

    I bought one of their 938 6″ bbl-ed airsoft revolvers (on eBay) last May. If you don’t hold the gun muzzle downwards or level while cocking, the ‘cartridges’ catch on the recoil plate. I forgot this when I let my wife’s class shoot airsoft (from my blog), and they forced the hammer back against this block, breaking the gun (it’s hammer no longer holds in the cocked position).

    Thank you, as always,

    Joe B.

  34. Good morning B.B. and as always "mom." B.B. every sunday morning I watch the numerous hunting shows on tv before it's time to hit the shower and go to work-(in furniture sales there's no getting around working sat & sun. While channel surfing I caught the tail end of a commercial and I was wondering if you have -heard about it-seen it-or know how reliable it is. What I am refering to is a rifle scope. In this commercial they were stating how imbarrising it is not to be able to center your scope in two shots. They proceded by shooting at a target and the round hit hight to the right. Next they adjusted a turrent knob and it showed the whole reticle-including the center point moving within the scope- so it was dead center to where the 1st round landed. The next shot was aimed at the bullseye and voila-dead center. Have you ever heard of such a scope where you take a shot -move the reticle to where the shot landed then aimed at the bullseye and hit it? I know I was still a little grogy from lack of sleep but to be able to turn a knob to where you 1st shot landed-then take aim at the center point and hit it? Is this something that will make all other scopes oboselete or a a cheap way to make a so-so scope look good? Thanks -Scott298

  35. Scott298
    There is nothing fantastic about it.
    It’s the procedure used…..not the scope.
    In order to do this, you have to put the gun in a vise so it won’t move from the aimpoint when you adjust the scope.
    This way you can move the reticule directly from the initial aimpoint directly to the impact point without any measuring and calculating the number of clicks.
    The usual way that takes more shots is to shoot, then measure the verticle and horizontal error of the impact point from the aimpoint…then adjust the scope accordingly. It takes more shots this way because the scope adjustments very seldom will be exactly what they are supposed to be . If it should be 5 clicks, it may in fact take six or seven to get the adjustment that you want.
    You end up walking the impact point to the aimpoint.
    With a very accurate rifle, it does not take very many shots. With a rifle that shoots a little loose, you will have to shoot groups to establish the impact point.

  36. Scott…
    They may also have been trying to show you that when you use their scope, that the crosshairs will move exactly the distance that they are supposed to when the adjustments are made. You would still have to measure and calculate to make the adjustments.

  37. CritterController,

    I always recommend solid cleaning rids instead of three-piece. They are made of steel and resist embedding dirt better than softer aluminum sectional rods.

    Yes, get JB Paste if you know how to use it.

    Instead of a silicone cloth get some silicone oil and make your own cloth.


  38. twotalon–Scott298-I don’t think we are on the same page. In this commercial a shooter is shown shooting at a target and the bullett hits high to the right. He then views the target again thru the scope-still aiming at the center point and it almost looks like a video game. He adjusts a dial and while still looking thru the scope at the center point, the cross hairs move directly to where the bullet hit. He then take a second shot-aiming at the center point and hits the bulls eye. There is no adjusting the mount or the scope rings-he just turns this nob-the cross hairs align over the 1st hole then aims at the bulls eye and now the cross hairs put the shot in the center there was no vice present and the whole procedure took approx. 30sec–B.B.–you want to hop in on this one? dumfounded-Scott298

  39. Scott298,

    Twotalon is right, this is an old method of zeroing. But it requires that the gun be absolutely still, which is where the vice came from in Towtalon’s message. If the rifle were to move during the reticle adjustment, everything would be lost.

    This is not peculiar to any single scope. It’s a trick that works with all of them. But it’s difficult to do with a rifle that recoils, because once it moves, you can’t do this. So it is of limited value for anything bigger than a rimfire.


  40. BB, I was going to ask about the wrap direction of the teflon tape, but I re-read it and figured it out. I thought you were saying the opposite of what you were.

    Anyway, for some that might get confused like me, you wrap the tape starting where the thread starts and wrap in the direction the thread goes (the same direction you would scew a nut on it). See http://www.acmehowto.com/howto/homemaintenance/plumbing/general/teflon.php

    Make sure you don’t have any hanging over the end – it will end up as pieces in your gun at some point.

  41. B.B.

    I’m finalizing my decision on a PCP and need a little help, if you can. Based on performance (power and reliability), accuracy, simplicity of use, and maintenance if you were considering the HW-100 or the Webley & Scott Raider 10, which would you chose and why?


  42. J.P.,

    I haven’t tested the HW 100, but from the reports it sounds like a wonderful gun. The Webley Raider 10 I am currently testing and thus far it seems very nice. We’ll see when the shooting is finished.

    I couldn’t choose between these two rifles.


  43. You mentioned that Evanix is coming out with new interesting rifle(s) design. I went to their website and I saw the new rifle name and pictures only, nothing said about features.

    Do you know anything about these rifles that you like to share with us here? And do know if PA will carry them? And when?


  44. Walter,

    Yes, I know some things about the new Evanix rifles. But until I get them for testing I’m not able to say anything.

    You may not realize this but specifications change as new products are brought to market. And it really kills the launch of the product if someone starts talking about everything the item will do, only to discover in the final run that some of those things had to be left out.

    I know how hard it is for shooters to wait for new products to come to them, which is why I don’t tell everything I know.

    Look at the new Leapers base for RWS Diana rifles. I was the principal tester, so I thought I knew what was going on and I missed the launch date by two months!

    I’m sorry to tell you what your parents probably did before your birthday, but you’ll just have to be patient.


  45. Thank you BB for the clarification…
    Just want to say that I got the bug really bad. I am spending at least one hour on this blog every day for the past three weeks trying to find my next gun. I am learning new things every day; I changed my minds 5 times now.
    Thanks again and keep up the good work.

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