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Education / Training Stoeger X50 air rifle

Stoeger X50 air rifle

by B.B. Pelletier

To continue with my discussion of what it’s like to be in the hospital as an old guy, let me tell you another interesting fact of the Sundowner’s Syndrome. For over a week, I was angry because the patterns in the acoustical tiles of all my rooms were poor advertisements for used gear that somebody was trying to sell. It wasn’t until this week that I realized that was more Sundowner’s Syndrome. I was reading into the pattern. That’s why each individual panel has the same lousy stuff for sale. For instance: “2.5 hp pump, needs paint & rings, $18.” I was very angry that the hospital had allowed itself to be duped by construction workers who wrote their cheap ads into the acoustical tile panels of every room. It wasn’t until last week that I realized they weren’t messages at all–just random patterns that my brain was translating. Now, how the heck could I do that and yet not read the 3 alien symbols (see yesterday’s blog) from the first time I woke up? Yup. Gettin’ old is for the birds!

However, there’s an up side. After 10 days, I finally caught up with myself and realized that I hadn’t had a shower. So, I asked for the one and only sponge bath that I can remember. Edith tells me they gave me several. However, I can only remember one because it was so memorable. Two female nurses were wearing gypsy costumes that they totally wet down and did a wild flirtatious dance that covered me with soap and water. Somehow, their clothing dried off quickly and they dried me off quickly, too. I suppose the truth of the matter is that they were actually washing me with washcloths and drying me with towels. But, in this case, I like my interpretation better.

Of course, the flip side of staring at the ceiling for 18 hrs a day is that whenever I looked away, I could see things crawling, flying and moving. It seems that there was an insect infestation on every wall. The doctor told me that bugs are a pretty common Sundowner’s hallucinations.

The Stoeger X50 comes with or without a 3-9x40AO scope with a 1-piece mount. The synthetic stock has dual cheekpieces and is either black or REALTREE Advantage Timber HD camo.

Yesterday, we looked at the Stoeger X5 air rifle–a great youth rifle. Today, we’ll look at the opposite end of the spectrum and examine the Stoeger X50, which is a magnum springer.

This monster is advertised to put pellets out the spout at up to 1,500 f.p.s. with alloy pellets. With lead pellets, they say it does 1,200 f.p.s.

The X50 is huge! A Winchester model 70 is petite by comparison. It weighs 10.5 lbs. with the scope installed in the combo package I tested, and it cocks with 43 lbs. of effort. The pull measures 14.75 inches and the overall length is 49.75 inches, making it significantly longer than 95 percent of all centerfire rifles. Make no mistake–this is a man’s rifle; and I don’t care how big and strong your 14-year-old son is, he’s going to feel this airgun and so are you.

If you select the scoped model, you’ll get a real nice 3-9x40AO scope. All models come with fiberoptic sights.

The combo package I tested comes with a nice 3-9x40AO airgun scope. Because it’s an airgun scope, it’s rated for the sharp forward lunge of the rifle at firing. It also adjusts for parallax down to 10 yards.

This big rifle also has a nice set of fiberoptic open sights on it and is available without the scope. The rear sight is adjustable for both windage and elevation, and should please those shooters who don’t want optics.

Unlike the Stoeger X5, the X50 has a trigger that’s adjustable for second-stage pull.

The X50 has a two-stage trigger that adjusts for the length of the stage-two pull. Pull weight does not adjust. Stage two is very long and creepy, and you cannot feel the end of the stage. You just keep pulling until the trigger breaks. The trigger on the test rifle broke at 5 lbs.

The X50 is advertised as capable of 1,500 f.p.s. with non-lead pellets. No one in their right mind would shoot it that fast because accuracy would suffer, so the safe bet is to use heavier pellets. Whenever I encounter a .177 that’s too fast, I always reach for Beeman Kodiaks. These are 10.6-grain domed German lead pellets and also sold by the manufacturer as the H&N Baracuda.

Kodiaks averaged 899 f.p.s. in the X50 after a 100-shot break-in. They ranged from a low of 894 f.p.s. to a high of 907 f.p.s. over 10 shots. That’s very good consistency for a spring-piston rifle, boding well for accuracy. Power with this pellet at the muzzle is 19.03 foot-pounds.

Just to test the advertised velocity of 1,500 f.p.s., I also shot a string of Crosman Silver Eagle hollowpoints. This 4.8-grain lead-free pellet is the fastest real pellet I have seen in .177 caliber. There’s a 3-grain English plastic pellet available for bar bets, but nobody takes it seriously. Silver Eagle hollowpoints averaged 1,364 f.p.s. and ranged from a low of 1,312 f.p.s. to a high of 1,390 f.p.s. That’s a huge velocity spread; but because the pellet also breaks the sound barrier, it’s a moot point. They cannot be accurate in this rifle.

Using lead pellets, you’ll get the best accuracy possible from the X50. This inch-size group (target has been enlarged) at 25 yards is very acceptable.

With a good artillery hold, the X50 placed five pellets in a group measuring 1.029 inches at 25 yards shooting off a rest. That was with the Beeman Kodiak pellet I predicted would do well. Actually, I got several groups of Kodiaks under 1.25 inches at 25 yards, which is indicative of an air rifle that wants to shoot. Remember to hold the rifle as loosely as possible and never rest it directly on anything except your hand. This is a breakbarrel and has to be held right or accuracy will suffer.

Summing up
It’s not “just as good as” or “a great substitute for.” The X50 stands on its own merits and deserves to be evaluated that way alone.

author avatar
Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

76 thoughts on “Stoeger X50 air rifle”

  1. Welcome back sounds like one heck of a trip. Now you need to get home so Edith can get some rest. But don't push to hard take your time we all will be here. Dave.

  2. BB,I predict you'll be back to your nowhere near old self in no time!May your return home be worth the wait,Roy Rogers and the other cats have missed you.I'm sure Edith will dress up for your sponge bath!Enjoy

  3. Looks like we have at least one cat with a sixth sense. Our little female, Dale Evans, likes to curl up on Tom's office chair. She does that when he stops for lunch or other things. When he comes back to the office, he doesn't disturb her and simply brings out a folding chair to use. The two of them sit there until Dale realizes she hasn't stopped Tom from working.

    When Tom is out of town for a while, Dale sleeps in his chair most of the day. However, when he went to the hospital, she knew it was different and never once got onto his chair. Yesterday, after we found out Tom was coming home today, I found Dale curled up on Tom's chair. She knew!

    We had one other cat that had a sixth sense. Miss Hunny would stare at the front door about 15 minutes before I would come home from any excursion. Even if Tom had no idea where I was in my travels, he knew I'd be home soon.

    This is a glorious day for the Gaylords. I'll admit that I'm pretty tired, but I can't wipe the smile off my face 🙂


  4. B.B.,

    Confined to a hospital room and restrained in a bed is not an ideal setting for a trip like that.

    I spent almost a month on the island of tortola where psilocybin mushrooms grow wild. A sparsely populated island in the carribean known for rare orchids and huge mahogany trees. Now that's the right setting.


  5. Kevin,

    When I visited Tom in the hospital yesterday, he said he overheard a nurse in another room saying to a patient, "There are no bugs crawling around anywhere. This is a sterile environment."

    Yeah, I guess bug hallucinations are pretty universal for those who've had general anesthesia. I wonder if Robert Heinlein had some anesthesia before writing "Starship Troopers"?


  6. Mrs. Gaylord,

    I'm absolutely thrilled that Tom is coming home today!

    The hospital is not a place to get well.

    Robert Heinlein had a lot of something before writing. Stranger in a strange land is still one of my favorites. Grok.


  7. Edith,
    I'm glad Tom is coming home. I had a fantastic version of how Tom got to Edmonton based on the Alias episode "Phase 1", but Tom himself and then Derrick already topped it with the sponge bath.

    Now I grok there are more Heinlein fans here. My wife did not find it that funny when I told her that she and my son should have a feast when I pass over:). I enjoy re-reading the juvenile ones from time to time, especially _Have Spacesuit Will Travel_ and _Citizen of the Galaxy_. Just a wild pot shot, but are either of you E.E. "Doc" Smith or Barsoom fans?

  8. So good to hear Tom is coming home today!

    Tom, what you needed was a Daisy 880 and a Bug-Buster scope. One pump would about do it in a hospital room.


  9. Edith

    I think you may have caught something yourself. Your happiness and enthusiasm are contagious!

    Don't fear, judging by the looks of him, BB's appetite will return soon;^)

    Best of wishes for the both of you.

  10. Edith,

    ask BB if he ever read any Philip K. Dick. After Asimov (whom I met when I went to College) and Clark, he became my favorite Sci-Fi author. At least two of his stories have been made into movies. Bladefunner with Harrison Ford (based on the story, "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep") and Total Recall with Schwartzenegger, (based on the short story "We Can Remember it for you Wholesale"). Phil Dick was a protege of Timothy Leary so no further explanation for his weird stories and titles need explanation.

    Anyhow, glad you've been sprung from that Hellhole of a hospital.

    Fred PRoNJ

  11. If you like sci-fi/religion I read a book (have it somewhere) believe it was called "I Judas" if I remember correctly it was a time traveler who traveled back to the time of Jesus. I gotta find that book and read it again it was good I know that.

  12. Sorry, that was the wrong book. It is a good book though (the story we all know but told through the eyes of Judas). I'll keep looking through my books for the other one.

  13. Lets see,

    Gypsies roaming patient rooms.

    Insects flying around and crawling on every surface.

    Cheap advertisements posted everywhere.

    Being attacked by nurses.

    Indiscernible language and writing.

    French terrorists.

    It's the drug-induced hallucination of today…

    …but the healthcare reality of tomorrow! I can hardly wait for the implementation of Obamacare.

    Social Security. Medicare/Medicaid. Free Viagra for rapist ex-convicts. USPS's monopoly is protected, instead of prohibited by federal law, yet they are losing money.

    The government has been getting increasingly involved in education, home financing, health-care, parent's rights, and YES the banking/financial system for quite some time now. As doctor phil says, "How's that workin out for ya?"

    I happen to call picking and choosing which of your cronies to bail out, and letting others fail for lagging contributions, "regulating" the financial industry.

    When will people pull their heads from their posterior cavities and realize that the federal government is the opposite of King Midas? As long as your head is shoved up there, you will never be able to tell the difference between gold, and what the government is feeding you.

    "Government is not the solution to our problem, government IS the problem."
    –Ronald Wilson Reagan


    You guys might be ahead now, but don't look over your shoulder. We are catching-up fast! Good luck to you and your countrymen today (even if most aren't as informed as you.) I know it is an important day. Cheers, mate.

  14. Finally found that book "Behold the Man" by Michael Moorcook "an acknowledged master of fantasy with social and psychological bite." "Behold The Man won the 1967 Nebula Award." It's an excellent read if you can do it with an open mind. Quotes above come from amazon.com

  15. Edith,

    Great day. Welcome home Tom. Interesting that with the Stoeger we are dealing with another BAM product. The sights and trigger adjustment are identical to my B30. I'll be interested in how this works out. However, regarding the cocking effort, I'm sure that this rifle is a mere nothing for AlanL.


  16. Since we are again talking Sci-Fi, and since our beloved host had to cancel his facebook seminar, I figured it was the perfect time to post this.

    I realize that Star Wars is to Sci-Fi as Velveeta is to cheese.

    There is also some slightly salty language in there, so be forewarned.

  17. Welcome Home Tom!!

    Next time have them come to you:-).. better service, I'm sure.

    I've heard lots of horror stories of hospital visits, but yours is right at the top of the list.

    Like Derrick said, Kevin and I were the dancers.. I've no idea how he found out, but he must have his sources. We made the switch of the pink and blue 760s in place of the USFT while we were in Texas.. cause we knew you wouldn't have the energy to pack it up. No need to thank us… what are friends for?

    Volvo was to be my partner in your sponge bath gun switch venture, but alas.. he couldn't make it back from China in time… The meeting on how the new line of cars can be made from recycled cardboard from the Bronco boxes that Mexico is tossing out.. (since PA decided to upgrade, just for you).. just went overtime for some reason.

    Anyway, he missed you, and want's you to know that next time you need a sponge bath.. he'll make a special effort.

    And Kevin, really can't dance like Volvo, can he? Shake that bootie!

    Wacky Wayne

  18. Matt61

    As it is a chinese made rifle, AlanL would likely rip the barrel off this 'magnum' springer, and bend the receiver right in half. Have you seen the forearms on that dude? Scary! The Stoeger would be a twisted mess in no time. Do they make a break-barrel howitzer?

    (Sorry Alan, I hang out with the old ladies at the Yarn-Barn, and can't resist spreading gossip!)

  19. Wayne

    Your post was horrifying for a number of reasons. Tom would like to cling to the possibility that two exotic gypsy women were actually unable to resist the temptation to give him a sponge bath. If one of them had a beard like yours, it calls her femininity into question. Please stop it;^)

  20. Mr B.,

    Bummer we won’t see you at Saturday’s DIFTA match, but I suppose a 2nd Amendment rally is a worthy alternative. You go to the rally, and the DIFTA folks and I will do our part by honing our skills to maintain a well regulated Militia. If the redcoats show up, especially if they are small, stationary, and vulnerable to well-aimed <20 FPE .177 fire, American soil is safe!

    There are plenty more upcoming matches. I’ll email you some details…

    B.B./Edith: here’s hoping that you read (or ignore!) this comment from the comfort of Home Sweet Home.


  21. Batman's wedding
    The Manchurian Canadidate
    A card for Edith


    BB – Welcome Back from the good ship lollipop….your nexus awaits as you will soon be assimulated back into the airgun collective.

  22. B.B glad to here things are better for you.
    A while back you blogged about concealed carry guns. Here's what I'm wondering. I've heard a car with rolled up windows can get real hot in the summer. Can it get hot enough in the car to make a boom? I have to leave my carry gun in my car when I'm at work and Texas heat is brutal.

    -Thanks, Chicken Little

  23. Hello BB and Edith,
    It is now nearly 21.00hrs in the UK (15.00hrs US) so I hope you are home now, safe and well.
    All the very best.

    Slinging Lead:
    You are right mate, Britain is indeed ahead in the race to the bottom 🙁
    They say "many a true word spoken in jest" your view of a possible future for the USA was bang on the money.
    By the way the election isn't till 6thMay unfortunatly.So we have about three more weeks of lying and spinning before we can caste our votes.

    Please don't shoot the Redcoats.
    Throw Cans of beer and a few Big Macs at them.
    I promise they will wander off south to Argentina 🙂 lol

  24. Edith, if you have time, please pass this on to Mr. Unger and the folks at Pyramid.

    I purchased the Umarex Colt 1911 pistol from PA this morning, even though the price was (somewhat) higher than two other internet sources. Why? Three reasons;

    1) PA has always handled my orders and any issues thoroughly and quickly.
    2) The "other" companies are not known to me by personal reputation and one of them had an "Insurance policy" I could buy for $5 to insure I wasn't de-frauded!!! They also do not answer their phones! Bad…very bad policy. Not answering phones may work in a commodity based sales company, but not in a niche market where enthusiasts spend the largest amount of money per sales $.
    3) Tom and Edith's hard work with the Blog and the airgun community in general, give Pyramid a level of credibility not found at other sources.

    Bottom-line, I used my PA 10% discount coupon and the total price at PA including 3 day shipment was within $10 of the other two sources anyway. Guess I'm just a loyal PA customer!?

    Brian in Idaho

  25. DaveUK,
    I went to a Christmas office party in the UK one time, and was excited to see what exotic brew was featured, after having many surprises (good and bad) with domestic brews in the pubs at lunch over the past week. Turns out it was mildly chilled (accidental?) Budweiser! Is this what I should be throwing at the Redcoats? If so, America's Arsenal, aka my refigerator is stocked:).

  26. Brian,

    I have not personally shot the AAs200, but I also have heard great things about them. I believe that CZ also makes the barrels for Air Arms. They are rotary swagged.. whatever that means:-).. it means accurate to me:-)
    I've heard that they can be tweaked to increase above the 12fpe also.. You can get an add on magazine for it too.

    I wouldn't hesitate to get one for a youngster, but they are a little small for the average adult, unless you modify the stock.

    Here is the guy to ask, he has one for his daughter to shoot field target with.. and that 12 year old is kicking some butt!


    Wacky Wayne, Match Director, Ashland Air Rifle Range

  27. BG-Farmer:
    Budweiser is a good choice mate,
    but no need for such expence.
    Go to Walmart and buy a case of the cheapest gut rot beer.That should suffice lol.
    If it is a Scottish Redcoat Regiment however,then a few gallons of Moonshine or anti-freeze will do.:)

    Only kidding about the scots.
    Like the English,welsh and Irish.
    We all pull each others leg about our national traits.

  28. SL,

    Not to worry, Tom started out with the real gypsy girls, so his dreams and desires are intact. We did a switch during the Tango segment… actually during the "drop".. down two gypsies and up Kevin and Wayne.. was easy.. Tom never noticed… I think… Cause Kevin didn't get the rough parts off his finger tips like he was told to.. by-gones… i'm not complaining… but Tom has a little rash he didn't need to have. Edith a little coconut oil will fix it right up.

    Anyway, I used that little mistake by Kevin to reduce his pay.. so, all is good.

    Wacky Wayne

  29. DaveUK,
    I'll take care of the highlanders with some Chicken Madras. Apparently that is where our proud heritage of "private" distilling comes from, so they're OK by me, as long as they're not shooting:).

  30. Slinging Lead,

    You've now permanently dissuaded me from ever posting my picture in my Blogger profile, if I ever get around to filling in anything there. I could never live it down, tsk tsk…

    Follow up to Chicken Little's question about guns in hot cars: what about CO2 guns?


  31. BG_Farmer
    They must have thought they where doing you a favor severing you that Bud. They should have served you up some local bitter, lager or even a couple ciders to put a little kick in your step.

  32. rikib:
    Now Cider is a south west England speciality.
    I went with some friends to Devon and we asked the Pub Landlord for a pint of the strongest local Cider they had.
    He served us all a pint that was as thick as soup with lumps in.
    We noticed the only other person drinking the same as us was a local with a Bandage around his head. lol
    Although 'Rab C Nesbitt' is scottish I saw where they got the idea from.:)

  33. AlanL,

    I doubt that the heat from the inside of a car would set off a firearm cartridge, but I have no idea!

    But.. I know that you don't want to leave CO2 anything in a car that is exposed to the heat of the sun.

    Wacky Wayne

  34. aj
    your making my brain hurt, at least what's left off it.

    I'm a procrastinator, two days left for tax filing and haven't started. Never owed anything just hate all the paperwork.

  35. DaveUK
    the wife luvs her cider. me I can go without.

    In somewhat of a procrastinator's defense, my laptop did crap out so I had to reload program to netbook. Not that it's much of an excuse.

  36. Edith,

    I am very glad everything went well with Tom. I mean it.
    That experience will let him three valuable knowledges:

    1. He will increase his love for anesthetists.

    2. He will gain a healthy respect for pork chops.

    3. He will realize, once again, that he is married with an angel.

    Welcome back.


  37. a song written back in the day, I could go on about countless stories of self induced sundowner moments, but at the time there were a lot of people running around saying "have you found Jesus" and Jerry Garcia was just barely alive……….so the song of the moment was……

    (1) I was down in Vernada on a hot summer day
    with a thousand young soldiers to hear The Dead play
    and right in the middle of Terrical Station praise the lord I found salvation

    (C) I found Jesus at a Grateful Dead Show
    how I got there I never will know
    told me the life I was liv'n was sinful and wrong right in the middle of my favorite song

    (2) So I give up the pot and the pills and the boose
    I'm just running around spreadin gods news
    and ever since then my life was lead
    and god only knows I'll never give up the dead (CHORUS)

    (3) So I left that arena and went back to school
    but I failed all my classes I guess I'm a fool
    I gave money to Jesus and got me a wife
    and I'll never forget how The Dead changed my life (CHORUS)

  38. Mrs. Gaylord,

    I'm hopeful that by now Tom is home.

    If my assumption is correct then we shall start the countdown to the day when you regret agreeing to "…in sickness and in health.."


  39. ajvenom:
    What us English,Scots,Irish and Welsh need is for you guys in the USA to come back home to us.
    250 odd years away is to long.
    With your superior arms and courage and our drunken disregard for anything and anybody.
    We could rule the world.Lol

    Oh,it's past midnight in the 'old country' and I must go.
    Goodnight BB and Edith and to all the other good people of the USA.

  40. Two other writters in that song..Brian was a big doors fan…I already wore out my albums and Terrical station came fom a guy name vince curtis III who probably meant Terrapin Station, but apparently he wasn't thinking to coherently and may have changed it to just be a nut.

    as for the riddle

  41. rikib..

    Batman's near wife tv series – Queen of Daimonds episode 57/58

    Code word in the Manchurian Candidate (Original movie) a queen of diamonds card

    The song Desperado…watch out for the queen of diamonds

    as for fortune telling…. a card for Edith..Organized, efficient woman, practical and ambitious.

    Dave…you're pretty funny..I am actually part Irish…yes I do love corn beef and cabbage and I tell people not to kiss the blareny stone …because the
    locals pee on it….he he he

    Nothing wrong with britsh lee enfields….I think the combo of the that action in a 30-06 cal. is the way to go…..also the marriage of p51 mustang and merlin engines was still one of the coolest things from WW-II.

    But, everyone working togather is suppose to create cynergy of economic wealth ie 1+1=3…..

    But I always say, if you got your health, you have everything you need.

    and on that note:

    I hope BB is doing fine…..sure seems odd about the anesthesia……. I get more sicker from anesthesia the older I get, but luckily no hallucinations…I've already had enough of those.

  42. Kevin,I only wish Casey Roberts had listened….You may now picture me with my bathrobe worn like a cape!
    Especially after I had to hear about the spongebath.LOL

  43. B.B.,

    A riddle to keep your brain occupied and shake off those Wayne & Kevin in bamboo tutus with sponges nightmares:

    The man who buys it doesn't want it.
    The man who builds it doesn't use it.
    The man who uses it doesn't know it.
    What is it?

    Welcome home,

  44. Frank B,

    First, we meet on a common ground.

    Second, we communicate.

    Third, we have a transaction on a vintage airgun that we both agree has a sterling pedigree.

    Fourth, we share support for a fallen comrade.

    Fifth, we have an obvious sickness for the same music and poetry. St. Stephen….wanted to dance.

    We're destined to meet. It'll be an interesting story when we do.


  45. Kevin,

    It's a doozie. But once you hear the answer you'll say, "oh, of course." Yet only very few people ever get this one on their own. Don't know why. It isn't that hard. But then I speak with 20-20 hindsight!

    If nobody gets it by tomorrow, I'll post the answer, deal?


  46. There was a comment on the blog that could be misinterpreted and misunderstood, especially by our younger readers. I've deleted all responses & references to it, but the cache for your browser might still see these responses. We should have a clean slate by Wednesday morning.


  47. Glad to hear that you're back, BB.

    I was quite puzzled by your remark that an inch at 25 yards is a good group. That seems pretty bad to me, and I don't even shoot any high-end guns.

  48. Finally, someone had an honest opinion about 1 inch at 25 yards.
    It is very apparent that "Mr. BB" is well liked and his comments are well appreciated, but in my opinion those should have been in another forum. I thought this was regarding the Stoeger X50 and not what Mr. BB was going through.
    Do not get me wrong, I am sympathetic to his plight. But this is a review of this particular rifle and well over 95 % of the comments had nothing to do with it.
    For someone trying to find information about this air rifle, this is very disappointing.

  49. Anonymous, the posters here are people who happen to have an interest in the same subject. It is only natural that they would also have something of a normal human interest in each other as well.

    Many of us have been here for years and so have something of a familiarity and even an appropriate affection for each other. But it is far from an 'old boy's club' in that it is not particularly exclusive and is quite open to new people joining in.

    The term 'blog community' is one that is heavily misused, but is actually pretty accurate when applied here. If one were to review all discussions that have taken place here over the last several years one would find that the vast majority of it is related to airguns. But once in a while we do acknowledge that it's not the most important thing in the world.

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