by B.B. Pelletier

Update on Tom/B.B.: This short blog was dictated by Tom when I visited him Thursday in the hospital. His eyes brightened, and he was excited about writing agin. I’ll spend all day Saturday and Sunday with him, because he wants to write some blogs for next week. Stay tuned!

Is round ball ammo ready to make a comeback? Pyramyd Air already carries round balls in .177, .22 and .25 calibers. Are more to come?

For hundreds of years, the round ball was the only bullet that existed. Then, in the 1800s (or maybe slightly earlier), conicals were discovered. They delivered such greater range to the arms that used them that the round ball became obsolete. Of course, mixed in with all of this is the “mysterious” effect of rifling, which has to be calculated for accuracy at different ranges. But, we’re getting off the track. Today’s discussion is about the round ball.

Never before have we had such a huge selection of .25 caliber pellets. Pretty soon, there will be one more–the .25 caliber Crosman Premier (which I’ll be testing for you).

Airguns are being used for far more than ever before. Even smallbores, such as .177 and .20 calibers are being used for hunting. And, 2010 is clearly the re-emergence of .25 caliber. In all of this, will we see a similar re-emergence of round balls in place of pellets?

Recently, H&N shipped a sample package of 9mm round balls for Pyramyd Air to test…and they’ve tested very well, so far. Will they change the way of the smallish big bore in the same way diabolos changed the way of pellets for smallbore airguns starting in the early 1900s?

I don’t have answers for any of this, yet, but I can see that the day of the round ball airgun has returned.