by B.B. Pelletier

Welcome to Airgun Academy. The idea for this was first proposed to Pyramyd Air in 2006. We’ve been working the details and format ever since, and we’re thrilled this site is now live. I hope you have a chance to see the new tutorial videos. There are only a few right now, but many more are planned. The podcast is also now located here, but we won’t be able to provide a new one til later this month.

Only some of the blog postings and podcasts have been transferred from the old site. The 2010 podcasts and some of the more popular blog entries have been moved here and are located on the right side of the page. The historical archive is also on the right side, but those links will take you back to the old blog, where you can still read all the blog entries and comments through April 30. Unfortunately, the blog comments did not transfer, but I felt they were just as important as the blogs. It wasn’t Pyramyd Air’s choice. That’s how the transfer and software worked out.

The choice to move everything here was actually made for us. Blogger was discontinuing the way our blog was posted (via ftp). Therefore, we either had to move the blog and podcast to our own site or move it to another Blogger site. We thought it was in our best interests if we completely separated from Blogger, because there’s no telling if they might discontinue something in the future and make us move again.

Lastly, the links to any multi-part blog series haven’t been reworked. For instance, when you click on part 2 for a 5-part blog, it’ll take you back to the old blog site to read part 2. We’ll be updating all those links, but it’s a very time-consuming, labor-intensive project and will take many months to complete.