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Ammo Daisy’s 499 target BB gun: Part 1

Daisy’s 499 target BB gun: Part 1

Daisy 499
Daisy 499B.

This report covers:

  • History
  • Daisy 99
  • Daisy 299
  • Daisy responds
  • Why didn’t they sell it to the public?
  • What is it?
  • Stock
  • Low velocity
  • Ammo
  • Precision-Ground-Shot
  • Sights
  • Safety
  • Loading
  • Summary

Today we start to review an airgun we have all talked about over the years. I have written several short reviews on the Daisy 499B but never a complete one. This has been a long time coming.


There are many wonderful airguns in this world, but when it comes to the lightest/most accurate kids’ target gun – BAR NONE – we have to look at the WORLD’S MOST ACCURATE BB GUN. I didn’t make that title up. That’s the slogan Daisy used when they brought out the 499 in 1976 (Note: the 499 was modified to the 499B in 1980 and to the Avanti 499 Champion in 2003). The gun came about through pressure from shooting coaches around the country who were unsatisfied with Daisy’s model 99 Target Special.

Daisy 99

Made since 1959, the model 99 was supposed to be a target gun kids could use in the International BB Gun Championships that Daisy and the Jaycees started in 1966. The problem was that the guns just weren’t accurate enough.

The first Daisy 99 was a 1,000-shot gravity-feed gun that was only made in 1959. After that Daisy started releasing them with a 50-shot forced-feed shot tube, like the one found in the Daisy Number 25 pump gun.

Coaches around the country started buying model 99 shot tubes, then sending them back to Daisy and asking for different tubes. When Daisy inquired about this practice, they were informed that SOME of the shot tubes had slightly smaller bores and were more accurate than the rest. These, the coaches were putting on their club guns. They were cherry-picking the shot tubes to get more accurate guns – imagine that!

Daisy 299

In 1975-76 Daisy sold a model 299. Now, to people not in the know, that might sound like an upgrade to the 99, but it wasn’t. Daisy went back to gravity-feed and 1,000 shots for the 299. I find it to be a rare sidetrack dead-end to the 499 story. It’s not a common BB gun, so few have experienced it.

Daisy responds

To their credit, Daisy met the accuracy challenge head-on and built a new BB gun from the ground up. They made the new gun a single-shot, which is perfect for a target shooter. They gave it a precision barrel (a tube held to close internal tolerances – BB guns are smoothbore, after all), a magnetic BB seat at the breech, a de-tuned mainspring and the same target sights the model 99 had enjoyed. This new model they called the 499, and for many years, Daisy would sell it only to clubs. In fact, I think that I had something to do with its release to the general public. When I published The Airgun Letter, back in the 1990s I tested one, bought it, and immediately began telling everyone who would listen how to get through Daisy’s red tape to buy the gun. You had to pretend your child was in a legitimate marksmanship program and needed the gun.

Stock Up on Shooting Gear

Why didn’t they sell it to the public?

Joe Murfin, Daisy’s Marketing VP, told me the 499 was virtually handmade and they weren’t making any money on it selling it to clubs, so they couldn’t possibly make enough to sell to the public. I suggested raising the price! You’d think they would have thought of that. Joe told me they didn’t think people would pay for a target BB gun like the 499 when the Red Ryder sold for less than half the price they needed to charge. I made it my mission to spread the word. When a distraught dad asked about a lightweight accurate airgun for his daughter, I knew the time had come to preach again.

What is it?

The Daisy 499B is a lever action single shot BB gun that loads at the muzzle. The muzzle is funnel-shaped for convenience and BB has one more trick when loading. I listen as the BB rolls down the barrel to the magnet, were it clicks into place. That way I know the gun is loaded.

The gun weighs 3.1 lbs and is 36.25-inches long. The barrel is inside the outer tube and measures 9.142-inches long. The loading funnel measured 2.858-inches.


The stock and forearm are hardwood. The forearm has a full beavertail (wider at the bottom than the top) with finger grooves at the top on either side. The length of pull measures 13-3/16-inches, which is on the long side for a youth gun. Many people take a saw to the buttstock to trim off some of those inches for their smaller kids. Of course as they grow you will have to add wood or get a new buttstock. I have contacted Daisy about buying a buttstock, because some of my Royal Rangers are smaller. I’m using the 499B to train them how to shoot. I’ll let you know what they say.

The gun cocks with three pounds of effort, so almost any youngster should be able to cock it with no problem. But you do need to watch the muzzle when the kids are bigger, so they don’t point it at themselves when cocking the gun.

Low velocity

The 499B has had low muzzle velocity since I began testing them in the 1990s. The most common velocity is 240 f.p.s., and that’s what Pyramyd AIR advertises on their description page. It’s also what the Daisy web page shows. The manual for the brand new gun I just unpacked says the velocity is 280 f.p.s., so that will be something I will watch for in the test. I’m thinking it was a misprint.


Here is where it gets specific. The 499B is made for one BB only — the Daisy Match Grade Avanti Precision Shot. The gun is accurate with other BBs, but this one is superior to the others. I will test that when I test the accuracy.

Daisy 499 Precision Ground Shot
Daisy Precision Ground Shot.

The manual says to use Daisy Precision Max BBs, but those are Daisy’s standard grade BB. They are not the right BBs to use with the 499B and I will prove it when I test the accuracy. I think whoever wrote the manual did not know much about the 499B and assumed it was a normal BB gun like all other Daisys. In truth it is anything but normal.

Daisy 499 Precision Max BBs
Daisy Precision Max BBs are Daisy’s standard BB offering. They are not for the 499B.


Here is where I am not real certain. The 499B used to come from the factory with a simpler, less expensive peep sight. You were encouraged to buy what Daisy calls their 5899 Precision Peep Sight as an accessory. But the rifle I just purchased new in the box came with the 5899 sight and no sign of any other sight in the box.

The manual still shows the cheaper rear peep sight and has instructions for exchanging it for the better sight, but Pyramyd AIR shows only the gun with the better sight. The Daisy website shows the same thing, so I think the cheaper sight has gone and all new 499Bs now come with the precision sight. That doesn’t mean there won’t be some new old stock guns with the cheap sight on them, so buyer beware.


The safety is manual, which I think it should be for a training gun. Shooters should be taught to put it on before cocking and off after they have raised the gun to their shoulder and are aligned to shoot. If they do that and also watch where the muzzle points at all times, they should be very safe.


I’m going to jump ahead now and discuss how to load the 499B. The Daisy manual tells you to 

  • 1. Put the safety on.
  • 2. Cock the gun.
  • 3. Drop one BB down the muzzle.

Years ago I tested the 499 and discovered that it is slightly more accurate if it is first cocked before loading the BB. That aligns with the instructions in the manual.


Daisy’s 499 is a delightful target gun that I don’t think has an equal in the world of youth training airguns. This will be a full test of the gun that should provide a good look, for all who have been sitting on the fence

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Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

90 thoughts on “Daisy’s 499 target BB gun: Part 1”

  1. B.B.,

    Every time you mention the 499 I think of your story that Otho had to have one and bought one. Otho became the ultimate gunner in my mind at that moment and was elevated and still held in my highest regard. How is Otho?

      • B.B.,

        I recall you mentioning Otho’s failing health several months back. May the Lord’s Eternal Light shine upon him. Belated condolences to his family.


      • BB
        Sorry to hear that. I was going to ask about Otho several different times. Just didn’t feel right if that makes any sense.

        Never met him. Knew he was a machinist. Sure would of liked to hear some of his machining stories and tricks among other stories about guns.

        You talked about him different times on the blog. As I said, never met him but will miss him.

      • B.B.,

        Because of Otho’s “behind the scenes” contributions, I considered him one of our blog family members.

        My heart goes out to you and to everyone who loved him. This is such a huge loss.

      • I would like to pay my respects to someone I never met, nor know anything about. Some people might call this “grief tourism”, and I was accused of this very thing a while back by a very old friend, we are not friends any more.
        I do not feel that there is anything weird or suspicious or stupid about showing respect to anyone who has passed on ( I say Hello! to complete strangers everyday…) it’s about empathy, compassion and humanity.
        My respects to Otho, his family and friends. Robert.

      • Greetings Tom and Fellow Airgunners
        I just now read of Otho’s passing and felt i had to acknowledge his contributions to this blog, and air gunning in general. We’ve hearid Tom give many examples of Otho’s love to help others, especially beginners, as well as being open to a new idea, or suggestion that made him a better shooter. Fortunatly we still have many examples of Otho’s generosity in passed logs, and comment sections. He also sounded like a true friend to Tom.
        His knowledgable input to this blog will be missed.

      • “Otho passed away about a month ago. He was ready to go home.”
        B.B., well, as the apostle Paul said, it is better to be absent from the body and present with the Lord; I’m sorry for your loss, but happy for his gain:

        Therefore, we are always confident,
        knowing that while we are at home in the body,
        we are absent from the Lord.

        For we walk by faith, not by sight.
        We are confident, yes, well pleased rather
        to be absent from the body
        and to be present with the Lord .

        The 2nd Letter of the Apostle Paul
        to the Corinthians 5: 6 – 8

        • Dave,

          I spoke with Otho the night before he passed. He had been angry with the Lord the whole time I knew him, but he told me he had made up and was looking to go home. I told him to say hello to Edith for me and he said he would.


          • “…he told me he had made up and was looking to go home. I told him to say hello to Edith for me and he said he would.”
            B.B., that’s way cool; blessings to you.

  2. B.B.,

    Never quite understood the allure of BB guns until you stated that the target accuracy is limited to 5 yards. Beyond that is soda can territory. Are the Royal Rangers cocking the rifle for themselves or is there a designated person to cock the rifle?


    PS Section What is is (it)?
    Section Summary 1st paragraph 2nd sentence: “This will be a full test of the gun that should provide (b) a good look, for all who have been sitting on the fence

    • Siraniko
      My 499 will hold under a 1/4″ group at 10 yards no problem bench resting and can hit a 12 oz. can out at 15-20 yards with me standing and unsupported pretty much every shot.

      Its more accurate than som pellet guns I have owned.

      Chris USA kept telling me I should get one. Finally did. It is one bb gun I won’t never let go of.

      • Gunfun1,

        That was my preconceived notion regarding BB guns in general. Since the 499B is supposed to place all its shots in one hole at 5 yards it would not be difficult to imagine its accuracy at longer ranges, especially with Chris touting Cobalt’s swapping the 499B spring with that of a Daisy 25 (if I recall correctly). Unfortunately I’ll have to content myself with pellets and maybe 6mm balls of plastic since steel and lead BBs are rather difficult to source in my country, more so the BB rifles. Freedom to own and shoot a variety of projectile weapons over there is truly an enviable thing. Make sure it doesn’t go away.


    • Siraniko,
      I am probably going to get a 499 just because of the official 5 yard range. I have a 25 yard range shooting out into my back yard where I shoot springers, and a Daisy 853 (at 10 meters). However in my garage I only have about 20 feet for a range, which is ok for pellet pistols, but does not seem right for my 853. If I get the 499, I can set up a small range inside my garage that is the correct distance to shoot for BB guns. So when its too cold, or too hot and buggy outside, I can just flick on my garage light, and shoot any time I want. I am just waiting for the 499 to get back in stock at Pyramid Air. I plan on shooting the precision shot that BB mentioned, but if the only thing available is regular BBs, then thats fine too till I can order the correct ammo. Hope that helps understand why someone might want a BB gun rated for 5 yards.

      • Jim
        You got to shoot the precision shot. It really is the best like BB said for the 499.

        And I learned a little trick that works sometimes. Sign up for a email notification to let you know when a product is in stock. Magicaly in the next day or so you get a notification it is in stock.

        Haven’t tried lately but it has worked in the past. Let me know what happens if you will.

  3. BB and Co.
    The 499 looks good, sounds good but alas… it’s not here. and it would be $$$. ( Making one would be cheaper. : – ) if I had a barrel… )
    Update on the Gamo CF-S Super Extra Custom XL9000 MK IV : Stock is gluing, the adjuster bit took way longer than anticipated as my drill refuses to drill a straight hole. The clamp worked out, phew. Drew a picture of what I hope it will end up looking like, will be taking it to the range with Diopter sights not the scope. So watch this space for pics tomorrow.
    Car news: Took the head into an engine shop in town and wow, cool shop, 52 years in the business. he bought his crank grinder in Denmark, got ten wheels for it. Had a tour of the shop. It is cool. A giant bore drilling machine, it’s huge. Grinders, lathes the whole kit. So they will crack test it and give it plane.
    Was amazing to look at all the machines. AND he will do one off parts, so if I need a tube turned or what ever he will have a look. Great! Fun ! Robert.

        • RR,
          Functional. No frills. Does what it says on the box. Still not nearly as wild and useful as the P.I.A.T. ( or non eye candy …) The non semi version looks handy in a tight spot but мое плечо очень устало!
          May I suggest better sights? and hold on because rockets will change everything… Robert.

      • Siraniko,
        Thanks! as I previously mentioned I do quite like blocky constructions. The grip is going to be a tricky thing. When the man gets back from his trip down south I will be looking as some serious wood to carve all the furniture out of. and with a full length rail of alloy to stick everything to it might start to win over some folks. Though I am still bothered by using threads in alloy regularly( it’s designed to break down ) , maybe some kind of captive steel nut.
        At some stage in the future I will get rid of the plastic bedding and go fully wood but that will present the dreaded 45deg canted screw hole problem.
        What is so special about this version of the bullpup anyway? A) the grip is higher and further forward and B) the steel rail holds the grip and stock on making it stronger and compact C) it balances on the forestock just fore of the trigger which is ideal, imho.
        So far shouldering the thing ( with clamps holding it together ) it feels awesome for Off Hand ( my position of choice, then sitting in a deck chair ; – ).
        Maybe I need to buy another rifle to stick the new scope on so I can justify having bought the scope…. Fun! Robert.

    • RobertA
      You might have different thoughts about the 499 barrel and making a gun with that barrel.

      I drilled out a old Crosman barrel at work on the lathe to accept a 499 barrel and tried it in a 1377 steel breech and a Maximus with ofcourse a steel breech. Plus some other things along the way with that adapter/499 barrel. The 499 bb gun was always more accurate.

      • GF1,
        Do you still have the gun? Pictures? How did it shoot? Are you saying the actual 499 rifle is more accurate than your 1377/ 499 hybrid? Same barrel and same BB’s ? ( now that I look at it the 1377 looks like my next project…. ) : – ) Robert

        • RobertA
          I still have the barrel and it’s on my work bench and here is a picture. Thought I had a picture of it on the 1377 but can’t find it.

          I thought it was going to work out on the 1377 because I could change velocities with different pumps. It actually shot the best with only like 2 pumps. And the Maximus didn’t do well at all. I think the velocity was too high on that gun.

          • GF1,
            Cool! Interesting about the velocity affecting accuracy ( I assume best = accuracy ). Must be some kind of turbulence thing to do with aeronautical stuff.
            Now that it’s on your bench what’s the plan? Could you bench test it with a regulated air source and see what happens over increasing velocity? Maybe there is a sweet spot where you find the longest reach at the best accuracy? Been at the bench a lot today working on my gamo monster. And my car head is cracked…. darn it. The guy said those engines do that some times. Drat! Robert.

        • RobertA
          I kind of gave up trying after the both of those guns. And my Maximus is regulated. I have a adapter on it that allows the use of one of the Air Venturi 13 cubic inch regulated HPA bottles. It is a very accurate gun with the factory Maximus barrel. I even tried the 499 barrel on a Co2 powered 2260 I have. Not very accurate there either.

          So I think for now the 499 barrel and adapter will be setting on the bench for awhile. Got other projects going on. I just ran into a good deal on a Marauder regulated FT action with the Lothar Walther .177 caliber barrel. It doesn’t have a stock so I’m going to put 1377 pistol grip assembly and 1399 butt stock on it. I have done several Marauders, Maximus and Discovery’s like that over the years. It just bolts right on. I even put one of the Marauder pistol grip assemblies on a Marauder rifle. They are nice because they are a fully adjustable 2 stage trigger. Anyway that’s what I’m getting ready to do.

          • GF1,
            Just to be sure we are on the same page: when you say accurate are you talking the “499 at 5m accurate” ? How fast and how far where you shooting? Maybe there is a limit to just how good a BB gun can be. I would not know as I have never used one, ever. and the ride ryder is $200 here,so that’s 4000 shots / 8 tins of good .177 ammo. not going to happen. or 57 x 15 shot targets at the .22lr range…. or other things. : – ) The things we do. Good luck with your next project! I will probably be a sproinger for life. Too cheap! Robert.

        • RobertA
          What I was judging the 499 barrel adapted to the 1377 and Maximus accuracy was with the 499 I have. It will shoot real accurate out to about 15 yards and I can still hit 12 oz. aluminum cans pretty easy at 25 yards and can push it to 30 yards if I want. Especially if I bench rest it.

          So I was hoping my adapted 499 barrel would at least do as good as my 499. But it just wasn’t happening.

        • RobertA
          The group that BB posted is what I get with my 499 all day long bench resting at 10 yards.

          It increases the group to double that size out at 20 yards. Then it gets about triple the group size out at 25 yards. About 30 yards the group is about 3/4 the size of a 12 oz. aluminum can.

          To keep it simple. Like I said before it shoots equal to and better than some of my pellet shooting air guns.

          • BB and GF1,
            Well that’s pretty darn accurate ! What is the secret sauce? Are BB’s actually better than pellets at close range ( 10m and under ) ? and why would that be? What about a large calibre BB gun? say 6mm ? Maybe the science behind this is not fully understood, we all bought into rifling and shaped projectiles… maybe the humble ball is actually doing something special. I am convinced I need to try this 499 out at some stage. will have to import the thing myself. Unless someone starts posting me parts.. “aircraft parts”… ; – ) Robert.

        • RobertA
          Read back over BB’s report and the comments and you will see why the 499 is the most accurate bb gun.

          And there are smooth bore guns that shoot round lead balls. Search and see.

          And yes you need to try the 499 with the Daisy Avanti precision ground bb’s. You won’t regret it.

          • GF1,
            Thank you, I can’t keep up! so many things to read and look at. If a 499 ever comes my way I will nab it. I am not holding much luck and they will be way more than the asking price in the US. I expect they it would be at least $300 USD over here. Robert.

          • GF1,
            I will. It’s not like I would intentionally hold out on you guys. I mean come on… over sharing is my middle name. I will cross my fingers one comes up fro auction really cheap. : – ) Robert.

  4. I have a Daisy 1959 Model 99 bb gun. This thing is the most awesome plinking bb gun I have ever fired. The stock peep sights, though “simple”, work great. Many have recommended that I get the 499, but that is not likely going to happen unless someone decides theirs needs to retire to RRHFWA. The reasoning for this is I can fill this thing up with bbs and shoot until I am tired of shooting, which takes quite a bit of time.

    Yes, sometimes I occasionally miss a carpenter bee and it lives to be shot at again some other time, but feral soda cans out to 25 yards do not stand a chance.

  5. I’ve been thinking of offering a BBGageR, that is, a gage with 48 apertures the same size to sort for a specific BB diameter. I hope you’ll check the BB’s with your BBgage and determine which diameter works best. If anyone reading this has some data on this, I would love to see it.

    • Jerry,

      That would be a separate test and blog for me. It would be an interesting one, but I need to figure how to test since the 499 is so darned accurate.


      • B.B.,

        You had previously measured using a BB Gage that only went up to 4.44mm in size /blog/2015/12/the-bb-gage-part-1/?swcfpc=1
        Daisy’s Avanti Precision Ground Shot for the most part were at 4.42mm to 4.43mm. No other brand of BB tested at the time reached that size with the majority at 4.38mm to 4.41mm on average. So finding another BB that will perform as well as the Avanti Precision Ground Shot is not going to be easy since most other BBs fit relatively loosely in the barrel.


          • B.B.,

            Yeah, that would bring the testing to a screeching halt by jamming the bore. I doubt you can use the 499B as the platform though as that its bore is already larger than most BBs that you previously measured. Using it would likely skew the results towards BBs with larger diameter. It appears that like pellets, BBs need a proper fitting barrel to get the best accuracy.


      • BB
        I’m going to bet that your method of how the most accurate shots are from the bb’s that take the longest to go down the barrel.

        Maybe a person needs a extra 499 barrel just for sorting purposes. I hope I ain’t giving those young competitors and coaches a idea here. 😉

  6. B.B.,

    A few years ago I bought a used 499B from Dennis Baker because it had the better aperture sight. (My previous 499B had the older non-adjustable one.) It also caught my attention because Dennis tests used air guns for velocity and adds that number to the descriptions on his website. This one shot at an impressive 325 fps! When it arrived and I chronied it on my Chronometer, I got 327-333. What I do not know is if a previous owner hot-rodded it slightly. It cocks with the same ease as my older one does. It has the typically great 499B accuracy.

    I’ve thought about hiring somebody (I lack the skill and tools) to fashion a longer buttstock and matching forearm for it from a nicely grained or even figured wood.


      • B.B.,

        Or maybe Hank would be willing to be hired to make new furniture for mine? :^)

        I have figured out that two Chief A.J. stocks glued side-by-side and then planed down slightly would do the trick, although the comb might be a bit too low.

        I also have an older 499 that is normally-powered. I asked Chris if I could pay him to do his souping-up mod on that one. Alas, he showed no interest. :^(


    • Michael
      My 499 has the better rear sight out of the box and my 499 shoots faster than the adult Red Ryder I got at the same time. Plus the 499 cocks easier than the adult Red Ryder I got. Go figure.

      • Gunfun1,

        So does the one I bought from Dennis Baker. My first 499, which I also still have, is one of the quite early ones with the basic, unadjustable, stamped steel rear peep sights.


        • Michael,

          Are you sure yours is non adjustable. On my 99 I can unscrew the two peep pieces and move it up and down and side to side some. Look at your rear aperture and see if the peep sight is round and there are round sections on each side of the “post”. They screw together to lock them in place. The adjustments are crude, but they are there.

          • RidgeRunner,

            i guess you are right, but perhaps only partly. It does have crude and imprecise elevation adjustment, but I am still not sure it has adjustable windage. I didn’t dig mine out, but I found one online that is the same as I recall it. The photo is below Gunfun1’s post just below.


  7. I had read a bit about the Daisy Avanti 499 recently. The writer was saying that a real good shooting one would take about four seconds for the BB, once dropped into the muzzle, to get to the firing position. That’s a pretty snug fit!

    • birdmove
      You know that’s funny to think about now that you say that.

      I would drop a bb in my 499 and I would be waiting for the click. I would be thinking to myself is it ever going to drop. Then I would tap the butt of the 499 on my leg to get the bb to hurry up and drop and seat.

      It was always, always my most accurate on the aim point shot I took bench resting my 499.

  8. BB, see what happens to juniors’ bb gun after grandpaw gets his hands on it! The 499 is the ultimate “New King” you did a piece on. It is great that it offers genuine precision shooting and economy at its intended range. I enjoy the economy and accuracy of my Gamo revolver at 20 yds using a 4 inch electrical box cover on the berm to call out hits. I get good results with Barracuda FT deep seated flush to the front of the ring. One handed, man style. I need to figure out why the pistol has lost its double action trigger pull, but its still fun to see the pellets arc to the target. Thank you for the BSA/Marksman/R10 story!

  9. BB

    I bought a 499B last Christmas as a present from me to me. I have had as much fun with it as any airgun I have. My 5 yard (meter?) range is from my deck to another location on the deck and protected on 3 sides from wind. My home made trap collects BB’s that are easily collected in mass by a simple and inexpensive magnetic telescoping rod. Works great collecting the occasional BB that bounces onto the deck. The once shot steel precision BB’s then go into a Red Rider for future plinking.

    It is accurate with a number of different holds but POI may vary. After all it is a springer! There are a couple of things I’ll be looking for in your tests:
    1- What target paper and backing tape give the cleanest BB holes?
    2- In your gun do some BB’s take longer to move from muzzle to magnet indicating diameter variation even in the recommended BB. (see Jerry Couples’s comment.

    As Gunfun1 and others have found, this gun will surprise at 10 meters also.

    PS: Ballistol gives a nice appearance to the blond wood.


    • Deck,

      Yes, some BBs do take longer to roll down. Jerrty Cupple’s experiment is worth it.

      I use regulation paper targets, backed by clear Scotch shipping tape.


      • I use aluminum foil marked with a permanent marker at 15 yards.

        It’s a lot of fun to shoot at that distance because I have to choose an aim site some distance above my target. I get about 1 1/2 CTC at that range with the peep site. But my 499 shoots so soft at that distance, the bb’s won’t tear the aluminum foil…But they will leave indentations.

        If it is possible to replace the spring with a heavier one, that would be great if you could try it. I have been tempted before but I don’t want to mess up one of my to guns.

        • rco1234

          I just saw your comment today. Interesting setup at 15 yards with foil leaving indentation marks which should be easy to score.

          Your thought about using a stronger spring has been tried. I think it may be reader Chris who put a Red Ryder spring in his 499 with no loss of accuracy.


    • Deck
      Wonder what happens in the barrel after you pick them up with a magnet and try to reshoot them.

      Do they try to stick to the side of the barrel? I pick my shot bb’s up with a old aftermarket car stereo speaker. But I never tried shooting them again afterwards. Maybe I should be?
      Oh and I totally like the blonde wood. 🙂

      • Gunfun1

        I have only reshot one BB in my 499. I think it got stuck in the barrel because it made no sound going down and no click at the end. I did shoot it out and decided to save shot BB’s for plinking in an old junior style lever action I found in a closet. I have not tested their accuracy but that little gun holds a bunch of BB’s.


        • Deck
          I don’t think I would shoot bb’s that I have already shot in my 499. I would be afraid it would do something and mess up the accuracy. And my 499 is way to accurate to take a chance.

          Now on the other hand I would probably try already shot bb’s in my adult Red Ryder to see what happens.

        • Deck
          I’m going to give it a try in my ARR (AdultRedRyder) and compare to some unshot bb’s.

          Probably not right away. But I will. I am curious what the groups will compare like to shot and unshot bb’s.

  10. Despite Gamo/BSA now owning Daisy we still don’t get the 499 in the UK. In fact all Daisy guns are a bit of a rarity. I do have a Red Ryder Millennium edition but I believe this version wasn’t exactly the best. It certainly isn’t as accurate as I expected (2 inch groups at 6 yards).
    I’m surprised the 499 is supposed to be cocked prior to loading as this seems like a potential safety issue. I don’t understand how it’s more accurate by cocking first either?

  11. Ok you all can I say this.

    Think of the 499 to a FWB 300.

    Or maybe a inbetween to a hw30.

    I’m sure others can think of similar pellet guns to the 499.

    The 499 is for sure a top notch bb gun.

    Yes Chris I should of got one sooner. 😉

  12. Late to the game (blog). Internet was 100% down since wake up this AM. Limping along now.

    Yes!,… the 499 is 100% awesome! I would have to say it is one airgun purchase that you will never regret (only regretting you did not get it sooner).

    Pre- RR spring mod.,…. mine was shooting 208. Tear down and re-lube 255. Spring mod. bumped it to 412. Still just as accurate. Mine came with the better sights.


  13. The 499 I bought several years ago came with the 5899 sight and only that sight but some of the images of the 499 at online retailers pictured the more basic version. It’s a really fun little gun to shoot. I love the single shot, muzzle-loading nature of the 499. I find it very relaxing to spend some time shooting it. The rhythm I get into when I shoot it feels more akin to archery actually.

  14. The new blog’s still not up, so I’ll post here.

    The 499B buttstock is available under p/n 136679-000 for $23.00, if they’re still stocking them- it’s been a while since I bought one. They are, or at least were made by Boyd. The forearm has a hollow space for adding ballast.

    The manual steel peep sight is still shown on the 499B parts list but it’s no longer available from Daisy. P/n 168073-200 “upgrade sight” is the default peep sight now, $16.00 from Daisy.

    I have made several ‘poor man’s 499’ by using the 499B abutment and shot tube assembly in a 1938B Red Ryder and even in a 105B Buck. It will also work in a 99B (or 95B for that matter), but a drawback is the 499B trigger won’t fit them.

    The father of a young lady who shoots her 499B competitively in 4-H matches recently told me Daisy has supplied them with an unplated version of the Avanti Precision Ground Shot that is so accurate in the 499B. I have not had the opportunity to verify this. At this point, these BBs may only be available to the 4-H teams. Some on the team shoot 11/64″ chrome steel ball bearings from Thompson Linear. I can’t see how they could be better than Avanti shot, though.

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