We all know that a day spent in the woods — even without a deer sighting — is better than a day at work or just about anywhere else. But the reality is most bowhunters don’t have unlimited days to sit on stand. Juggling work and personal obligations can leave little time to invest long hours waiting around for Mr. November to walk by.

So are all-day sits really worth it? They can be — but not always. 

Even some of the biggest names in bowhunting won’t climb into a stand for an evening — much less a full day — until late October or early November. While a buck could stroll by at any time, the odds of it happening mid-day in hot September aren’t great. And sitting out all day this early in the season could leave you burnt out before the real action even starts.

But come peak rut activity? All-day sits certainly have their place. Especially if wind and weather conditions are just right, you have a decent chance of spotting a buck at some point in the day — that typical lunchtime lull included.

First light to last light sits can be both physically and mentally exhausting, but I know lots of hunters who’ve connected with a bruiser smack dab in the middle of one of these all-day rut sits.  And anytime I leave my stand during the rut, I can’t get past the nagging feeling that a mature buck is passing by my empty stand. So sucking it up and sitting all day during this prime time of year can definitely be worth it.

If you’ve burned the last of your PTO to hunt, sticking it out — even if your sits haven’t been as productive as you expected — can’t hurt either. If these are the last days you’ll get to hunt this year, why not go for broke?