Why a Stupid Pose With Your Trophy is Never a Good Idea

Last month, I listed posting classless trophy photos as one of my top pet peeves in the hunting world — and many commenters agreed it’s a sore spot for them too.

But it’s still a major problem on social media. And here’s why: 

It fuels the anti-hunter fire

Anti-hunters will blast and threaten hunters for just about any trophy photo, but stupid poses make it exponentially worse — and can help their cause.

Posting these types of pictures doesn’t just ruffle their feathers. It could prompt them to action and motivate them to push anti-hunting legislation that ultimately hurts conservation efforts.

It makes all outdoorsmen look bad

These kinds of photos from a few are just a poor representation of hunters as a whole. Non-hunters who still support others participating in the sport or would-be hunters who haven’t gotten started yet could be completely turned off by a single picture.

Those stupid photos just leave a bad taste in everyone’s mouth.

It’s disrespectful to the animal

Acting like you’re riding a dead deer, pretending to kiss a decapitated turkey, or directling sexual gestures at any trophy you killed is flat-out disrespectul to the animal that will be feeding your family for months to come. Anything that’s overly gory or glorifying violence doesn’t paint the picture of quick, ethical kills, either. 

There’s just no place for any of this garbage in the hunting community. Stop doing stupid stuff for likes and laughs. It’s not worth it, and it’s not funny.

If you’re going to take a photo with your quarry, stick to the traditional grip-and-grin or another pose that doesn’t make us all look like savages.

13 thoughts on “Why a Stupid Pose With Your Trophy is Never a Good Idea”

  1. I agree whole heartedly.

    We see the same in the airgun arena as well, with both small game hunting, and pest control.

    Sometimes we see people from other countries posting photos of animals they have taken, that are legal to harvest in their country, but not legal here, and the keyboard Karens jump on the social media soapbox without knowing that animal is legal game in that person’s home country.

    It just makes us look bad as a group.


  2. It would be good for these type images not to be published anywhere. It would be even better if “social media” ceased to exist. This is coming from a Facebook user who would nevertheless gladly see it disappear. Seems things were a lot saner in the days before (anti) social media was spawned.

    • Only reason I signed on years ago was to connect and stay in touch with friends and family one does not see often if at all. Also linked to some enthusiast groups having to do with vintage vehicles, military collectibles, history and such, even some airgun-related ones. No matter, if it all went away tomorrow no tears would be shed by FM.

  3. I’m glad to read a post like this. It’s refreshing to hear common sense criticism for an actual problem in the hunting community, instead of the nonsense criticism you usually hear over non-issues. I think intentions really show through when people criticize others. Most people just want to shame others for some reason and I don’t get it. But The Bow Bully, you actually want to make the hunting community a better and more responsible place. I appreciate that all too rare attitude.

  4. The Bow Bully,
    I concur 100% with your sentiments in this report. Additionally, “a stupid pose with your trophy” can do more than just provoke more anti-hunting sentiment, it can also fuel the fires of anti-gun, anti-bow, anti-crossbow, anti-airgun, and anti-anything-that-could-possibly-be-used-to-hunt sentiment….way not cool.
    Thanks for all you do,

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