Last month, I listed posting classless trophy photos as one of my top pet peeves in the hunting world — and many commenters agreed it’s a sore spot for them too.

But it’s still a major problem on social media. And here’s why: 

It fuels the anti-hunter fire

Anti-hunters will blast and threaten hunters for just about any trophy photo, but stupid poses make it exponentially worse — and can help their cause.

Posting these types of pictures doesn’t just ruffle their feathers. It could prompt them to action and motivate them to push anti-hunting legislation that ultimately hurts conservation efforts.

It makes all outdoorsmen look bad

These kinds of photos from a few are just a poor representation of hunters as a whole. Non-hunters who still support others participating in the sport or would-be hunters who haven’t gotten started yet could be completely turned off by a single picture.

Those stupid photos just leave a bad taste in everyone’s mouth.

It’s disrespectful to the animal

Acting like you’re riding a dead deer, pretending to kiss a decapitated turkey, or directling sexual gestures at any trophy you killed is flat-out disrespectul to the animal that will be feeding your family for months to come. Anything that’s overly gory or glorifying violence doesn’t paint the picture of quick, ethical kills, either. 

There’s just no place for any of this garbage in the hunting community. Stop doing stupid stuff for likes and laughs. It’s not worth it, and it’s not funny.

If you’re going to take a photo with your quarry, stick to the traditional grip-and-grin or another pose that doesn’t make us all look like savages.