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Narrowing Down The Field – Make A Choice

One of the many options of Crossbows available, the Wicked Ridge NXT 400.
Wicked Ridge NXT 400

Where to Start?

There’s one question you should be able to answer when shopping for a crossbow, “Do you want one?” The next several questions are going to take some commitment and I know that’s almost a cuss word, com-mit-ment. Say it a few times, it isn’t that bad, now commit to some research. This will assist you, the buyer, with narrowing down the field.

There are so many crossbows available, so the rest of the answers will come with that research. I’ll tell you where I’d start, your budget. Don’t be ridiculous! If you’re trying to decide between a crossbow and groceries, focus on functionality without all the bells and whistles such as with the Wicked Ridge NXT 400 then go get the meat because that’s the right thing to do!

While shopping for a crossbow, here are questions you’ll need to answer.

  • What do you want it for? Small game hunting, big game hunting, or just some fun backyard plinking?
  • Do you have any strength or size restrictions?
  • What distance will you be shooting?
  • Are you stalk or still hunting?

Consider Your Budget

When considering your budget, it’s important to know what accessories are included and the ones you will want to purchase to enjoy the full benefits from the crossbow you choose. Here is a list of some of the accessories necessary for operation because I like you.

There are many other accessories available as well, but these are a must!

Need to Knows For Hunting with Crossbows

If you plan to hunt, here are a few other things you need to know.

  • Does it produce an appropriate amount of energy? Do your research!
  • If your plan is to stalk hunt, don’t pretend to be something you’re not, you’ll want a lightweight, compact crossbow.
  • What type of arrows and broad heads are best for the type of game you’re after?
  • Consider the max distance capable for an ethical shot.
There is a diversity of crossbows as well as shooters.
Crossbow and Accessories

A Sport Filled With Diversity

Just as there is a wide diversity of crossbows available, the same can be said of shooters and hunters, what category do you fall into? Stop with the B.S. be honest, size and strength play an enormous role in making the right decision. This will help avoid falling into the ridiculous category. I’m not going to spend time being ridiculous, if you want to, I’ll call it entertainment. Be real, purchase within your physical abilities.

The crossbow market can be incredibly intimidating with so many brands, styles, weights, color patterns, single shot, multi-shot, I think you get the point, if not, read it again until you do. Once you’ve done your research, you get to make a decision and own it, the decision and the crossbow! But remember there are generally return policies that give a little grace when you may have made a wrong decision. If after reading this the only answer you still have is, “Yes I want a crossbow.” May I suggest, never mind I don’t make suggestions, get on a live chat with an expert and let them fill in the blanks of your mind.

One last thing, if your budget has no limits and your pockets are deeper than the legs of your pants, you might consider buying one for each scenario you may find yourself in. While you’re at it, buy some for your friends, of course you can consider me your friend.

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