Mass production

by B.B. Pelletier

Update on Tom/B.B.: Things are still progressing nicely. He’s eating regular meals, walking unaided and calling home 8-10 times a day. We’re waiting for someone to make a decision on when he can be discharged.

Last week, I wrote several reports that asked our readers to take action of some kind. Many of you did, and upon doing so discovered things were not the way you may have thought. One of these lies in the area of pellet weight uniformity. Chuck wrote that he was surprised to discover a very significant weight variation in H&N Baracudas and Beeman Kodiaks. At the same time, he alerted us to the fact that the overall weight of these pellets is significantly below the 10.6 grains shown in their descriptions. We’re checking that out with the manufacturer right now. read more