Guaranteed Accelerated Delivery

Guaranteed Accelerated Delivery

Guaranteed Accelerated Delivery Overview

Pyramyd Air offers Guaranteed Accelerated Delivery dates on selected items for our retail customers.

When you place a qualifying order, we prioritize your order so it ships right away. This service is for eligible items only, provided with no additional shipping costs, and subject to the terms below.

Choosing Guaranteed Accelerated Delivery at Checkout

To make sure the item you're buying is eligible, look for the "Want it delivered..." message that displays a delivery date and shipping option. This message shows you if Guaranteed Accelerated Delivery is available for the item and the earliest date it would be delivered if ordered within the time period indicated.

Orders for multiple items, or multiple copies of the same item, may take longer to assemble and may not be eligible for guaranteed delivery, even if the items are listed as eligible. To be eligible for guaranteed delivery on these orders, select the "Ship my items as they become available" option, which means multiple-item orders will be split into multiple shipments and any applicable shipping fees charged for each shipment.

To place your guaranteed order:

  1. Add the item to your Shopping Cart and proceed to checkout.

  2. Choose an eligible shipping address within the United States (including Alaska, Hawaii, but not protectorates, territories, P.O. boxes or APO, FPO, or DPO addresses)

  3. Select the "guaranteed shipping" option advertised on the product detail page. You may also select other eligible shipping options and guaranteed delivery dates displayed in green/yellowish-brown..

  4. To avoid processing delays choose to pay with credit card, debit card or PayPal account.

  5. If your order contains items not eligible for Guaranteed Accelerated Delivery or of if your order contains items that are not in stock, you'll be prompted to check a box indicating you'd like to split up your shipments (at additional cost). Your items will be delayed or ineligible for the guarantee if you don't check this box.

  6. Place your order before the deadline displayed on the product detail page and enjoy the fast shipping!

Canceling items, combining orders, or changing your shipping address or shipping options after you place the order might affect your eligibility for Guaranteed Accelerated Delivery.

Guaranteed Accelerated Delivery Fine Print