by B.B. Pelletier

Okay, you now have a vintage airgun or two. Where do you get them fixed? Unless you know that, what’s the sense of buying them at all? In this posting, I will address repair shops for pneumatics and CO2 guns. I’ll cover springers and BB guns later.

George Pena
George is a Texan who fixes American pneumatics. His business card says “Benjamin, Sheridan and old Crosman model 140/1400 pneumatic air rifle repair.” He puts them back to factory specs. I’ve shot a vintage Sheridan he resealed, and he did a great job. Not only does the gun shoot like new, he didn’t mess up the vintage finish on a significant collectible while he did the work! George is at or 512-863-2951.

Tim McMurray in California has been fixing CO2 and pneumatic guns since 1964. He has the parts to fix the old guns, and he often makes the parts he can’t buy. He also has several modified models of guns, such as the Crosman Mark I, that he turns into a bulk-filled long-barreled super shooter called the LD. There’s also the Steroid Streak, which is a very powerful Sheridan pneumatic. Contact him at or call 310-327-0238.

Dave Gunter
Dave lives in Oregon and rebuilds vintage Crosman, Sheridan and Benjamin guns. He can reseal the S&W 78G and 79G. One of his specialties is making valves more efficient, and his Crosman 600 “Buntline” pistol is a legend. It gets close to 100 shots per fill and almost 500 f.p.s.!

Dave is a perfectionist who strives to get the most out of a vintage gun without changing its looks or operation. Contact Dave at or call 503-336-1436.

Rick Willnecker
Rick is in Pennsylvania, where he repairs vintage and modern Crosman, Benjamin and Sheridan guns. Rick is another guy who has been doing this for several decades, and he’s very methodical in his work. He will restore airguns to operational specs, but he won’t increase power in guns beyond the factory levels. Contact him at or call 717-382-1481.

Are there others?
Of course there are others, but I know all these guys and recommend them. If you have another favorite repair station, I’d like to hear about it and why you like it.