by B.B. Pelletier

This post is for all who love big bore rifles. The new .45-caliber Big Bore 909S from Sam Yang has the features you need and want to thoroughly enjoy shooting a big bore. Let’s take a look.

It’s a single-shot breechloader
This is a MOST important feature. Know why? Because it lets YOU load any bore-sized projectile you desire in the gun. You are not held to just the pellets and bullets available from this company or anyone else. That means you are free to experiment with bullets until you find the right one for your purpose. A powerful shot that fails to hit the target is meaningless, while a less-powerful shot that connects does the trick. If you can’t hit the target, nothing else matters!

Repeating big bores force you to use pellets and bullets that feed through the magazine. That limits what you can shoot. Breechloaders and, better yet, single-shot breechloaders let you load anything you want into your rifle – and the 909S is a leader among those rifles. It has a sliding breech cover that exposes the rear of the barrel in the most convenient way. If you want to shoot perfect lead cylinders that you cast yourself, there is nothing to stop you!

Lots to shoot
Pyramyd has a wide variety of ammo for this rifle, but if you don’t find what you like, go to any good gun store and see what they have in 0.451-cal. to 0.452-cal. lead bullets There should be several. Or, you can buy a bullet mold and cast your own! The breechloading facility of the rifle allows that kind of choice and flexibility.

Personally, I would look at bullets in the 170-grain to 200-grain range, because I find them to be the most accurate out to 50 yards. Don’t overlook round balls, which will really scream due to their relatively light weight. Bullets heavier than 225 grains tend to shoot open groups at long ranges. If you plan to use them, keep the distance below about 75 yards.

Pump or scuba tank?
This is a VERY important question, because the 909 uses a LOT of air for each shot. You will get 5 to 10 decent shots, with the first 5 being your best power shots. If you’re hunting, top off after number five. A hand pump will get you off the support grid, but don’t buy one if all you plan to do is shoot the rifle from a bench at the range. Then, a scuba tank is mandatory.

New gun – new look!
The new rifle has a single large air reservoir tube instead of the two stacked tubes on the old model. This gives a sleeker look and a profile that is not as tall. It also makes a gun a little bit lighter weight.

That’s not all
Pyramyd Air is giving away a free plastic rifle case when you buy this gun! When the gun arrives, you’re ready to go! Since many owners plan to hunt with their rifles, the hard case is essential for transporting your gun to the hunting area.

Even better is Pyramyd’s price! Usually, a new model costs more than the old, but this looks like a reduction to me. I always liked the 909 for all the reasons mentioned above, but now there’s a real cost incentive to get one.

Big bore airguns are a specialty area, but if you find yourself bitten by the bug, this is the rifle to get.