by B.B. Pelletier

Okay, today, it’s official. Christmas is just a month away! Time to start getting serious about that special present you want. Over the past months, I’ve talked about a lot of airguns, but today I want to show you a very special target pistol that’s made right here in the good old U.S. of A.: the .177-caliber Daisy Avanti 747.

I borrowed this picture from Pyramyd’s website because I like the look of the pistol! Pumping it is nearly effortless.

These pistols are quiet
This is a single-stroke pneumatic, which means it fires using compressed air and can only be pumped one time. Many single-strokes are hard to pump, but the 747 is one of the easy ones. The pump handle is so long that the compression stroke is almost effortless. The gun compresses a tiny amount of air – just enough to get the pellet up to speed for target shooting at 33 feet (10 meters) but no more. Because of that, THIS PISTOL IS VERY QUIET! It’s quiet enough to shoot in an apartment with thin walls and nosy neighbors. I used to shoot mine in my office at work!

They’ re accurate, too!
With a 747, it’s possible to hit an asprin at 33 feet. You don’t need to see the aspirin to hit it – just tape it to the 10-ring of a target and do your thing. I have actually done this in front of witnesses (which is the best time do do such things). Of course, the real trick is hitting the 10-ring. With a 747, you can be sure the gun isn’t holding you back.

The barrel is a Lothar Walther, which airgunners recognize as one of the best. Shooting as slow as this gun does, you never need to clean the barrel or give it a second thought. Just feed it good pellets and enjoy shooting!

What about pellets?
This is one time I will have to differ with Pyramyd Air over the choice of ammunition for a gun. They show Crosman Premiers and Daisy Max Speed pellets for the 747, but I would choose something else. This is a pure target pistol, and it needs wadcutters to punch perfectly round holes in paper targets. One of the best inexpensive target pellets I have used in these Daisys is the Gamo Match pellet. It appears very uniform and always produces great results for me.

Don’t forget targets
The only target on this site that is suitable for 10 meter pistols is Gamo’s paper target. Ten-meter pistol targets have much larger bulls than 10-meter rifle targets, so be sure you get the right ones! If you don’t already have a pellet trap for hanging targets, get the Daisy 850 pellet trap. Just don’t use this trap for magnum airguns; it’s ideally suited to guns like the 747.

The 747 is for adults – and not all of them!
I must make you aware that the 747 is an adult-sized air pistol. It’s not for your 12-year-old who can handle a 20 gauge shotgun. This is a large air pistol that takes a strong hand to hold. If you want something similar but lighter, take a look at the Gamo Compact. Although the weight is not that much less, the Compact is shorter, so the weight rests in your palm. The 747 is decidedly muzzle-heavy, which is great for target shooting, but it takes some strength to control. The Compact, on the other hand, is much harder to pump!

If you’re an airgunner who likes the quietness of the guns and the shorter ranges at which they can be enjoyed, the Daisy 747 is an ideal air pistol for you to consider and should be on your short list for Christmas!