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Crosman 2260: real value in a gas rifle

by B.B. Pelletier

Okay, you’ve been very patient – to the point that you think I forgot all about you and your favorite air rifle. You own a Crosman 2260 and love it!

Crosman’s .22 caliber 2260 is a direct descendent of the 160.

The 2260 has a great “family” history
The 2260 is the offspring of the famous Crosman 160, a rifle that airgunners still revere today. Crosman has made other .22s and they’ve made loads of CO2 rifles, but there doesn’t seem to be a.22 CO2 rifle that fits in between the 160 and the 2260.

From the standpoint of performance, the 2260 is well ahead of the 160. That older gun had a muzzle velocity in the 610 to 625 region and got about 30 to 35 shots per charge. The new 2260 does 600 f.p.s. and gets about the same number of shots – BUT does it with just one powerlet, where the 160 needed two! That represents a serious improvement in gas management.

The basics
This is a single-shot, bolt-action .22 caliber rifle. It has a manual safety, and the trigger is for sporting use, which means a heavier pull. The rear sight is a little too close to the eye. Since most owners will probably upgrade to a dot sight or a scope, it probably doesn’t matter.

If you want to use a scope, you’ll need a base
To mount a scope on the 2260, you need a special scope base that clamps to the barrel. It provides an 11mm dovetail to which standard airgun scope rings attach. There’s no recoil and no need for a scope stop.

Which scope?
The barrel clamp bases will put your rings forward of the receiver, so select a scope with a lot of back-and-forth adjustability. I’m going to recommend a Crosman 0410 Targetfinder, because it has the adjustability you need and it’s selling at such a great price! It comes with scope rings that clamp to 3/8″ dovetails, which is what we want for this gun.

Accuracy worthy of a scope
The 2260 has all the accuracy you’ll need if you use the right pellets. Crosman Wadcutters are a good choice, as are Benjamin Sheridan Diabolos.

What about maintenance?
If you’ve read any of the past posts about CO2 guns, you know what I’m about to say. To keep a CO2 gun running a long time, there is nothing you need more than Crosman Pellgunoil. You put a drop of it on the tip of each new powerlet, and it gets blown through the valve where it lubricates every seal it contacts. This stuff is absolutely essential to the good health of gas guns, so never be without it!

Power & accuracy for less money
The Crosman 2260 is a powerful, accurate air rifle that carries on a long tradition of Crosman excellence. You can hunt with it, eliminate pests and generally have a good time just plinking. It has the power and accuracy of some of the more expensive CO2 sporters at 2/3 the cost.

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Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

103 thoughts on “Crosman 2260: real value in a gas rifle”

  1. I am considering purchasing the 2260, as I like its looks and the convenience of CO2, but I have read a number of bad reviews on internet sites about the gun. The main complaint seems to be that power drops off very quicky – some people experiencing dramatic drops as early as 5 or 10 shots into a new powerlet. However, I trust your judgement more than I do theirs. Do you have any thoughts on this issue specifically or the quality of the gun in general? Thanks.

  2. If you are shooting in quick repetition with co2 it gets cold and looses pressure. If you let the powerlet warm back up in-between shots you should have consistent power as long as there is still liquid CO2 in the powerlet.


  3. BB,

    I hear they call this one the rabbit stopper. Can a really punch full size a rabbit??

    What kind of groups would i expect to get from this rifle.

    Oh, remember I wrote about the quest 800x that I ordered from pyramid air. I shot it about 50 more times. The wheel on the top of the scope flew off and hit me in the head. I then got into a prone position and rested the gun on a bean bag. I blew about 30 shots, aiming at a shoe i mounted on the wall. I aimed at the same spot with open sights for all 30 shots.

    you can see the picture of the gouping here.

    what would you say about me getting a BENJAMIN AS392T?

    I like the co2 idea. I also want to be able to reload and shoot quickly to make up any shots i failed. The tank hanging out of the BENJAMIN AS392T is also another one of my concerns. I’ve had Paintball guns that always needed attencion becuase the tank would leak alot due to the pressure applied to it while in battles.


  4. Cesar,

    1. Yes, it can.

    2. Quarter-sized or smaller at 20 yards.

    3. I don’t know the distance, but if it’s less than 50 yards, you need to get better pellets and practice your spring gun technique.

    4. It’s good for a CO2 gun, but it doesn’t have the power range of a multi-pump. I have the AS392 and I like it for a 600 f.p.s. .22.

    5. No leaks, if you treat it decent. Use Pellgunoil!


  5. BB,

    I’m sorry i’m all over your blogs. Its just that your now my goto guy for answers.

    I will continue to test the rifle and my shots. I will give it some time. Thanks for your patients.


  6. BB,

    I gave it another shot. I bought some daisy pecision match pellets and some copperhead pointed pellets. Those were the only guys i could get my hands on from local stores.

    I checked the screws again on the rifle and they got even worse. I didnt tighten them up much b4. This time i wasn’t going to &%$@ around. I tighten them up really nice, not too tight. Every screw besides the trigger adjustment screw and the scope stopper.

    It as if I had a different rifle. I took it out today this field right by my house. I tested it at exactly 10 yards, with open sights. I hit a door knob i found on the grass and a candle i brought out with me. NO MISSING

    I….. WoW

    Hopefully it will keep it up and I can be another happy airgun onwner 🙂

  7. I hit the candle and door knob over and over agian. Dead center…

    I will bring a target sheet out next time and post my results manyana. tomorrow


  8. Anonymous,

    BB is right. If you repeat the shots its lowers the temperature of the container, wich will result in less pressure from the tank. I own 2 co2 powered pistols from daisy. I can kill a 12 gram powerlet with 3 7 shot clips. 21 shots. I dont know why but if i give the cartridge time to warm it i can shoot clip after clip after clip after clip after clip….

    If your looking for a quick load and fire rifle look at the BENJAMIN AS392T, CROSMAN 2250XT, or the CROSMAN 1077 AS.

    The CROSMAN 1077 AS is a 12 shot repeater. It takes a 88 gram co2 tank. It comes in .177 cal though. It is also under 100 Dollars…..

    check out by BB /article/Crosman_1077_2004/20

    The BENJAMIN AS392T is another one of BB’s favorites. It comes in 22 .cal. You’ll get consistant power and accuracy out of this rifle. Ive read alot of reviews 30+. It comes highly recommended by alot of airgun users including BB. Also, you see alot of airguns under 200 bucks that have the manufacture claim you can hit .5 inch groups at 33 feet. On BB’s review of the multi-pump version of the gun, he shot .5 inch groups at 60 feet. Its a must have… In fact its the next airgun im going to get.

  9. BB,

    about 30 yards out. I hit 5 cans one right after another. I did this with open sights and Daisy precision max match pellets with the quest 800.

    It was those damn screws.

  10. BB,

    Is the 2260 good right out of the box, or does it need a long break in before it performs well.

    how well would you expect it to group from 30 yards?

    Could i expect good power past 30 yards?

    Most of my shots are 20+ yards. I even try for 60+. My quest does have alot of power but im never sure were its going to end up. It feels great, like another limb. I;m getting better it, but i dont feel very confident with it. The scope that came with the rifle fell apart. My remington AM77 + 4.20 scope can 12 oz a soda cans from 40+ yards consistantly but it doesnt have the power I need. Will the 2260 give me these results with that dealy punch i want?

    Another thing. I always shoot from a prone position. I am looking for a co2 powered rifle so I dont have to twist myself, pump the lever , our break the barrel. I love the idea of just being able to stay prone and load the rifle without extra work.

    The AS392 is also another gun I want , but its 80 dollars more. I’d rather spend that on accessories and ammunition.

    what do you think??


  11. I wish I had the money for a talon. I am saving money for a walther p99 QA firearm. I am currently in a Police Officer Reserve Academy. I want one at least under 200 bucks. So far my quest has been really friendly. I just recently shot 6 shots right on top of each other from 12 yards. I read Improving accuracy with a spring-piston airgun. I went prone and set a tin of daisys aside me hold it soft on both ends and kept the butt if the rifle just touching my shoulder. 🙂

    thats for the post.

    The daisys are on the list for future buys, and so are the kodaiks. The predators and crow magnums scatter really bad. I wont buy those anymore. That really blows. Those predator and crows look like they can do alot of damage.

    What do you think about the .22 cal super HP pellets?

    What about the .22 Champion Fireball?

    I got 4 birds today with my remington AM77. Its very quiet. 3 shots went in and out and the birds flew away. I hit 1 with a wadcutter and it churped and jumped into a bush. The only hunting .177 cal pellet I have ever had luck with was the GAMO ROCKETS. They look like the champion fireballs. What do you think???


  12. Well, These rifles are identical, except for the stocks and the fact that the R7 has a Rekord trigger and the HW30 does not.

    While both will meet your stated need, the R7 is the finer rifle, because of the trigger and stock. The power is stated as being differtent, but they are equivalent. That’s more a function of the number coming from two sources.

    Select JSB Exact domed pellets in the 8.4-grain weight or JSB Predators. Since the distance is so close, the Predators should work fine for you.

    Good luck!


  13. I have developed a nervous condition as a result of injuries received a long time ago in Vietnam and cannot withstand muzzle blast or recoil from even a 22 rimfire. I was wondering if the Crosman 2260 was adequate for head shots on turkey at close range )10-20 yards),I am unable to cock a spring piston gun and was hoping this would allow me to get back into hunting which I miss so very much.

  14. Old dude,

    A 2260 would take a turkey at 20 yards with a perfect head shot. The trick is getting that close.

    Use heavy domed pellets for this task. You don’t need hollowpoints but you do need all the accuracy you can get.


  15. BB, im looking at this Rifle and im really Hoping i can get one very soon. Im going to order one online however i need it to be shiped to canada. Would they stop the Delivery truck from Bringing the pellet rifle here and would they Require just my signature for the Rifle or some kind of Fire arms Acusition Certificate?


  16. I think its Depending on the Province, I’m in ontario right now.Alot of my freinds (whom are hunters them selves) say that they don’t think you would need a Fire Arms Acusition Certifict for a pellet Rifle. i know Canadian Tire always sells Beeman brand pellet Rifles that go up to 1000 Feet per second and all you need to be is 18 and have a valid drivers licesence.

    All i am really looking to do with this Rifle is hunt small game and maybe some Rabits. and i saw in a Previous quote that this Rifle can kill a full sized Rabit. That and the bolt action and for such a low price Really makes me want to buy this Rifle.

    maybe i will give them a call tommorow and see what they say. Im pretty sure that they won’t keep it at the boarder but i don’t want to take too many chances.
    Thanks for the info.


  17. DannyDoo once again….i can’t buy the 2260…huge disapointment…but could i be satisfied with the 2289? the “Backpacker” as they call it…its a pump version of the 2250B…i’d perfer to 2250B but since None of the stores around here have one and because it goes above our FPS limit i can’t order one. so do tell me if you recomend it…and i was planing on takeing off the skeliton stock and putting on a hard wood…and maybe i’ll do that for the pump as well….any suggestions would be very helpful

  18. DannyDoo,

    Sorry, but I don’t see a 2289. Who makes it? Crosman?

    Crosman doesn’t list a 2289 pneumatic on their site, so perhaps it’s a Canadian only product?

    The gun you describe sounds like a 1322 with a separate butt.


  19. Expect groups in the 1.5 to 2-inch range with a scope. With open sights, expect 3-4-inch groups. You must shoot good pellets like Crosman Premiers and the wind must be dead calm.

    As far as aiming, adjust your sights to strike about 2 inches high at 30 yards. That should get you close to the mark at 50.


  20. bb,

    You seem to be the expert on this subject, maybe you can help me. Im looking for a present for my father for his birthday. He would like to have a co2 rifle for plinking or target practice that shoots bb’s and pellets that is not a single shot that is not pump or spring air. in a word hes lazy. he wants to shoot alot and reload a little and not have to pump every time he shoots. I have looked and looked and cannot find what he wants. I also dont have a huge amount to spend. any suggestions?


  21. bb,

    You seem to be the expert on this subject, maybe you can help me. Im looking for a present for my father for his birthday. He would like to have a co2 rifle for plinking or target practice that shoots bb’s and pellets that is not a single shot that is not pump or spring air. in a word hes lazy. he wants to shoot alot and reload a little and not have to pump every time he shoots. I have looked and looked and cannot find what he wants. I also dont have a huge amount to spend. any suggestions?


  22. jjales,

    If you can forget shooting BBs, then I do have a great recommendation. Anytime an airgun has to shoot both BBs and pellets (which are different sizes) it is less than accurate.

    The Crosman 1077 is what you want. It’s a 12-shot repeating CO2 pellet rifle that will group all shots on a dime at 20 yards. I think it’s the best $65 value in airguns. I own three.


  23. Craig,

    If you have a 2260 with a plastic receiver that has no dovtail grooves, then this sight will not attach. If you have a 2260 with a steel receiver that has dovetail grooves, this sight will attach to them.

    You can always upgrade your rifle with a steel breech from Crosman, if need be.


  24. B.B.

    I’m looking to do some pest elimination. Squirrels, chipmunks, and black birds have been getting into a my bird feeder about 25 yards away. My old multi pump is worn out and doesn’t have the power or accuracy it used to.

    I’m thinking of getting a Crosman 2260 or a Benjamin 392. I plan on scoping whatever I purchase. A heavy pumping force does not bother me but I do like the convenience of CO2. The neighbors don’t mind if I shoot in the yard, so long as they don’t have to listen to it, that’s why I don’t use my springer. What would you recommend?


  25. mech,

    The 2260 is a better rifle to scope, though Pyramyd AIR does have a new cantelever scope mount for the 392, so maybe that’s changed.

    But a good spring gun is quieter than either of your choices. What do you have that’s so loud?


  26. I have a Remington Genesis. I like it but it does seem rather loud to me. I’m also having problems getting it to group tightly. I’ve read your review and I’m doing what you recomend but the tightest group that I can consistantly get is about 3 inches at 25 yards. What’s really strange is that I can put 2 shots in a row through the same hole but then start getting fliers. Sometimes the very tight groups will hit right on the croshairs but usually not. And these tight groups ate usually low but can occur as much as 3 inches on either side of the croshairs.


  27. I should also add that every pellet that I fire out of my Genesis has a loud crack and sounds like a PBA as it goes super sonic. This even happens with the 16.1 gr Eun Jins that I’m using now.

  28. A Beeman Sport Apertire sight will fit the rear of the 2260 receiver, but the receiver is made of plastic, so the sight won’t be as tight as most shooters would like. By installng an optional steel receiver (Crosman Custom Shop), the sight will fit tighter.

    The Mendoza sight will also fit and is half the price.


  29. So the power of PCPs is achieved mostly by higher pressure. I know that there are several rifles that work on lower pressure, but my question is “Is the same amount of air under the same pressure used in 2260 will give same results.” I just wonder if they ever considered compressed air in similar containers as CO2

  30. One more question. Some manufacturers advertise the velocities on their guns higher than it really is. You say that 2260 will send 14.3gr crosman premier pellet with the advertised velocity of 600fps, and I think it is fair to customers. Some will advertise velocities much higher, so it makes it difficult to make a choice if there is no review. How can I find about true results with standard weight pellets such as 7.9 in .177 and 14.3 in .22. What are the companies that tend to exaturate?

  31. The power of a PCP IS NOT determined by air pressure. It’s determined by the pressure/time ratio that gives an acceleration curve.

    1000 psi can accelerate a pellet faster than 2000 psi, if the valve is properly set up and the barrel is long enough.

    When compressed air of the same pressure as CO2 is used in a gun, velocity goes up because the air flows through the valve more readily. I can’t prove why this is, but I believe the atoms in air flow faster than the molecules in CO2.

    The tradeoff is fewer shots with air. CO2 is constantly evaporating to gas, so you may get 20 shots from CO2 and three from air in the same gun.


  32. The only way to learn the velocities of pellets in a gun is to test them with a chronograph.

    Manufacturers tend not to lie, but to confuse. With the sole exception of Gamo, who advertises a speed of 1600 f.p.s. that is clearly impossible to obtain without trickery, most manufactures velocity numbers are correct.

    What they do is shoot ultra-lightweight pellets. Take the RWS Diana Schütze, for example. It’s advertised as a 580 f.p.s. gun. Yet when I tested it with Crosman Silver Eagle hollowpoints, I got an average of 760 f.p.s. How can that be? Simple. The pellets I used were lighter than the pellets the factory used to test their rifle.

    If you want to know which guns do what, you have to either read a lot of reviews or test them yourself.


  33. I have two questions
    1. What do you think about 2260 se? How is it better or worse?
    2. What is the max distance to kill a rabbit with a head shot with this rifle?
    Thank you.

  34. I like the longer breech that better holds a scope. And of course it comes with the scope.

    The max distance at which YOU can reliably kill a rabbit with a head shot is the max distance at which YOU can hit a nickel 100 percent of the time from a hunting position (i.e., not off a bench). The gun will lose accuracy faster than killing power.

    I expect the Kodiaks to be very accurate in the 2260, but they will have a pronounced trajectory, making it most important for you to accurately estimate distance in the field. They will be like the bullets from a .45/70 buffalo rifle at long range – deadly, as long as they connect.


  35. You want to use an intermount on a 160? Is that because your old 160 doesn’t have 11mm dovetail groves cut in the top of the receiver?

    The intermount is a poor substitute for a real set of dovetails permanently attached to the receiver. Most people would have an airgunsmith cut the dovetails in their receiver instead of using what amounts to a clamp-on mount.

    Yes, the intermount should fit, but I don’t advise it.


  36. Yes the 160 old-old style doesen’t have the cut.The gun is in good working order but the old sight at the rear of the receiver is hard to adjuest Ive had this gun from the age of 15.Iam 63 now and the old eyes arnt what they use to be.Just want to plank away in the yard and injoy hiting a can or two now and then. Just thought I could put a scope on and have more fun. P/S Thanks for your info

  37. One thing I forgot to say was by using the intermount you do preserve the gun’s originality. Since you’ve had it so long, that may be a concern.

    The problem with the intermount is it gets knocked out of place easily. So get a small scope or dot sight, to lessen the strain.


  38. Hey B.B. I was wondering, is the 2260 nearly the same as the 2260se? i might be asking a dumb question, but i know they got different rear sights and minor details, but is both guns nearly the same? and also, is the 2260 or the se quiet too? how quiet would you rate it? and is it worth spending an extra $100 just for a scope and a different rear sight adjustment? ok. thanks!

  39. has anyone shot one of those gamo or any other types of round balls in the 2260? please let me know if they are fine to shoot, and also the jsb predators, do those work as well? thank you.

  40. Anonymous with the 2260 wanting to shoot round balls,

    Do not shoot round balls or bb’s in your 2260. It will harm the rifling in your barrel and since the bolt is not magnetic the round balls will roll down the barrel.

    I don’t own a 2260 but from all I’ve read, jsb predators have been somewhat accurate, in some guns at very close ranges (20 feet and less). This is not a pellet known for long distance accuracy in any pellet gun. The pellet’s that are usually accurate are jsb exacts and crosman premiers (the crosman premiers in the cardboard box not the ones in a tin). Try other pellets to find the one your gun likes best.

    You own a remarkable gun that is probably modified more, and has more drop in modification parts available directly from the manufacturer (crosman) than any other airgun I’m aware of. Have you done any modifications to yours?

    You’ve posted your question and I’ve posted your answer under an article written in 2005. Please come to the current/active comments section to post any other questions or to exchange your experiences with other airgunners like yourself. You’ll need to cut and paste this link to get to the current (January 29, 2009) comments:


    Look forward to seeing you there!


  41. Round .22 caliber balls such as those carried by Pyramyd should be fine in the 2260. They are lead so they won't hurt the rifling. They also should be large enough that they will not roll through the barrel, but I don't know for sure. I plan to get a tin to try in my 2300KT.


    As Kevin mentioned, join us in the current discussion page.

    .22 multi-shot

  42. Anonymous with the 2260 wanting to shoot round balls,

    22 multi shot is a very knowledgable airgunner with a vast amount of experience.

    Before I answered your question about shooting round balls in a 2260, I contacted tech support at crosman. It was their advice, not mine, that you not shoot round balls in your 2260 for the reasons stated. Tech support at crosman can be reached at 1-800-724-7486.


  43. Thank you very much guys for your remarkable help and generosity!! I would join the blog page, and talk and ask about air gunning, although I am kinda new to this. I have not modded my 2260 yet, but I was planning on upgrading for a steel breech and better or no sights for scope(s). Thanks again for the tips! take care

  44. Anonymous (2260 round balls),

    Here is an article BB wrote about pellet/bullets. The information can be extrapolated to using lead round balls with the 2260.


    .22 multi-shot

  45. Hey Fellows! Just got my steel breech upgrade done! and boy, this gun can shoooot! thanks for the help, and i have avoided trying the lead balls. the jsb predators are nasty hard hitting pellets, but they can’t even fly strait! i guess it’s just me or the scope, but won’t buy those boys again. anyone have any suggestions for ammo they found perfect or good? thanks very much. i have also seen the daisy 22sg, does anyone have both or tried that gun? kinda interested, but if the 2260 is a better chap, i’ll stick to this one. i’m not sure if i should bust out another Benjamin for that lil gun, but i’ll test it out. Thanks.

  46. Anonymous with the steel breech upgrade to his 2260,

    Try jsb’s (both weights) and crosman premiers in the cardboard box (not the crosman premiers in the tin). You may want to consider lubing the pellets with Whiscombe Honey before shooting them in your 2260 since they are known for leading a barrel.

    B.B. did and article on the Daisy 22SG. Here it is:


    There is a search box over on the right hand side of this site that allows you to search for any articles that B.B. has written (over 1,000 articles now). This would be a good place to search Whiscombe Honey. There is also an active conversation taking place now between airgunners like yourself under the current article (B.B. writes a new article every day, Monday-Friday. This is a great place to share your airgun experiences, ask questions and answers other airgunners questions. Here’s the link that will always take you to the current article, then scroll down to the bottom of the article and click on “comments”:


    Hope to see you there!


  47. hello. does anyone know if the .22 cleaning pellets actually work in the 2260? i have the 1077, and the .177 cleaning pellets work. but i’m not sure about the 2260. thanks!

  48. Cleaning pellets,

    I’ve used them in a 1377 converted to .22 caliber. It has the same configuration as the 2260 in the breech so it should be fine. However, you don’t generally need to clean an airgun barrel. Here are a couple of blogs that BB did on barrel cleaning.



    .22 multi-shot

  49. The 2260 is perhaps the favorite airgun of customizers. It can be turned into almost anything. So yes to sling swivels and 2260SE (and far better). But don’t look for a kit of parts and step-by-step instructions. This is a gun you have to learn to modify yourself, or send it to one of dozens of customizers around the country.

    The barrel will not rust under most conditions. Certainly the CO2 won’t cause it. But living in a costal area might. In those places, everything rusts.

    You need to get on the Crosman Forum and start reading what people are doing with this rifle:



  50. I have shot a great many TF 78s. The Crosman 2260 has plastic parts the TF 78 doesn’t have. The TF 78 accuracy is about the same and will vary more from gun to gun than model to model.

    The TF 78 is probably more powerful than the 2260.


  51. I am currently on the waiting list at Pyramid air for the restocking of the crosman 2260. My question is, how hard is it to change the plastic breech to the steel one available from crosman? Is this something I can do reasonably easily, or would you advise my carrying the rifle to a gunsmith?

  52. The Crosman 2260 is made in East Bloomfield, New York.

    Look at the AirForce line of guns.

    Also, I suspect you are not aware of the Benjamin Marauder or the Benjamin Discovery yet. Both are fine PCPs that challenge European guns.

    And it sounds like you don't know about the Crosman Nitro Piston SS.

    Then there are the Quackenbush big bores.


  53. Thanks for answering my question, the reason im looking at this one is that you don't got to pump it after every shot. This is the one I will be getting then. This is my new question, if I buy the regular 2260 and get the steel breech kit from crosman, would I need those mounts if I were to put a cheapo scope on it?, or does the steel breech kit already have the mounts for the scope?

  54. Correct me if I am wrong, the 2260 gets 600fps and has the energy of 16.87 foot pounds with beeman kodiaks which are 21.10 grains, that is a heavy pellet so would that drop like a rock or would go farther? I do know that the heavery the pellet, the faster it goes in Co2 guns and the opposite takes effect in springers. Would I need faster fps to use kodiaks.

  55. Let's correct some assumptions. A heavier pellet does not go faster (than a light pellet) in a CO2 gun. Heavier pellets generate MORE ENERGY than light pellets.

    You never mention what "farther" means, so I don't know how far you are talking about. You should certainly be able to shoot the 2260 with Kodiaks out to 30 yards with good accuracy. With practice, that range could be extended.

    The 2260 is the rifle Crosman used to make the Benjamin Discovery, so it has the same barrel. Though the Discovery shoots faster on CO2 than the 2260, the accuracy is the same ay all ranges.

    "Drop like a rock" is an interesting phrase. Buffalo hunters shot the .45-70 rifle at ranges out to 500 yards, where it "dropped like a rock," yet they managed to get one-shot kills on buffalo. The secret lies in knowing how to shoot. No airgun or firearm shoots completely flay. A marksman with a rifle he knows is much more effective than a neophyte shooting a hypersonic .22.

    The trick is to learn to shoot the gun. I feel confident that someone who can shoot well can shoot tight groups at 50 yards on calm days with a 2260. It's all in the shooting.


  56. I got a crosman 2260 for Christmas it’s a great gun but about half a year later I was hunting rabbits and the bolt broke I was wondering where I could find another bolt for sale

  57. Hi Anonymous,

    You posted to a blog that was written about a year ago. You can call Crosman customer service at 1-800-7AIRGUN (724-7486). They're all good folks and eager to help. Off topic questions are welcome.

    There are a small handful of people reading the older blogs. B.B. writes a daily blog Monday-Friday which is the place to ask questions and reach ALOT of very knowledgable folks who are more than willing to help. /blog//.

    Hope to see you there! Also would you please let me know what your experience was with Crosmwn.

    Thanks, Mr B.

  58. Im looking the get one of this rifles,what is the difference between thr cr 2260 and 2260SE.also can you used two 12 grams on it,can it be upgrade to accept twoo instead of 1.thank you

    • Roberto,

      Currently in the United states there is only a Heritage 2260 being sold directly by Crosman and a Sheridan 2260 sold by dealers. Those other models are not available.

      The rifle could be converted to use 2 cartridges. That would be a custom job. I suppose the work would cost $100-150. Or it could be converted to run on bulk CO2 for a lot less.


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  • Shipping Time Frame

    We work hard to get all orders placed by 12 pm EST out the door within 24 hours on weekdays because we know how excited you are to receive your order. Weekends and holiday shipping times will vary.

    During busy holidays, we step our efforts to ship all orders as fast as possible, but you may experience an additional 1-2 day delay before your order ships. This may also happen if you change your order during processing.

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  • Shipping Restrictions

    It's important to know that due to state and local laws, there are certain restrictions for various products. It's up to you to research and comply with the laws in your state, county, and city. If you live in a state or city where air guns are treated as firearms you may be able to take advantage of our FFL special program.

    U.S. federal law requires that all airsoft guns are sold with a 1/4-inch blaze orange muzzle or an orange flash hider to avoid the guns being mistaken for firearms.

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  • Expert Service and Repair

    Get the most out of your equipment when you work with the expert technicians at Pyramyd AIR. With over 25 years of combined experience, we offer a range of comprehensive in-house services tailored to kickstart your next adventure.

    If you're picking up a new air gun, our team can test and tune the equipment before it leaves the warehouse. We can even set up an optic or other equipment so you can get out shooting without the hassle. For bowhunters, our certified master bow technicians provide services such as assembly, optics zeroing, and full equipment setup, which can maximize the potential of your purchase.

    By leveraging our expertise and precision, we ensure that your equipment is finely tuned to meet your specific needs and get you ready for your outdoor pursuits. So look out for our services when shopping for something new, and let our experts help you get the most from your outdoor adventures.

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  • Warranty Info

    Shop and purchase with confidence knowing that all of our air guns (except airsoft) are protected by a minimum 1-year manufacturer's warranty from the date of purchase unless otherwise noted on the product page.

    A warranty is provided by each manufacturer to ensure that your product is free of defect in both materials and workmanship.

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  • Exchanges / Refunds

    Didn't get what you wanted or have a problem? We understand that sometimes things aren't right and our team is serious about resolving these issues quickly. We can often help you fix small to medium issues over the phone or email.

    If you need to return an item please read our return policy.

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Get FREE shipping on qualifying orders! Any order $150+ with a shipping address in the contiguous US will receive the option for free ground shipping on items sold & shipped by Pyramyd AIR during checkout. Certain restrictions apply.

Free shipping may not be combined with a coupon unless stated otherwise.

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