Desert Eagle .50 Action Express airsoft is a great shooter!

by B.B. Pelletier

If you look around the Pyramyd Air website, you can find several Desert Eagle .50 AE airsoft pistols. So why did I pick this one to show you?

This is one BIG gun that fills your hand!
The other .50 AE pistols are large, but they’re half the weight of this one! This is a big, hefty pistol, just like the .50 Action Express firearm it copies. When you hold this gun, you know you have something in your hand! The Desert Eagle .44 AE is also a heavy gun, but it shoots only the lighter BBs.

Packs a POWERFUL punch!
The .50AE is a powerful cartridge, so I think the airsoft copy should be powerful as well. This one is. With 0.20-gram BBs, it gets 250 f.p.s., while the other guns get 230 with lighter 0.12-gram BBs. That puts this spring pistol in the gas pistol class – but for a lot less money.

It’s accurate and adjustable
This big bruiser has adjustable Hop Up, which is how you adjust the gun to match the BB you have selected. You can even adjust it to shoot 0.12-gram BBs for higher velocity, though you will most likely get the best accuracy with the heavier ammo.

It’s a repeater
This is a repeating air pistol that is cocked for each shot by pulling back on the slide. The metal magazine holds 25 BBs that feed automatically as the gun is cocked. Because it’s a spring gun, you don’t have to buy gas or CO2 powerlets. Just keep it filled with BBs and shoot to your heart’s content.

Don’t forget targets!
Sticky targets are very popular with all airsoft guns. They catch the BB for a moment so you can score the shot, then it rolls down the sticky face into a collection tray at the bottom. Another great target is the action type. The target falls when hit and is reset by hitting another target or automatically by the action mechanism of the target, itself. I’ve used the Crosman electric resetting target enough to know it works well. The resetting target by Leapers looks interesting. Although I haven’t used it, the concept is a lot like a carnival shoot. The BBs fall into a netted cage behind the target and are captive til you get ready to collect them.

A target you will LOVE!
The Shoot-N-C targets are great fun with an accurate airsoft gun. They “light up” at the spot the BB penetrates, which gives immediate feedback without the need to go downrange. They have sticky backs, so when one gets shot up, simply paste another over it and keep on shooting!

You’ll probably want a holster, too
I’m going to recommend the Special Operations Universal Tactical Black Leg Holster, but I want you to check with Pyramyd Air when buying it, to ensure that it will fit this pistol. The .50AE is a huge sidearm, and you don’t want to take any chances when buying any accessories for it. One nice thing about this holster is that it also comes in a left-hand version for the same price.

I know that this is a more expensive gun. There’s nothing wrong with the other Desert Eagles Pyramyd sells, but I wanted you to know about this one because it really stands out from the rest. If you’re looking for a large, powerful 6mm spring pistol, this is the one to get!

7 thoughts on “Desert Eagle .50 Action Express airsoft is a great shooter!”

  1. Looking for additional info on the Condor; I have shot a RWS model 34 “.177” for years and stumbled upon this gun and I cant believe and air rifle can shoot 1 inch groups at 50 yards? How do i search your blog for info on the Condor model. Here are a couple questions

    1 – How loud is this gun at 800 fps relative to a model 34?
    2 – What are the negatives about this gun?
    3 – What scope would you suggest i use,,, shots would be 50 yards and under.
    4 – Where can i get user feed back info on this gun

    Thanks – kb

  2. kb

    1. At 800 f.p.s. the Condor is not too loud, but it is louder than the RWS 34. Any pneumatic or gas gun is going to be louder than a spring gun of the same velocity. It’s about as loud as hands clapping loudly at 800 f.p.s. But since no RWS 34 can even shoot 800 f.p.s in .22, there is really no fair comparison. Their ads may say they can, but the chronograph doesn’t support it. The Condor can do it easily.

    2. The Condor’s chief negative is that it requires a means of getting compressed air into its tank. That can be a scuba tank or a hand pump. Although the factory says the gun is charged to 3,000 psi, many owners have discovered that their Cordors perform best when charged to 2,800 psi or even sometimes less.

    American Rifleman has a two-page writeup on the Condor this month. They shot a 1.4-inch group at 50 yards, but there was no explanation given, nor much discussion of how they did it. They did say they shot it at 1,000 f.p.s. which is WAY TOO FAST for best accuracy, so we may assume their reviewer was not familiar with airguns.

    3. I like the AirForce 4 to 16 power scope for the Condor.

    4. I would recommend the Talon Owner’s Group, but you REALLY have to read carefully. There are some space cadets among the thoughtful owners. They are at:

    Good luck!


  3. KB
    As far as the Condor, I am a member of the TOG and I do agree there are a lot of overzealous posters but they mean well. I am currently working on a newbie FAQ for the TOG and hope to have it done soon. Will be posted on the site.

    BB…thanks for recommending the TOG, it truly is a great resource.

  4. I know it has been awile since you reviewed this but what kind of groups would this gun make.

    Also any other ideas on a quality spring pistol under $100.


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