by B.B. Pelletier

AirForce has a new air tank called the MicroMeter tank. It’s really the same 490cc tank they use for the other guns, but with a brand new air valve installed. If you already own an AirForce gun, buying this new tank will be almost like getting a second gun! That’s because the MicroMeter tank uses less air for each shot. The shots are less powerful but also more consistent, and that’s what this new tank is all about – consistency and power!

All three AirForce rifles were created for high power. Although they all have power adjustment wheels, when the power is turned down very low, their shot-to-shot velocity is less consistent. The MicroMeter tank tightens the velocity variance, but it does so at a very low power. So, you get an extremely consistent low-power rifle that’s perfect for target shooting and indoor pest elimination.

Tight velocity strings at lower power
I’ve tested the MM tank on all three AirForce rifles. The tank was developed for shooters who want lots of shots with tightly controlled velocity – such as target shooters. Plus, plenty of moms and dads who bought AirForce guns for themselves also wanted to teach their kids how to shoot. Well, little Sally and Sam don’t need the 25 foot-pounds of a Talon SS, to say nothing of the even greater power of the Talon or Condor. With the MM tank installed, your SS becomes a 10 foot-pound gun on the highest power setting. In fact, with the SS, the power wheel doesn’t really do much (exception – if it’s set below about No. 6, the shots do vary more in speed). It shoots .22 Premiers at 560 f.p.s. And, talk about quiet! It’s SUPER-QUIET, with enough power to take out most pests at 25 yards! If you want more, install your standard SS tank, and you’re back in the game.

Best on the Talon!
The 18″ barrel of the Talon, coupled with the standard powerplant, gives you real adjustability. From a high of 13.8 foot-pounds down to a low of 6.7 foot-pounds, the Talon’s range is very useful. Most of the adjustability kicks in below power setting 6. And, the Talon is a quiet gun at the lower ranges. Maybe not as quiet as an SS, but it’s very neighbor-friendly, if you know what I mean. You can quickly get back to over 30 foot-pounds in seconds with a tank change.

And the Condor shines!
You MUST get one of these tanks if you own a Condor! The more powerful Condor powerplant and 24″ barrel give a power spread of 14 to 15 foot-pounds, which isn’t much, but this is the tank to tame the savage beast! How many Condor owners bought their guns expecting great power and quiet operation only to discover it doesn’t work that way? The power you get, but a Condor is as loud as a .22 long rifle. With the MM tank, though, your Big Bird becomes a parakeet. With the Condor tank, you can’t go below about 19 foot-pounds, but the MM tank clips off another 4 to 5 foot-pounds! It becomes a different gun.

The best of all
Talon and Talon SS owners who have the 24″ optional barrel installed will get a HUGE adjustment spread! From 15 on the top end down to 4 or 5 on the bottom, they will have the greatest air rifle on the market – especially when you consider that just installing the standard tank will boost them to a maximum of 45 foot-pounds! There is nothing close to this performance spread anywhere else.

It’s not every day that a manufacturer gives you an entirely new airgun for a fraction of the cost!