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Education / Training Remington Genesis: Part 2

Remington Genesis: Part 2

by B.B. Pelletier

We’re going to have a part 3 to this report because the Remington Genesis did not perform well at all in the shooting test, and I think I know why.

Some unfinished business
A reader calling himself “mr lama” said I forgot to mention that the Genesis has an adjustable cheekpiece. Well, I re-read the owner’s manual and visited the Crosman website, and I can’t find evidence of it anywhere. Please tell me how the Genesis cheekpiece adjusts, mr lama.

The trigger
The trigger was pretty horrible in the beginning, but it provided the clue that helped me understand how the rifle needs to be treated – I hope! For the first 25-30 shots, it was a single-stage trigger with about an 8-10 lb. pull! Now, single-stage triggers have gone the way of the dodo bird. I don’t expect to see them in 2006, so I was relieved when the first stage began to soften and reveal a second stage. The pull also became lighter – about 7-9 lbs., and that’s what tipped me off about the Genesis. It acts like a new Gamo spring rifle from 1995, meaning that you have to break it in A LOT before it starts acting properly. It IS a two-stage, but it takes some wear-in before you’ll see stage two.

Accuracy? There wasn’t any! In light of the heavy trigger and some other clues, I see that this is just another part of the puzzle. I believe the Genesis needs a REALLY long break-in! The BEST I could do for five shots with all my technique being right was a 2″ group at 15 yards! That was with 10.5-grain Crosman Premiers. Shades of a Chinese B3-1 underlever! Except, even THEY are better than that today! Then, I began to hear cracks from heavy dieseling and decided it was time to chrono this bad boy.

What about a velocity spread from 760 to 996 f.p.s. with Crosman 10.5-grain Premiers? The high is so out of profile for a gun like this it’s not funny! The low is about right. With heavy JSB Exacts I got a range from 785 to 811 which is a lot better but still not right. The gun was so noisy that I feared my neighbors would complain, so I stopped shooting. With the amount of break-in this rifle probably needs, it will be a while before I shoot it again for accuracy. The dieseling got worse the more I shot, so I’m going to have to take this rifle out to the country and run several hundred rounds through it to get it working properly.

Except for the noise from dieseling, the Genesis shoots very well – especially for a lightweight spring rifle capable of 1,000 f.p.s. I have a feeling it will turn out to be a lot like a Gamo Shadow 1000 after 500 to 1,000 shots of break-in. The rifle cocks easily, but there is a HUGE drag when the cocking shoe is dragged back over the compressed mainspring as the barrel is closed. You can feel the shoe bump over every spring coil on the way back. I can see this is a real good candidate rifle for a custom tune.

General impressions
The grippy stock I liked so much in the first report, plus the horribly heavy trigger makes it difficult to use a light hold, and this rifle is exactly the kind that needs such a hold. Rested in a bench bag, it shot 4″ groups at the same 15-yard range. I like the scope and the shape of the stock. If this were a PCP, the stock shape would be ideal, but for a springer that has to be floated to shoot well, it’s too grippy.

This Remington Genesis is not ready for a shooting report. I will give it a thorough break-in and test again. This will take a couple of weeks, so please be patient. Because of the dieseling, I will shoot only very heavy pellets to keep the gun as much under control as possible. When it stops dieseling I will try lighter pellets, though, with the power potential, I think heavier pellets will work best. We’ll see!

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Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

47 thoughts on “Remington Genesis: Part 2”

  1. Hey, its me again. About the cheekpiece. If you look at the side of the cheekpiece, you see two pins. Get something small and push these pins out, then you can move it up. Your right about the owner’s manual not saying it. If memory serves the box it comes in says its adjustable. Let me know if that works, or if I’m just going insane.


  2. It is adjustable. BB, I had a similar problem. Our Genisis was shooting WAY off at first, but after about 150-200 rounds, we have it zeroed in tight enough to hit a quarter from 75 feet. We’re going to get a bipod, and work on getting it even tighter, but for plinking, the accuracy is great as is. It does shoot extremely loud, though.

  3. B.B.

    I don’t know where I saw that it was adjustable. I do know that mine is. Those pins push out if you have something like a pen or some other small device and then you can adjust it. I’ve looked all over the internet and I can’t find anything that even says it has an adjustable cheekpiece. I’m on vacation and it will be a week before I get home to check on where I saw it. Let me know if you can get yours to adjust. I’m with kiwi on the fact that it does take a while to break in, but it gets much better. Kiwi, let me know if you can get a bipod to work on your genesis, and if you do which one it is, I would love to have a bipod for mine.


  4. Hey guys,
    I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to make my spring rifle quieter. I have the CFX, and it is a dream, except for the fact that it is SO noisy. When dry fired (don’t worry Gamo plays up their guns’ ability to dry fire w/o damage) it is louder than a .22
    and with a pellet, it just makes a loud vibrating BRRRRFFFFFFFT sound. I don’t want to disturb the neibors so any ideas would help

  5. Kiwi,

    A barrel mount looked good to me too, I guess all that you would really have to to is get one that will bend forward so you can cock it. I don’t think it would affect anything too much, just hope the barrel harmonics cooperate and don’t screw up the accuracy. Let me know if you get one to work well. And B.B., do you have any experience with mounting a barrel mounted bipod on a springer, if so, how do they work?


  6. I dont have any ideas for you, but I’m not the expert here either. From what I have seen I don’t know of anything, maybe tuning. B.B. will be the best one to tell you though. He knows everything. 🙂

  7. Is your CF-X brand new?
    I’ve never experienced my CF-X making that loud vibrating sound that you mentioned. Maybe the spring is broken? Well, if it’s brand new, maybe it just needs to be broken in a bit before it quiets down. My CF-X is quieter after about 700 shots through it. It’s definitely much quieter than my CO-2 Walther CP99, and even outside, most people don’t notice the sound that my CF-X made.

    W.P99 F

  8. The CF-X is one of the quietest spring guns I know of. Try having someone else shoot the gun, so you don’t hear the powerplant noise conducted through the bones in your face. It will sound much quieter that way.

    Yes, a good tune can quiet a spring gun – but that’s a GOOD tune. Most of what’s out there are power tunes that make the gun noisier. All the vibration has to be removed to quiet the gun.

    Forget about a silencer – a spring gun makes so little noise at the muzzle that it’s not worth the effort.


  9. Yeah, making the rifle quieter would be a big relief for me also.

    My gamo shadow 1000 shoots great. From 15 yards I can put 5 pellets in one whole with a 9×44 scope. Im pretty sure I can go passed 5 shots. The gun is way more accurate then I am. I’ve shot about 200 cromsan copperhead wadcutters through it.

    A new friend of mine let me borrow his benji 392. He just puchased it and he wanted me to zero it for him. It is very smooth. The molding is greAT! 2 Pumps is great for indoor shooting. The trgger pull is short and really easy. He also bought a tin of diablos for me to use while sighting it. Right out of the box the gun is exact. The pump is harder then any other I’ve tried, but its worth it. The trigger squeezE IS A BREEZE. Im not used to the sights that are on the gun.
    I can see why alot of people love it. I might exchange my defected 22SG for the benji.

  10. B.B.

    This is off topic but I was wondering if there was any news on the izh-61. I loved your review of it and have been looking at buying one. However, I have seen several reviews talking about how it is now a cheaper gun with more plastic in it. I was wondering if there really is a new, lower quality version, or if it is still the great rifle your reviewed before.


  11. BB,
    I have a TF99 mag in 22 cal and it took about 1,000 rds to break it in. It is very accurate when it chooses a velocity to stay at. I have noticed one thing that I don’t like and its that it burns any oil in it in about 10 shots.

    I have moved to a heavier oil and its heavy weight 40 motor oil. It keeps it in for apx. 20 shots, but it will do 1000+ fps and then drop back down to around 800 fps. Can you help me with this because I’m getting fed up with velocity change which affects me zeroed range. If you can tell me how to keep it at 1000 fps that would be nice.


  12. Howdy, B.B.
    Being a one handed shooter, i could sure use a pistol grip stock like this on my Legacy 1000. Any chance that they are inter changeable?
    You stated that the cocking effort on this rifle and the Legacy was 28 lbs. Exactly how does one go about measuring this poundage?
    thanks, as always!

  13. Ok BB,
    I know this is off subject, but I am a person that wants to make somthin’ of their own. I had in mind of taking a M16/A-4 airsoft and redoing it all. Put a .17 cal barrel on it, and a co2 mechanism in it and have the little pig shoot around 600-800 fps. My problem is the action. I am not cordnated in that section. How could I make the action and make the co2 hookup simple? Also how could I make this thing shoot pellets specialy in the Full Automatic mode? Can you help me out a little with this?


  14. sav300,

    I’d start by building a single-shot pellet rifle. When you can do that, build a repeater.

    Since no one has ever made a full auto pellet (diabolo) gun that works, I think you are in for a challenge.

    Also, CO2 doesn’t work for full auto. It freezes.

    You might buy a Drozd and learn from that.


  15. B.B.
    A friend of mine just received a genesis today. We took it out and shot quite a few pellets, and the gun was all over the place at first. Most of the variation was vertical. Two things were notice. The first was that the barrel did not lock securely into place after it was cocked. You might notice the same thing. If nudged slightly the front of the barrel would drop a bit. My friend then placed the barrel of the gun on his shooting rest, to keep it from dropping. This helped a lot. From here the groups started to tighten. Secondly the groups tightened up the more he shot. I think it will be ok, but he was frustrated at first, and still is with the barrel slop. If you notice the same thing, could you try to find a way to tighten it up?


  16. Drooper,

    Your friend is very observant! A loose breakbarrel joint is rare these days. I did not think to look for it.

    The reason can be one or several things – weak detent spring, detent angle cut too shallow, detent pin placement off, or all of those together.

    The solution, short of major modifications, is to make sure the barrel is either in the up or down position prior to firing. I will test that for the next report.

    Thank your friend for me!


  17. I noticed the drooping thing with my genesis. It wasn’t as bad as he said, it won’t drop just a little tap, but if I hit it on a branch while im hunting or lay it down too hard it will snap down. But like I said, I don’t have any problems with the barrel drooping a small amount.


  18. Not trying to rush you or anything, but when will part 3 of the genesis report come out? I was considering purchasing it, but if the dropping barrel is a problem… I may have to reconsider. Can’t wait for the next post, you do a good job on those reports.

  19. Your experience with the Genesis sounds just like my Legacy 1000. This has to be the MOST diesel-prone gun I’ve ever had – even after tearing it down, completely degreasing it, and re-lubing it with measured amounts of moly and silicone oil, it diesels for an incredibly long time… far more than a Shadow, a Quest, or a Powerline 1000. I suspect that it might have something to do with the very heavy piston assembly – that tophat is huge.

    Problem is, it pounds the spring shorter. Once it stops, the gun will barely break 800 with CPL’s.

    I had the same problem with barrel lockup – I shimmed the detent spring about 3/32″ and added an inner spring. It’s better, but the gun still doesn’t shoot very consistently.

  20. I am an experienced shooter; I am a triple NRA distinguished expert in Shotgun, Pistol, and Light Rifle. I decided to expand to a pellet rifle for the sake of practice at home in my rifle range in the attic.

    The iron sights or plastic just suck. I had to put the scope on just to see where this thing would group.

    After taking it out from my home range to the local club and have run about 300 rounds of RWS Wadcutters through it the accuracy still sucks. Off the bench, bipod, and off hand shooting is terrible.

    The trigger sucked and after only four rounds I had to do a trigger job to lighten it up to about 3lbs primary and 1.5lbs secondary. This helped a bit but the recoil and barrel vibration is incredible.

    After about 100 rounds tonight my shoulder actually hurts. It hurts like I have been shooting 3″ magnum 12 bore duck loads.

    I have found the only way to get any accuracy out of this at 10 meters, 50 feet, or 25 yards is to have a light trigger, get a good solid grip on the stock, press it hard to the body as if shooting high power 30-06, slow squeeze on the trigger and let it just happen when the gun reaches the quiet zone.

    Perhaps it may be the pellets I am using, perhaps it’s a defective rifle, perhaps it needs a good teardown by someone who can do a decent spring job. I really don’t know.

    All I know it I would not recommend this pellet rifle to anyone as the money and time I have wasted on it could have been better spent.

    Perhaps I am expecting too much from this rifle. May be it’s just one of those plinker/junker types but if I wanted one of those I could have spent under 100 bucks.

  21. I must add my disappointment in the Genesis to this blog. I have run well over 500 rounds through this dog and– on scope at 10 meters– the best I can get is a lousy 5-inch pattern. It’s just a crapshoot where the next round will go. I have an ancient Crossman Powermaster 66 pumper that will give me 3-inch patterns at 20 meters and it only cost $50!

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