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Crosman’s new C11 BB pistol

by B.B. Pelletier

The new Crosman C11 BB pistol is a powerful new air pistol with exciting looks!

I was at Crosman recently and had a chance to test the new C11 BB pistol. This review is for a reader who learned about the gun before the rest of us and asked to see it a month ago.

A LOT of confusion!
There are two Crosman pistols that have the model designation C11. The first is a 6mm airsoft pistol (Crosman’s term is “soft air”) that uses CO2 to power the plastic ball. Now, most of you know that Asians call 6mm balls BBs, so this gun is called a BB gun. But, it doesn’t shoot real steel BBs. When Crosman came out with a real CO2 BB gun this month, also called the C11, confusion began! The customer reps at Pyramyd are getting phone calls from customers who are mixing up the specifications of the two different pistols.

The airsoft C11 looks a lot like the BB gun except for the orange muzzle tip.

Here are the differences
The airsoft model has the federal-mandated orange muzzle. According to Pyramyd’s site, its muzzle velocity is 350 f.p.s. And its full model name is the Air Magnum C11. The CO2-powered BB gun (the one that shoots real steel BBs) is all black, has a muzzle velocity of 480 f.p.s. and is called just the C11. As far as I know, neither pistol copies any firearm exactly. Except for the orange muzzle on the airsoft pistol, these guns look remarkably alike.

The BB pistol
The C11 BB pistol is very powerful. With a muzzle velocity of 480 f.p.s., it really pumps out the steel! Although my test was less formal than usual, if memory serves, I got about three magazines from one powerlet. Since each mag holds 15 BBs, that’s about 45 powerful shots.

The pistol feels very smooth and ergonomic in my hand. The grip is substantial but not overly large. I shot it only double-action, and I can’t remember if it also shoots single-action. Double-action shooting is more difficult, of course, and I found I was pulling all my shots to the left. Once that became apparent from an enlarging hole to the left of the bullseye, I was able to compensate and do better. My impression is that the sights were right on for targets at 25-33 feet.

Get more magazines!
One nice thing about Crosman’s shooting range is that there are boxes of loaded magazines, powerlets and AirSource cylinders behind the line, so I didn’t have to do any work to reload. But, you’ll want to have at least two spare mags loaded up because this pistol shoots fast! You keep on pulling the trigger and hitting targets. Before you know it, you’ve shot all 15 BBs.

Easily replaced powerlet
The grips slide back to gain access to the CO2 powerlet. You will note that no hint of the powerlet mechanism appears on the outside of the pistol. Crosman knows that buyers dislike any external cues to how a pistol is powered, and they’ve taken measures to conceal it in all their new pistols.

Remember safety!
This gun shoots steel BBs that can ricochet with force, so don’t shoot at hard targets and always wear safety glasses when you shoot. Several years ago, I was shooting an Anics pistol of similar power when my lip was split by a BB that rebounded 33 feet from a steel trap. Crosman’s model 850 BB trap is a great one for stopping BBs!

The biggest selling point is the price, of course. For what you get…power, accuracy and good balance…the C11 is quite inexpensive.

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Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

208 thoughts on “Crosman’s new C11 BB pistol”

  1. regarding the link to real steel bbs, how come the crosman bbs are finished so roughly? i compared them to the daisy precision max bbs, and they dont look anything alike. its like someone took a handful of them, and rolled them between two concrete blocks. and they have that flat spot that daisy fixed… old machinery?

  2. DM20,

    The rough surface may not be the hinderance you think it is, and I have noticed that too. Ever looked at a golf ball? If smooth was better, they would have changed to that a while back. If really rough was the best, they would be hitting tennis balls on the sly. The minute pits shed air adheision to the surface, but maybe not enough to affect anything in all practicality with a bb. This could decrease speed loss after the muzzle, and maybe give some max distance covered, but is not likely to do much to accuracy or increase range any apreciable amount. I consider it irrelevant unless there is a major (maybe .025″) pit. And if I really wanted precision I’d use a lead round anyhoo.

    That’s my two cents. Rock on B.B.!

  3. boat tail,

    What you are REALLY asking is whether shooters have ever shot boattailed BULLETS in air rifles, and the answer is yes. When you drive a boattail bullet to 2,000 f.p.s., it is perfectly accurate and stable.

    It’s also pretty far from an airgun, isn’t it? The airgun that does this costs about $8,000 U.S. and takes a long time to receive after ordering. I can get the same performance/safety from a .17HM2 rifle for about $400 with no wait.


  4. i’ve never thought of it that way. but in a dedicated bb barrel, i would expect those imperfections to be negative to accuracy. those presision ground bbs daisy makes for their target bb rifle, for example, are perfectly smooth. i had a chance to toy with them a few weeks ago. i dont think its worth the trouble to buy the “special” bbs. the ordinary daisy ones seem just as smooth. its just the crosman ones i dont like, and i suspect their machines. that lowers my confidence in their products.

  5. dm20,

    Accuracy would be a concern of mine as well with Crosman BB rounds if I considered BB’s to be anything beyond a plinking round, so I have never tested them beyond about 15 yards against the Daisy BB’s. Since I was only going for Pop Can accuracy at the time, I cannot get specific’s down, but I can say that there was no appreciable difference between them I noticed at about 40′. BTW, this was in a Pumpmaster 760 with a rifled barel (tells you how old mine is), a Drozd, a PPK, and yes a Red Ryder. I think the Daisy rounds did only marginally better in the Red Ryder, I care not to think why at this time. I have better things to think about, as I’m sure you do.
    Good luck, and good night.


  6. And I also told the Drozd owner it was a bad idea to run steel down his pipe after the third mag. If I had known that they even fit, I would have asked first.

    Some peoples kids…


  7. Hello –

    I have been looking at an Airsoft CO2 powered pistol (low cost) and came across this AirMag C11 at a local sporting goods store. All the reviews I can read are positive and I am probably going to purchase one. My only question is that I cannot find extra magazines (clips) anywhere?! I want to be able to have at least two full clips ready to go (i can imagine that I will be less stingy with my ammo with the semi-auto feature).

    I was wondering if you know of a place where I can purchase extra magazines for the AirMag (airsoft) version of this fine Crossman pistol.

    Thanks so much!

    Jake Peterson

  8. thanks for the quick reply. I have some a group of friends and we are looking to start up some skirmishes with airsoft and more of the guys are spring powered (this is for novices) however, if my main gun is a spring powered shotgun I would love to have something semi-auto as a sidearm to get me out of a pickle! 🙂 I will keep my eyes open for extra mags… as I mentioned… if I can just keep pulling the trigger… I probably will! Thanks


    p.s. thanks for your reviw and your blog. very helpful! If you do happen to see anything for this gun it would be great if you could post a link! Thanks again! God Bless!

  9. hi guys!! I just got my C11 steel BB pistol today and is awesome! it went through 2 soda cans @ about 20feets. I love the power. I got mine @wholesalehunter.com for $31.00. they have the cheapest $$

  10. Does the C11 pistol have single action capability, or not? If so, how is the mechanism cocked for single action? Same question about the T4 – single action or not?


  11. my 1088 smashes beer bottles from 40 ft away and it shoots 430fps.
    anyway my question is since the c11 is 50 fps faster do you think it could take care of pests such as squirles ect?…

  12. BB,

    Can you explain to me the thinking behind the mandated orange tip on toy and AirSoft guns? I guess theoretically it might keep officials from shooting your kid in certain situations, but then again I’ve heard of criminals painting the barrels of real guns that same orange color. It just seems like a useless idea. The orange ring fell off a friend’s UHC 1911 springer shortly after he got it (apparently this is common to this gun) and he has a nagging feeling that he’s headed for jail every time he shoots it, even though it never leaves his garage target range!


  13. That was my question. Some models say BB/Pellet air guns. Some say “BB gun” so my question was “can I use a pellet instead of a BB? 0.177 Pellets”
    Thank You,

  14. Beginner,

    If you are referring to this particular model, the Crosman C11 BB pistol, then, no, it doesn’t also take pellets.

    The reason I’m confused is there are over 400 postings on this blog, and sometimes the comments do not refer to the gun being discussed in the posting.


  15. finally got my c11 after 8months of constant phoning…so far,so good but the copperhead bbs are not smooth,some pitted and dented here and there…if we are not allowed to re-use bbs because of the above imperfections,then why bother using the new ones with the same imperfections!!
    One more thing,can i leave a half used powerlet in the c11 for a fewe days.I don’t wanna spoil my seal as some people advise against it….hmmmm…

  16. recce,

    If you read this blog you know that a drop of Crosman Pellgunoil is recommended for the tip of each new powerlet you install. My C11 has been holding for a month, already, and I have no plans to let the gas out. Same for all my CO2 guns, some of which have held for 8 continuous years.


  17. darn that blows. i figured 480 fps would be able to crack a glass bottle (i do admit the glass was pretty thick, but nonetheless i figured this gun would be able to crack it). i figured the difference in caliber wouldn’t work in this gun so lead balls wouldn’t fit, but i now need to find out another gun that will break glass. im assuming lead will do the job. maybe the crosman 1377c, except i found out that the attachable stock is discontinued. if you know of any place where i can purhcase a stock for this gun, that would be great. and 1 last thing, daisy, makes a gun modeled along the lines of a beretta 92fs. that shoots lead pellets at 425 fps – u think that can break glass. the worst thing was when i found out the c11 didn’t break my target i had to stop shooting b/c the bb’s were richocheting with a force. i might have to find a new target!

  18. I will leave your comment up, however we do not shoot at glass! You learned one reason – ricochets! Glass ruins the environment, so shooters have stopped shooting it altogether, even in dumps, unless the landfill owner permits it.

    But with a BB gun, glass is always a no-no!


  19. Thanks to B.B. Pelletier.I have tried out the c11 and so far,so good.But i have yet to find Gamo BBs in Toronto,Canada.LeBaron, C.Tire and Walmart do not sell it and i am forced to use the Copperheads.Regarding the Penngunoil,i always apply a thin film to every Powerlet i use to keep the seal soft and leakfree hopefully.Crosman discourages me from leaving the powerlet more than 1 day but after reading this forum,i feel safer now.Thanks to all that replied and happy shooting.

  20. I read earlier in the forum that you guys thought extra mags would probably come out later, but its been (6 months?!) since they’ve come out with it and I still can’t find extra mags for it online. Any Suggestions?

  21. i am seriously thhinking about buying a c11. but before i do i would like to know what type of accessory rail it had. will my dovetail laser fit on it or do i need to buy another laser? thanks.

  22. is a c11 a fun gun for outdoor…fun?lol cuz im looking for something powerful, accurate cool-looking and..fun. Oh and what does the clip look like :
    -a colt-like clip that goes out of the grip
    -a revolverclip
    -a reservoir thing….
    plz answer me,

  23. Is this gun loud because im looking for a loud powerful bb gun………is this the one im looking for and if not any suggestions……. pirce range $1.00 to $50.00


  24. i bought this gun for $50 and i thought it would be a waste but it is a really good gun the only bad thing is the clip only holds 15 rounds so its not good for sustained firepowerbut im a pro so not a problem and it doesnt come with the co2 cartriges dont buy any other co2 cartriges other than the one listed in the manual or it will break good thing i bought the warranty
    Sincerley Misfit

  25. How did you get the extended warranty?As far as i know,none was offered by LeBaron,Ontario,Canada?
    And they seem to be the only retailers for that.What does it cover and the cost?

  26. One more thing,i have seen a new item and am interested in it.Before i buy,i rather do some research.It is the Beretta Elite II from LeBaron.They don’t have it in stock and may take up to 9 months like the C11.So,did anybody get one and perhaps share their experience on it.Thanks!

  27. >>B.B. Pelletier …i read your comment on pellets.I would like to add that the quality of Crosman BBs have much to be desired as the recent batch from LeBaron has more than 50% nicked,tarnished and pitted.I have informed Crosman Head Office and their authorised dealer in Peterboro,Ont,Canada but they say that’s the way it is.It seems that quality control has gone down.Sorry for not being able to contact you directly as the comment button is not working and i see you have been having problems with a specific group of people.Take care and keep up the good work.!

  28. i recently recieved my c11 and i have to say i love it. however, today i was sooting and after a few shots, the gun would no longer load a new bb. i had to remove the magazine and reload it for the gun to work again. this continued to happen now and again. is this common or a malfunction with my gun? i had been firing some quick shots, could it just be the co2 cooling thing down? thanks for the help.


  29. E.M.,

    This is probably not caused by CO2. I think it’s a magazine problem. Firearms do the same thing, sometimes.

    Count the number of shots before the first stoppage and see if it happens in the same place every time.

    The solution is a new mag.


  30. Where did you buy the c11?It would be interesting if they would accept it within 7 days of purchase or whether you need to send it for repair/refund/ exchange?I got mine from LeBaron and they won’t do repairs and all purchases are final,meaning no refunds,exchanges,etc.Yea,customers like us don’t have much rights.

  31. bb,
    can you suggest any high powered, multishot, c02 pistols, with god accuracy. i already have the c11 and love it, but would like a pistol with a little more accuracy.

    -K. Lara

  32. I just ordered this gun and was wondering, how accurate is it? Is It more accurate than most spring airsoft pistols, cuz thats the only thing I can really compare it to.. And also, would you say it is powerfull enough to kill a small bird or rat?

  33. Blake,

    I would say that a C11 BB gun is about as accurate as a low-priced spring piston airsoft pistol with non-adjustable Hop Up. he more expensive gas guns will out-shoot it.

    The C11 should not be used on any animal above the size of a mouse.


  34. ha.
    thats what I used the
    Air Mag c11 for….
    shooting rats!

    I love my airsoft gun…
    thats right… airsoft.
    its pretty accurate!

    even with just the plastic pellets im able to shoot a rat off my tree and have him die of shock.

    oh! I had that same problem with the jamming BB’s … but I noticed if I shot the first round as soon as i put the clip in… the remaining bbs came out with ease.

    maybe thats just me.
    oh and im
    a dumbass and I did something stupid to my clip today…
    that’s how I stumbled on to this.
    I need an extra clip.
    …well that kinda implies that
    I have a functioning one.. doesn’t it?

    oh and im gonna buy the bb gun of the c11…
    its freakin dope!
    thanks guys
    I kinda felt like I was the only one worried about clips.

    -The Fox

  35. I found out that if you put in one more bb in the clip than you’re supposed to, which is 19, then it won’t load the bb, so you will be shooting gas. That was the only problem I had with the bbs “jamming”.

  36. I am thinking about getting a laser for this gun to attatch underneath the barrel but I have a couple questions. Is the gun accurate enough for it to even be worth having a laser? And will any laser fit the accessory rail? Thanks.

  37. So Weaver and picatinney are the same thing?
    And I couldn’t seem to find the specific laser your talking about…

    Another question, would lasers even work in the daytime, outdoors?

  38. Blake,

    Weaver and Picatinney are different, but they will interchange in certain ways. Read the blog about them:


    The type of lasers you can buy for less than $100 are not visible very far in bright daylight. Perhaps 15-20 yards is all. Green lasers used by law enforcement are more powerful and much more visible in daylight, but they cost $300 and up.

    To see the laser I refer to, go to the C11 description and click on accessories under the product.


  39. I am interested in the crosman c11 BB gun, how strong is the trigger pull ?

    Daisy Powerline 15XT
    Trigger Pull (lbs)/Adjustable: 7.8 two stage, no

  40. I was wondering if I could use .177 roundball pellets with this c11 gun, or any other bb pistol. And If I can use them, would you recommend them more than crosman/daisy bbs? The only difference I see between the roundball pellets and bbs is that the pellets are lead, right? Would this be better for penetration/hunting, and decrease the chance of ricochet?

  41. can regular gun oil be used on the powerlets in replace of pellgunoil. i only have regular gun oil and i want to keep my co2 in the gun for at least a week or so without having to take it out. thus, i know pellgunoil should be used but will gun oil do the same?

  42. Are you sure .177 lead balls won’t fit? Because I can put other .177 pellets down the bore of my c11 and it seems like it fits perfectly… And because of the round shape of the lead balls, I would also think that I would be able to load them in the magazine too.
    Maybe you accidentally used .22 balls and thought they were .177 when you thought they were too small to fit the bore?

  43. that is not good news for me since i’ve used regular gun oil on my last two powerlets. sh*$! i better stop before my gun is soiled. thanks for the quick reply before i completely ruined my airgun

  44. B.B. pelletier,
    I read one of your blogs that says b.b.s are not actually 4.5mm but 4.3mm, but are the b.b. guns themselves 4.5mm, like this crosman c11? Because I notice the b.b.s are smaller than the bore.

  45. the C11 airmag shoots 6mm airsoft pellets right? in my thought process this means it could shoot the 6mm paintballs too, right? i want to be able to change over and shoot paint every now and then. if this is not a gun that could do that, what would be a good recommendation?

  46. J,

    You know, I honestly don’t know how to answer you. The C11 airsoft should be able to shoot 6mm paint, but the quality of ammo varies so much that I think you have to test one for yourself.

    I’ve had good luck with ICS AEGs shooting paint, but I also have heard horror stories about stuck balls.


  47. Finally extra clips. They are pretty expensive though, I bought the gun for $40 and the clips are $11 each without shipping…I think I’ll wait a little longer and see if the price goes down.

  48. Two things…..

    first to jay, crosman sells c11 replacement/extra clips in a 2 pack for $9.95 (2@$9.95) plus s&h

    second to bb, can you do a review on the daisy powerline 008. i bought the C11 and love it, but i had been debating between the two. i would like to know if it should be another gun for my collection.


  49. Hey I ordered the Crosman Air Magnum C11 (airsoft one) from this site, I was just curious of what do to with the Co2 powerlets when i stop using the gun for a period of time.. Like for instance when i get the gun in the mail i might only shoot through about 2-3 mags (30-45 shots)just to get a feel for it.. Is the rest of the gas in the Co2 powerlet a waste now? Or can you keep it in the gun without the gas corrupting the gun and/or losing the gas?

  50. Ah alright thanks.. 1 last thing about the Air Mag C11: how does it puncture the Co2 cartridge if it goes in the grip?? I saw a gun where the cartridge goes in the magazine and then you twist on a metal piece that pushes the cartridge up making the gun puncture it and release the Co2.. Is it easy to put in the Co2 cartridges with this gun without having to worry about the gun not puncturing the cartridge?

    Thanks if you can answer that..

  51. Does the Crosman Air Mag C11 (airsoft version) take pellgunoil? I read above in the blog that the Crosman C11 takes it but I just want to be sure that the Air Mag also takes it.

  52. one other thing on the pellgunoil, where should i put it and when should i? I heard put it on the tip of each Co2 cartridge and i’ve also heard just a drop once every 3-4 cartridges in the part where the Co2 cartridge is puncture open.. what would you recommend and how often should i use it? (Still talking about the Air Mag C11)


  53. I love that you have all these reviews on air pistols. I’ve been looking all over for some, since I’ll be 18 soon 😉

    Anyway, I REALLY love the look of the T4 (glock-looking) and the fact that it will shoot BBs/ammo/pellets.

    Any chance you’ll be reviewing it soon or have any opinions on it allready? I read somewhere online from someone that you must change out the powerlet after every magazine (8 shots). That seems a bit silly and doesn’t seem like something Crosman would do, but you never know…


  54. Thanks for the quick reply.
    I’m used to playing paintball so I know what FPS looks like, and how much a 30fps difference can make. In paintball, most fields carry a limit around 280fps.

    Something I’ve really been looking into when considering which BB pistol I would like to get (must be a BB pistol) is the FPS.

    It seems like with BBs, from what I’ve read, their power doesn’t much affect their accuracy until you start talking farther distance. Am I correct to assume this to a point?

    I like the looks of the Pro-77, and the blowback feature, but it seemed like you had your share of mishaps in your review.

    The C11 is much cheaper, and more powerful, but I really don’t like the looks very much.

    And I LOVE the look of the T4, but I haven’t heard much about it.

    The most distance I’ll be shooting will probably be between 10 and 80 ft. Do you think between the Pro-77’s 350ish FPS rating and the C-11’s 480ish FPS rating, that this change will really matter much for this 10-80ft average shooting range?

    If you made it all the way here to the bottom, thanks. 🙂

  55. Sorry to post 2 in a row, but I just thought I’d ask if you happen to know about how many shots one cartridge of CO2 will get you in the T4?

    I left a message with Crosman, but I figure I might get a faster response from you. Maybe I’ll try talking to pyramydair, also.

  56. You’ll get around 60 shots per powerlet with the T4. At 80 feet you should be able to hit a 4-foot square target. At 10 feet you should be able to keep the BBs in a 2-inch circle.

    I don’t think there will be much difference is accuracy between the C11 and T4 in your range of distances.


  57. Allright, I think I’m going to go with the T4 then. The rifled barrel and the pellet/bb capability is whats gonna pull me over to that side. 60 shots seems pretty average so I’m ok with that – CO2 is cheap. I also like the idea of how the CO2 is inserted into the gun.

    The C11 is relativly cheap compared to other BB guns anyway, so thats always a fallback option.

    I think I would have gone with the Pro77, since its mostly metal and has the blowback, but those aren’t sold in stores around here that I can find.

    The 1088 is sold in stores, but I’ve heard its very toyish/plastic feeling.

  58. Not wanting to say you’re wrong, just adding something onto that, I was told in an e-mail from Crosman that the T4 would put out about 35-40 shots per CO2 cartridge.

    I wonder why the T4 ended up like that? It has less spec. power than the 1088, still no blowback, but it gets alot less shots per 12g.
    Maybe Crosman uses a low average temperature when speculating on how many shots can be had.

  59. CO2 is the same regardless of the gun it powers. The number of shows you get per cartriodge is a function of features like blowback, power and barrel length.

    That is sometimes incorrect for guns like the Anics series that have wide open valves, but for Daisys and Crosman gun you can pretty much count on it.


  60. Do you think theres any way to modify a Daisy 15xt so that the tightening nob for the CO2 isn’t showing? or maybe just cut the nob smaller so its less noticeable?

    Thats one thing I love about Crosman, they make it so you can’t tell whats powering the gun.

  61. on the top of my magazine there seems to be a little notch which is loose. consequently, the magazine does not feed properly and every other shot is a jam, literally. it is almost impossible to fire the guns which is annoying since the gun is fine and mags are expensive. is there anyway to fix the magazine. i dont want to throw away 15 bucks on magazines id rather put 15 dollars towards a new gun sometime in the future.

  62. I don’t have a C11 magazine to examine, so I’ll have to take your word that the notch you describe is not supposed to be loose. If that is the case, and If you want to experiment with it, it will only cost you $15 to find out you’re wrong.

    That’s a cheap lesson.


  63. where is there a crosman range. i assume somewhere around nyc since you say you live in midtown. i live in the suburbs and i would like to know where the crosman range is so i can shoot my air guns without worrying about neighbors calling the cops

  64. This gun does not shoot up to 480fps, well, not in my case. I registered an honest 295fps with my chrono, will try testing some tomorrow. The build is good. Doesn’t leak gas.

  65. I tested this co2 steel bb c11 pistol again today with my chrono, and got between 303fps and 323fps leaving at least 45 seconds between shots. This gun sucks. It is totally underpowered. I woundn’t be surprised if Crosman are using the same components on both c11’s. Please BB Pelletier, get a friggin chrono for your reviews, so we don’t end up buying a gun that’s up to 480fps, but actually shoots 295fps at times. I would definately not recommend this gun.

  66. Ok, i overreacted, this gun does not suck. It has its good points; true this gun is not as powerful as predicted, but you get more shots ,so that’s ok too. And the more you shoot it and hold it, the more you start to like it. I do recommend this gun!!

  67. Just thought Id leave my 2 cents worth.
    I purchased a Crosman C11 BB pistol friday night at K-Mart for $44.95. Also purchased a Daisy Laser Site for $28.95. The laser site fit well, but did require some adjustment beyond the mount instructions included with the laser site. The instruction diagram indicates the orientation of the adjusting setscrews used to zero in the laser. Upon mounting the laser, there was not sufficient travel in the screws to reach a zero. I corrected this by loosening the clamp screw and turning the body of the laser within the clamp while squeezing the pressure switch until the red dot was above the white dot of the front sight rather than off to the left in my case (while holding the pistol at shooting position and aimed at a flat surface about 15 feet away.) When the laser is mounted, mine appears to be slightly crooked. I think this is due to the moulding of the pistol.
    While I havent truley sighted in the laser at this point, it will repeatedly hit an old 1footx2foot tin mailbox in the garden at approxamatly 25 paces (20yards?) This pistol will in fact shoot as fast as you can pill the trigger. The clip is easy to load with the Crosman Copperhead easy-pour container (2500count), but additional clips would be nice. The clips are nicely built of diecast metal and are finished well and drop out nicely with a press of the buttom. The C02 fits nicely inside the grip. The grip slides open much too easily for my taste and seems to have little in place for retaining the grip in a closed position.
    The trigger pull is nice, but also long….it takes full travel due to the method of action. But when the round is released, the report is satisfying as is the small puff of vapor(oil) that can ocasionaly be seen from the end of the barrel. This pistol is a pleasure to topple soda cans with as you can really make them spin with several aditional shots after the initial “Topple”. The trigger action is semi-auto only as the hammer is moulded into the top rail and cannot be pulled back for single action firing. So care must be taken to use the saftey. The saftey is very handy and actually fun to use, which encourages safe firearm handling. This pistol begs to go fishing and shoot leaves on the water when the fish arent biting. Soda cans and bottles beware!

  68. I just got this gun today.

    I agree with B.B. & Steel Chunker, but wanted to add this;

    First.. Although the specs say 15 shots, I had no problems putting 19 in the mag & had no problems shooting four mags through it loaded with 19 bb’s.
    No jams or problems whatsoever!
    Thought that was a nice surprise. 🙂

    As B.B. said, it can ONLY be shot double action. The hammer does NOT move!

    However, the barrel DOES move!
    It actually extends forward from the plastic a little over 1/4 inch just before the trigger breaks, & then recedes back when the shot is fired.

    The trigger pull is long & it takes some time getting used to remembering exactly where the breaking point is, but it does break fairly crisp for a $40.00 gun.


    I don’t have a chronagraph (although I will soon), but by comparing to other guns that I DO know the velocity of, I can say that yes, it’s probably around 480 fps.

    I was impressed with the gas
    consumption, or shall I say the lack there of.
    It is pretty efficient for 480 fps!

    Again… Not bad for a $40.00 gun.


    My vote is still out.
    As for now, I wasn’t THAT impressed.

    I am a pretty good shot & can typically keyhole shoot any consistantly accurate gun, be it a rifle, pistol, a real fire arm or a pellet/bb gun.
    (See my post on B.B.’s review of the Gamo Wheel gun.)

    However, in all fairness,it was cold out (around 50 degrees, maybe less)& my gun may be breaking in.

    I put a couple of drops of Pelgun oil on the CO2 & was using Crosman Copperhaed bb’s.

    That might have an effect as well.
    I don’t know.
    B.B. Pelletier may have some input on that.

    I couldn’t get a very tight or consistent grouping.
    Most of the shots were off to the right & no tighter than 3″ resting at about 25’with a few scraggliers.
    With my Gamo wheel gun, I can shoot a 1″ grouping all day long.

    I’ll wait until I’ve fired a couple hundred rounds through it, & for a warmer day, then try again & let you know.

    Conclusion for now;

    The looks, the feel, the capacity, & the power, are not bad at all for a $40.00 gun!

    It’s pretty good & fun for what it is. A $40.00 plinker.

    I know I must have said $40.00 a dozen times, but it was to make a point…
    As long as you keep in mind what you’re getting vs what you’re paying, I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s a great gun for the price, & I don’t think there is any other gun out there that has what this one has, for even close to the price.

    So if you want an inexpensive plinker that’s good looking, has good power, & fun to shoot…

    BUY IT!

    If you do, I recommend buying two extra mags, as it comes with one, but you can easily get three mags from one CO2.

    – The Big Bore Addict –

  69. “Blake,

    I would say that a C11 BB gun is about as accurate as a low-priced spring piston airsoft pistol with non-adjustable Hop Up. he more expensive gas guns will out-shoot it.

    The C11 should not be used on any animal above the size of a mouse.


    Does that mean the steel BB C11 isn’t more accurate than the Airsoft version? Also, how does the accuracy of the C11 compare to the Walther CP99 Compact?

    I’m thinking about getting an airgun for casual indoor target shooting (<=10') and plinking in the back yard. I'd like to target shoot at 20+ feet, but that doesn't seem reasonable to expect from what I'm looking for. The C11 appeals to me for price, and the CP99 for the fun/cool factor.

  70. Jonathan,

    You raise an interesting question. Now, Crosman has never had really accurate airsoft guns, but on the whole, no, a steel BB gun is not as accurate as a GOOD airsoft pistol.

    No steel BB shooting I know about is accurate enough for even casual target shooting. They get groups of over two inches at 15 feet. But a good airsoft pistol can shoot a 1-inch group at 33 feet. Try the Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 5.1 or the Caspian 1911, for example.


  71. I personally have a quite few airsoft guns. Gas, Spring, & AEG’s, & the HFC M190 Full/Semi Auto by HFC,
    is buy far the best & most accurate gas pistol I’ve ever shot!

    It looks & feels just like real
    one, & is the most accurate pistol I have!

    It’s also pretty powerful too, with a hefty blowback.

    VERY realistic feeling, action, & feel.

    If you can only buy one… Make this it!

    For a gas AS, it’s VERY accurate & is good on gas consumption.


    ONLY use the best .20 bb’s!
    The cheap ones or the .12 WILL give you problems!

    The .12 broke mine, but I’ve NEVER had a problem with god quality .20


    The best springer pistol I’ve ever shot, is the MK23 Navy Seal Spring Pistol by UTG!

    Great power, great accuracy, two clips, AND a mock silencer for under $19.00!

    If I could only have one springer pistol…
    Again… this would be it!

    Another great gas pistol is the KJ Works MK1 by KJ Works


    Both accurate & VERY powerful!

    My favorite all time of any make or type, is
    the HFC M11 Sub-Machine Gun by HFC.


    An absolute mind blower with an incredible “wow factor” that is powerfull, accurate,
    very fast ROF, & will empty the 50 round clip in less than two seconds!

    By far the most fun to shoot, & a MUST HAVE for any collector!

    For an AEG, get
    the Thompson M1A1 by Cyber Gun!


    Also make sure you get the Cyber Gun Cybergun Thompson 300 Spare Magazine!


    Worth EVERY penny at $24.95

    BTW… I own all four of these, they are with out a doubt, the best in each catagory, especially for the

    I own atleast ten AS’s & I hate to be redundant, but if I could only have four,
    these would be the ones.

    Hope this helps you.

    – The BBA –

  72. I’ve got a question BB Pelleteir can probably anser. I am thinking about buying the C11 Airsoft Pistol and am wondering abput the CO2. It’s a dumb question, but how many CO2 cartridges come with the gun? I am debating on wether to buy a bigger or smaller package of CO2 Cartridges. Knowing this would be a big help. Also, is it possible to put the magazine from the C11 BB/Pellet gun in the C11 Airsoft version? There is a significant price/qty. difference and i am on kind of a budget.

  73. I tested the BB gun, not the airsoft gun, so I don’t know, but at most there wouldn’t be more than one CO2 cartridge packed with the gun.

    Call Pyramyd AIR and ask the sales team. They can check the package for you.


  74. Hi. Today I bought a C11 steel BB . I was wondering was other kind of lubricant I can use than Pellgunoil. I am from New Zealand and I couldn’t find a single place sell it?! 🙁 Thanks! Ben

  75. Hi Ben,

    You can buy Crosman Pellgun Oil from pyramydair.com

    Here’s a link to it;


    If you don’t want to do that, many believe that the main ingredient in it, is ATF fluid (automatic transmission fluid), but I don’t know if you can or cannot use it in airguns.

    I know that you MUST NOT EVER use that NOR Crosman Pellgun Oil in PCP’s though, & if you check that link, you will see the warning about that.

    I’m not 100% sure what to tell you, but keep checking back, as I’m sure B.B. Pelletier will know, & will reply soon.

    – The BBA –

  76. Thanks BBA for your answer, I doubt ATF is same and can be used in this way. Probably its better I put more time to look for Pellgunoil in NZ.

    If any one is from New Zealand here and knows where I can get Pellgunoil please let me know !


  77. Ben,

    Without going through the long story, I was forced last year to discover that Pellgunoil is based on 20-weight non-detergent motor oil. Get oil with no additives, if you can (that may be almost as hard as finding Pellgunoil).

    The ATF that BBA told you about is also a popular substitute, but I’m leery like you. Some mechanics can tell which ATF is okay to use, but I would be the guy who buys the wrong formulation and ruins the gun.


  78. where is the location of this crosman range that you tested this gun at? crosman is based in upstate new york and i might be within driving range of a range.

  79. After much searching without success, I’m going to ask how to properly lubricate a Daisy Avanti 747. Also, is Crosman Silicone Chamber Oil as good or better/worse than Pellgunoil? I have been away from the hobby for more than 20 years so I need some guidance. I realize that Daisy recommends 20 weight NON-detergent motor oil. Seems like a waste to buy a quart of the stuff when I’ll only need a tablespoon for the rest of my life. Not too good on the computer–hope I can find my way back to this blog. Just in case would the knowledgable responder to this question also email me at greggeshack@hotmail.com Thanks.

  80. Shack,

    Pellgunoil – no substitutes! The RM (Silicone Chamber) oil is a synthetic for compression chambers.

    How to oil the 747. Look at the picture in this report. It’s done the same way on the 747:



  81. I have a question, at the local Dick’s the only thing they had for oil was Hoppe’s Lubricating Oil.

    I have only used it on like 5 or 6 Co2’s before I stumbled upon this.

    The stuff is listed on Hoppe’s site for maintaining an airgun, is it safe, or should I get some Pellgunoil?

  82. hi everyone. does anyone know how many pounds it takes to pull the trigger? many people say it’s a lil tough to pull, and i don’t have a measurer for trigger pulls. also, my friend has one of these, and it was kinda hard to pull and get accurate shots.but, will the trigger wear down after a lot of shots? ok, thanks.

  83. 1 more question =)…the co2 can stay for some time, right? my friend’s c11, well probably he didn’t put pellgunoil, so he had to finish his co2s once he inserted them. ok thanks

  84. To me, it's not the weight of the pull, as much as the very long pull & especially trying to figure out where the exact breaking point is.
    The weight really doesn't kick in until the last 1/4" of the pull RIGHT before it breaks.

    Granted, I have the Tactical version, but I don't think the trigger is any different, since the internals are the same.

    Now…Did I get the one odd ball gun, or am I the only one who has noticed that it's very hard to tell where the breaking point is on this guns trigger?

    Pull it slowly & you'll see what I mean.

    It's a very long, creepy, & hard pull (especially at the end), & is about 3/4" overall.

    I can feel a click after about 1/2" of pull which I'll call the first stage, but after that… it has a weird feel to it. The resistance increases progressively for about another 1/4" of creep & then as you notice just how much tension you're putting on it… BAM! It breaks!

    No real warning or feeling that really lets you know exactly when it's going to break.
    (Other than you knowing that when it's starts to get really stiff, it's coming.)

    Has anyone else noticed this?

    – The BBA –

  85. hey guys, does anyone know which clip is better for the c 11? the 18 rd or 19rd? i read that both have very little problems with loading in the gun, for now, i only have 1 19 rd, and every other load, the 1st bb doesn’t shoot..heh, i don’t mean to be in to the magazines, i just want to know which one’s better to use and buy..also, would the tactical version be a plus to buy? or would it be pretty much the same as the normal one, except it shoots a higher fps..ok, thanks

  86. In spite of what the web sites descriptions say about the capacity of each gun, I'm 99% sure that there's only one style magazine for the C11, as well as the tactical version of the C11, & it's the same mag that a number of BB pistols use, like the Beretta Elite II, Tanfoglio 1911, & the Crosman C21 & C31 as well.

    I have tried the a number of those guns, & I prefer the C11 TACTICAL version. From my experience, it's the most powerful, most accurate, & for the extra few bucks, the laser is pretty cool too!

    I know you can squeeze 19 BBs in it, but the clip usually holds & shoots 18 BBs with no problems.

    If you want the best high capacity, powerful, accurate, semi-auto BB pistol out there for the money (in that price range)…
    I recommend that you get the C11 Tactical version along with 2 extra clips, then get rid of the ugly three sided weaver rail, load it with 18 BBs at a time, & be done with it.

    – The BBA –

  87. ok, thank you guys for the very helpful tips! I’m glad i didn’t buy a 22 rd mag, it might not even be for a c11, so thanks very much for the help..also, thanks for convincing me to buy the tactical version! my friend just had it, and i played with it more than he did, he got a little upset, so now, i just got done buying my own!

  88. hey guys..can the c31 contend with the c11 and the others? and to BBA, would it be worth buying the c31 over the c11 tact? well, because my friend already has the 11 tactical, which is cool, so would it be better to buy myself one, or the 31? ok, thanks

  89. Since I'm about to fill your head with a ton of info, let me be kind & simply answer your question right now….

    Unless you do NOT care about power & accuracy, & I'm assuming you do…

    NO! Buy the C11 tactical!

    I don't care if your friend already has one. I know it's always nice to be different, but if your friend had a Corvette, would you buy a Kia just to be different?

    Just because I'm bored & can't sleep, I'm going to tell you a LOT of info on a good number of BB guns in this price range & really lay it out for you.

    I haven't shot the C31, but I would suspect it to be close to the others.
    I CAN tell you THIS from experience though… I HAVE shot &/or owned the Sig Sauer SP 2022, the Beretta Elite II (which uses the same clips as the C11's, C21, C31, & I think the maybe Tanfoglio too), & I've owned both the C11 & the C11 Tactical as well.

    The Beretta looks & feels great, but lacks power & accuracy. The Sig & the Tanfoglio are pretty accurate & may even be a little more accurate than the C11s, but the Sig doesn't allow you to buy extra clips, because the CO2 is encased inside the one piece clip that holds the BBs. So you have to reload it EVERY time (& there's NO fast way to do it), where as with the Crosmans, you CAN buy extra clips in a two pack for about $15.00 & it's VERY much worth it!
    In fact, I HIGHLY suggest getting at least two extra clips, because both the C11's will shoot about 60 shots or more per C02. So all you have to do, is pop in a new clip & you're ready to rock & roll. 🙂

    So now we're down to the Crosmans.
    All those Crosmans I listed above use the same clips, so I'm pretty certain that they all operate about the same. Which brings it down to personal preference with only one big difference…
    The C11 Tactical IS the most powerful & is VERY accurate for any BB gun in that price range.

    The C11 & the C11 Tactical are my two favorites & I'll tell you why…

    They get a lot of shots per C02, are pretty darn accurate, & the extra clips are very reasonable.

    Out of the two, it's really a no brainer. It's totally understandable that you'd like to have something different, but know this… If you buy the C21 or 31, you WILL have a different gun, but your friend WILL have the better gun!

    The C21, C31, & C11 ALL shoot 480fps & are probably all pretty close in accuracy, so between those it comes down to which fits best in your hand & you like the looks & feel of the best, BUT…
    The C11 Tactical shoots 550fps, comes with a four sided weaver accessory rail, a fake suppressor (which looks VERY cool), AND a laser sight too, AND you get all of those extras for only $10.00 more than the C31 your asking about.

    So think about all of that, & YOU tell me!

    I had the C11 & loved it! But when the C11 tactical came out, I had to have it! I mean come on! 550fps, a fake suppressor AND a laser site too! Yippy! LOL

    I will say this though… In my opinion, the four sided weaver rail on it looks ugly. I took mine off (BTW… it just slides right off! Piece of cake.) & then mounted the laser onto the weaver rail that's already molded on the bottom of the gun, & it looks 100% better!
    You can also turn it on & off one handed, using your index/trigger finger too, which is very cool.

    Personally I think you have all you need to know at this point to make your decision, but I'll add this just for the heck of it….

    The C11 is the best buy. If price is the factor, buy that one!

    The C21 & C31 are $5.00 different, & for why I can't understand… the C31 is cheaper & it comes with a holster too.
    Everything else is the same! Same velocity, same clips, both have weaver rails, but it's just $5.00 cheaper & comes with a holster! Go figure? To me, if it were between those two, I'd get the C31 & enjoy the holster.
    But that's just me. It IS just a $5.00 holster, so you're basically paying for it. If you don't need or want the holster, than it comes down to the feel & looks.

    But like I said, I like the C11 Tactical the best, because for the price, there isn't a better performing BB gun, or one loaded with more features or options out there, & is worth EVERY penny!

    I'll add one last thing. The reason the Tactical version is more powerful, is because it has a longer barrel. when you shoot the regular C11, you can see a small tube (the actual barrel) come out about 1/4" & then go back in every time you pull the trigger. Th C11 tactical does the same thing, & while it has a longer barrel, you won't see it unless you unscrew the fake suppressor, because it hides it.

    Ah… Finally the secret! LOL
    If you didn't know, now you do. THAT is why I prefer the Tactical version. More power & a little better accuracy because of that longer barrel that the fake suppressor hides. 😉
    Although I will admit that I think the gun looks really cool with the fake suppressor, once you take that ugly four sided weaver rail off, it looks MUCH better, & again… remember, it just slides right off! 🙂
    Another benefit of taking it off, is that it tends to point upwards a little, so when you remove it & attach the laser directly to the gun, it's more on target too.

    Hope that helps, & after all the time I put into this… PLEASE tell me which one you wind up getting & how you like it.

    – The BBA –

  90. hey man! i forgot to check back on the c11…man! thanks for the big speech! hehe, lol. I’m really glad you told me everything you know. ok..now I’m thinking what to get on Christmas! lol, last night, i was thinking so much on which one to get that i slept at 12 a m. got some cookies and milk to cool me down. I’m sorry for saying one draw back already, but i’m a lefty, and when i tried my friend’s c11, i always push the mag release button after ever 5 or 6 rapid shots. so on the tactical, would it be a little more stiffer? or would it be ok for me, lefty? now i know which gun is the best, the tactical, but then, please try and tell me if the mag button would be pushed in the left hand. i also get the price ratio between the guns. also, to add one more question, have you tried the crosman 357? i haven’t, and i wanna know if it would be able to be compared to the 11tact, but then, the c11 is bb, and 357 is pellets. so for now, i would get 1 of the guns for Christmas, so i’ll be able to test it in a few weeks, can’t wait! i don’t mind that much about the c31, but now, stuck up on the 11 tact or the 357..anyway, thanks for the great help dude!

  91. LOL… No Problem. A lot of people have been really nice to me & helped out a lot here, so it's my pleasure to give back whenever I can.

    While I still have my C11 Tac, I sold my regular C11, so I can't compare the clip release buttons to see if the tac is stiffer or not.
    However, I did just try it & it did seem pretty stiff. I also shot it rapidly left handed & the clip NEVER released. Not even once! When I looked, I noticed that my fingers weren't really even making contact with the release button though, so I tried tightening my grip, still nothing… then I even tried different grips while rapid firing & still no problems. That may be because I have huge hands though (I can palm a basketball), & someone with smaller hands may have a different experience?

    I haven't tried the crosman 357, but you have to keep in mind that it's a totally different animal. Less powerful & half the capacity, but it can shoot BBs & pellets & has adjustable sights too.
    I have tried similar guns to it, & have heard great things about it, so if it sounds like it will suit your needs, I'm very confident that you'll love it. Go to PA's site & just read all the great reviews on it. Nuff said!

    I can say with complete confidence that they are both great guns for the money, & it just comes down to personal preference here.

    If I were a lefty & was having a hard time choosing, I'd probably get the Crosman 357.

    The reasons being;

    1) Never have to worry about accidentally releasing the clip.

    2) Shoots BBs AND pellets.

    3) The extra clips are cheaper.

    Also, the Crosman 357 may be more accurate too.

    BUT… The C11 Tac IS more powerful, holds twice the BBs, AND comes with a laser sight.

    YOU have to decide what's most important to you.

    Good luck & let me know how it goes.

    – The BBA –

  92. Hey man, it’s me again. Thanks for trying it out! I went to my friends house today, and tried different handlings, and somehow, out of 10 tries, i just managed to bugde the clip button once. Hehe, that’s nice, you can grip the b-ball, i’m still trying to, well, cuz i got small fingers. and i guess, since you pulled me to it, I’m getting the 11 tact 4 Christmas!! lol, well, because 1, it’s a bb gun, the ammo’s cheap, and the co2 is less consuption than the 357 (like 100, than the 357 , 40-60), and also, the tactical is somehow smaller than 357, and the silencer i guess makes it coller, also with the other goodies. anyway, thanks for the help man! i can say, your a gun-saver, lol

  93. I forgot, 1 more question. have you chronied the 11 tact yet? i don’t mean to doubt you, but crosman’s website say both are only 480. i believe that this is wrong cuz the tact has the extra barrel. i think they just haven’t updated it yet.if you haven’t chronied it yet, you don’t have to..or i guess you can estimate it. ok, take care!

  94. by the way, you mentioned that the trigger pull is more on the 11 tact than the normal version. the normal V, i can rapidly shoot without pausing. on the tactical, can you also shoot really really fast? or do you have to wait till you pull back the trigger to it’s normal position? thanks man.

  95. ayyyyyyyaaaa. hey my friend, bad news. well, kinda good news first. my friend just got his c11 tactical about 3 hours ago, and he called me up, and we checked it out. it’s the sickest pistol i have seen and held! the silencer is really nice, so is the laser. the quad rail is, well, you know, makes it ugly. i never knew he was gonna get one, but sure enough, he has it. the bad part is, well, when i tried shooting it, i still push the mag button! a big down for me. i tried an easier grip, but it was to a point where i was barely holding and and my trigger finger was doing lot’s of work (lol). the 11 tact is really really powerful! we compared it with the normal c11, and sure enough, the tactical has the more kick. well, now I’m choosing to whether cancel what i bought for another pistol, or probably try it out when i get it, but I’m really hopeful that i don’t have to return the good gun..

  96. Yes the Tac IS more powerful.

    I don't remember saying the trigger was harder on the Tac vs the regular C11 though? To me there about the same, but remember… I sold my regular C11, so I'm only going by memory, but logic would dictate that it should be the same or at least pretty close. When I got my Tac I still had my regular C11 & didn't notice a difference. Maybe the regular one is just broken in, & when your buddy shoots the Tac more, it will even out?

    What I can't understand though is how you don't have any problems with the clip release on the regular C11, but you do on the Tac?
    It's the same frame! Isn't it?
    Maybe it's like the trigger? when it's broken in, it's easier to release?

    If you REALLY like that Tac, I do have an idea for your south paw problem.

    Find a small piece of black plastic that is a "C" shape & about 1/4" tall, or use a black zip tie, bend it into a "C" & then glue it around the clip release button as a guard for it.
    Custom baby! 😉

    BTW… Either use strong epoxy like at least 30 min. stuff, or use Plastic Weld. Also, you might want to dremel a VERY shallow notch for it & also ruff it up a little, so it holds better.

    OR… Make a complete cover for it out of a small black plastic cap, that screws on, & just don't screw it to where it locks. Just to where it swivels up. Ten it's covered & when you want to release the clip, you just swing the guard up & then you have access to the button.

    Obviously that's a little extreme, but you'd be surprised at how much people will mod there airguns to make them better for their specific needs. 😉

    If I were you, I'd go to a Big 5 or a store like it, where they have them OUT of the box, so you can hold them & see what will work for you. Then when you find the right one, buy it from PA & get it for the right price. 😉
    Nothing against Big 5, but PA IS cheaper!

    Let me know what you do,

    – The BBA –

  97. man, what can i say buddy! you’re really a gun saver! lol. yesterday, i totally gave up. but this morning, i had a “fighting” spirit and tried everything so i can have something block it. i made a little sturdy plastic cap that was on top of it, so when i needed it, i can just pop it out! man, and i forgot to look back here on the blog, and i’ll definitely do the “c” technique, well, because it might be smaller. thanks for helping me out man.. Imma do the custom blocks right now, hehe. again, thanks!

  98. hey fella’s. has anyone shot the daisy 5170? it looks like a pretty neat gun, but i got a question. is the magazine built in like the 15xt, on the top? or does it have a clip? and if it does, is the co2 also located inside? thanks.


  99. I just bought a C11 BB pistol for my son. The CO2 cartridge loads properly, but the Crossman Copperhead BBs we purchased just roll out of the end of the mag. They say they are 4.5mm, .177 cal, but they seem small for the slot in the mag (do not line up straight, seem to be staggered in the mag) and for the hole at the end of the mag.

    Any ideas?


  100. Jack,

    From what you said, it sounds like you have not released the BB follower yet. That’s the plastic button you pulled down to load the magazine. It keeps tension on the BBs so they don’t roll out.

    Have you read the owner’s manual?

    The BBs will not be in a straight line in the magazine. Staggered is okay and normal. There is an organizing section at the top that aligns them when the time is right.


  101. For the guy that was asking me a lot about the C11 tactical vs the regular C11, & for anyone else who is interested… I know I put up a lot of info on those & the very similar other BB repeaters out there, but I have some more info I'd like to add, & maybe once & for all, put this to rest. 😉

    I was at Big 5 last night, where you can actually pick them up, release the mags, & pull the trigger.

    I noticed a few things…

    The C11, the Tac version of it, the Beretta Elite II, & the Tangfoglio all use the same mag.
    I'm almost positive the C21 & 31 does as well.

    Since I have very large hands, I wanted to see what felt best to me between the C11s, the Beretta Elite II, the Sig SP2022, & the Tanfoglio, but I noticed a couple of things in addition to how the fit me.
    (Before I continue, I did want to say, that the Beretta DID fit me the best & had a pretty good trigger pull, but I chose to stick with my C11 Tac because it IS more powerful, accurate, & comes with the mock suppressor & laser.)

    I didn't pic up the C21 & 31, but I did try the C11s, the Beretta Elite II, the Sig SP2022, & the Tanfoglio.

    The first thing I checked once I realized these three guns all used the same clips, was if the interior barrel moved when you shoot it like on the C11s, & they did! This makes me think that they may all have the same power plant & mechanisms in them. I say may, because for one… I haven't opened them all up & know for sure, but two… the Tanfoglio shoots 100fps LESS than the C11, C21, C31, & the Elite II. AND, there is a very noticeable difference in it's trigger pull too! The Tanfoglio had the longest pull out of all of them, & it was noticeably longer too. I don't know what this says, but maybe B.B knows?

    So as for the trigger pulls on these guns, the Crosmans are all pretty close, the Tanfoglio was the longest (& worst in my opinion because of that), the Beretta Elite II & the Sig Sauer SP2022 where the best.

    In summary;
    Out of the guns I listed above that used the same mag, the Beretta Elite II actually had the shortest & best feeling pull.

    BUT out of ALL of them… the Sig Sauer SP 2022 had the best pull in almost every aspect! It was the smoothest & easiest to read as far as where the breaking point was, & just felt clean, not too short or long, & felt like it broke a little more crisp than the others.

    Something that in all fairness I feel that I must add…
    While I've ranted & raved about how much I like the C11 Tactical…
    I believe it's only fair to give kudos where they are due, & the Sig Sauer SP2022 definitely deserves some!

    If you don't mind giving up a little velocity & don't mind the mag style that doesn't allow you to change mags without the CO2 at the same time (because they are integrated), which means you need to keep reloading the mag after every 23 shots, instead of just popping in an extra BB only clip like with the other guns…
    The Sig has the "BAXS" system (that works like a hop up on an airsoft gun) making it one of, if not the most accurate in it's class, & holds more rounds than any of the others too!
    The Sig holds 23 BBs vs 18-20 BBs for the others.

    I know some of you may be confused because even though the Crosmans, the Beretta, & the Tanfoglio appear to use the same mag, but the descriptions say they hold different amounts of BBs Is it 18, 19 or 20? Well, I can definitely confirm this for you…
    I JUST loaded my C11 Tactical & my Sig Sauer SP2002, & I can POSITIVELY say, that the Sig DOES indeed hold 23 BBs, & my C11 Tactical DOES hold 20 BBs!

    In my opinion, for the price, they are all good guns, & it just comes down to personal preference.
    The only exception, is that between the C11 & the C11 Tactical, I still say the Tactical version is the better of the two for the extra power & the extras it comes with, & IS worth the few extra bucks.

    OK… I am DONE now! lol

    There's been a LOT of questions on these guns, & I think between B.B. & myself, we've addressed about as much as possible on these guns, & probably more than on guns costing a LOT more money, so unless anyone else has something they want to add… Now it's up to you. 😉

    So.. Thank you, PLEASE drive through! LOL

    Seriously… I hope this, all my above posts, B.B.'s & everyone else’s input, help all of you who are trying to decide between these guns, make a good decision & are happy with the one you pick.

    Happy hunting,

    – The BBA –

  102. I have a C11 and love the way it feels in my hand, as well as shoots. Can anyone tell me what firearm it's patterned after? I'd really like to get a similar feeling 9mm, .40 S&W, or .45 ACP.

  103. Randals,

    Here are some articles about BB/pellet guns patterned after the .45 ACP.

    Here is the last in a series of articles on the Baretta PX-4 storm pellet pistol.

    Someone may be able to help you better on the current blog where more people will see your questions. Copy and paste the following link to go there.

    See you there!

    .22 multi-shot

  104. I would mention what you intend to hunt, to help B.B give you the best answer.

    In my humble opinion, there's not very many inexpensive pistols for hunting, & not many air pistols at all that you could hunt anything larger than small birds or field mice at best, & not at a very far distance,
    without going to a PCP like the Evanix AR6 Hunting Master Pistol or the Evanix Renegade, which are guns in the $569.99 – $679.99 price range.

    Granted there are a few break barrels out there, like the Beeman P11 which IS a .22 cal that has some power, but if you're going to spend $400.00 + you mind as well spend the extra few bucks & get a PCP so you can really hunt with one.

    The most powerful inexpensive air pistol is the Crosman C-11 Tactical ($59.99), shooting at 490 fps, but that's on a good day & it's a BB gun, where I think pellets (because they're lead) are better for hunting.

    The least expensive pellet pistol that might be OK for small birds & small field mice is the Crosman 1377C ($55.95) which is only a .177 but is a pump action & hits at 600fps which is probably the closest thing out there for a small game hunting pistol.

    Most people including myself, prefer .22 cal for hunting, which really limits your choices in air pistols period, yet alone for hunting.
    The least expensive there would be the Crosman 2240 ($59.08) which shoots 460 fps, but again… I wouldn't attempt to take anything other than small birds or field mice at close range with either of those.

    Other than the PCPs there's really not a lot of pistols suitable for hunting, so if you don't want to spend that much, your best bet is to get a rifle. There's plenty of rifles that will do a much better job for a little over $100.00 & some very nice ones for just under $200.00

    If you wanted a pump, I'd go with the Benjamin 392.
    Or for a break barrel there a bunch in the same price range, like the Crosman Quest 800X, the Mendoza RM-600, the Beeman RAM Air Rifle Combo, RS2 Trigger, or the Avenger 1100 to mention a couple.
    I have the Mendoza RM2000 which is a little more but I think it's a great gun & worth every penny. It has a 7 shot inline clip, which allows you to cock & shoot 7 times before having to reload which is a nice feature & unique to this gun, & is the only one I know of that's a multishot break barrel.

    Hope that helps,


  105. Well,… I was hoping to hunt Bear!…
    Just kidding 😉 Small birds up to crow size and maybe squirrel but that might be, judging from BBA's lengthy answer (thanks), too much to ask… I have hunted with rifles before, RWS 34 and Air Arms S400 FAC Carbine, but am looking for something smaller that I can just fit into my pack and forget about. I do a lot of camping and most of the time I don't even think about hunting but some times a situation comes a long where, "if i had only brought a gun I would have lunch now"
    Anyhow, thanks for the replies, I'm definitely not looking to spend more than a hundred, if that leaves my without options, so be it.


  106. JV,

    Glad I could help.

    I've been seriously thinking about changing jobs & doing something I enjoy for a change, & something airgun related is something I've really been considering. So since I had some extra time & thought I'd see how my answers would fair with B.B.

    Looks Like I did OK by his reply, so maybe I'm on to something. lol

    If I do, I'd probably have to move, but that's fine. I live in Vegas & am tired of it. I've even thought about working for PA, or maybe find someone to be their understudy & learn to airgun smith or whatever airgun related job I can get into…. so we both got something out of my answer. 😉

    B.B. Please correct me if I'm wrong on this, but…


    Since you want something you can fit in your pocket, & MUST have a pistol… in your price range, the only pistols that MAY do the job would be either the Benjamin EB22 CO2 powered .22 cal, the Benjamin HB22 .22 cal (pump version), or maybe the Browning 800 Mag which is a ,177 but supposedly shoots 700fps, with the right pellets, they may do OK, but remember… you WILL be limited with the range. Birds have a fragile frame, so maybe 30 yards max, & squirrels no more than 15-20 yards max. I wouldn't try any further than that though, & make sure you're using a pellet that will do the job.
    I'd recommend the Beeman Silver Bear (my first pick, since it's the lightest, has some damage potential & will maintain it's velocity the best due to it's weight), the Crosman Premier .177 Cal, 7.9 Grains, Hollowpoint (since they're the second lightest with damage potential, but are usually fairly accurate in most guns), or the Crosman Destroyer .177 Cal, 7.9 Grains (for the same reason, IF you can get them to group well in your gun). I wouldn't go any heavier than either of those in both calibers.

  107. Hey B.B.! I just got the C11 Airmag from Pyramid Air, but when i started shooting it, the airsoft bbs curved almost immediately straight down after about 20 to 30 yards. I tried changing the CO2 cartridge and putting pellgun oil on the top of it and that made it a little better, but it still wasn't working. This is with .12 grams and .20 grams. If you could offer some advice it would be greatly appreciated!

  108. Well, this pistol doesn't have adjustable Hop Up, so you will have to try lots of different ammo to find which brand shoots best.

    Your gun isn't recommended for 0.12-gram BBs.

    These CO2 airsoft guns are driving their BBs too fast for good accuracy.

    You might try loading some 0.25-gram BBs and see what that does.


  109. Unlikely since they would also weigh 0.20 grams.

    B.B.'s advice is about slowing down the projectile by increasing the weight of your bb's to 0.25 grams to hopefully improve accuracy. Since your pistol doesn't have an adjustable hop up this is something you should try.


  110. Now this is something I have a pretty good amount of experience in, & I can say that most airsoft guns in general will shoot more accurately with heavier BB's.

    The basic rule, is that the lighter .12 gram BBs will go further, & the heavier ones will be more accurate. Like the .25 gram BBs.

    Kevin is right, as where you will see the quickest results with the different weight BBs, but don't rule out trying other brands, or more importantly different qualities of BBs.

    There's a lot to choose from!

    They even make them up to .40 & .43 gram now, but the grade of the BBs can make a difference too.

    Some are "high polished", "perfect", & "match grade", which are higher quality, which can make a difference too.

    And remember… Every airsoft gun is different. Be it an AEG, gas rifle or pistol, or a spring rifle or pistol, & just like air guns, they do tend to have their favorite BBs.
    Luckily, they aren't as picky as some airguns, so you should figure out what weight & type work best for your gun & will have plenty different types in their range that will work great in your gun.

    I've been doing a LOT of spring pistol shooting lately, & can say with out a doubt, that most of them WILL more accurate with a heavier BB, within reason.
    Most springers WILL be more accurate with .20 gram BBs, even though the box or instructions may say to use .12 gram BBs.

    Now with CO2, Green Gas, or Propane powered guns that have a lot of power… You may want to go to considerably heavier BB's, do NOT forget to try different adjustments on the Hop-Up if you do have one, because that can make a HUGE difference. (This is for the other readers, since you don't have a Hop-Up on this gun.)

    The best advice I can give you, is to use good quality BBs & try different weights just like B.B & Kevin said.

    Your gun shoots 400fps which is VERY powerful for an airsoft pistol.
    Most gas powered airsoft pistols shoot more like 300fps, so a heavier BB will most likely help your accuracy the most, since you don't have a Hop-Up.

    I would definitely try a .25 gram BB with it to start.

    Hope that helps,


  111. Hey Mike!

    How have you been?

    How do you like my progress with airsoft?

    I'm like a kid shooting with my daughter. Fully automatic and we're going through pounds of bb's.

    I think she's hooked on guns. 😉


  112. Hey Kevin,

    You're doing good. 🙂

    I know what you mean about going through pounds of BBs, because my three favorite guns, are my Cyber
    Guns Thompson AEG, my KSC Mac 11, & my HFC M190.
    BTW… That M190 is the most accurate gas
    pistol I've ever shot! If you don't have one, you should grab one while you still can.
    I promise you'll love it!

    Check it out;


    Take care,

    Mike aka TheBBA

  113. Kevin,

    Two words… Extra clips! lol

    Seriously though. It's best shot short burst,
    or semi, & the blowback & accuracy are awesome. VERY realistic gun, & a LOT of fun!

    If you just want to throw a lot of plastic, get the Cyber Thompson M1A1 with the extra 450 rd drum mag!!

    I first got it like this;


    Then after the drum mag, now i have this & LOVE IT!


    They also make a less expensive version;


    But I really like my wood & metal one.

    I've also been tempted to get this one;


    And then like B.B. said in another post, a
    bubble machine makes the perfect moving targets for all these too!

    Have fun!

    Mike aka TheBBA

  114. B.B. (and all),
    Would the C11 make a decent choice for substitute firarm practice? It offers no recoil, understood, but what about the C11's weight?

    Speaking of recoil, would a blowback gun such as Umarex's replica of the Walther CP99 Compact or the Beretta PC4 Storm be better suited instead of a "fixed action" gun such as the C11?

  115. Chris,

    It depends on what you are looking for, in the way of training. If accuracy is your goal, the C11 is not the gun for you. I recommend the Makarov BB pistol. Unlike the C11, the Makarov is heavy like a firearm and is also very accurate.

    If you want to experience blowback, the CP99 Compact is okay, but the Desert Eagle is more accurate. It is a gas hog, however.

    The Beretta PX4 Storm is another accurate gun with blowback. And it's sized better for medium-sized hands. The Desert Eagle is too large for most people.


  116. Thanks B.B.
    By "training" I also include proper firearms handling. The locking slide of the Walther CP99 Compact intrigued me. Accuracy isn't as high a priority as is developing 1. good muscle memory and 2. basic firearm safety and operation.


  117. Chris,

    Not to step on B.B.'s toes here, as I just would like to offer my opinion too, since I've had all those guns except the Walther CP99 Compact, but I've also had the Daisy 5501 too, which is not a bad gun for the money,
    & if I remember correctly, it had one of the smallest grips. It like the C11 is not the most accurate though, but the blowback & trigger weren't bad.

    For realism in blowback, the PX4 Storm & the Magnum Research desert Eagle are the two best IMHO, because they have the most true blowback feeling, with the Desert Eagle being the best, & for me, it was more accurate than the PX4 Storm, but like B.B. said, it IS a gas hog.

    The Daisy 5501 & the Walther CP99 Compact will be cheaper to operate, as they are both use less gas than the PX4 Storm & the Desert Eagle, & since they shoot BB's, that will save you some money on operation as well.

    So I think you are on the right track with your choices. To me, it comes down to the size of your hands, & cost of operation, unless the locking slide is a very important feature for you. If that IS the case, then you may want to go with the Walther CP99 Compact.
    You can't go wrong on the price & the cost of operation with it, & it DOES have a lot of metal in it too.

    There is one more gun that also has a locking slide, which is the Walther PPKS. It's not very powerful, but it is the smallest & would probably be the cheapest to operate, as you get a LOT of shots per CO2. Just one more to consider, if accuracy & power aren't your concerns.

    Hope that helps,


  118. Thank You B.B. and TheBBA for both your comments and opinions. I hope this to be my last question on the subject.

    The Makarov had captured my interest, despite not having blowback. Then I re-looked at the PPK. Despite its problems with accuracy, some state that its blowback is good. So given the two (the Mak vs the PPK), if one were to look for a decent little trainer for home which would you choose? (and why)

    How I wish that either brick-and-mortar retailers or local ranges/clubs would host airgun events and let consumers handle various models! 🙁


  119. Is it enough to say that the PPK/S's blowback isn't enough to be considered a factor when using the pistol to practice, even at no more than 15'? (indoors, to boot)
    Or, another way of saying it, will the Mak's firing performance be enough to aid the shooter when it comes time to take their firearm to the range?

    I really like that the Mak is all metal, that one has to action the slide, that the mag is metal, and the weight. I'm only concerned with a lack of blowback when using it for practice.

    Chris (OK, so I said no more questions… bear with me.. please) S.

  120. Chris,

    The recoil of any airgun or airsoft gun is so light that it doesn't present a challenge. So I guess the answer to your question is that the Makarov is the superior trainer..

    I shoot 1911s in .45 ACP with hardball-level rounds and the recoil is so light that it isn't a challenge at all to do two quick tap shots. A 9mm, being about three-quartersf as powerful, is almost like a .22 rimfire. I'm speaking of a full-sized 9mm like a Highpower or a Beretta 92. The micros do have some snap to them.


  121. Chris S.,

    Yes please a whole lot of us would enjoy a guest blog on your perceptions and evaluation of your Mac.

    Please e-mail B.B. at blogger@pyramydair.com and tell him what you want to do.

    Also B.B. writes a daily blog at/blog//, Mon-Fri, which is a much better place to find an answer, etc. cause there arn't alot of us checking out the old blogs. You posted to a blog that was written in 2006.

    Hope to see you as a regular on the current blog.

    Mr B.

  122. You are on the website of the world's largest airgun dealer, Pyramyd AIR.
    All you have to do is go to their main page:


    And click on Air Pistols:


    Then click on Crosman:


    And scroll down to the C11 air pistol. Click on that:


    And then click on the accessories link:


    scroll down until you find magazines.

    It takes about 15 seconds to do this if you are on a broadband service.

    Everything that can be bought for the C11 will be on this website.


  123. Anonymous,

    you can cut a barrel to shorten it but why would you want to do that? You probably would destroy any modicum of accuracy the particular gun you are referring to (assuming you aren't referring to this pistol since it has no silencer) has as you would be cutting the barrel crown as well.The other thing you should know is you're posting to a blog written 5 years ago. Not many of us monitor these older blogs. Why don't you re-post your question with a bit more detail referring to whatever gun or rifle you are talking about to the current blog? You'll get much more exposure. The current blog can be reached at:/blog//

    Hope my answer helped you a bit.

    Fred PRoNJ

  124. I'm with Fred. If you cut that barrel down. you'll not only mess up the crown & lose accuracy, but you'll also lose some power too. The C11 Tactical is more powerful than the standard C11 because of that longer barrel. If you have the Tactical version which it sounds like you do, & don't like the silencer, go onto the Yellow & I'll bet you can find someone that would be happy to trade you yours for a standard one.


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