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Education / Training UTG Master Sniper – Part 3

UTG Master Sniper – Part 3

by B.B. Pelletier

Part 1
Part 2

On to the range. Because the UTG Master Sniper is an airsoft gun, I started shooting indoors to keep the winds from affecting things.

How good do airsoft sniper guns get?
I tested a Classic Army M24 sniper rifle a few years ago. It had been highly modified, which included a power upgrade, a tighter barrel and the addition of an adjustable Hop Up mechanism. That gun could hold all its shots in less than one inch at 10 meters. If you were lucky and selected the right BBs (those without voids in them), a half-inch group was possible. It shot 0.25g BBs faster than 400 f.p.s., so it was really rockin’. But the 190 percent mainspring made that gun much harder to cock, and the investment topped $500, with all the work and parts. Here, we’re looking at a gun selling for less than $100, so a direct comparison isn’t fair.

UTG Master Sniper accuracy
I started shooting at 20 yards, but it soon became apparent the gun couldn’t hold better than 12″ at that distance. Remember, this was after I had dialed in the Hop Up! So I moved up to about 30 feet and tried again. With 0.20g BBs, the rifle shot five-shot group after group of about 4-5″. That’s not bad for starters, but it means the max range for skirmishing is going to be about 30-40 yards.

Switching to 0.25g BBs, the group size shrank to 2.5-3.5″. That’s much better, and the Hop Up wasn’t even adjusted for that weight BB! With additional adjustment, another half inch might be shaved. That pushes the effective range for skirmishing out to 50 yards. I did not find the 24x scope to be an advantage, as many readers pointed out beforehand.

Firing behavior.
All shooting was off the bipod, which works as it should. It’s lightweight and quick to deploy, but when you carry the gun it stays up and stowed, too. Can’t ask more than that – especially when it comes in the box with the rifle! The gun was very calm upon discharge. I could watch the ball toward the end of its flight, but in a real sniping situation, you would use OD BBs to conceal your position and watching would be much more difficult.

The trigger was easy to use, if not exactly what I’m used to. It’s a long single-stage pull with no creep, but a very long and fairly light pull. Except for the pull weight, that trigger got me ready for the trigger on the IZH MP 513M pellet rifle.

The 0.20g BBs ranged between 277 f.p.s. and 297 f.p.s., with an average of 288. The heavier 0.25g BBs ranged from 238 f.p.s. to 256 f.p.s., with an average of 247 f.p.s. I didn’t try 0.12g BBs. When the power gets this high, there’s usually no way the Hop Up can handle something that light.

Final opinion
This gun comes with a lot of nice features and accessories. I think it’s a great value for the asking price. It can be used for informal war games among friends, but I don’t think it’s ready for the big time as it comes from the box. I didn’t check into the availability of aftermarket parts, such as a tighter barrel and more powerful mainsprings. Knowing the airsoft market, I’d be surprised if they aren’t out there. If you want to get into airsoft with a budget long gun, this is a bolt-action springer that has a lot going for it right out of the box.

69 thoughts on “UTG Master Sniper – Part 3”

  1. Looks like a fun gun, but in terms of raw performance I’ve seen moderately priced gas pistols (WE-Tech and KWA) do about as well in terms of power and accuracy. So you’re right – it isn’t quite there yet.

    Thanks for the review, though – a solid write-up by an experienced gunner is a lot better than most sources of feedback on airsoft guns.

  2. I have no experience whatever with airsoft guns. Never handled, shot or seen one fired. But, I live in an apartment full of nervous nellies and firearms are forbidden. I’ll cut to the chase. How much noise would a airsoft spring powered pistol make? Air pistols are too noisy.

  3. Quiet guy,

    Yes. A spring piston airsoft gun is very quiet. But so are several air pistols you may not have thought of. The Daisy 747, for starters, is very quiet.

    Please read my report on it:


    I used to shoot a 717 (same gun with a cheaper barrel) IN MY OFFICE in a modern office building! I also shot in a room next to an adult education class and no one was the wiser.

    I only mention this because the air pistol will give better accuracy. Yes, it will be noisier than the airsoft gun, so you might want to start with one of those and then move up when you see there is no problem.

    I like the new wave of upscale airsoft springers for what you want to do.


  4. on your idea of upgrade parts there are very little.a good gun to upgrade would be the mauri vsr10
    or the hfc vsr11, same gun different companies.the mauri costs mor than twice as much though.but if you want to do upgrades you have to do all of them. you have to get a better spring a new trigger and sear assembly and possibly a better barrell. this will run you about $300. i had a usr11 and put just a better spring in it. within 10 shots i had stripped the edge off the piston where it catches the sear so it would no longer shoot.
    my point is if you want to upgrade an airsoft gun DO LOT OF RESEARCH FIRST. i wish i had

  5. Hey BB,

    I just got a new Benjamin 392, and I love it, but I’ve got a couple questions.

    First, how should I lube my piston head, as you often mention is important. Should I add a drop of Pellgun to the seal that becomes visible at the extreme end of the pump stroke? I’m just worried about getting air in the “Air hole – Do not oil” port.

    Secondly, how can I improve the trigger. It’s pretty poor at this point. I’ve alread given it a cursory polishing and changed out the trigger spring for a lighter one, but beyond additional polishing, any tips or links to help me?

    And lasty, I’d like to sling it…what would your sling suggestions be?

    Thanks BB. This is a fantastic blog. I’ve wanted a 392, or something like it for 20 years now, and I finally got to pick one up as an adult, armed with the information provided here.

  6. Glenn,

    Yes, oil the pump head seal.

    The trigger has vexed airgunners for years. Crosman made it less prone to bump off when cocked and now its heavy and gritty. I don’t have a suggestion.

    A sling on a multi-pump is like a screen door on a submarine. However, you can use a single sling point on the butt and hang it from that.


  7. I’m guessing that the best buy in .22 pellets right now are the Crosman Premier Hollow Point at $6/tin of 500. Item#:CR.22/P/HP – when you buy 3 and get 1, it comes down to 4.50 per tin. The boxed Premiers (same weight, but more consistent) are about twice as much.

    This is a bit cheaper than even the Copperhead wadcutters, but I believe the HP’s shoot better.

    Am I anywhere near right on this, BB?

  8. ok i was thinking of the crossman .22 wad cutter and mabey kodiaks but i dont know what to get for the other 2. the hollowpoints are a good deal but i cant see them coming in too handy

  9. B.B.

    How does this set up sound, BAM B40 ,Leapers 3-9×40, A.G.E Rocktite rings, and B-Square scope stop…also is the Leapers 3-9×40 a good scope for $70, or is their one that is equally as good for cheaper or what is best scope for up to $70? thanks man

  10. Typically no. Hollowpoints are the least accurat of the pellet shapes. That doesn’t mean they are horribly inaccurate, but I have not found a hollowpoint that grouped good enough for a 40 yards shot.

    Crow Magnums have the reputation for being among the least accurate hollowpoints. I would limit them to 25 yards unless shooting in a particular gun reveals otherwise.

    Beeman Silver Bears and RWS Super H-Points are among the more accurate. I have not yet tried the Crosman Premier hollowpoiunts because they are made from hard lead and unlikely to open up anyway. They may be very accurate but I doubt they will perform differently that regular domes.


  11. B.B.

    I was looking at your last izh 513m review and noticed those shot groups that would have 4 in a really small group. Then shot 5 would be way off the first group. Why exactly do the pellets do this? I mean, that makes it superb with 4 shots, and just so so with 5. What exactly makes those first 4 so accurate and then throws the 5th somewhere else? It’s wierd to me that the majority goes in almost 1 hole and one isn’t all that great.

  12. That also confused me, I get that sometimes with my 953 all 4 shots (Using Gamo Match) in less then .50″ at 15 meters but sometimes you get one like 1-2″ (Then agian it has been very windy here in southern Arizona, and chilly!)

  13. Lama, Bryan and everyone else.

    This is the million-dollar question! Why are there flyers?

    A short answqer is if I had taken the time to sort the pellets by weight they might have done better, but I have to admit, that doesn’t always work either.

    I direct you both to the book, “The Bullet’s Flight From Powder to Target,” written by Dr. Frank Mann in 1914. It is the seminal piece on accuracy from a rifle, and, though it is difficult to read, Dr. Mann figured out things that nobody since has been able to refute.


  14. I’ll have to go check that book out.

    I’m looking forward to that article on hollow point pellets. I’d like to see how they impact compared to a massive pellet such as an eun jin. Also, how accurate can the hollow points be when they have the polymer tips. Such as the predator pellets. And do they add any advantage other than that?

  15. I’m wondering if round balls have the same tendency to unpredictably toss a flier now and then. Seems to me that it would be relatively easier to make a round ball almost perfectly symetrical and uniform.

    Unlike a pellet, that is – where minute differences in skirt thickness or shape, or improper centering of the pellet’s waist can be virtually undetectable and yet cause enough flight path deviation to drive some shooters nuts…

  16. I have noticed that crosman hollowpoints don’t mushroom at even 950 fps. I do a lot of testing on stuff like that. If you want the most deformation use pure lead domed or especially wad cutter.

    Also can I remove the “silencer” on my walther night hawk.

    PS its a great gun, triggers a little heavy but its a dao revolver inside

  17. What about an Avanti 888 medalist for a indoor/outdoor target rifle?
    Is it really worth it for a bulk-fill CO2 gun?
    For the price and performance, how does compare to other bulk-fill CO2 guns?
    Love all of your reviews
    thanks bb,

  18. B.B.

    Well what about the Leapers 3-9×32 instead of the 3-9×40… the only differance is the diameter which is used to attract more light isnt it… i live in arizona, so attracting light isnt that necessary considering its sunny almost year round… and the 3-9×40 has illuminated retcile which i will probably never use… so is it worth the extra $35 in you oppinion to get the 3-9×40 instead of the 3-9×32?

  19. Sam mc,

    The Avanti 888 is a great target rifle. I used to help coach a juniors rifle team that used Daisy 853s, but we had one 888 used by the best kid who didn’t own his own rifle.

    I don’t understand the bulk-fill question. Are you asking whether the 888 is a good bulk gun (it is) or if bulk-filling is a way to go?

    The latter is a question only you can answer. It would be like me recommending a car for you.


  20. golgo

    If you go to the predator web site at http://www.predatorpellets.com and you click on testimonial(the top page also shows a mushroomed predatoer pellet) and you go all the way down to the page where it says more reviews and articals and click on predator polymer tiped hunting pellets it has a little artical about the pellet(it also has an artical about how to build a spring compresser for the guy who was asking about it on another post).Also on that same site if you go to the press release section and click on the shot gun news artical this guy did a comparison on five hollow point pellets,the RWS super H point,Beaman sliver bear,Beaman crow magnum,JSB predator and an vortek lamprey pellet. if you read all of these articals i told you about it should answer most if not all of your questions.

  21. B.B.–one of my questions you answered with putting a little chamber lube in the air transfer port. I asume when I cock my rws 350 the transfer port is that little hole across from the breach. So I take my lube with the 3 inch needle-insert it into the port then???? How does one tell if one drop or a dozen drops have come out when you can not see the end of the needle?–This is why we need that week long semenir in a warm local-with a range of course- to pick your brain –thanks again Scott–and by the way ordered the shooting bench from cabela’s and the leapers scope from pyramyd–shoot straight!

  22. Scott,

    Okay, you have a needle. I don’t use them but here’s the deal. You don’t need to stick the needle into the transfer port to oil the piston (you guessed right on the transfer port, by the way). Just drop the oil into the port from the OUTSIDE and you’ll be able to count drops.

    Scott, there are probably many people who wonder about this as you do, so I will do a blog about it soon.


  23. Hey BB,

    Can you review the UTG Master Sniper Rifle with the Generation 3 Upgrade? I’ve heard it’s even better than the previous Generation given the added 100 fps!


  24. B.B.,

    Are you going to review the UTG Master Sniper with the new Generation 3 Bolt? I’ve heard that it is even better than the previous Generation given the added 100 fps!

  25. Hey B.B.,

    It’s been a little while since you’ve reviewed the UTG Shadow Ops Rifle (regarding the above comments I posted), so when are you going to review the latest Generation 3 UTG Sniper airsoft Rifle? I own that gun, but I want to know what you think about it and so does everyone else. I have done extensive testing on it and it has proved itself worthy in combat, though I have upgraded it with a much needed 6.01mm barrel as well as I did a personal “tune” of my own, which greatly helped. If it wasn’t upgraded like I have done, then its not worth buying (poor accuracy). If you do review the rifle, make sure that you lube the very end of the hop-up bucking (not where the roller is, but where it seals out the air from the transfer port) with pellgun oil, which helps at least with my gun. It also likes to be held very firmly with a very quick and motionless trigger pull. If I don’t do those things, then it doesn’t shoot well (for my gun at least). Note: I have shot the gun over well over 10,000 rounds and I still get an average of 400 fps w/high polish .25gram BBs. Just a little advice to other Master Sniper owners.

    Jack Bauer

  26. B.B,

    I need help, im a average backyard airsoft shooter, but i have a farm that my family goes out to on the weekends. I am planning to have a huge airsoft war there with some of my friends. I know where aton of trenches are, cliffs and small hiding places are there, just i need a good sniper rifle i can use when in those places. i think i will get this one, its just my dad is one of those guys that hates guns. so he only lets me get clear airsoft guns or guns that look dif than normal guns or, if they r a weird color. so i thought i could get the desert camo version of the UTG master sniper, and tell my dad that u will rarely find a gun that has this kind of a paint job, and he would let me buy it. but i would very much like some back up to this statement, i have no idea if its true but please B.B please give me some feedback on this.

  27. So, your question is this–do most snipers shoot rifles that are not painted with desert camouflage?

    Well, in terms of the total number of sniper rifles in existence, the answer would have to be yes. Most sniper rifles are not painted desert camouflage. But that answer isn’t truthful, because there are some sniper rifles that are camouflaged that way. It just depends on where the rifle is being used. Only those rifles deployed to a desert theater would be camouflaged that way.

    The solution is not in the color of the gun but in the handling. The airsoft skirmisher’s credo is to never allow his gun to be seen in public. It is always inside a case until put into use. Do you practice that? Not many young skirmisher do, but that is the sign of a careful gamer.

    Your father may be concerned about people who don’t know you seeing you carry what looks like a firearm, and in the current environment he is right to be concerned. Gaming on vacant lots in town where the unsuspecting public can see the guns is a dangerous practice.

    You say you have a farm at which to skirmish. That is ideal! But have you taken steps to ensure that the local law enforcement authorities are aware of what you are doing?

    What I’m suggesting is that, instead of arguing with your father about the safety of a certain type of gun, you could go the other way and embrace his concerns. Find out about airsoft safety and its relationship to law enforcement and public relations, then put that to practical use by organizing an airsoft “club” that follows the rules of safety to the letter.


  28. Philip,

    Since B.B. is out of town let me try to help you. I’m a fish out of water when it comes to airsoft but I have 4 suggestions:

    1-Have you looked on Pyramyd Airs website or called them for the parts you’re looking for?

    2-Try googling “parts for black eagle sniper rifle” or “parts for airsoft guns”

    3-Try this site (you’ll need to copy and paste:


    4-Come to the current site where dialogue is taking place live right now. You’ll find the majority of airgunners (including airsoft owners) by clicking on comments under the most recent article that B.B. has published (B.B. does a new article every day Monday-Friday). Here’s the link to take you there so you can post any questions you have and many times you will get multiple answers:


    Hope to see you there!


  29. Phillip,

    In addition to what Kevin has said, I will say this. Find out who made your gun, because that is the answer to the parts situation A Black Eagle sniper rifle is made by a manufacturer who make other guns with other names for other companies. It helps top know what the root gun is.

    There are places that specialize in airsoft parts. The Army Store in Dallas is one such place.

    Find out who made your gun and they will be able to help you.


  30. I have the UTG Sniper (Digital Camo) with the Gen 5 bolt. I am using .2g BBs and find the accuracy disappointing and inconsistent. With the hop-up at normal, the BB still rises on most shots, and about 30% of the shots curve left or right, over a 30 yard distance, by as much as a foot.

    Is there a way to decrease the hop-up below the normal setting so I can still use .2g BBs? I assume .25g BBs might help the rising issue, but what about the curving left/right issue – would heavier BBs help?

  31. Anonymous,

    you're expecting too much from this type of gun. What you are experiencing is what our forefathers experienced with muskets – smoothbore guns do this kind of thing, hence rifled barrels. Your UTG sniper is a fun plinker not meant for shooting much over 20' with any degree of accuracy.

    Fred PRoNJ

  32. Well my son has the UTG Shadow ops sniper rifle – a very similar gun – and it doesn't do this and we're using the same BBs. We can shoot bottle caps with it at 20 yards…… consistantly.

    I'm getting shot a lot……!

  33. Anonymous,

    Your results with the 0.2g ammo match B.B.'s results pretty well, which were 6" deviation at 20 yards. His review indicated that the 0.25g ammo gave slightly better results, so it would be worthwhile to try them. To get the best accuracy, you should hand select the individual BBs and rule out those with voids or imperfections. Every gun has preferences for ammo, so you'll just have to experiment to find the best selection for your particular specimen.

    I don't have this gun, so I don't know if it's possible to decrease the hop-up any further.

    Hope this helps,


  34. Anonymous,

    I know someone who can help you. His name is Tom Harris, and he writes the airsoft blog for Pyramyd AIR (it's a new blog).
    When you post a comment to that blog, it won't appear right away because those comments are moderated before they are posted. However, he emailed me that he has several suggestions and will be happy to help you. Good luck!


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