by B.B. Pelletier

Here I am trying to mention new products, again. Last week, I showed you the big Rex 10-40×50 scope that I think is a wonderful new scope. I did say that the scope doesn’t work for field target because it doesn’t focus down to 10 yards. Today I have a new Rex scope that is ideal for field target and for all you long-range shooters.

Another big Rex
The new Rex 6-25×50 side-focus scope is made for sports like field target. Its 30mm tube transmits gobs of light, which comes in handy when you are trying to resolve a tiny image in dappled forest shade.

Two-piece sunshade
Included in the box is a two-piece sunshade for the 56mm objective bell. These are handy when shooting with the sun on either side of you, because if the sun hits the objective lens, it flares and the image turns murky. It’s like trying to sight through dense fog. With a two-piece shade, you can have any of three different lengths by installing either one separately or both shades coupled together.

Interesting reticle
It’s both a mil-dot and a duplex reticle, so hunters and target shooters, alike, will find it useful. The center lines of the reticle are fine…for precision aiming. The heavy lines at the end help you find the center reticle in dappled light and shade. I personally don’t find mil-dots useful, but they are the rage today and a new scope has to have them to sell. The reticle is not illuminated.

Target turrets
The reticle adjustment knobs are tall target knobs with a fine adjustment scale on each. They are not resettable, so you will have to note your position on the vertical scale when rotating farther than one full turn. The click values are 1/8″ at 100 yards, which is correct for a target scope. The clicks themselves are not as smooth as some I have tried, but they don’t seem to bind or get loose at any point.

Sidewheel parallax adjustment
One of the best features is the side wheel adjustment of parallax. In case you don’t understand why that is so good, imagine yourself sitting and holding a big rifle with a 25x scope on a small target. Your rifle and scope probably weigh 12 lbs. When it’s time to focus the scope which would you rather do. Hold the rifle with one arm while you reach way out to an objective bell or reach straight up and grab a sidewheel that’s a foot closer? You only have to do it once to realize the sidewheel is the way to go.

Mounting concerns
This is a large scope with a 30mm tube, so you need 30mm rings high enough for the objective bell to clear the rifle. On PCPs, that will be easy; on spring guns, not as easy. Also, the length of the scope will cause some loading or clearance problems for most spring guns. This scope is made to take magnum airgun recoil, but that doesn’t mean it’s right for all springers.

I have two other Rex scopes to show you, and then I will work them into my other posts as a way of testing their features. So, if you want to know more about this new line of optics, it’s in the works.