by B.B. Pelletier

Before I begin, I must comment on the level of interest many of you have shown in big bore airguns and hunting with them. I figured there would be some interest, but not as much as I saw. I will come back to them in the coming weeks. If you have any questions, now it the time to ask.

Let’s look at a completely different kind of airgun – a Walther CP99 Limited Edition . Only 300 of these guns were produced, and Pyramyd Air bought them all. At the heart of the package lies a Walther CP99, but there is a lot of stuff to consider before we get to it.

First consideration – the price
This is not a cheap airgun. At $229, it will take some thought for most buyers. A standard CP99 sells for $89 less. So what do you get with the Limited Edition?

The CP99 Limited Edition comes in a special blue hard case. It’s larger than normal to store all the extras this gun has.

1. Custom hard case
2. Gun serial-numbered within the 1-300 production run
3. Screw-on compensator (looks like a silencer)
4. Custom-fit laser + batteries
5. Two 8-shot rotary clips
6. Additional backstrap to fit gun to hand
7. Muzzle protector when comp is not attached
8. Allen wrench for rear sight
9. Owner’s manual

Here you see the gun and all the accessories that come with it. Clockwise from 7 o’clock is the laser, the compensator, the additional backstrap, the muzzle thread protector, two circular clips and the Allen wrench.

Consider a dot sight
The one thing that’s not in this package that you’ll probably want is a dot sight. When the compensator is attached, the open sights on the gun are useless. But the compensator doesn’t add any velocity or accuracy, so it’s just as easy to take it off and use the sights the gun come with. If you decide to mount a dot sight, the Leapers Quick Aim sight looks the best, but our readers have mentioned seeing a lot of parallax through it. I know the UTG Red/Green dot SWAT Force sight is a good one with minimal parallax.

Here’s the pistol with the accessories attached.

One more thing
The final value to this airgun is the fact that it is a limited edition. Only 300 were made, and each one has a unique serial number engraved on the right side of the top rear slide. Does that make the gun collectible? Right now, probably not. CP99s are still being made, and this limited edition is still available. In 10 years, when this model is dropped or at least the limited edition is no longer available, then yes, this gun should be worth a premium. But that would only hold true for guns in mint condition. If you plan on shooting the gun, just go ahead and use it all you like. The remaining unused guns will benefit from there being one less perfect example in the world.

What IS a CP99?
A CP99 is an Umarex CO2 version of a 9mm firearm made by Walther. Umarex owns Walther, so this isn’t a copy – it’s the real gun in CO2. This gun has a plastic lower frame and grip and a two-piece metal “slide” on top. What would be the slide on a 9mm pistol is in two parts on this gun. The front part moves forward to expose the place where the 8-shot rotary clip is inserted, and the back part slides back to cock the hammer, if you want to shoot single-action. The gun is set up as a double-action pistol, which means pulling the trigger cocks and releases the hammer to fire the gun and also advances the rotary clip to the next pellet. If you cock the rear slide manually, the clip advances and the hammer remains cocked until you release it by pulling the trigger. Shooting single-action gives you a two-stage trigger with a long first stage and a crisp second.

Front half of the slide pops forward to load the circular clip.

Circular clip is in the gun, ratchet teeth to the rear.

Tomorrow, I’ll show you some velocities, accuracy and which pellets to use and why. I’ll also talk about the laser and compensator.