by B.B. Pelletier

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You may recall that I went shooting a couple weeks ago. I took both my Taurus PT 1911 and my new Wilson CQB Christmas gun. This is an update on the Taurus and a first report on the Wilson.

Little things mean a lot
The Taurus had several major problems. The factory magazines do not work, even with the reliable Wilson. So, until I rebuild them with new springs, they’re out. On the other hand, my one Wilson magazine works flawlessly in both guns.

The other problem was the Taurus extractor. It had a large burr, the part that fits over the cartridge rim was not smooth, but worst of all, the extractor was not properly tensioned. I corrected these faults and the last time out, the pistol fed 125 rounds perfectly. The rounds were a mixture of Winchester and Remington hardball plus two different reloads.

I’ll keep shooting the Taurus to test reliability, but I think I have it. The next thing I was interested in was a comparison of the two guns. You may laugh, but I found the Taurus easier to shoot than the Wilson. The sights that I’ve now become so familiar with are much faster to acquire.

Not all is perfect
Faster doesn’t mean better in all cases and definitely not in this one. While the Taurus sights come up very quickly, they’re very distracting…to the point that I cannot aim them intentionally. For a minute-of-bad-guy gun, the Taurus is great out to 25 feet, but the Wilson is incredible!


Two groups tell all. Top group is 8 shots from the Wilson CQB. Bottom group is 7 shots and 1 flyer (to the left) from the Taurus. The crosses indicate the aim point. Clearly the Wilson out-shoots the Taurus. From 20 feet.
The groups were shot at only 20 feet, so don’t get too excited. However, the Wilson shows its pedigree, and the Taurus suffers from combat sights that do not encourage precision.

How about that Wilson!
Several of you are curious about my new CQB, and here’s where I’ll make a tie-in with airguns. You could think of the Taurus as Gamo Shadow with which I’ve had growing pains. The Wilson is like a TX200…perfect right out of the box. You could buy 5 Tauruses for one Wilson, so there IS a reason the Wilson is a better gun. However, the Taurus is advertised as a $2100 value in a $600 package. While it’s a very nice gun, there is no way it can be a $2100 value. The Wilson shows what painstaking work can do. The Taurus shows how far modern manufacturing can take you.


Wilson CQB Light Rail is their standard custom gun with a Weaver rail underneath.