Good morning all. As you read this, I’m in an RV on my way to Las Vegas and the 2008 SHOT Show. Because I’m on the road and driving all day, I’m asking you veteran readers to please help out with the answers for the next two weeks. I’ll return on February 11. Of course, I’ll post the blog every day and answer those questions I have to, but I have to write a blog while I drive each day or am attending the SHOT Show, so I’ll be pretty busy for the next two weeks.

I won’t be doing any gun reviews during this time, but I have taken along photos, material and data to use for blogs, so things shouldn’t be that different. I’ll also give you a glimpse of anything extraordinary I see at the SHOT Show.

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Today’s post was provided by /Shooter, who has spent some time with a .22 caliber IZH MP 513 rifle….

More on the IZH MP 513M in .22 cal. Mine is about broken in now after 1000 or so shots, and I may seem like I’m stuck on this gun, but that’s only because I really like it! I also have a .22 long rifle bolt-action made by IZH that I really like.

The 513M looks pretty utilitarian. It’s like you said in your review of the .177 cal. 513M – it’s not going to win any beauty contests. Not like owning a Daystate or a TX200 that you’d (well, I would) be afraid to scratch, this is definitely a hunting/knockabout rifle. It does look a little better with the Leapers 5th Gen 3-9×50 red/green illuminated mil-dot reticle scope on it.

I don’t use the red/green illumination on the scope, but it looks like it’ll be useful in low light. I use my scope at about 7x most of the time, and I’m still shooting 0.17 – 0.19″ groups at 10 yards on a good day. If the groups look a little wide for 10 yards, it’s because (I forgot to mention in the other posts) these aren’t shot off a bench, but standing with my supporting forearm resting up against my Weider Crossbow exercise machine’s bow arms.

Also, the velocities and muzzle energy are probably adversely affected by the fact that I live at 5500 ft. elevation and because the first screen of my ProChrono Digital chronograph is about 3.5 ft. from the muzzle. I don’t figure I’m losing that much velocity in 3.5 ft. though. It’s not like I’m bucking a stiff head wind in my basement. You’ll get more down around sea level, but I don’t know how much. With that, here are the velocities and energies I’ve been getting. I really like the muzzle energy calculator on Pyramyd Air’s site. I used it for all of the conversions here. Ten-shot groups for each type of pellet.

JSB Exact Jumbo, 15.8 gr.- 725 fps. av.- ES-22, 18.45 fp, 25.01 joules
Beeman Silver Arrow, 19.9 gr.- 693 fps. av.- ES-22, 18.03 fp, 24.44 joules
RWS Superpoint, 14.5 gr.- 753 fps av.- ES-19, 18.26 fp, 24.76 joules
RWS Super H-Point, 14.2 gr.- 741 fps av.- ES-13, 17.32 fp, 23.48 joules
RWS Meisterkugeln, 14.1 gr.- 760 fps av.- ES-8, 18.09 fp, 24.52 joules
RWS Hobby, 11.9 gr.- 833 fps av.- ES-12, 18.34 fp, 24.87 joules
H&N Baracuda Match, 21.6 Gr.- 554 fps av.- ES- 8, 14.72 fp, 19.96 joules
JSB Predator Ultra Shock, 15.8 gr.- 717 fps av.- ES- 6, 18.04 fp, 24.46 joules (Best Accuracy)
Daisy Precision Max, 13.4 gr.- 808 fps av.- ES-14, 19.43 fp, 26.34 joules
Beeman Ram Jet, 16.5 gr.- 697 av.- ES 17, S17.80 fp, 24.14 joules
Crosman Hyper-Velocity, 14.2 gr,- 755 av.- ES- 25, SD- 8, 17.98 fp, 24.37 joules
Crosman Premier (boxed), 14.3 gr.- 761 fps av.- ES- 40, 18.39 fp, 24.94 joules

Notice the drop in power for the H&N Baracudas. Too much weight at 21.6 gr. while the 19.9 gr. Beeman Silver Arrows delivered most of the gun’s energy down range. Too bad, the Silver Arrow’s accuracy at 10 yds. left something to be desired. I almost thought the Baracudas had broken my gun, but I shot the JSB Predator Ultra Shocks immediately after them, and the power and consistency were back to where they should be.

The Predator Ultra Shock (no plastic penetrator point, just a big yawning hollow) gave me the most consistent accuracy, while the Baracuda Extra Heavys, even with their really low extreme spread, were all over the place with this gun. I also noticed that the RWS Hobbys, while being the lightest, did not deliver the most energy. That was done by the Daisy Precision Max, which beat them out by over a full ft./lb. Too bad their accuracy was so mediocre. For accuracy in this gun, I’ll go with the JSB Predator Ultras followed closely by the group of RWS Meisters, Superpoints and Hobbys.

I haven’t needed the extra seals or mainspring that came with this rifle. Although it kicks pretty hard and buzzes a little with the lighter pellets (didn’t get to the tar yet), I really enjoy it so far. Now, if I can just get some time outside without freezing my tail off, I’ll shoot it for accuracy at about 25-30 yards and see what it’ll do.