by B.B. Pelletier

Yesterday, I told you about some of the things I got for Christmas. Blog reader Peter Zimmerman asked what Edith got, so she’s going to tell you about her gifts. It’s very difficult to buy presents for her because she doesn’t ask for anything, and she tells me she doesn’t need anything. Yet, I still manage to surprise her every year.

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by Edith (Mrs. B.B.) Gaylord

Christmas is to me as airguns are to all of you. It’s my hobby, my passion. If I could, I’d have the Christmas tree up all year long. One year, I didn’t take it down til April. This year, I plan to put it up around Halloween, just so I can stretch out the time. If Tom would let me, I’d put it up Labor Day weekend!

In a way, I’m much like Tom. I like practical things. I know that it’s considered a faux pas to give a woman an appliance, but I’ve shed tears of joy when getting them. Also, Le Creuset cookware is the only cookware I like, so this year Tom got me another pan in my favorite color.

Tom bought me a Wii this year, along with two games. I’ve mentioned in another blog that I’d rather play tennis than do anything else, so he bought me the Wii Grand Slam Tennis game. He also got me a Wii bowling game. We plan to add some other Wii games…racquetball, shooting, etc. Because we can’t play tennis as much as we’d like, we thought the Wii would be a great way to get some fun exercise while working on our proficiency in the living room. As it turns out, I’m better on the tennis courts than I am on the Wii tennis game (vice versa for Tom), but I’m much better on Wii bowling than I am on a real bowling lane (vice versa for Tom).

If you don’t know what the Wii is or think it’s just another way to sit in front of a TV and meld with the sofa, you’re in for a surprise. It’s an active video game. I played the Wii for 2 hours the first time. The next morning, I thought I’d traded bodies with a 100-year-old woman. Instead of telling you what hurts, it would take less time to tell you what doesn’t! I’ve been playing it every day now, and getting better and better. Tom, too. Both of us sweat and get winded from playing our Wii sports. It’s not something I would have believed if I hadn’t experienced it myself. In fact, I dress in the same clothing I’d wear for playing tennis when I play on the Wii.

I find it interesting that there are also shooting games for the Wii–pistol and rifle target practice, including handheld devices that are shaped like guns. In fact, one of them is branded with the name of a major sporting goods retailer.

While I’ve never played a computer game in my life, I’m attracted to the Wii because it’s a physical activity. I spend enough time sitting down at the computer that I don’t want to do it as a leisure time pursuit.

I also got some books I’d wanted and some wonderful decorative items. Tom knows what colors delight me, and so he gets me neat things in those colors every year.

I’m also a fan of old TV shows, and I got the full collection of Victor Borge’s funniest videos plus a Laurel & Hardy video. My brother, who didn’t make up here it this year because his wife had emergency surgery on a life-threatening intestinal hernia, sent a huge box of delicious items from Omaha Steaks. He’s promised to come up in January for a belated celebration. Another reason to keep the Christmas decorations going through the month!

We also got a lovely gift from a manufacturer…two bottles of ice wine from Canada. We celebrate every Christmas with it. Tom’s sisters and my brother and his wife come here for Christmas and like it so much that they asked to have Christmas in July. So, July 4th is another time when we all get together. We have a grand old time exchanging fun gifts and celebrating the warmth of kinship. And, we’re just like everyone else…we’re happy to see them arrive and even happier to see them leave!