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What Edith got for Christmas

by B.B. Pelletier

Yesterday, I told you about some of the things I got for Christmas. Blog reader Peter Zimmerman asked what Edith got, so she’s going to tell you about her gifts. It’s very difficult to buy presents for her because she doesn’t ask for anything, and she tells me she doesn’t need anything. Yet, I still manage to surprise her every year.

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by Edith (Mrs. B.B.) Gaylord

Christmas is to me as airguns are to all of you. It’s my hobby, my passion. If I could, I’d have the Christmas tree up all year long. One year, I didn’t take it down til April. This year, I plan to put it up around Halloween, just so I can stretch out the time. If Tom would let me, I’d put it up Labor Day weekend!

In a way, I’m much like Tom. I like practical things. I know that it’s considered a faux pas to give a woman an appliance, but I’ve shed tears of joy when getting them. Also, Le Creuset cookware is the only cookware I like, so this year Tom got me another pan in my favorite color.

Tom bought me a Wii this year, along with two games. I’ve mentioned in another blog that I’d rather play tennis than do anything else, so he bought me the Wii Grand Slam Tennis game. He also got me a Wii bowling game. We plan to add some other Wii games…racquetball, shooting, etc. Because we can’t play tennis as much as we’d like, we thought the Wii would be a great way to get some fun exercise while working on our proficiency in the living room. As it turns out, I’m better on the tennis courts than I am on the Wii tennis game (vice versa for Tom), but I’m much better on Wii bowling than I am on a real bowling lane (vice versa for Tom).

If you don’t know what the Wii is or think it’s just another way to sit in front of a TV and meld with the sofa, you’re in for a surprise. It’s an active video game. I played the Wii for 2 hours the first time. The next morning, I thought I’d traded bodies with a 100-year-old woman. Instead of telling you what hurts, it would take less time to tell you what doesn’t! I’ve been playing it every day now, and getting better and better. Tom, too. Both of us sweat and get winded from playing our Wii sports. It’s not something I would have believed if I hadn’t experienced it myself. In fact, I dress in the same clothing I’d wear for playing tennis when I play on the Wii.

I find it interesting that there are also shooting games for the Wii–pistol and rifle target practice, including handheld devices that are shaped like guns. In fact, one of them is branded with the name of a major sporting goods retailer.

While I’ve never played a computer game in my life, I’m attracted to the Wii because it’s a physical activity. I spend enough time sitting down at the computer that I don’t want to do it as a leisure time pursuit.

I also got some books I’d wanted and some wonderful decorative items. Tom knows what colors delight me, and so he gets me neat things in those colors every year.

I’m also a fan of old TV shows, and I got the full collection of Victor Borge’s funniest videos plus a Laurel & Hardy video. My brother, who didn’t make up here it this year because his wife had emergency surgery on a life-threatening intestinal hernia, sent a huge box of delicious items from Omaha Steaks. He’s promised to come up in January for a belated celebration. Another reason to keep the Christmas decorations going through the month!

We also got a lovely gift from a manufacturer…two bottles of ice wine from Canada. We celebrate every Christmas with it. Tom’s sisters and my brother and his wife come here for Christmas and like it so much that they asked to have Christmas in July. So, July 4th is another time when we all get together. We have a grand old time exchanging fun gifts and celebrating the warmth of kinship. And, we’re just like everyone else…we’re happy to see them arrive and even happier to see them leave!

57 thoughts on “What Edith got for Christmas”

  1. I have to agree with you about the Wii and the LeCreuset stuff altough I knew about the cookware a long time ago I'm new to the Wii, my wife was asking for it since it came out and I finally gave in for her birthday in November, man why did I wait this long, I've been using it more than her and I lost 10lb since I bought it and it's fun too !
    I personally didn't get the daisy/avanti 499 I asked for christmas because PyramydAir apparently can't ship airguns to Canada

  2. Edith-
    My wife love Le Creuset too and I tell her that they're better than a set of weights. since we use it every day I'll be able to lift that stuff when I'm 80. Who needs a set of weights?

  3. Okay, everybody, we have to figure a way to J-F his Daisy 499. There MUST be a way!

    The gun only shoots 250 f.p.s., so the laws don't come into play here.

    J-F, have you considered buying direct;ly from Daisy.

    And, when you say Pyramyd AIR doesn't ship to Canada, have THEY told you that? Because I know they've shipped there in the past.


  4. J-F,

    I fell in love with Le Creuset cookware when I first found out about it in the 1960s. Life happens, and I never got any til a few years ago. In 2008, I bought an entire set for myself. Xmas of 2008, Tom gave me some additional pieces (he also gave me a Vita-Mix, which I've wanted since 1971).

    I play Wii bowling, tennis, baseball & golf every morning for 45 mins. In the evenings, we play Wii bowling for 2+ hours. I'm with you…why did we wait so long?


  5. Edith & BB: My wife loves to decorate the place as well, and it is always a little sad, and so drab after Christmas. The house has had various decorations up depending on the holiday, from Halloween to now. We have nine and six year old boys and they of course are very excited at that time of year. As Jean Sheppard said in the "Christmas Story " movie, it is the high water mark in the kid year. I'll have to check out the Le Creuset cookware. My wife has Emeril Ware and it is quite heavy also. She loves them. In fact, I read a newspaper story about a woman who wacked a home intruder with a piece of Emeril Ware this past year. Knocked him right out. Her husband who is a judge heard the whole confrontation on his cell, as he raced home to help. She handled it OK though. Emeril even gave the lady a new set! BB, I was looking through my mould blocks and I have a Lyman # 311466 Loverin style, about 152 grs. Your blog yesterday got me thinking. I have always used the gas-check on it, but will have to try it without. I cast some of wheel weights. They are a bit pointed and depending on how far out I seat them, the grease grooves as well as the lube could be exposed. That makes them single loading only in my 30-30 levers, and prone to collecting grit. Probably why I never fooled with them in the 30-30 before. BTW, E-mail sent to the address you provided. Robert

  6. Sounds like you both made off like bandits 😉
    Of the things I received, I think the one I value the most (both because of what it is and who gave it…a very close friend who knows me well) was the complete boxed 'Band of Brothers' series.
    I've been making a point of watching movies like these with my boys. They love shooting…both real (b.b.) and play (Nerf)…but I want to make sure they have a realization that, though war and violence is glorified in much of Hollywood's offering…the real thing ain't so pretty…that you want to be real sure of what your doing and thinking before you pull that trigger.

    Now, for the technical question B.B.
    Just how serious is firing a springer without a pellet loaded?
    I really have come to respect the Xisico XS-B9 I recently purchased (about 500fps, not overly powerful). Unfortunately I've been basing my entire thinking of Chinese guns on a real piece 'o crap Marksman b.b. gun from a couple of years back…which this isn't.
    If you're familiar with the B9 it is sidelever that can be single fired, or used as a repeater with 12 shot clips.
    Now every once and a while a pellet will lodge in the clip and not load. Maybe once in a 100 shots or so.
    You know this happens because it makes a nice, satisfying 'crack'.
    Out comes the clip, dislodge the canted pellet and all is good for another 100 shots or so.
    So…am I doing real damage?
    I'm wondering if I should just use it as a single shot…though I really like the repeater function.
    CowBoyStar Dad

  7. This is the message my wife got from Pyramyd AIR :

    Canadian law prohibits Pyramyd AIR Ltd. from shipping this order to you. We
    are cancelling your order with us. However, Air Gun Source Canada, our
    associate retail store in Canada, may be able to ship this order to you.

    Air Gun Source Canada doesn't stock it, the only retailer I found in Canada that stocks it is D&L Aigun at 150$ + shipping compared to the 115$ + free shipping from pyramyd air…

    But it's ok my parents are going to Florida for 2 months soon, they'll have plenty of time to receive my orders from companies that don't ship to Canada.

  8. Mrs "I don't want/need anything for Christmas" Gaylord,

    You're somehow related to my wife. I know I'm not related to Tom since he does a much better job of shopping than I do given the same lack of information. My wife has also shed tears in the past when opening my gifts but they weren't tears of joy.

    My first Wii experience was on Sunday after Christmas. We spent the holidays at our home in the mountains as usual. Wonderful time of year since the majority of our neighbors are seasonal and are back in the warm climates of their winter homes. Very quiet, deserted. One of our neighbors (about 2 miles away) stopped by and invited us over to watch the Denver Broncos try to play football on Sunday since they know we don't have a TV.

    Although I had little interest in seeing the Broncos get beat again, my daughter has had a crush on their son since she was 3 years old so there was no getting out of the invite.

    After the game was over they plugged in their new Wii and put on the bowling. I'm not a "gamer" but had a blast. What amazed me was the slightest hand movement resulted in putting spin on the ball. In "real" bowling I have to dramatically rotate my hand to come close to replicating the same spin.

    It was the only game we played but after we finished Jake (my daughters imaginary boyfriend) played a big mouth bass fishing game. Amazing stuff.

    Great article. Thanks.


  9. Frank B,

    Congratulations on the USFT #92. One of a kind airgun.

    Ahh yes the investment card. I play it often.

    In your case I think it applies since you're very discriminating in adding to your collection. Classics that I can't imagine ever falling out of favor.


  10. CSD,

    Dry-firing a spring-piston gun is serious enough to avoid doing it. But occasionally it shouldn't hurt. I would keep on doing what you like (repeating) and not worry about it.

    We have all dry-fired our share of guns over the years and I imagine few of them ever broke.


  11. Volvo,

    Interesting gold mine of airguns you've found.

    Saw the picture on the yellow of your RWS 40M. Never seen one of those but it looks to be in brand new condition.

    Anxious to hear your opinion of that one.


  12. Anthony from Guadalahara,

    The AA S410 was my first pcp purchase as well.

    Obviously you're a man of refined tastes and impeccable judgement. ;^)

    The only "weakness" in my factory gun was the magazine. It is not designed as well and does not work as flawlessly as the aftermarket magazines I purchased from RC Machine.

    Mine isn't very pellet picky at short distances but performs best with the jsb 18.1 gr. pellets at long (100 yard) distances.

    Please keep us posted on your opinion of the gun and how it shoots.


  13. BTW, I've purchased some equipment from Air Gun Source in Canada.
    They usually have what I've needed and been very helpful. They also seem to ship the same day as ordered whenever possible.
    CowBoyStar Dad

  14. Robert,

    I like Le Creuset cookware in spite of it's heaviness! It's cast iron cookware that's heavily enameled both inside & out. I use no steel, aluminum or copper cookware because most of it is made in China…and I do not trust the mfg processes. Metals (often dangerous ones) can leech out of the cookware into your food, and China is known for careless work and not really giving a flip about things even if it's related to food. I also refuse to use anything coated with Teflon, as it eventually flakes off into your food. It can also give off noxious fumes (people who own parrots know that those fumes can be deadly to their birds).

    Le Creuset is an old French company that continues to make their cookware the old-fashioned way (yes, I know, not everything old-fashioned is good…but Le Creuset IS good). I trust them. There are also 2 other French things that I like very much: Opinel high-carbon knives (all my kitchen knives are Opinel) and brie cheese, with which I've had a lifelong long love affair 🙂


  15. Kevin,

    During this morning's workout, I tried the Wii boxing for the first time. What a scream! I played 3 rounds with 2 different opponents & won both matches. I felt as though I was in the middle of a cartoon because the characters just kept coming back for more punishment! What a hoot…and tremendous aerobic exercise.


  16. Edith: I agree on the Teflon, it doesn't last, and you right about the flaking. Never considered the other issues you mention, the Chinese and fumes ect. I like plain old cast iron cookware , but my wife hates it, as she hated cleaning it. The Le Creuset sounds very nice. I will check it out. I also am familar with Opinel knives. But since we live very close to the Cutco plant, and Ontario knife plants I use a lot of their knives. The machine shop where my wife works makes many of the parts for the Ontario military knives, so that is another reason why I patronize them. Take Care , Robert

  17. Reposted by Edith for Slinging Lead (I removed the profanity):


    I'm happy you are getting so much joy from your Christmas gifts. I used to play video games, but had to stop. They can be so frustrating sometimes that I end up cursing like Ralphie's dad in A Christmas Story. "Stupid thing is cheating!" is one thing I like to yell.


    My selfish envy does not prevent me from congratulating you on your AAS410. I have wanted one of these for a while. I just haven't figured out a way to justify it yet. Do not be self conscious about your English. It is better than many people in America who speak only English.


    Since you have seen fit to give out new handles to people, I am anointing you "BB Junior" for your wealth of knowledge and constant postings on a variety of subjects. They global warming link was great. When you tell global warming alarmists about looking at temperatures over millions of years or even hundreds of thousands, rather than the last couple hundred, they look at you like you have two heads. We don't need to trash the Earth because you don't *&%$# the bed. But most of the notions from " An Inconvenient Lie put forth to extort tax revenue from a gullible populace" oops I mean "An Inconvenient Truth" have been discredited. In the early seventies the experts said we were headed for another ice-age. When I was in 3rd grade I was taught that the hole in the ozone layer would incinerate us in about 10 years. When I was in 4th grade, on the day of President Reagan's inauguration, I learned that if the Iranians reneged on the hostage handover, Reagan would start World War III. This is yet another lie being taught to todays children as hard fact.


    Thank you for your update on the CFX. Ever since acquiring Tex, the pride of my collection (TX-200), I have yearned for a CFX Royale in .177 with the gas ram to test accuracy against. Your update lets me know that if I want my Royale, I will buy a used one from a fellow enthusiast preferably from America, rather than a new one from the frighteningly backward and assenine Gamo corportation. Shame on them. Don't they know that Charlie's triggers increase the market for their guns?


    Did you get the 61 put back together?

    Frank B

    Congratulations on your purchase of USFT#92! Perhaps you should ship it to Wayne first for a loaner period so you can say it was used by the State of Oregon Field Target Champion. Should boost the value, huh Wayne? Then again Wayne does have some type of weird obsession with these things, and you might have a hard time getting it back.


    The "silencer" on a Marauder is a shroud. The TX-200 also is quieter because of the shroud. Ditto for the NPSS. I would look very closely at this. If they outlaw one rifle because of the shroud, it is very likely they will go after another soon.

  18. AR Tinkerer

    In my 400 part entry I forgot to thank you for your help with the rear sight issue. Yes, I have checked out the Crosman forum and other assorted 54 forums, but didn't find anything exactly like I was looking for. Then again I have the attention span of a Labrador Retriever puppy on meth, so going through all the pages gets tedious to me. That's why I prefer a wacky blog called The Pyramyd AIR Report. I highly recommend it!

    PS Edith, thank you. Sorry for the potty mouth.

  19. Cowboystardad I also ordered with canada's air gun source and been very pleased with the service but they just don't stock the 499.

    I also love the opinel brand of knife it was the very first knife I ever owned I got it from my grand father's brother while visiting them in France when I was 6 or 7 years old at the time and 26 years later I still own it and it's in great shape.

    p.s. than you mr. Gaylord for investigating why they don't ship to Canada

  20. Robert,

    I to dearly love my cast iron cook ware. A properly seasoned piece is a joy to use and easy clean.

    Have you ever cleaned yours using salt? When I'm done frying bacon and eggs, I wipe it off with a paper towel, scour it using plain old table salt and a clean paper towel, followed by a good rinse with hot water. Your eggs will never stick to the griddle using that method like they do using soap and water.

  21. My other source of 'stuff' in Canada is D&L Airgun in Langley, British Columbia (dlairgun.com).
    They are probably one of the largest dealers in Canada and they do stock the 499.
    (hopefully this doesn't ruffle any feathers)
    CowBoyStar Dad

  22. Slinging Lead,

    B.B. Jr., hmmmm, been called a lot worse. Many times.

    Actually appreciate the compliment.

    I'm trying to remain civil and not take up bandwidth on my passionate opinion about the global warming issue and the scary global motives I believe exist behind this well organized conspiracy that is still playing itself out. There are better places for me to vent my outrage than this nice airgun place.


  23. Mr B,

    What a kind gesture to flyfisher. You are the epitomy of why I really enjoy this place.

    A prime example of the great environment on this blog that Mrs Gaylord has created with B.B.'s help.


  24. Edith,

    We bought a Wii for the girls for Christmas. Have to admit I like it also, however I was shocked to see my Wii sports age at better than a decade over my real age. I would agree 100% that it is an actual workout. Fun stuff.

    I have two full boxes off .22 Hornet I no longer need since I sold the rifle. If you can let me know how to ship them they are all yours.


  25. Edith,

    Great article. I'm glad to hear about the Wii, I'll check it out. Active indoor fun is hard to come by… sounds like a real good thing!

    I also have steered away from Teflon cookware, but hadn't heard of Le Creuset cookware or Opinel high-carbon knives… Thanks for sharing that info with us.

    I also want to thank you for making this such a great safe and fun place to learn about air guns…. and many, many other things as well.


    Congrats! I'm so glad you got USFT# 92. Great price and investment…. but…Slinging lead has a great idea.. should only take a year or so to raise the value for you:-).. but no doubt you could win more events with it than me!.. so maybe it's not to great of an idea.

    I'd sure like to shoot with you someday… I'd like to shoot with all of you someday!!

    … and even debate politics over a beer and campfire.. I sure got LD worked up!

    Wacky Wayne, Match Director, Ashland Air Rifle Range

  26. BB: I tried sending you an E-mail using the link above,( where ,if you want to be a guest blogger) and it just comes back as an error /failure to deliver? Did it a couple times so I don't know what's up with that? Mr. B, thanks for that tip,I'll try that! Robert

  27. Robert,

    Please try the email address again. I just tried it, and it arrived without issues. If you still can't make it work, use the email address at the top of this page.

  28. Wayne,

    Doesn't take much to get ld worked up. Gotta put on an extra layer of skin when you're around him.

    Thanks again for the free 30mm scope rings. If you looked at my stock refinish of the FX you'll see one of your rings securing the Aimpoint ML3. Neat little sight option that I'm growing to appreciate more and more.


  29. Has anyone heard of 'Sussex sabo'pellets?
    I had a tin of .177 sabos in the mid 80s.
    They looked like a tiny plastic cup with a leafed top containing a solid bullet.
    When exiting the muzzle the leaves open the cup falls away leaving the bullet to carry on.
    Can't seem to find them anywhere nowdays.
    Dave UK

  30. Edith,

    Congratulations, the Wii is great. My wife wanted one a year or two ago and I was skeptical, but it turns out to be a lot of fun, although my son spends too much time on it sometimes. My wife got Wii Sports Resort this year, which has the updated motion controller and a whole bunch of sports games — the archery looks really nice.

    The plastic and otherwise flexible utensils required on non-stick surfaces annoy me, so I've never used any non-sticks. I like cast-iron best of all, but we have mostly stainless because my wife wasn't brought up using cast iron, which can be hard on the seasoning:). Upside is, I eat more than I cook:).

  31. Slinging Lead,
    I missed the post about sights previously. When I said "file a dovetail", I meant one that goes into and across the reciever, not a scope rail. The question is whether there is enough meat in the receiver (or possibly the scope rail) to do that. It probably sounds awful in terms of work, but with a good triangular file, it won't take long at all (minus paint or rebluing time),

  32. Slinging lead,I may very well need to go to Ashland to learn to use the USFT#92…..from The Oregon CHAMP! Wayne,It'll be like teaching a chimp to play the fiddle!!!A labrador puppy on meth…..that's a mental picture!!! Edith,we've long suspected BB was just a front for your mastery….now we know.BB,I believe you are one lucky man,except for her newfound boxing skills:0 Frank B

  33. BG Farmer

    Thank you for your input again, I misinterpreted what you meant.

    I am sure with careful instruction, the right parts, the appropriate tools, lots of patience and my innate airgunsmithing skills I can have my 1377 reduced to a pile of broken parts and metal filings faster than a chimp with a fiddle.

    (Frank B, thank you. Sometimes I run out of wacky animal metaphors of my own)

  34. Kevin,

    Yes… it was great fun sitting around the campfire…(albeit a propane camp heater)… shooting the bull with some of the old masters of the field target game here in the states. LD's experience helping companies be more productive in the same space and for less money, was a great story to hear. No wonder he is so good designing air guns.

    A few of us stayed up talking and debating the military industrial complex.. and after I went to bed, they further discussed the wonderful things religion has done for the world.. way too late.

    I felt kind of bad, since he had only missed one on Saturday, then missed 5 on Sunday and move out of first place for the Cal. state open class championship….

    ..and no, the winner didn't give me nothin for keeping him up late and getting him drunk!

    Wacky Wayne, MD. Ashland Air Rifle Range

  35. Slinging Lead,
    It doesn't have to be that way. Just go slowly and stop when it looks like you want it to look:). I'm thinking almost any kind of scope rail sight is going to be too high, unless you can build up the front sight.

  36. BG Farmer & Slinging Lead,

    The Crosman steel breech has a both a scope dovetail and sight dovetail cut into it. Slinging Lead, is it the Crosman breech you have?


  37. AR,
    Thanks. If it already has the dovetail for rear sights, that does make things easy. I was under the impression that it didn't, but maybe I was missing something:).

  38. Jay,
    Finally got a chance to view your stock pictures at full size. I do like the color and figure in that stock with the LMF stain. Personally, I think that beech is often better looking than walnut and would take your beech stock over many plainly figured walnut ones.

    The crack isn't bad at all. I would just go in from the back side and cut a narrow, fairly shallow slot across the crack 3/4" or more back from the beginning of the cocking lever opening, then embed a pin (or finish nail) and some epoxy into it. That should stabilize it and will not show. I would clamp the two forestock arms together gently while the epoxy cures, to keep the crack small, but don't overdo it or you'll create more stress. You can then probably fill the crack on the outside just as Kevin suggested. Even some yellow glue in the crack from inside cured with clamps might be enough.

    The crack seems to be from stress of cocking pushing the two sides of the forestock apart, so you didn't cause it — my guess is that it has been there a very long time and just showed up when you stripped the stock..

    Caution: word ver. is oronic — hopefully that doesn't mean my advice is moronic

  39. I guess I am the Tiger Woods of airguns, with an insatiable appetite to try something new, no matter what I have or have had in the past.

    This leads me to The Daisy 130B. Keep in mind all of these rifles will no doubt be on the yellow or other sales venue at some point.

    This one is a Gamo, rebadged as a Daisy. Not much info out there on it, other than it was not offered for long. My original thoughts were perhaps this could be a poor man’s R-7. The specs on the box were 625 fps, 5.5 lbs and 40 inches. That converts to 34B- 23- 36. So far so good.

    Opening the box and removing the rifle I knew it would need to sit for awhile. Coming in from the fifteen degree weather it was quickly covered in condensation. So I set a play date for after dinner.

    The first shots missed their mark but gave off that addicting smell of burning oil, nothing to a certain extent like it. Not quite as intoxicating as leaves burning in the cool fall air, but I relish it. Few more shots and it’s sighted in. The Chrony shows that it is truly a rare bird as the power on the box is underrated. Standard JSB’s fly at 630 fps and Silver Bears go at 675 fps. Very R-7 ish in the power department. Accuracy without a scope is also nice. The stock is not bad, a light tan hardwood. That’s the good news.

    Miscellaneous. One odd tidbit was the manual in the box was for a Daisy 130A, nothing at all like a 130B other than the fact that it was also a Springer. I guess any manual in a pinch was the theory. Taking the stock off revealed a nasty bit of gunk that must have run out of the rifle over the past 5 or 6 years it sat in the box. Everything cleaned up nicely and I jammed some heavy tar in the cocking slot and smeared a little moly on the trigger, as simplistic as that sounds it makes a world of difference.

    Now the bad, the plastic trigger guard was cracked around the large screw right out of the box. This is concerning since the forks in the front are also plastic. The trigger pull is crazy long and as crisp as a three hour old salad. Certainly it was built to a price point, and I know anything can be over engineered, but a few dollars more could really have made it a contender. I guess numbers alone can be deceiving.

    So over all, I don’t think the R-7 has anything to worry about. But for $75.00 this rifle was a great value as light duty Springer. Sadly, I can’t find anything similar in the Gamo Daisy line now.


  40. Hi BB,

    Sounds like both Mrs. BB and you got what you wanted for Christmas. How wonderful!

    I happened to run into a discussion thread where one of us asked you about long range shooting with the Marauder (around June 2009.) Am I understanding you correctly that you can get one 0.5 inch 5-shot group out of every three groups at 100 yards under zero-wind condition? If so, Marauder is an incredible air rifle!

    BTW, does the air rifle have a regulator?


  41. Albert,

    I'm sure I didn't say the Marauder can group five shots in a half-inch at 100 yards. If I did, I'm saying it cannot now. It can do that at 50 yards, which is good for a sporting air rifle.

    No, the Marauder doesn't have a regulator. It uses a balanced valve that meters air as the pressure drops in the reservoir. The shooter can adjust both the hammer spring tension and the transfer port size, which gives him the ability to adjust the fill pressure and the velocity, independently.


  42. Hi. im new to this but i have a question that i was wondering if any one could answer. i have leepers 3-9×40 scope on my rws 34 and the scope doesnt hold its zero where the cross hairs meet. it hold it either at the first or second dot up on the verticle cross hair. if i zero it to where they meet it will hold it for about 5 shots and then shift to the first dot. this happens even when i lock down the turets on the scope. ive tried reseting the scope but that doenst do anything. i dont really want to buy a new scope but i dont know what to do. Can any one help??

  43. sammacfadyen,

    It sounds like you have adjusted the vertical adjustment too high and the erector tube is moving inside the scope tube.

    Try adjusting downward 50 clicks and see whether the zero moves when you shoot. If it doesn't you need a droop-compensating scope base to get the right angle on the scope.


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    We have a team of expert technicians and a complete repair shop that are able to service a large variety of brands/models of airguns. Additionally, we are a factory-authorized repair/warranty station for popular brands such as Air Arms, Air Venturi, Crosman, Diana, Seneca, and Weihrauch airguns.

    Our experts also offer exclusive 10-for-$10 Test and 20-for-$20 Service, which evaluates your air gun prior to leaving our warehouse. You'll be able to add these services as you place your order.

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  • Warranty Info

    Shop and purchase with confidence knowing that all of our air guns (except airsoft) are protected by a minimum 1-year manufacturer's warranty from the date of purchase unless otherwise noted on the product page.

    A warranty is provided by each manufacturer to ensure that your product is free of defect in both materials and workmanship.

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  • Exchanges / Refunds

    Didn't get what you wanted or have a problem? We understand that sometimes things aren't right and our team is serious about resolving these issues quickly. We can often help you fix small to medium issues over the phone or email.

    If you need to return an item please read our return policy.

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Free shipping may not be combined with a coupon unless stated otherwise.

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