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Education / Training National Ask a Stupid Question Day

National Ask a Stupid Question Day

by Tom Gaylord, The Godfather of Airguns™
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

This is a special blog report for “National Ask a Stupid Question Day.”

I used to say that there are no stupid questions. However, there is one: The one that’s not asked.

If you don’t know something, ask. If you’ve felt that your question is stupid and, therefore, haven’t asked it — this would be the time to put it out there. You’re welcome to comment anonymously if you prefer.

This blog post will accept comments from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm Eastern time today (9/28/14). Of course, all our other blog reports will continue to be live 24/7.

During this 1-hr period, I’ll only be answering questions posted here. Later today, I’ll also be answering questions on Pyramyd Air’s social network sites. See all the times here.

Please remember that this is a G-rated site. Now, let’s get started!

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Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

38 thoughts on “National Ask a Stupid Question Day”

    • After carefully reading the question I would recommend using dry compressed nitrogen.The use of welding gas mixtures such as argon/co2 is expensive and would really serve no benefit.

      Take care
      Air force Condor SS .117 .22 .25
      Air force Condor .257
      Beeman HW97K
      Baikel Makarov .177

  1. I’m practicing at for a bench rest competition. I’m shooting my PCP at 17 yds which is my near zero distance, along with the BR competition distances of 25 yds & 75 yds.
    My concern is the 10% to 15% of shots at 17 yds which are ‘flyers’. These flyers end up outside the 6 ring & frequently are at 5 to 7 o’clock.
    The flyers occur when I’m slowly squeezing the trigger resulting in a ‘surprise’ release & my ‘follow through’ indicates the shot should have resulted in a 9 or 10.
    Using sand bad as fore end rest.
    I’m shooting a electronic trigger Day State Mrk III bolt action in 0.177. Adjustable gun power is set to maximum with gun pressure between 2000 psi & 3200 psi.
    I’ve experimented with several domed pellets. JSB Heavy 10.3 (870 fps)or Crossman Premier Heavy 10.5 (845 fps) work the best.
    I’ve been using pellet lube; but am starting to shoot non-lubed pellets.
    I’ve not cleaned the Day State barrel in 7 years of ownership; other than using dry wool cleaning pellets. Appearance of fired wool pellet is slightly dirty with a graphite powder look.

  2. Why are airguns so expensive? Some of them are in the thousands of dollars. I can buy powder burners for much less. Also why are pellets so expensive? A tiny piece of lead and it costs $10.00 to $40.00 per tin, or box of a few hundred or less. I realize that airguns are just becoming recognized in the sport shooting and hunting world, but for what we are getting I feel the prices are way out of line.

    Also the P.C.P. guns are way to high in price and add to that the fact that you have to spend another $300.00 or more to obtain the equipment to support the gun it makes P.C.P.’s priced out of the market for the average sport shooter or hunter. It appears the more popular the item the more the manufacturer and retailers mark up the prices. Is there any hope for the average shooter?

    • Jim,

      Yes, you can buy a Ruger 10/22 for $189, and yet a TX 200 costs over $600. But the TX will also shoot rings around the Ruger until you have spent another $600-800- on it.

      Also, with airguns you just buy pellets. With firearm you have to buy loaded ammunition that may not be available and costs a lot more than pellets.

      I shoot a lot of firearms, but I shoot airguns about 10 times as much.


  3. Hello BB,

    I bought a HW50S a few months ago. I have not put a scope on it yet because it’s a little twangy and I thought I’d let it break in for a little while first. It leads me to a few questions…

    I have not shot with open sights since I was a snot nosed kid 45 years ago. Please give me a tutorial. If it shoots high which way do I move the rear sight? If it shoots right which way do I move the rear sight?

    I’ve put about 3000 pellets through it and the screws seem to vibrate loose about every 250 shots. Which screws do I need to keep tight and are there any that should not be very tight? Should I consider applying loctight to any of the screws? What kind of loctight?

    During my shooting sessions I start to get a scraping sound after about 30 shots. I assume this is due to lack of lubrication on the cocking linkage. How do I confirm this theory and what kind of lubrication should I use to prevent galling?

    I have not oiled the rifle with anything yet, what kind on maintenance schedule should I be on?

    Lots of questions, lots to learn, lots of fun,

    • Randy,

      The rear sight always moves the same way you want the shot to move. Keep your stock screws on the forearm & triggerguard tight. Use Blue Loctite. You’ll have to take the action out of the stock to prevent galling. And moly grease is the best way to prevent it. Do not oil your gun unless it honks. Weihrauchs are usually too oily.


  4. I am wondering, why there’s not that much said about the weihrauch hk97? It seems to me that this is an equal if not better springer then the TX 200 mkIII. I have read everything on this site and researched everywhere I could on both rifles and the hk97 seems to come out on top alot. Fit and finish look to be equal on both. The warranty is alot better on the 97k. Also, do you think that either would be better with a nitro piston? I am saving to get the 97k in .177. I know a lot depends on your personal preference but both are equally accurate and the same fps.. just lifetime warranty against 1 year.

    • Wayne,

      I’ve tested 2 HW97s and found both of them to be inferior to the 77 and definitely inferior to the TX200. I realize I’m in the minority, but I don’t like the 97.


  5. After about a year of use, my Crossman PC77 Pumpmaster Classic is starting to squeak when I pump it. Where should I oil it and what type of oil should I use?

    Thanks so much!

  6. My .25cal Hatsan 95 has a muzzle energy of 21fpe. How can I tell what the energy is on target at 25m? Will I have to chrony it at that distance or is there a formula to use to calculate it?

  7. Hey, I thought of something else.

    How the heck does my 14 year daughter shot MY pistols better than I do?????


    • Randy,

      Imagine how I felt when Crystal Ackley, the lady I was teaching how to shoot an air pistol, out-shot me on television! Sometimes, women just do what they’re supposed to without any of the male hangups.


      • At the range she’ll step back after 6 bulls eyes with a big grin and inform me that I’ll need to buy the ice cream again. When I suggest a ‘double or nothing’ contest with the rifles, she quickly responds, “No Daddy, their too heavy”. That little girl is amazing with a pistol!

    • Wayne,

      The power was lower than advertised, the accuracy was mediocre and the gun shot with a lot of buzz. I’ve never had an HW77 perform like that. And, a TX200 is lightyears better!


  8. Why are we sitting around here asking questions when we could be out shooting airguns?

    Seriously though… Have you heard anything new from any of the airgun companies about the $100 PCP after you finished the report on the proof of concept? And if not, is Crosman planning to bring back the ($80-$100) base model of the 2260 co2 rifle?

  9. I was out grasshopper hunting with my benjamin 392. When I tried to pump it up air would escape through
    the barrel. I disassembled the valve and cleaned out a lot of oil. After reassembling it works fine. Was too
    much oil in the valve the problem ? Should there be any oil in the valve?

  10. I am a nra& st of Tn carry permit inst looking to teach kids 9 and up and anyone who wants to learn safety and gun training basics.I’ve selected after searching the pistols pc77 crossman umarex hpp bb rifles 953 pro target 2100 b crossman and pistol makarov co2 what do u think of these to start students and what u recommend without having selling the farm

    • roger,

      The 953 is a pellet rifle, not a BB gun. And I recommend only pellet rifles for training. Steel BBs rebound and can cause injury. The one exception to this is the Daisy 499 Champion, which is a true smoothbore BB gun.

      I don’t recommend handguns for anyone under 16. I’ve been on too many ranges where even adults turned and pointed the muzzles at their neighbors or the instructor. If you have to train kids with an air pistol, I recommend a pellet pistol, not a BB pistol. A Beeman P17 would be fine, as only kids in their teens would be able to cock it.


    • Jake,

      My Top pick would be a Gamo Whisper (with no other names in the title) with a gas spring installed by Pyramyd AIR. I found that to be a very sweet-shooting gas spring rifle. My second choice would be a Benjamin Trail NP2.


  11. Let’s start over. Why all the push for the TX 200 over the HW 97? I agree that the stock is a little bit beefy and the fish scale engraving is more durable. But, if the TX 200 mkIII is so much better then why don’t they offer a lifetime warranty as on the hw97? I have read about customers having to send their TX 200 in for main spring replacement 2-3 times. And this is on the site in a review of the hw97. In fact the writer states that he wished he would have gotten the hw97 instead.

    • Wayne,

      You have to shoot the gun to understand. The TX200 starts out dead calm and needs no tuning. The HW97 starts out buzzy; and with a lot of tuning, can be brought up to TX200 standards. You may not like the TX200, but hold off judgement til you shoot one.


  12. I saw on American Airgunner, your comment about storing guns in foam lined cases causing rust. Since I had all of my 9 rifles in foam lined cases, I panicked and bought a cabinet rated for 10 rifles. All of my rifles have scopes on them so I needed to slightly modify it to accommodate the scope. I was only able to store 7 rifles in there when I was done. I really think that if I removed the scopes, I still wouldn’t be able to store 10 in there. (5 are RWS rifles with a Crosman Venom and a Benjamin GP).

    Are gun cabinets over rated like the pellet speed or should I stop storing my guns with a scope? I’m asking because I’d had to readjust the scope every time I take one out to shoot (I’m not very good at adjusting the scope and it takes me a lot more pellets and time than most people).

    • Chuck,

      This is one time when I wouldn’t have listened to me! Ha! Ha! 😛

      What I actually said (but may have been edited) was to never store a gun in a case that has open-cell foam. That’s hygroscopic. I store a very valuable Whiscombe in a foam-lined case, but the foam is closed-cell and, therefore, safe.


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