Tom is home resting, but since he was not up to writing another blog we agreed I will swing one more in his stead. I tell you – I have no idea how he does, what he does. Who has the imagination and knowledge to keep coming up with interesting topics that he does?

Hopefully, you can live through another day without “the fix”, because here is my pitiful attempt at coming up with something that might be worth spending 5 minutes on (I sure would appreciate it).

Firstly always wanted to know answer to this question specific to you guys – Blog audience:

Secondly, I don’t know if you have seen these commercials of ours. Please give me your honest opinion on which one you like the most:

We Eat, Sleep & Breathe Airguns

Can you love airguns too much?

I love airguns

Lastly – we are hiring all the time if you are looking to move to Cleveland, Ohio!

Thank you!