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Top 20 blog posts since 2005

First of all – Tom is OK, he is having his kidney stones taken care of and asked me to help put a post up while he is in the hospital and doctors are using a laser to break down one of the larger rocks.

Without further ado here they are in reverse order – the Top 20 blogs by number of comments they generated as of today! There are actually two posts in this list I never read – guilty as charged πŸ™

  1. The influence of shooting galleries240 comments
  2. Diana RWS 350 Magnum244 comments
  3. Remington Airmaster 77 – just right for Christmas!247 comments
  4. Airgun lubrication β€” spring guns: Part 1250 comments
  5. Discovering What Works/260 comments
  6. All airguns are not accurate268 comments
  7. 1377 Another Crosman classic268 comments
  8. An airgun test you were not expecting – Part 1269 comments
  9. Ballistic Coefficient – what is it274 comments
  10. Back to the basics β€” Scope tips: Part 2275 comments
  11. A shrine built for a Feinwerkbau 124 – Part 2275 comments
  12. How powerful were the big bore airguns of the past?: Part 1279 comments
  13. Fix your Benjamin or Sheridan pneumatic at home!291 comments
  14. Walther’s new LGU: part 4303 comments
  15. Does the pellet matter? Part 1313 comments
  16. The Bronco from Air Venturi – Part 6324 comments
  17. Gamo CF-X field test344 comments
  18. What’s it worth?388 comments
  19. The Benjamin 392/397 – 60 years later!432 comments
  20. Gamo Shadow 1000 Combo – one of the best buys in Gamo’s line!452 comments

Feel free to make a difference and add to the conversation any time, but do be patient if Tom does not respond right away.

Thank you for being such a faithful audience (although I know, Tom is an amazing writer so he does keep us all entertained easily!)

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Val Gamerman

61 thoughts on “Top 20 blog posts since 2005”

  1. Val??? I knew something was up? I’ve been fighting a really strong storm and kept getting kicked off the Internet? Finally we make contact? I’ve Looked at every/many new products that PA has and a lot more! Tom at the age we are and I’ve got couple years or two on you! It isn’t any easier with any kind of surgery when you’re older! GOD BLESS with prayers! Semper fi!

  2. Thanks Val for updating us about BB. Was wondering why he didn’t comment yesterday.

    BB get better and get back here on the blog. Missing your comments. And you of course. Oh you know what I mean. πŸ™‚

    Oh and Val thanks for having one of the best air gun places available to shop at. My air gunning would not be the same without Pyramyd AIR. Thanks for your hard work and your employees hard work too.

    And I think it’s fair to say without the blog and BB’s reports it would not be the same. Probably the best place to get info and have a place to buy the products that are talked about at the same time. Sounds like a good combination to me. Like a accurate air gun and the right pellet. Hard to beat. πŸ˜‰

    • GF1,

      On the article a couple of days ago, you mentioned that multi-shot magazines are sometimes less accurate than single shot trays (when that is an option). It is not the first time I have heard this, but something I do not hear much about. So, if you could expound on that a bit, that would be nice.

      With either way, the pellet has not yet entered the breech. The only factor I can think of is that the magazine would not advance perfectly 100% and that the pellet would get “shaved” a bit when advancing it into the breech. Is there other factors I am missing?

      Plus, maybe some magazines are better than others? Or maybe there is magazine “upgrades”?

      Thanks, Chris

      • Chris USA
        My thinking on the magazine’s is pretty much like what you mentioned.

        Something must not make the pellet load smoothly. All I know is I have shot side by side groups with my Marauder and the Hatsan QE pcp I had and groups were better with the single shot tray.

        I went as far as making a single shot tray for the Hatsan trying for better accuracy out of it. I made one for Buldawg for his Hatsan pcp that he has. Can’t remember what his results were accuracy wise. Maybe he will say. And I think he even has single shot trays in his Marauders.

        I’ll email you some pictures of the tray I made. It’s hard to post a picture here or I would just post it right now.

        • GF1,

          Thanks for the input. That is a bummer. I was looking forward to a multi-shot clip/magazine. I was going to get at least 3 total, which should be good for at least 1 fill.

          For YOU,….what is the difference at 50 and 75 yds. with the magazine VS the single shot tray? (Best as you can remember will be fine). Even a 100 yards? I am up to a steel can at 70 yds.. I would love to do a 100 yds. with some serious “thump”!

          This might factor into my purchase of the .25 M-rod.

          Thanks again, Chris

          • Chris USA
            Haven’t tryed with this .25 Mrod that I have. Did with the other gen1 .25 Mrod I had. Only tryed at 50 yards.

            Don’t remember exactly group size difference with that particular gun. Just know I tryed. Also like I did with the other Mrods I had. Groups were better with single shot tray.

            And get a .25 Mrod and you will have no problem hitting the can at a 100 yards. And with serious thump of course. πŸ™‚

          • Chris,USA
            I do use single shot trays in my Mrods and Hatsan AT 44 s10 22 caliber gun as I just like to single load pellets so I can inspect them before I shoot them. I have several mags for both my 177 and 25 Mrods as well as the Hatsan but honestly have not used them enough to determine if they are any less accurate than a single shot tray is versus the mags so cannot give a definitive answer there.

            There is one of our FT members that has been shooting for years and has been a national champ several times that shoot all our matches with a 177 Mrod with magazines only as he says he is to lazy to single load every pellet and he scores in the high 30s to low 40s every match with a perfect score being either a 44 or 48 depending on if we shoot 11 or 12 lanes. So for him anyway it does not seem to hinder his performance.

            I believe if you are deliberate and consistent in the cocking of the bolt so that you retract it fully every shot that it should not affect accuracy but then again I have no hard evidence to support that either.


            • Buldawg76,

              Thanks for the added insight. When using domed pellets, I would think that there would be a bit of a “self aligning” effect. I don’t know how much “feel” or “feed back” the bolt gives you, but I would think that a person could feel a pellet that is not centered with the breech. Maybe not. I have never shot a gun that had that feature. The 760 I just got has a 5 shot tray, which must be manually advanced, so I guess I will get “some” idea. At 30$, what can one expect. The only reason I got it at all was to play with magnetic bb hop-up and dart testing. It is a smooth bore vs the 880 which is rifled. And wow, talk about small! It’s a good 2″ shorter than a Red Ryder.

              • Chris,USA
                Yea I am not sure about the self aligning of domed pellets or if that even occurs. Depending on the gun and your hand/fingers dexterity for feel back of the bolt when loading the pellets as I know my feel of the pellet feedback is not good at all in that by the time I would feel any issue I probably have already damaged the pellet.

                The 760 is entirely different in that you have no real control as to the indexing of the pellet being inline with the bolt or barrel since its just a plastic protrusion on the rear of the barrel breech leade and a corresponding indent on the 5 shot clips so its a matter of how well the parts are molded. Being a smoothbore there is more clearance for misalignment to occur without pellet or bb damage so the 760 is not a fair comparison to a Mrod or other magazine fed gun.


                • BD76,

                  Yea, I was not even trying to compare the 2 other than the fact that they both have magazine. As you said, not even in the same ball park. Since it has that magnetic bolt, I can direct load bb’s anyways. That is the way I did it on the 880. Darts will be muzzle loaded, so anything at the breech end will not even apply. I won’t even shoot pellets through it other than to get the ramp sight dialed in for the bb and dart testing.

                  The (only) reason I got it was for a testing platform. Other than that, I would have never bought it.

                  • Chris USA
                    On the mag verses the tray.

                    You mentioned above the feel of the bolt. That is one thing that I can tell that there is a difference on my guns anyway. Is the pellet does load smoother with a single shot tray.

                    The single shot trays ain’t that exspensive. I would just get one and add that to your list of experiments. I’m sure your going to have more experiments come up when you get the Marauder. Then you can give us some info. Which is a good thing. πŸ˜‰

                  • Chris,USA
                    The 760 are neat little guns and it is the gun I got for my 9 year old ( 7 years old at the time ) to learn to shoot and gun safety with and I hopped it up with a flat top piston and valve and played with valve and hammer springs to get it shooting at 800 plus fps.

                    Now crosman has modded them on their own as they shoot 800 fps out of the box so there is even more potential there to make it even more powerful with just the flat top piston and valve mod. I did get an older barrel off eBay that is rifled to make it more accurate as well so the platform is full of changes to make them nice small gun for a lot of fun.


      • One of the things that really caught my attention when I was shooting cap&ball was the fact that elongated projectiles become canted during the packing of the round inducing inaccuracy.
        Also one reason why I’m a roundball advocate.

  3. Get well soon B.B.,

    An ex-wife had kidney stones often. No fun. There is 4 types if I remember correctly and some/all? can be avoided by avoiding certain foods. The foods varied depending on what type. So (knowing the type of stone) is important. That is about the best I can remember, but it should get you started on research if the topic has not yet come up with your Dr.’s.

    And hey,…. if you wanted a day off,….. you can find better ways than this,…eh? πŸ˜‰

    Take care,….. Chris

    • My brother misses 2-3 days a year due to kidney stones and I’ve been trying to talk him into getting one of those catch pans that fit inside the toilet bowl so it can be identified but he’s not listening.

  4. Get well soon. I bet you were negotiating with the surgeon to be the one to pull the trigger on that laser. LOL! What a great blog that would make-B.B. shooting his own kidney stones.
    JUst trying to put a smile on your face. My wife went through hell over the past year with kidney stones. My heart goes out to you my brother.

    Live long and prosper.


  5. Howdy Mr. BB, sir! Lemme know if ya want me ta smuggle in a cheeseburger & a 6 pak. Can’t shoot fur squat, but I am pretty good at covert ops!?! Back up ta crusin’ speed soon. Shoot/ride safe.

  6. Get better fast, and remember, these are our “golden years”! What does that mean anyway? I haven’t found much gold yet but the gems of knowledge you share with us always makes me feel enriched! Get well soon! (Just so you know, we had 14″ of snow here yesterday)


  7. B.B. On #19 (Benjamin 392/397) you said “I recommend Crosman Premiers and JSB Exact domed pellets for both calibers of this rifle”. Which Crosman Premier pellet was that? The link shows the Crosman lights in .177 but I think you were talking about .22. Also the JSB pellet isn’t available anymore. Is there a JSB that replaced the Exact domed pellets? Thanks for this blog today. I love it. Its always good to go back and refresh the mind on the different guns/ammo/topics!

  8. Val,

    What a grand idea to keep us busy and let BB recuperate relatively unfettered — although I’m certain he has a laptop or cell phone hidden under the covers — so he doesn’t miss a thing —

    452 comments and counting from 2005 to 2013 — for # 20 — just one blog — WOOOW —

    BB —

    DON’T RUSH HOME — I know the comfort factor of returning there — but the re-acclimating factor can be somewhat discombobulating too —

    You rest up a day or so — and gently get back into the swing of things —

    Val’s given us at least a week’s worth of reading to catch up on — and reminded us of the value of occasionally returning to the first blogs and re-reading them — all the way back to the present — a daunting task to be sure — but worthwhile nevertheless —


  9. DOC—

    PA site — search bar — “jsb .22 pellets” — 5th pic down — jsb diabolo exact jumbo express .22 14.3 — 5.52 mm head size — 250 — domed— $9.95 —


    Use them in all my .22’s —-

  10. Everyone,

    I’m home from the hospital and going to take it easy. They had to install a portable catheter because I’m still blocked with stone fragments.

    There won’t be a blog tomorrow because I got ho,me too late to write one. Things should be back to normal on Monday.


    • B.B.,

      Great news!,……. we will “survive”. I will do my part by asking newbie questions and testing the new 760 with “magnetic hop-up” and dart testing. GF1,…you got M-rod mods.. Fido and Benji,… you got the bb lube and pellet testing covered. Vana,… you are on wood working. Buldawg,… you are on super insane mods.. Reb,…. you are on how to get the basket cases working again. πŸ˜‰

      We will survive,….. πŸ™‚ Rest easy,……Chris

    • BB
      Glad your home. And take it easy. Had one of those catheters once after a operation. Had it in at home for a few weeks. Don’t know about you. But didn’t care for mine when I had it. So just take it easy and try to relax.

      Even if you don’t write a blog for a bit. It would be nice to hear you comment here or there. But just take it easy and do what you feel up to. But do hope you are back feeling good soon.

        • BB
          My bladder and the tube that runs to the kidney got a infection from the sever diverticulitis I had. Had to have some of my colon removed. Woke up from the operation with the stent in. Was not happy about that at all. And it actually hurt everytime I went to the bathroom. Could feel the pain relieve as I was going. Could feel it follow around my side from my kidney to my bladder. Was glad when it was out.

          And don’t know about you. Even with the discomfort of the sent. It was alot better being home than in the hospital. I’m not a good hospital person. I got to keep moving.

          Again get better soon.

  11. Val, Doc, and others,

    Of course, each one of us has to test the pellets in each and every one of our airguns to find the best pellet for each gun — a long and exacting process for each airgun —especially when we have more than one gun at a time to test — and resulting in tins and tins and tins of pellets filling spaces we didn’t know we had —

    The alternative is to buy a monster load of known “good” pellets — and then shoot and shoot and shoot — carefully logging the adjustments necessary to get that pellet to shoot well in that gun — or “on target” —something that doesn’t always work — and then we live with the best results we can get — a frustrating compromise — accuracy being the golden goal —

    As time has passed — and storage space has been reduced — and the number of truly excellent pellets has diminished — or been refined — depending on your point of view — I ‘ve moved closer and closer to the second option —

    As BB once wrote me — time to turn off the computer — get up off the chair — grab the gun — go outside — and just shoot the damn thing—

    Every time I become super hyper about something — I recall that wonderful advice — and it helps me —

    So where is this all leading ???

    I mentioned MY favorite .22 pellets above —

    On the PA search bar — jsb .177 pellets — 9th pic down — jsb diabolo exact heavy .177 10.34 domed 500 count 4.52mm head size $14.75 IN STOCK — are MY super favorite .177 pellets for all my .177’s —

    And I shoot and shoot and shoot — and carefully log the adjustments necessary to get that gun as “on target” as possible —

    And then — whoops — something changes and away we go again — ahhh — the true fun of accurate air gunning —

    • JH
      Ain’t that the truth. I have way less pellet choices now days for my different caliber air guns. And shoot what works. Although I will try out a new pellet sometimes when they bring it to market.

      And yes. Get out and shoot are some strong words. I try to o shoot as much as possible.

    • “On the PA search bar β€” jsb .177 pellets β€” 9th pic down β€” jsb diabolo exact heavy .177 10.34 domed 500 count 4.52mm head size $14.75 IN STOCK β€” are MY super favorite .177 pellets for all my .177β€²s β€””

      Yes, the same is my go to pellet for my .177 Diana 52. But, the Red Squirrels don’t seem to care for them at all. πŸ™‚


  12. I went back and read the Diana 350 Magnum comments and a lot of talk about a top pellet speed. A while back I shot a few of the lightest .177 pellets I could find through my Ruger Magnum, just for fun, and could not get a good speed reading at all. 1800 to 2300 FPS and it was loud. Probably dieseling, it was a new rifle. The one thing that stood out was the sound those pellets made as they passed through the air, that supersonic wiz was there all the way. Caused by a tumbling pellet, who knows? Just had to try it … once !
    I recently revisited the ‘Barrett .50 cal ricochet’ you tube video and was instantly reminded of the sound. If you have not seen that 40 sec video, you absolutely must. It’s a holy …. moment you will never forget, and a good reason to rethink gun safety, and BB was right … Way too much gun for a .177, mentioned with ref to the 350 RWS, but a memorable event. I eventually got the 22 when it came out.

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