A daunting task

Tom is home resting, but since he was not up to writing another blog we agreed I will swing one more in his stead. I tell you – I have no idea how he does, what he does. Who has the imagination and knowledge to keep coming up with interesting topics that he does?

Hopefully, you can live through another day without “the fix”, because here is my pitiful attempt at coming up with something that might be worth spending 5 minutes on (I sure would appreciate it).

Firstly always wanted to know answer to this question specific to you guys – Blog audience:

Secondly, I don’t know if you have seen these commercials of ours. Please give me your honest opinion on which one you like the most:
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Top 20 blog posts since 2005

First of all – Tom is OK, he is having his kidney stones taken care of and asked me to help put a post up while he is in the hospital and doctors are using a laser to break down one of the larger rocks.

Without further ado here they are in reverse order – the Top 20 blogs by number of comments they generated as of today! There are actually two posts in this list I never read – guilty as charged πŸ™

  1. The influence of shooting galleries240 comments
  2. Diana RWS 350 Magnum244 comments
  3. Remington Airmaster 77 – just right for Christmas!247 comments
  4. Airgun lubrication β€” spring guns: Part 1250 comments
  5. Discovering What Works/260 comments
  6. All airguns are not accurate268 comments
  7. 1377 Another Crosman classic268 comments
  8. An airgun test you were not expecting – Part 1269 comments
  9. Ballistic Coefficient – what is it274 comments
  10. Back to the basics β€” Scope tips: Part 2275 comments
  11. A shrine built for a Feinwerkbau 124 – Part 2275 comments
  12. How powerful were the big bore airguns of the past?: Part 1279 comments
  13. Fix your Benjamin or Sheridan pneumatic at home!291 comments
  14. Walther’s new LGU: part 4303 comments
  15. Does the pellet matter? Part 1313 comments
  16. The Bronco from Air Venturi – Part 6324 comments
  17. Gamo CF-X field test344 comments
  18. What’s it worth?388 comments
  19. The Benjamin 392/397 – 60 years later!432 comments
  20. Gamo Shadow 1000 Combo – one of the best buys in Gamo’s line!452 comments

Feel free to make a difference and add to the conversation any time, but do be patient if Tom does not respond right away.

Thank you for being such a faithful audience (although I know, Tom is an amazing writer so he does keep us all entertained easily!) read more