by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

This report covers:

  • Health report on B.B.

Health report on B.B.

A word about my health. Saturday the retina in my right eye separated as I was driving home from Arkansas. By the time I was 70 miles from Dallas, I had lost 90 percent of the vision in the eye. I drove directly to an emergency room in Ft. Worth and they called in a retina specialist who saw me in his office that afternoon. He scheduled an operation for the next day and said he thought it went well when it was over.

The doctor examined my eye yesterday and was pleased. He said there is a good chance for a complete recovery. But I now have a gas bubble in my eyeball to keep pressure against the repaired retina, and I have to only look down to keep the bubble in place. I cannot move around a lot, exercise or do normal things like drive.

There is no new blog today and probably tomorrow, and I am renting a special chair that will allow me to type on the computer while looking straight down. Obviously I can’t do any shooting tests this month, but once I can type again, I will get the blog up and running.

Please don’t ask me any questions, as I can barely read the screen as it is. I hope that will get better as time passes.