5 thoughts on “Episode 44 – Safe Backstops”

  1. tom why is that morrele guy on the tv show act like such a jerk. he makes me feel like I am on a kids show. I wish they would bring back that Paul guy he did not act like a jerk. when they have that segment on the round table he buts in when you guys are talking. if he is a comedian he is not very good. my friends and me are getting ready to not watch the show anymore if it keeps up. I shoot real guns and also air guns but I feel like I am watching a children’s show

    • Harry,
      You have to bear in mind, Rossi is a professional TV host who has hosted Junkyard Wars and the Superbowl. He has developed a style of presentation that has earned him a lot of fame. Some people may not like his style; that’s just is how it works.
      Paul Capello and I were amateurs when we hosted the show. We got it started, but Rossi has taken it to new heights. He has been so successful with the show that I don’t think the sponsors want to change.

  2. I can only agree with Harry. Paul is a whole lot better and does not act like a little boy. We know that you have no control of the show but if you did, we sure would like to see an adult join with you…

  3. My backstop is 2 ¾ plywood sheets, about 3×3 feet, with steel-belted radial tread screwed to it. No 177 pellet, at 900 FPS, has gone through the belts yet.
    Got the tire free from local tire retailer. It was old and in their dispose pile. Cut the rim rubber off. Cut the tread into sections with a Sabre saw with a metal cutting blade. It was tough going. Screwed the sections to my backing board. Tape my targets to it. Heavy but movable. Use it in my back yard – legal in Virginia as long as I take reasonable precautions to keep the pellets from leaving my property.
    It’s those steel wires that stop the pellets and the rubber prevents ricochets or bounce back.
    So far, so good.

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