New Year, New You

As we reach the end of the calendar year and start another, late seasons across the country are beginning to wind down. Whether you had a successful fall or you’re finishing with tag soup, now’s a great time to evaluate what worked, what didn’t, and what changes you can make to become a better bowhunter before next season — starting with your gear.

You could buy a brand new bow and accessories or focus on these few affordable swaps that can have a huge impact on your hunting.

Bow String

The post-season is a great time to evaluate all of your gear for wear and damage, but one of the first places to look is your bowstring. If yours is several years old or showing signs of fraying or other damage, replace it yourself or head to a pro shop. If it’s still in decent condition, you might be able to get away with some wax. Either way, make sure your string is in prime condition before messing with the rest of your setup.


If your bow creates a lot of vibration and noise or you struggle to keep it balanced at full draw, consider adding a stabilizer or upgrading your current setup. It might take some trial and error, but a back bar stabilizer makes a great addition for a lot of archers.


Did you have a blood trail go cold this year? Or maybe a mechanical malfunctioned, costing you a monster buck? If your broadheads haven’t been performing the way they should, scope out some other options in the offseason and upgrade to a more reliable option so you don’t go through that heartbreak again.

Safety Gear

If you’re hunting from treestands and still don’t use a lineman’s rope and safety harness, it’s time to stop senselessly risking your life and invest in a couple pieces that could save your life. You should also make sure all treestands, ladders, climbing sticks, and other elements are in solid, rust-free condition before going 20 feet up again.


All the upgrades in the world won’t make you a better bowhunter if you don’t get in plenty of practice with your setup. In addition to making some improvements to the rig itself, resolve to put in the hours each week to become proficient well before archery season rolls around.

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