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Media Day at the range, SHOT Show 2024

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Today reader Ian McKee, whose blog name is 45Bravo, tells us about his experience of seeing Media Day At The Range for the first time.

If you’d like to write a guest post for this blog, please email me at blogger@pyramydair.com.

Take it away, Ian

Media Day At The Range, SHOT Show 2024 
by Ian McKee

If you thought the 2023 Pyramyd AIR cup was big, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

I had previously attended two SHOT shows as an FFL (Federal Firearms Licensed) dealer in 1989, and 1991 these events were held in Dallas, Texas. As a dealer, I was not invited to Media Day At The Range. I didn’t even know that it was a thing. [ED: It may not have existed back then.]

I did attend the actual SHOT Show over three days before driving back home to Louisiana. During my time at the show, I met many manufacturers and retailers and made many connections within the industry, but over the course of three days, you could not even scratch the surface of getting to the many hundreds of booths setup there.

This was pre-internet, so all of the marketing was done by print media or direct mail. How things have changed!

Everyone now has a QR code that takes you to their website, or a page that pertains to the newest and greatest thing their engineers have devised. This year there were over 2,377 exhibitors showing their products. They ranged from the biggest names in the firearm industry from around the world, to mom and pop startups with a table, some business cards and a banner hung on the wall behind them. Thanks to the internet, they have the potential to reach just as many buyers as the big boys.

Technology is also a bonus for us as writers as we no longer have to lug around 50 lbs. of printed media and SWAG (free stuff that is given away — tee shirts, ball caps and sometimes more valuable stuff) that the manufacturers hand out, trying to entice you to give coverage of their products. 

BB and I tried out a new AIRJAVELIN from Umarex. Named the FishR, it is a precharged airgun that is geared towards people who like to bow fish. It fires a bolt that weighs over 1200 grains (There are only 7000 grains of weight in a pound) and it includes a fishing reel mounted to the airgun so you can retrieve your catch after the shot. 

The bolts we were shooting had blunt rubber tips on them so as to not damage the rubber fish we were shooting in the above-ground pool that had been set up for the event. (Yes, we can now say we have shot fish in a barrel.)

They also showed us an AER16, a lithium polymer battery-powered all-metal AEG (Auto-Electric Gun) that fires steel BBs in both semi-automatic and full auto modes. I was told it feeds from a 50-round magazine and is set to sell with a retail price that’s well below its competition in the electric powered steel BB gun market. 

The new Umarex AER16, 

We shot The Umarex PYRMEX, which is a .22 caliber break barrel that has a synthetic stock, and seemed to be pretty accurate and felt good in the hands. 

There were thousands of attendees for range day, and with so many manufacturers there is no way you could visit them all in one day. The guns ranged from less than lethal self defense guns powered by CO2 or precharged air, up to .50 BMG (Browning Machine Gun) long range rifles. There were semiauto, full auto, and suppressed weapons of all types. I was like a kid in a candy store. 

The ranges were one after the other with people standing shoulder to shoulder. They seemed to go on forever — over hills, and down into a slight valley, Across the parking area there were shotgun demos going as well. JTS was there with many types of shotguns (yes they have their hands into more than just airguns). 

Range line
This is less than one-third of the ranges occupied on Media Day. They just keep going and going.

Also, in a sidebar of the many things that interest me, HK (Heckler & Koch) are famous for their delayed roller-locked firearms (The G3/HK91, in 7.62 NATO, the HK33/93 in 5.56, and the MP5/HK94 series of submachine guns). They were displaying and allowing the public to shoot their .22 rimfire versions of their iconic MP5SD, and their HK416 that is an AR pattern rifle. In case you didn’t know, those two .22 rimfire firearms are actually made in Germany by Umarex. Those two guns had gone through literally thousands of rounds on range day, and when I tried the MP5SD it ran perfectly. I was connecting with steel plates out to 100 yards with the factory HK diopter sights. 

The MP5.

The HK416. Which look do you prefer, the MP5, or the 416?

In the 1980’s I owned a semi auto HK94 which is a 9mm semi auto version of the MP5, but with a longer barrel to make it legal for civilian purchase. If you enjoy the HK series of firearms but prefer the lower cost of  .22 rimfire ammo, I suggest you pick up an Umarex and give it a shot (pun intended).

Media Day is a torture test of firearms, I saw hundreds of guns being fired, but none receiving any real maintenance other than a few drops of CLP or Ballistol. If there is a flaw in the design, this type of event is where it will show.

I have a quest for the internet sleuths of the group.

While taking a break from asking questions and shooting guns, (it’s a tough job, but we are glad to do it) I began to wonder how many rounds were fired on this day across all the calibers on the ranges. Somewhere there is a bean-counter who knows how many rounds were allotted for range day. They will know in a day or so how many rounds were actually expended. [Ed. I’m guessing in the low millions.]

Your mission, should you decide to accept it (anyone remember the Mission Impossible TV series?) is to find out how many rounds were fired at all the ranges on Range Day I actually have no idea of where to even start to find that piece of information, but I am confident that someone here has the skills to uncover that. 

Shoot safe and have FUN!


70 thoughts on “Media Day at the range, SHOT Show 2024”

  1. Ian,

    Thank you for giving us another pair of eyes into the SHOT Show especially this Media Day. There is more than this one in the electric powered steel BB gun market? I can’t even imagine the niche it’s trying to fill.


    • I see the niche it is filling as a airgunner who doesn’t like airsoft plastic projectiles, but wants a very realistic looking airgun, or one that replicates his actual firearm ergonomics.

      Also, the electric full auto guns do not suffer from a cool down effect, as with Co2 guns, and are stable at lower temps unlike Co2.


    • Ian,

      I told you that shootski would be the guy to find this out!

      Fox News WAY underestimated the shot count! It is certainly in the millions! Each of the hundred + ranges had tens of thousands of rounds on hand. We actually saw that.

      So, shootski, you’re off to a good start!


      • Yes you were right, and it didn’t take him long to start the paper trail.

        His numbers were from 2016, it will be interesting to see the current numbers.

        Great start Shootski!


      • B.B. and Ian,

        The Fox News piece was for the 2016 Shot Show as Ian points out; at the end of the second term of the Obama-Biden administration’s reduce AMMUNITION efforts!
        Let us not repeat history with Shotgun JOE at the front door of the White House for another bumbling term!
        The growth of the Shot Show is directly attributable to good laws protecting legal businesses and Judges who are not swayed by socialist ideas of object induced violence instead of EVIL people.

        Thank you for the RANT opportunity.


  2. Ian
    That MP 5 looks really nice, especially with that suppressor (?) up front.
    God I hate the oplophobic society in my country. I think I may try to get into airsoft for substitute.

  3. “This year there were over 2,377 exhibitors showing their products.”
    Ian, holy cheeseballs, that’s a LOT!

    “Your mission, should you decide to accept it (anyone remember the Mission Impossible TV series?)…”
    Yes, I actually do remember that show; I grew up on it…loved it…thanks for the memories. 🙂

    • RR
      “Once upon a time, I had a semi G3.”
      Wow, I never expected that. So, there is a little Armchair Mercenary in you someplace! Or at least a Prepared American. I had a slimline forward / wood stock conversion kit. It was not a favorite of mine with the delayed blowback caused by the roller lock bolt, if you know what I mean.

      • Bob M,

        Many, many years ago, I played around with them all. That is why I do not care for the Mattelomatic. Where any of them are now, I do not know or care. I will just play with my airguns and run RidgeRunner’s Home For Wayward Airguns.

  4. I just caught up. Anybody notice in yesterday’s blog that B.B. is letting his straight razor sharpening skills atrophy? I almost didn’t recognize him with that BBB (B.B.’s Beard). ;o)

      • Wow, that takes REAL skill. I started giving myself haircuts with some electric clippers since the great pandemic shutdown and I still can’t get the neck line right. Color me impressed!

          • Obviously, not too deeply for any of us to notice. ;o)

            Still impressed.

            I got myself a Work Sharp knife sharpener and then proceeded to cut myself twice on my newly edged kitchen knives. And that was not behind my back looking through two mirrors.

          • Same here, my went to school for that when she got out of high school, then decided on a different career path.

            It’s been 29 years since I paid for a haircut, and if i tried, there is no telling what I would look like.

            Definitely not presentable enough to be seen in public.


          • Ha. My uncle was a barber and gave me free haircuts for my entire life! Almost 50 years, until the COVID shutdown, then he retired. I have been slowly learning to do DIY haircuts ever since. I do a fair job on my son, but the wife and daughters won’t let me near them. That would be a big money saver, right there!

            Fortunately, for me, there is less and less to worry about up there…. Here is about where I’m at these days:

            • RG,

              I do understand. Here job has become easier over the years. Right now, the main chore is to decide the length adapter to use. Anymore I just prefer the high and tight.

          • RidgeRunner,

            I notice the money issue pervades every thought of the bargain bound boy, even head-maintenance. 🙂

            For me, the reason for my easily applied do-it-yourself device is simply being in control.

            pictured below is not my red hairdryer with the clear plastic spacer, because it actually cuts hair sucked into it by a vacuum cleaner on the hose… 🙂

            • That is clever and useful – is it called the “Head Vaccuum?” Reminds FM that, sadly, some folks have a vaccuum inside their head, as evidenced by their behavior, public and private. FM still lets his barber harvest the dwindling supply of hair on mostly the sides of the hopefully not-vaccuum-head. It’s more of a social thing and we both are car and history buffs so we enjoy some good conversations on the subjects.

                • Roamin Greco,

                  I looked up ‘Flowbee’ and it seems to be one of several other, very similar, haircutting devices.

                  Also, ‘Robocut’ appears to have changed their products and now offer different devices.

                  Originally, when I was searching for clippers with a very long toothed comb, I was intrigued by the Robocut system that promised to be able to easily cut even very long hairstyles. Happily, it turned out to suit my needs well and so, my search was over.

                  I hope it’ll continue to work for as long as I have summat to cut… 🙂

                  • When I was younger, my mother bought a flobee for my brother, due to a convincing TV commercial. But not only did it pull hair, it broke after a couple of uses. Therefore, it was deemed a gimmick and unceremoniously dispatched to the garbage can. Caveat emptor.

                    Glad your version worked out for you. 🙂

              • FawltyManuel,

                I like ‘Head Vacuum’ but, because it’s main purpose is to ‘harvest hair’ (what a great expression!), I think it’s called “Robocut”, at least that’s what it says on the old box.

                As for my “… behaviour, public and private…”, it cannot be due to a head-vacuum. You see, when I rap my skull it sounds a bit hollow and that takes air to hear! 🙂

                Pictured below is the shocking proof – at least I was, when I saw it for the first time, last month! – that I too, am a bit of a dwindler… 🙂

                    • 3hi.

                      No, it is just that I am jealous of the amount of hair shown in that picture. I do wear a lot of hats though.

                    • RidgeRunner,

                      I guess I forgot to mention the third option: a wig or hairpiece !
                      Somehow, I wonder if my vanity would ever permit me to go that far, in an effort to create a potentially convincing full head of hair.

                      If what they say is true, you know, that a bald man has sex appeal, then we have a future… ! 🙂

                      Hats = YES. 🙂
                      Pictured below, the choice that I sometimes agonize over… 🙂

                      What’s a favourite of yours? Still the dark green, felt, drover style?

    • The range day is fun, but hectic, you have to wear electronic hearing protection the whole time due to the volume of gunfire (both the loudness and the amount) from the time you get off the bus, until you get back on.

      You could wear ear plugs, but you would not be able to hear the people and range officers.

      There is no way you could shoot every gun on the line, there are just too many.
      The hard part is choosing what to shoot.

      Being airgun guys, and everyone here wants to read about airguns, we have to cover all of them that are there, but we do get a few minutes to feed the need of our alternate interest, and share those with you as well.

      I would like to have shot some of the hot ticket items, but the lines were long, and we were in a time crunch before the rain started.

      We timed it perfectly, as we were finishing our trek from one end of the range to the other, the rain was just starting.

      We managed to avoid getting soaked in 40deg F. weather.


  5. Talk about noise,
    Used to go to the Vintage Auto racing / Car Show event at the NAS North Island Air Station and for some reason they broadcast the racing progression along with the extremely loud exhaust pipes over these huge loudspeakers positioned everywhere. No escape, no conversation when a race was on. He should have been broadcasting from a soundproof booth. The race cars were loud enough by themselves.

    Been using a Wahl electric hair trimmer for over 35 years. Just another way to save money. I have a JERDON J2020 wall mount pull out 1X-5X flip mirror I use with my back to the big wall mirror. A military trim was getting out of hand cost wise.

    Electric airgun noise and slightly delayed operation is very distracting. Especially in full auto, for me anyway. Improved? And how long will motor rebuild parts be available? Hope it works out.

    The civilian .22 H&K MP5 SD firearm is a heavy rifle and shooting .22’s has about the same recoil as the H&K MP5 K PDW BB gun. Bullets just seem to fly out of the barrel without disturbing it.

    Sounds like the Shot Show is getting too big for its own good and becoming dysfunctional for all to be seen. The Del Mar Fairgrounds gun show got big enough to fill two huge buildings packed tight. Had to do a quick walk through to pick out the tables you wanted to actually visit and check out and hope the item that caught your eye was still there. Too much of a good thing?

  6. Being sick of the political mess in this country I decided to get myself something positive to think about by buying a Daisy No. 25 from P/A. A No. 25 was my very first airgun dad gave me in 1946-7. That one is long gone but I remember it fondly. I am very pleased with the quality of this one which exceeds my expectations.


  7. Gun or noise hearing damage and Tinnitus
    RidgeRunner commented that he suffered from Tinnitus. I do as well and told my doctor I would start self-analyzing myself for a possible cause.
    ” Good luck and let me know if you find out and we will both be rich! ” There is no cure.
    I had previously self-diagnosed myself with Chronic Dehydration and cleared up close to a dozen health problems I was suffering from and being treated for, by him. You should have seen his face when I told him.

    So far, I don’t believe it is a single thing that causes it but a combination of things that seem to intensify as we get older and deteriorate as well as depleted vitamins and nutrients with a little dehydration thrown in. Not to mention the environment you are currently in.

    There is a belief that damage to your ears from years of loud noise, like gunfire and jet engines 🙁 may cause it by creating false sound in your brain to compensate for the lost signals it would normally be receiving from those damaged parts. Like feeling a hand that had been cut off. But then, how could it come and go in intensity? That may account for the “Quiet ringing” you hear all the time like when you are in a dead quiet room. Something else really can intensify it … at times! Then it can almost disappear at others?
    And that is what I have been noting for a long time. What makes it come and go in intensity.

    I don’t think there will ever be a cure because I believe old age comes into play or old age conditions that younger people experience will always be there, but I have identified some “Possible” conditions that may intensify it into an unbearable situation.

    Problem is you are never aware of the total condition your body is in ‘ inside ‘ that prompts it. All I can do is associate external conditions that may aggravate it and what to do about it.

    If there is any interest in it, I can share what I believe I have found. Just wish it worked every time. Sometimes there may be multiple situations at hand bringing it on. It’s not just one thing. But I can go for days without it sometimes? It’s there, but in the ignored background.
    No Ice picks involved !!

    • Bob M,

      yes please.

      I think there are others, also highly interested to learn what you believe to have found out about tinnitus but who, for their own personal reasons, will not comment such. 🙂

      Maybe some may believe your efforts pointless due to their unwaverable trust in their physician, but they still eagerly await your thoughts? Maybe some are convinced that tinnitus is untouchable because they read it somewhere and write off those affected, as hopeless cases. Of course, there are those for whom this subject is way too personal for comfort, ie they cannot talk about their tinnitus, let alone admit to be affected by, etc…

      I myself have read somewhere that this permanent ringing in the ears never gets any better and that any change will only be for the worse and eventually, it affects the sufferer’s mental wellbeing to the point of destabilisation.
      Who wants to admit to be an incurable nutcase in the making, eh?!

      So please, do elaborate on the effects of
      a) age,
      b) vitamins,
      c) other nutrients,
      d) dehydration and
      e) the environment.

      I myself look very much forward to your findings… 🙂

      • hihihi
        It’s 3am here and I was getting ready for bed. Reply more tomorrow. I am mainly trying to find out what situations really intensify it. My mom had it bad and I just assumed I inherited the propensity for it. However, in hindsight she may have lived a lifestyle that constantly aggravated it and I’m sure genetics contributes to its existence to some degree, otherwise everybody would have it.

        Some people have it, some don’t, No big thing. Well, I have read about people who committed suicide because of it, but they appeared to be unstable to begin with.

        • Bob M

          I would like to “hear” more from you on tinnitus. I no longer have it but certainly did while I was losing my high frequency hearing 60 years ago due to both shooting and work conditions without hearing protection. The hearing loss is permanent and gets worse at all frequencies with old age. Audiogram monitoring of my hearing over the last 60 years has tracked it. I’m curious to know how well you and others hear who are experiencing tinnitus.


  8. This afternoon, though a little windier than FM would prefer, staged the version of the SHOT Show@Home, though some would categorize it as “FM’s Sheet Show,” which would be fair given the targets were printed on sheet paper.

    The Ben Max .22 is a nice shooter and would do better in the hands of a more capable airgunner. Today FM was able to see the 1.5” diameter targets fine without glasses at 9X setting sighting through the Gamo 3X9 scope.

    The rifle liked Baracuda 18s best though Crosman Premier HP pellets were not too bad.
    Don’t laugh too much at the graphic graphics and the “ad hoc” shooting set up. 🙂

      • FawltyManuuel,

        wow, what a tropically lush looking environment!
        No banana growing where I am, nor any creepy, crawly or slithery banana-dwellers. 🙂

        I must be seeing things because, well…

        • Checked it – not a pellet hole though it resembles one – could be some small banana (actually, these are plantains) loving critter sampled one. All pellet holes were accounted for on the target. One did make it thru all the layers of cardboard and the additional backstops – an old steel oven pan and worn-out plastic/foam surfboard, embedding itself on one of the wood slats in the fence behind.

      • FawltyManuel,

        Recommend you mount your targets toward the bottom of your rubber mulch trap. That will allow Gravity to do a better job of settling the pieces of rubber mulch after each shot. You probably had some tunneling given your high target placement on your trap tht allowed projectiles to make it all the way through.
        Your multiple layered backstop system is, of course, still a good safety measure.


        • Thanks – still a work in progress with some experimentation going on. Probably best to mount the target lower on the box-backstop and raise the whole contraption a little higher to compensate for that.

  9. Well, I have finally caught a glimpse of the 3362 and the Prospect.


    I would strongly recommend that you hang on real tight to those Max’s you have. If for some strange reason you want to get rid of them, there is a place here at RRHFA for them.

  10. Tinnitus Thoughts cont.
    My latest conclusion is that a lack of nutrients required by the brain over a prolonged period of time have led to a deteriorated condition of some sort and this may be caused by blood flow restriction or lack of sufficient dietary intake. Like small, tiny blood clots, Plaque buildup or constricting and a failure to have a proper diet. We have a tendency to eat only what we like as we age.

    What led me to this conclusion? I have found that drinking any Diuretics like alcohol and caffeine, coffee or soda, and periods of, or conditions of, dehydration can lead to an extremely intensified ringing. It is like listening to a water kettle whistling.
    You flush out water soluble vitamins like A, D, E, K and almost all B Complex vitamins when you urinate excessively and that may account for it? Remember I just guessing here.
    Coincidently vitamin B1, Thaimin, helps neurotransmitters.
    If you are already low on these essential nutrients you may really exacerbate the situation. It takes a while to recover and get back to a tolerable level. I try to stay on top of it with vitamin supplements. Especially a Supper B Complex (8333% Thiamin) and alternate individual vitamins with a Multi like Centrum, for men of course, every other day.
    Fortunately, the brain seems to ignore the ringing when it’s low, especially when you are involved in some sort of activity and not sitting around. Sensory intake may override it some?

    Hearing loss, I have it also, but I think it has to do with the inner workings of the ear or any damage you may have experienced. It may be a contributing factor, but I’m not sure. I doubt any of this can be reversed, especially in old age.
    One thing I do know for sure is that the “Youtheory” Collagen+Biotin supplement with its 16 essential Amino Acids has eliminated virtually all the white hair on my body. My head, so so, still grayish not white.

    Take it or leave it, it’s just my analysis and if anybody knows better, please inform me.
    Bob M, 76.
    Oh, and by the way, my mom drank coffee all day.

    • Bob M,

      https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2997922/#:~:text=Three main effects were obtained with supplemental dietary taurine%3A (1,mg%2Fkg%2Fda).

      Taurine is some amazing stuff. I started on it a few years ago for eyesight and nervous system protection.
      I regularly check the literature about it for good and bad effects. Every time i check for some new feature of Taurine use i get blown away; this time it was one i really didn’t think of on my own.
      Thank you for your nudge even though i SHOCKINGLY don’t have Tinnitus given my work and play history in ULTRA NOISE environments most of the readership couldn’t even imagine.

      Hope this helps Shipmate,


      • Shootski,
        Doing a little research on Taurine and it actually helps maintain proper hydration and electrolyte balance.
        One of the areas of concern I mentioned. Staying indoors with electric space heaters does not help.
        I may benefit in more ways than one here.
        Almost sounds like a wonder drug.

        • Bob M,

          “Almost sounds like a wonder drug.”
          If it was a drug as opposed to a natural supplement of a amino acid that mammals (us) produce in our bodies in falling amounts as we age some pharmaceutical company would have locked it up and charged a 1st born’s ransom for each dose!
          The fact that it helps our mitochondria stay healthy is how i first found out about it.
          It even helps my wife and i get a far better night’s sleep.
          Start with 500-1,000mg per day and if it feels right go as high as 6,000 per day in steps each week. Do check on if you have anything on the Taurine contraindications list.
          I think you will be BLOWN AWAY after a few weeks!
          Remember! i am just a Shipmate and not an M.D. using Taurine is totally your choice to do, or not do.


      • Have to look into that, shootski. The eyesight protection part is particularly appealing. Already take a bunch of supplements/herbals so, what’s one more? 🙂 My cardio doc/close friend who is very much into nutrition and food-as-medicine concepts says that “5 Hour Energy” stuff actually works as advertised, except he recommends taking small sips throughout the day instead of gulping down the small bottle at one sitting. Taurine is one of its ingredients.

  11. Shootski,
    Thanks for the link and information.
    A bit more information than I needed but very informative. Might be my first lesson in Greek?
    So, I was not entirely off base.
    Taurine may be the missing ingredient. It is not included in any supplement I take, and my diet stinks. The amino acid Methionine mentioned is, but in a sufficient amount? I will start taking it myself.

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