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Accessories 2024 SHOT Show: Part Two

2024 SHOT Show: Part Two

Part 1

This report covers:

  • Air Venturi
  • Hatsan
  • Wow!
  • Leapers
  • Summary

Today we resume our look at the 2024 SHOT Show. Let’s get started.

Air Venturi

I saw the Springfield Armory Hellcat BB pistol. It is a semiautomatic BB pistol that’s powered by CO2. It is configured to accept an add-on optical sight.

Hellcat BB pistol.

The Avenge-X line continues to grow. We saw a carbine with a carbine stock and a 130 cc reservoir.. Because it’s an Avenge-X it will still get lots of shots per fill — even with the smaller reservoir. Then there is a mid-sized one with a Saber Tactical chassis stock and pistol grip. The cost for these will be higher than the Avenge-X rifles you’ve seen so far, but they offer options that some shooters want.

Avenge-X rifles
Avenge-X carbine, Saber Tactical stock with grip and exotic paint stock.

Next we looked at a new target pistol called the Comp10 from Air Venturi. Ian liked this one a lot!

Air Venturi Comp10 target pistol.

The last new product we saw at the Air Venturi booth was the BM8 Black Bunker folding air rifle. It is heavier than I imagined and has some interesting features that I will be reviewing for you soon. Would you believe a bayonet on a breakbarrel?

BM8 Bunker rifle.

3M8 extended
This is a JTS Stonewolf underlever whose picture I took, but haven’t yet discussed.


I wandered over to Hatsan next and the first airgun I was shown was their new Velox repeating PCP pistol. Imagine shooting twelve .22-caliber pellets (14 in .177 and 10 in .25) with just a light pull of the trigger for each one! Why, it’s almost as though the Crosman 600 has come back, and this time with more features!

The Hatsan Velox is a repeating PCP air pistol that comes in .177, .22 and .25 calibers.

The Hatsan Hydra Arrow is a new arrow launcher this year. It shoots a 20-inch bolt at 225 f.p.s. for about 45 foot-pounds of energy.

Hydra Arrow
Hatsan Hydra Arrow is a new arrow launcher.

For more energy try the new Hatsan Harpoon. It’s a bullpup that puts out a 20-inch bolt at 600 f.p.s.!

Hatsan’s Harpoon puts out a 20-inch bolt at 600 f.p.s. It features a bullpup design that hunters will like.

Rifle fans will want to check out Hatsan’s new Factor Sniper Long. It comes in .22, .25, .30 and .35 calibers. Hammer preload and regulator are externally adjustable. And the 700 cc bottle provides air for lots of shots.

Factor Sniper Long
Factor Sniper Long.


Before I visit the last vendor for today’s report In want to say something. And that something is — WOW! I bet I said that more times at this 2024 show than in all 20+ SHOT Shows I’ve been to — combined. There are so many new products from the vendors who attended the show that I can’t finish reporting on them this week. So we will go into next week with it.


Leapers is a company that listened to the market and then acted on what they heard. In the 1990s they were a small operation working on a kitchen table. Today they are a major corporation with impressive manufacturing clout that’s felt around the world.

I remember talking to Leapers owner David Ding in the 1990s about a small airgun scope that parallax adjusted down to ten yards. The next year he handed me a small scope that parallax adjusted down to three yards and the Bug Buster scope line was born. The rest is history!

I told other optics manufacturers that spring guns can break scopes. They looked at me and went, “Hmmm.” When I told Leapers they designed a scope system that could take the abuse, then they built a mil-spec shock table to break their scopes so they could build them even more rugged!

And what did I see at this show? How about an Accushot Pro (top of the line Bug Buster) with 3-12 magnification! I have tested the 3-9 Accushot Pro, but this one goes way beyond that!

Accushot Pro
Ian McKee looks through the new Accushot Pro 3-12 scope.

But the big deal was the new Integrix scopes we were shown. The field of view was astounding! We focused a 6-36X56 scope at TEN YARDS and a rifle flash hider that was five yards away and in line with the scope was in perfect focus at 16 power!

BB was astounded by he depth of field this Integrix scope offers!

Stock Up on Shooting Gear


There is so much more to tell you, but it’s getting late and I need to schedule this report!

46 thoughts on “2024 SHOT Show: Part Two”

  1. BB,
    I think that the 3M8 Bunker might be perfect for hunting, the preferred game being Jackalope. The bayonet would be of critical importance if the quarry were only wounded, since the rifle is a single shot. I have it on good authority (a sergeant that I served in the Army with, who was originally from Montana) that they will fiercely charge, when wounded.

  2. As you are aware, I am most interested in the 3M8 Bunker. I also have a great interest in the Accushot Pro 3-12. I adore the BugBuster line. It is a real shame the 4X and 6X went away before I had a chance to acquire a couple each. Ah well, such is life in the fast lane.

    P.S. I noticed that the second picture of yours of the 3M8 Bunker is a different air rifle than the first picture of it.

  3. B.B.

    Well it looks like you will have lots of things to report on in 2024!
    I wonder if the Hatsan Harpoon could be used to shoot fish? Any way to tie a line on the bolts?


  4. BB,
    The air gun industry has been busy! Thanks for making the trip to show us all these goodies! Looking forward to more.
    I like the fighter plane paint scheme with the shark mouth on the stock of that Avenger-X! Neat idea!

    • Will,

      As I am sure that you are aware, it was similarly painted fighter planes that helped to save China. Now, by buyiing this air rifle you have the chance to do the same.

      • RidgeRunner,

        P40B Warhawk flown by MG Claire Lee Chennault and boys.
        Some would say it was C-46, C-47, and other transport aircraft that saved Nationalist China from the Japanese. Thy lost 500-600 aircraft and 1,300+ pilots and aircrew flying the Hump.


  5. Seems you two are having a great time at the show – keep packing in the fun. Glad you will be reviewing the 3M8, though don’t know about that bayonet feature. Could come in handy if one had to deal with charging iguanas, FM supposes. FM will spare you all the puns/bad humor that went thru his mind regarding the idea of “charging iguanas.”

    • Iguanas are as bad or worse that rabbits for consuming my vegetable patch.
      So please bring on the puns for “charging iguanas”.
      Fortunately they are easy to shoot….


      • Depends, Yogi – when they’re on “high alert,” the slightest thing spooks them and they take off running at high speed, making a humane hit nearly impossible. They have quite sensitive hearing as well.

    • FM,

      Please do not spare us! Mrs. RR was on that Facebook thing the other day and there was a notification from the Wildlife folks down there that because of the severe cold, iguanas were falling out of the trees. People should not worry as they were not dead, just cold.

      The next day there was a post by some fellow down there of a light up highway sign that said “LIZZARD WARNING: PLEASE DRIVE CAREFULLY” or some such. The fellow posted the comment “Not the lizards now!”

      You might want to watch out for those “charging iguanas”. They are almost as vicious as the Jackalopes.

      • Two things to watch out for when it comes to charging iguanas…

        1) ensure their credit cards have not expired and/or

        2-determine whether they’re 110 or 220 volt-rated before charging them using a compatible plug.

        Perhaps the ones dropping from trees simply ran out of charge.

        • Honestly, I would like to go on an iguana hunt.

          I know they have them, I just have not had the time.

          I think I have heard them called “the chicken of the trees”.

          And some restaurants are actually serving them now.


          • There are organized hunts offered in Dade County, Florida – Miami area. They have them in Puerto Rico as well because the “iggys” cause havoc for the fruit growers there. If you ever have the notion of signing up for one, FM be glad to come along. 🙂

            • FawltyManuel,

              To your groundings of many more!

              shootski has ben accused of operating on his reptilian brain! I never thought that a bad thing.
              ” Reptiles express a number of complex behaviors normally attributed to mammals. They can, for example, learn to navigate mazes as well as birds or mammals do and likely use a hippocampal structure to do so. Remarkably, sea turtles navigate across the ocean to their home beach, possibly using magnetic, olfactory, and visual cues. Reptiles also express interesting social behaviors…”
              All to the good for a Naval Aviator.


  6. I personally hope that at some time in the near future that there is a blog on the AV Comp 10. If someone wants to report on the Hatsan Velox, that will be alright also.

  7. I hope to test the Umarex Zelos.
    It seems to have a lot of promise.

    You all know I am big on how a gun FEELS.
    If you don’t like the feel, you probably won’t shoot it much.

    Mark this date, you heard here first,

    I have admitted in the past that I am not much of a springer guy.
    I can shoot them, they are just not my “first choice” in an Airgun.

    Mostly due to the heavy cocking effort, and harsh shot cycle associated with many springers.

    On this trip I handled many springers, and actually found them to feel great in the hand. And look forward to reviewing some of them.


  8. Great report! I have to say that I am easily most interested in the Velox. An actual handgun sized air pistol powerful enough to take or finish off small game. Been waiting a while for that! It will be very interesting to see how many FPE it produces and the price. Comp 10 looks cool too, hopefully it is more accurate than the V10


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