Date: 22/10/2020 14:9
Multi-Pump Airgun Maintenance

Multi-Pump Airgun Maintenance

How to get the most out of your Multi-Pump Pneumatic Airgun

What shooter has not owned or shot the tried and true multi-pump pneumatic airgun? For decades, multi-pump pneumatics have introduced folks of all ages to the sport of airgunning. These airguns straightforward design, easy pumping, and affordable cost make these units some of the most popular powerplants in the airgun world.

Multi-pump pneumatics use air compressed by the shooter to launch their projectiles. By varying the pumps, shooters can adjust how powerful their shots are, making these airguns suitable for indoor and outdoor ranges.

Tips for Maintaining and Handling your Multi-Pump Pneumatic

1. Always consult your airgun’s manual to determine the right amount of pumps you need to shoot.

2. Pump slowly and deliberately to ensure the proper function of your airgun.

3. Pumping more than the recommended maximum number of pumps does not increase power and can damage the internals of the gun.

4. When you finish shooting your multi pump pneumatic, put a single pump of air into the gun before storage. This will keep the valve shut until you are ready to shoot again, and keeps out the dust and debris.

5. Lubricate the pump head seal with Crosman Pellgun Oil as needed.

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