Date: 28/9/2020 11:47
PCP Airguns

PCP Airguns

Getting the Most From your PCP Air Rifle

You’ve shot springers, you’ve shot breakbarrels, single strokes, and CO2 guns and now you’re ready for the ultimate airgunning experience—the Precharged Pneumatic or PCP Air Rifle.

Only the most dedicated airgunners among you will own a PCP air rifle or pistol, but those who don’t are really missing out! Modern PCP air rifles represent the cutting edge of the industry and represent one of the most enjoyable ways to shoot airguns. Beloved for their constantly innovating technology, stunning accuracy, and repeating shots, PCP guns have changed the sport forever.

PCP air rifles use air sourced from a carbon fiber tank, SCUBA tank, or a high-pressure PCP rifle compressor to fill an onboard reservoir to power its shots.

Tips on Maintaining your PCP Air Rifle

1. Keep your PCP Airgun Under Pressure: You will always want to leave some air inside your PCP airgun. The pressurized air helps to keep ambient particulate (dust, moisture, etc.), from entering the valve and compromising the air cylinder and valve seal.

2. Use High-Grade Silicone Lubricants: While your PCP will not require lubrication often, it is sometimes necessary to ensure the proper function of your airgun’s seals. Keep in mind, most part are lubricated when leaving the factory to last for years. You can also use silicone lubes on fill-probe O-rings about once a year, but make sure not to get oil into the reservoir. For the best results use Hill Hand Pump Silicone Grease, RWS Chamber Lube, or Crosman Silicone Chamber Oil.

3. Keep your Fill Probe Clean: Due to the fact that your O-ring is exposed to air, they are more likely to accumulate dirt and allow particulate into the air cylinder. Keep the probe clean, and store it in a plastic bag when not in use.

4. Barrel Cleaning: PCP barrels should be cleaned as little as possible. Only clean when you find there is an accuracy problem. When you do clean your barrel, be sure to use a bore safe cleaner like J0B Non-Embedding Bore Cleaning Compound.

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