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Guide to Buying an Airsoft Gun

How to Buy an Airsoft Gun

If you're looking for a fast-paced, exciting recreational activity, airsoft could be a great hobby for you. Airsoft has gained in popularity over the years, and with that has come an increase in products and services. Airsoft is a game of military simulations, played on a field that is either indoors or outdoors, with replica guns and plastic BBs.

There are various types of airsoft guns available on the market, including assault rifles, shotguns, pistols, and machine guns. Each type is designed for a specific purpose, so it's important to research and understand which type is best suited for your needs.

We're going to help you understand the different airsoft powerplants, ammo, game roles, protective gear, and terms you should be familiar with.

Table of Contents
  1. Airsoft Powerplants
  2. Airsoft Ammo
  3. Airsoft Roles
  4. Airsoft Safety Equipment
  5. Airsoft Accessories
  6. Airsoft Terms

Airsoft Powerplants

Airsoft rifles and pistols operate with a few different powerplants. The most common are spring, AEG, and gas. Here is a breakdown of each.


Spring airsoft guns are the most basic powerplant, as well as being the least expensive. They are powered by a simple spring and piston system, which must be cocked before each shot. Spring guns usually fire at lower velocities than other types, making them ideal for close-range skirmishing. Spring airsoft rifles and pistols come in all shapes and sizes, from simple one-shot pistols to large sniper rifles. While they may not be the most powerful or accurate, they are great for backyard skirmishes or casual plinking.


Automatic Electric Guns (AEG), are the most popular type of airsoft gun, and they come in many shapes and sizes. AEGs use a battery-powered motor to drive a piston that creates the pressure necessary for the gun to fire airsoft BBs.

AEGs have become the go-to for beginners and veterans alike, thanks to their reliability, ease of use, and a wide variety of styles and features. Many AEGs have an adjustable hop-up feature that helps to improve accuracy by adjusting the backspin on the BBs.

The most popular types of AEGs are assault rifles and submachine guns. However, there are also sniper rifles, shotguns, support guns, and other less common designs available. Most AEGs are made from ABS plastic, although some metal models are available.

When shopping for an AEG, paying attention to the motor, gearbox, internals, and battery voltage is important. The right combination of these components will determine the power and accuracy of your gun. Additionally, you should pay attention to any upgrades or modifications that may be needed in order to get the best performance out of your AEG.



CO2 is an increasingly popular power plant for airsoft guns. It uses pressurized CO2 gas as a propellant to fire the BBs. The gas is stored in a container and regulated by the gun. Many CO2 guns are built to look like their real-world counterparts, making them great for those looking to simulate real gun handling.

CO2 has some advantages that make it attractive to airsoft players. CO2 is much less expensive than green gas or HPA, making it a good choice for those on a budget. It also has higher FPS potential than green gas or spring-powered guns.

Some disadvantages are that it's less consistent than green gas or HPA, meaning that the gun may not fire consistently each time you pull the trigger. Additionally, CO2 guns tend to be more temperamental than other types of guns, and do not work well in extreme temperatures.

Green Gas

Green gas, also known as propane, is a popular power plant for airsoft guns. It is a mixture of propane, silicone oil, and sometimes additives such as lubricants. It is one of the most powerful forms of propulsion for an airsoft rifle or pistol, and it's used in many high-end models.

Green gas is pressurized and stored in the magazine of a gun. When the gun is fired, the propellant is released through the nozzle to power the BBs forward. One advantage of green gas is that it provides more consistent performance than other powerplants like AEGs and spring guns. This makes it ideal for competitive play and shooting accuracy.

The downside to green gas is that it can be expensive to use and requires frequent refilling. Additionally, some climates may not allow for green gas to be used outdoors due to safety concerns with using flammable gas. However, green gas is still a popular choice for many airsoft players due to its reliable performance and power.


High Pressure Air (HPA), is an increasingly popular power plant being used. It uses an onboard air cylinder or an attached tank to propel the BBs at a consistent speed. This gives the user greater accuracy and more range than any other powerplant. HPA tanks are refilled using compressors.

The benefits of using HPA are numerous. It's extremely consistent, reliable, and easy to adjust. It can also give you higher velocities and longer ranges than other powerplants. However, the downside is that HPA guns are more expensive than spring and AEG models. Additionally, they require external air-filling sources, which adds more costs.

If you're looking for a top-of-the-line gun, then HPA might be the right choice for you. Just make sure you understand the requirements before making a purchasing decision.

Airsoft Ammo

Airsoft BBs are a type of plastic BBs that are used in airsoft rifles and pistols. Typical ammo is 6mm plastic BBs that range in weight from 20g to 30g.

The choice of weight for your ammo will depend on the type of gun you're using and your preferred shooting style. Heavier BBs tend to be more accurate and have greater hitting power, making them ideal for long-range shots.

In addition to traditional airsoft ammo, there are also biodegradable BBs. They are made from biodegradable plastic that is designed to break down, leaving less impact on the environment. Biodegradable BBs are becoming more popular for outdoor use. They can be used in most airsoft guns and tend to be more accurate than traditional BBs. However, they won't store as long, and they may be prone to jamming when used in lower-quality guns.

Non-biodegradable BBs are less expensive, are popular for indoor gaming, and tend to last longer than biodegradable BBs. They will need to be sept up after gameplay or they could litter the environment for a long time.

When choosing which type of ammo to use, consider the environment of your game and the cleanup involved after gaming.

Airsoft Roles


The rifleman is the most common role on the airsoft field. As a rifleman, your job is to provide effective fire support to your team, while maintaining a good position on the field. You will need a good AEG or gas-powered rifle with a medium to high rate of fire and accuracy to effectively engage targets at range.

As a rifleman, your ability to move quickly and accurately around the field in different positions to provide effective cover is essential. It is important to practice using your rifle from multiple positions, such as kneeling, prone, or crouching.

You should also have a reliable sidearm in case you find yourself in close quarters. A good sidearm should be a multi-shot airsoft pistol with a full magazine, ready to shoot at any time.

Quick movements through the course are also crucial for close-quarter success. This includes running, crouching, and maneuvering around obstacles and opponents quickly and safely. It's important to keep your guns at the ready, in firing position as much as possible.

Finally, communication with your squad is vital. The rifleman is usually the first to spot opponents' movements and should be able to report back to the squad leader quickly and accurately. This helps the team react quickly and better prepare for any situation.


The marksman is a pivotal role in airsoft mil-sim games and is responsible for providing long-range fire support. Marksmen are typically equipped with high-endairsoft sniper rifles, or sometimes an assault rifle with an upgraded inner barrel to increase accuracy. Marsmen often play a critical role in eliminating opponents from afar or providing cover fire while teammates move up and capture objectives.

As a Marksmen, you must be patient, have a steady hand, and above all, have exceptional aim. You'll often play on the outer edges of the field, and it can be easy to lose track of the game's objectives. Communication is key as you work together with other players to effectively coordinate and eliminate opponents.

You must also have an advanced understanding of tactics. This means understanding the terrain and using it to your advantage by selecting the best possible sniping shot for the team's benefit. Knowing when and how to fall back and regroup is also essential for the marksman role, as well as being able to identify which targets will give the team the best chance of victory.

Support Gunner

The support gunner is the cornerstone of a team. They are a powerful asset to any group of players and will help keep the team in the game. The support gunner is usually the most heavily armed and armored member of the team, equipped with a larger rifle such as an airsoft machine gun.

As the support gunner, you are responsible for laying heavy fire while the rest of the team moves forward to gain ground. You provide protective fire from the rear or side of the team, which allows the rest of the team to focus on their primary objectives. You can also provide suppressive fire which helps to keep the opponents' heads down so that the rest of the team can maneuver around them.

To be an effective support gunner, have a good understanding of the field and know where to position yourself for maximum effectiveness. Maintain communication so you can relay information to the team quickly and effectively.

Accurate shooting is more important in close quarters than in open areas. The tight space makes friendly fire a real problem. Make sure to practice close-range shooting along with long-range shooting so you are prepared to take out opponents without sacrificing your team.

Finally, understand your role within the team and when it's best to lay down suppressive fire. Knowing when to pull back and when to move forward is key to providing successful support. The support gunner is an invaluable part of any airsoft team and one that must not be overlooked.

Squad Leader

The squad leader is the player who leads the team in an airsoft game. They are responsible for organizing and coordinating their teammates, as well as providing tactical guidance. They must also maintain a good overview of the game situation and anticipate the opponent's movements.

As the squad leader, you should have good communication and leadership skills. Quickly assess situations and come up with effective solutions. Learn various tactics and strategies, and be able to effectively direct your team in the game.

Be prepared for any possible situation, such as an enemy attack or unexpected objectives. Have a flexible strategy so you can quickly adapt to any changes you come across, such as unexpected obstacles and moves by your opponents. Alternative routes to the objectives will keep you moving even under heavy fire. Be ready to hand responsibilities to other teammates who are in a better position to win the objective. Take into account your teammates' strengths and weaknesses, and use them to the team's advantage.

Situational awareness in close-quarters battle could save your game. With multiple opponents in close proximity, they could take you out of the game in a split second. Stay aware of their movements, so they don't get the drop on you, and keep in communication with teammates to take out the opponents with teamwork. Awareness and quick thinking can help you outmaneuver your opponents for the win.

Finally, provide support and encouragement to your teammates throughout the game. A good squad leader will ensure that everyone is having fun while still achieving the team's objectives.

Airsoft Safety Equipment

Airsoft is a fun and exciting sport, but it's important to be aware of the safety risks associated with it. To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, you should have the right protective gear.


When playing, it's important to protect your eyes from projectiles. Goggles must be ABSI-rated with a full seal to keep BBs and debris out of your eyes. They come in a variety of styles and colors and are typically made of lightweight polycarbonate materials that can protect your eyes from impacts. Mesh goggles are not allowed because they do not stop BBs and could allow for injury.


Along with goggles, masks will protect your face from projectiles. A full face mask also protects you from dust and debris that can be kicked up by other players. You want a mask that is comfortable, and fits well without gaps and slipping. Look for a mask that has ventilation so you can stay cool and breathe well during gameplay. Mesh masks are not allowed for the same reason mesh goggles are not allowed.


Your clothing should help protect you from harsh conditions in the field. Long sleeves, long pants, and maybe a jacket. They should be loose fitting, but not baggy, so you can move freely. Wearing boots can protect your feet and stabilize your ankles for traveling over rough terrain. Wearing multiple layers of clothing can help protect you against bruising and abrasions if you impact hard surfaces.

Additionally, the colors and patterns of your clothing should help you blend into the game environment that you're playing in. Bright colors and solid patterns are more easily seen and make you an easier target.


Wearing gloves protects your hands and fingers from abrasions and the elements of the field. In cold weather, they keep your hands warm, and in hot weather, they can keep your hands from getting too sweaty and help you keep a grip on your gun.

The best type of gloves to use for airsoft are half-fingerless gloves. These gloves have a layer of padding on the palm, but allow you full dexterity of your fingers. Make sure to check the fit of your gloves before you start playing. They should fit snuggly, but not be too tight. If you need to adjust them frequently, they may be the wrong size.


One of the most important safety items is pads. They protect your joints from impacts and sliding injuries, allowing you to play full out. When choosing pads for airsoft, make sure to buy quality products. They should be made of heavy-duty materials and allow airflow to keep you cool while playing. Make sure your pads fit well and don't slip around on your body or they could cause blisters and irritation.

While playing airsoft, safety is your number one priority. Investing in good quality protective gear will ensure that you're able to enjoy the game without as much risk of injury.

Airsoft Accessories

If you want to enhance your airsoft gaming experience, it helps to get airsoft accessories, such as extra batteries and other power sources (CO2 and green gas), magazines, targets, grips, and extra parts, especially if you play a lot or want to upgrade your kit.

Airsoft magazines and speedloaders help to keep you fully loaded and ready for action. Magazines hold the bbs for your gun. Speed loaders help you quickly fill your magazines. Get the right magazines and keep them full with a speed loader that fits your magazine.

AEG guns require airsoft batteries to keep them operational. Keeping extra batteries on hand keeps you playing longer with easy swap-outs whenever your gun needs more energy.

Grips for airsoft rifles and pistols provide stability and control while handling your gun. Many guns have removable grips, and you can change them out for grips that are more comfortable for you. When your grips are comfortable, they can reduce your fatigue and improve your accuracy.

Fuel for your guns is important to keep them shooting. The most common fuels are green gas and CO2. Green gas is a pressurized container of propane and silicone oil, which is necessary to lubricate and cool the gun's internal parts while shooting. Green gas typically comes in cans. Only use green gas made for airsoft guns. Alternatively, CO2 typically comes in small cylinders that attach directly to the gun. Make sure to use the fuel that is appropriate for your preferred gun.

Airsoft Terms

  • AEG - automatic electric gun
  • FPS - feet per second
  • CQB - close-quarter battle
  • RIS - rail interface system that allows you to add accessories to your guns
  • HPA - high pressure air
  • BBs - airsoft ammunition
  • Blow Back - the action of the gun that moves back and forth with each shot
  • Pump Action - the action of the gun that requires a pump prior to each shot
  • Hop Up - the mechanism inside an airsoft gun that puts a reverse spin on the BBs to help them fly farther than they would without it
  • High Cap - high capacity
  • Pistol Grip - the grip commonly associated with pistols rather than rifles
  • Gear Box - internal workings of AEG airsoft guns that transfer electric energy to mechanical energy and allow the gun to fire

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