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    5.0 5.0

    5.0 5.0

    By michael from USA on 2016-07-13
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    Things I liked: Very high quality fit, finish, materials. Soft touch synthetic appears and feels better than FX (I own 3). Although people are commenting on price of magazine, it is in fact the highest quality, precision fitting and functioning magazine in my collection of 11 PCPs. Would be nice if it was a tad cheaper though :-). The way the mag inserts is precise in alignment, zero slop, precise index. Fairly quiet out of the box, about same as AA S510. LW barrel is very accurate, can achieve 1/2 inch groups on paper at 50yrds and consistently hit 1 1/4 inch steel spinner at 100 yrds. In 22 cal @ 26-27 FPE , somewhat susceptible to wind. Lightweight, compact, portable, fits in backpack when folded, perfect little small game hunter. Not very pellet fussy out to 90 yrds. JSB 16 and 18, H&N FTT, Crosman Premier Domes, Polymags, all shoot well. I'm currently sticking with the JSB16s @ 853 fps which are good out to 100yrds. No fuss, no muss, easy to shoot accurately within 20 mins out of box.

    Things I would have changed: The safety is in an unusual location but functions well and easy to operate once you remember where it is. It would have been icing on the cake if it came OEM with a picatinny rail on forend for bipod etc. Easy enough to solve. At 26-27 FPE, I am getting 40 shots on the reg per 260 bar fill. Roughly 30bar per magazine x4. I have not filled up to 300 bar which some people will struggle with depending on equipment. The air cylinder is very small, using a hand pump and filling to 200bar should net you 20 shots and should be easy to achieve given the small reservoir. There needs to be more English language reviews and information on this gun on the Internet. Information is sparse and sometimes conflicting or inconsistent.

    What others should know: This is perfect for my intended use of portable, light weight, compact, accurate and consistent small game hunter. The quality, fit and finish, functionality, consistency, efficiency, ergonomics, and very smooth operation rivals or exceeds any of the PCPs in my collection including AA, HW, FX, Daystate, Kalibrgun, AT Vulcan. I will definitely be purchasing additional Ataman products. This platform would very likely also be awesome in .177 but probably not so much in larger than .22 caliber given its small air reservoir. A .177 cal @ 20fpe in this platform would be a no brainier purchase for me. Match with a high quality scope with more than 4 mil dots or one with mildots calibrated at 20x like Hawke 6.5 -20x sidewinder to take best advantage of trajectory of this gun out to 100yrds. I am using sidewinder 4-16x 50mm with SR Pro reticle for now and really like this setup. SR Pro is implemented with 20x mildots subtentions.