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H&K MP7 Elite Airsoft Submachine Gun

4.59 reviews
H&K MP7 Elite

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  • HK MP7 submachine gun
  • Green gas
  • Authentic replica
  • Full-/semi-auto
  • Real blowback simulates firearm
  • Functioning cocking handle
  • 40-rd mag also holds green gas
  • Adjustable flip-up front metal sight
  • Metal Picatinny rails
  • Retractable buttstock
  • Folding foregrip
  • 900 rds per minute
  • Adjustable Hop-Up
  • Professional-grade, high-end components

  • Main Outer Body = Fiber Reinforced Polymer
  • Internal Structure = Full Metal Action Housing
  • Dimensions = 15" X 7" [38.1 cm X 17.78 cm]
  • Official Heckler & Koch licensed product
  • Manufactured by KWA under contract from Umarex
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Max Velocity380 fpsMeasured with 0.2g ammo
Barrel Length8.6"
Overall Length23.5"
Shot Capacity40
BarrelSmooth bore
Front SightFlip-up, adjustable
Rear SightAdjustable
ScopeableWeaver mounts
Suggested forSkirmishing
Hop UpAdjustable
MaterialMetal/ABS plastic
Body TypeSubmachine gun
Weight4.7 lbs

other products by Umarex > Heckler & Koch

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4.5 (9 reviews)
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5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

3.0 3.0

By Scott from USA on 2016-04-28
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Things I liked: Well built. Solid feel. Of course, more fun than you can imagine.

Things I would have changed: It only comes with one magazine. You will want to order a second to keep the fun rolling between loadings.


4.0 4.0

3.0 3.0

3.0 3.0

By C.M. Writings from USA on 2015-07-03
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4.01 rating

Things I liked: When I fold out the vertical foregrip and pull out the collapsable stock, this is the most comfortable weapon I have ever shouldered. It is fun to shoot on full auto and even semi auto is fun with its solid recoil. I originally purchased this airsoft gun as a backup to my KWA LM4 PTR, but the MP7 has a slightly higher magazine capacity than my LM4 and a higher rate of fire. In most situations I prefer the MP7 over the LM4. With a red dot sight attached, I can be just as accurate with the MP7 as a I am with the LM4. I do seem to get tighter groupings on full auto than with my LM4 which I almost never shoot on full auto. The gun feels very solid even with its polymer construction.

Things I would have changed: The iron sights and the pistol sights have me aiming too low to the target no matter how much I adjust the elevation. I believe it is because they sit so high off the barrel. There is no way to lock back the bolt without inserting an empty magazine. This would have been nice for checking to see whether the chamber is clear.

What others should know: This gun has an high fps and I recommend using .25 gram bbs. One charge will get you one full magazine (38 rounds) and 15 to 25 more shots on full auto. Semi auto will get you one full magazine and 25 to 35 shots on a full charge. The magazine does get cold if you repeatedly shoot on full auto and this does affect gas efficiency.


5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

4.0 4.0

By Tremor Jones from USA on 2014-08-07
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5.01 rating

Things I liked: This is hands down the best gas airsoft SMG I've ever seen. It's reliable, reasonably accurate, very high ROF , Plus it's loud and intimidating! Magazines are easy to load in the field, and the magazines hold so much gas that you can reload several times without running out of green gas. (provided you use short bursts and let the magazine warm up periodically) Balance is great, the adjustable flip up sights are quite sufficient, but you can easily slap on a dot sight. The folding stock has metal parts and feels very very solid. as does the flip down fore grip . It's really a great deal of fun and I use it in skirmishing as well. Extra magazines are readily available. (I got a couple of mags from pyramid not long before writing this review) Great for the highly mobile player, (not great if you like to camp with a high ROF AEG and hose down your opponent with bbs, it's just not meant for that) I'd recommend this just on the sheer fun factor alone, but the superb quality is also a factor.

Things I would have changed: I really like it , I can't think of a thing that really needs improvement.

What others should know: Well it's kinda heavy , but comparable to an AEG with battery of similar size I guess. Mine seems to like to shoot .25's and .28's. .20's seem a little light. Spare magazines are a bit pricy , but they are metal and well made. In skirmishing i've found that a loud "smokey" GBB SMG like this can sort of momentarily "stun" new players, It's kind of the rabbit in headlights effect. Seasoned players ignore it, but it's kind of funny. I've seen inexperienced players seem to forget that they have an airsoft gun too for a second, or sometimes being startled , they respond with a wild spraying motion with their AEG, with results inevitably in your favor. I dunno, sometimes the startle factor is worth something, but the other side of that is that a seasoned player will hear you from way across the field , because it is loud and has a distinctive sound. So they'll know not only where the shooting is going on but who is likely doing it.


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  • Jeff from USA asked:

    Does this come with the cheap orange plastic flash hider or the black one?

    • Tyler from USA:

      The orange one

  • Timothy J. from USA asked:

    Whats the difference between the MP7 and the MP7A1? And what do they consider a NS2 series? I'm somewhat confused, I'm looking at some enhancement parts and these three subcategories are sometimes listed all under Umarex KWA/KSC H&K MP7. Thanks, Tim.

    • GMS from USA:

      MP7 is the initial release or beta/gen.1 version of the firearm. Since then it evolved to the MP7A1 which is the current production model. There is NO AirSoft made of the original MP7. Whenever you see a description without the 'A1', it is just due to laziness. It is just like how most people say "M-4" when they're referring to the M-4A1. The M-4 was developed from the XM-177E series of the 70's but select-fire with semi-auto and 3rnd-burst only, NOT semi and full-auto, and issued in limited numbers. When M-4A1 came to market it reclaimed full-auto functionality. Granted there are M-4A1 variants with 3rnd-burst, but they are improved versions of the M-4 and not the same thing. Just like MP7 and MP7A1 are not the same thing, albeit they are much closer to each other than M-4 vs. M-4A1. NS2 is a newer gas system created by KSC/KWA for better efficiency. Models like the MP7A1 are new enough that they only come in NS2. KSC/KWA are the manufacturers that actually make the product, whereas Umarex is merely a licenser that pays for the rights to have authentic trademarks on AirSoft/airguns. Similarly - Cybergun is also just a licensing company. To my knowledge neither of those 2 actually manufacturer the products.

  • Dario from Canada asked:

    So I see the FPS is within the requirements of guns here in Canada, but I am just wondering if this will ship, I understand there a minimal chance of it getting seized, but I am just wondering is there any additional measures I can take to make sure it is not confiscated

    • GMS from USA:

      Even if any AirSoft or airgun encounters a problem or holdup at C.B.S.A., it won't be simply seized unless it's illegal (prohibited). They would send you a letter informing of the product's hold and reason for it, giving you options of how to handle the item. You can discuss with them and verify that it (in the case of the KWA MP7A1) falls under the classification of "uncontrolled firearm" and should be permitted for importation. Some C.B.S.A. agents may be unfamiliar with either the regulations or specific items, but cordial communication will have them simply double-check. Worst case scenario they will escalate by sending to the R.C.M.P. C.F.C. to test muzzle velocity, once it's confirmed within reg's it will be released and continue on its way. There are no "additional measures" to perform. Just know the laws and never order an AirSoft or airgun that's prohibited.

    • Dan the Man from USA:

      When you click on an item on Pyramyd's website and it states "ships to Canada", you'll be fine. Just contact Pyramyd if there's any problems getting it to you.

    • Tyler from USA:

      Yes we can ship it to Canada and you should not have any issues as the product is not in violation of any of the restrictions we have listed.

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Item Description
HK-2279020 [PY-1989-4055]
Heckler & Koch MP7--rock & roll with 900 rds/min.
Included:40rd Magazine, Hop-Up adjustment wrench, 50 Airsoft BBs, Manual
Max Velocity380 fpsMeasured with 0.2g ammo

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