Date: 14/6/2021 23:57

Video: Ataman M2R Tact Carbine Type 1 Air Rifle

Video: Ataman M2R Tact Carbine Type 1 Air Rifle | Pyramyd Air

A combination of state-of-the-art production, superior materials, and the legendary expertise of Russian gunsmiths stand behind this Ataman rifle.

Ataman M2R Tact Carbine Type 1 Air Rifle Video Transcript:

Welcome to the Pyramyd Insyder, I am your comrade Tyler Patner. Today we have special surprise all the way from the motherland, the Ataman M2R tactical Carbine Type 1 in .25 caliber.  

Alright guys, so we have the tactical carbine here from Ataman today. Now obviously I think we discussed this when we reviewed an Ataman before. Carbine is just what they use for the word rifle basically because this is definitely not a carbine gun somewhere a little bit over 40 inches I believe total length, so it definitely doesn't qualify as a carbine. But that said, a lot of cool features here. It's available in .22, .25, and .357 and some of the other models are even available in .30 caliber now as well, so depending on if you want the type 1 stock, the type 2 stock, there are a lot of different variations but they're all the same basic action. So let's check out some of the features of the type 1. So up at the front of the gun you'll notice that we do have a bit of an air stripper here. Now this is an option that comes with the Ataman and you don't have to use it, you can just run the gun with the standard shroud ending, it's not threaded on or anything like that, secures with two set screws and it's really meant to just strip away some of the turbulent air from the pellet as it exits the bore. And of course, as you guys can see, we do have a fully shrouded low through Walther barrel so again we do expect very good accuracy out of these Atamans and certainly in the past they performed. We’ll see how the .25 does. Now underneath our shrouded barrel we do have our 250 cc air reservoir with our gauge up at the front. Now this does read in bar 300 bar fill gun just like all the other Atamans. And talked about filling we do have two fill probes which is standard for the admin. Obviously we're gonna use the quick disconnect, we’ll leave the threaded one off to the side and to fill this guy. It's very simple, you just take your probe, slide it in just like that, you go ahead and hook up your quick disconnect fitting on your hose and you go ahead and fill the 300 bar. This particular type one is obviously the black stock, as you can see, but you guys can't see is that it is that soft touch rubberized coating on the stock, which I really like and it seems to hold up well in terms of being scuff resistant and all that. But very very nice ergonomics here, it's got a very you know tactical look and feel to it, and obviously with the adjustable cheek piece you're gonna have a great opportunity to make this gun fit you properly, and make sure that every time you go ahead and put your cheek on that cheek piece you are aligned with the scope right away. And at the back of the stock we do have a vertically adjustable butt pad, rubberized of course, and one other note that I like to hit on about the stock in general, is I really like the vertical pistol grip, it just for me I like the feel of a vertical pistol grip better than more that sporterised length in stock feel, so I think Ataman really hit it out of the park with this stock design. 

Now talking about the action on the M2R Series, it is the same as all of the M2R series, so you're not going to get a whole lot of variance in the Ataman in terms of how things function, but you do have a side lever, and this one's black anodized a very nice finish here, and you can hear it, go ahead cock it back like that. Pull the magazine out for you guys and you can see that there's a nice bolt probe in there. The magazine is one of the stouter magazines that I've seen, it is self-indexing which is a nice feature, and one of my favorites is that you can load it while it's on the gun, so now you don't have to take it out and load it this way, you can actually just keep it right in there, load a pellet here, load a pellet on the other side, and then rotate it. It's very easy to do and something that I've gotten accustomed to not even taking it out of the gun. I really like that feature from Ataman, whether it was intentional or not, I don't know but it's a great feature. And while I do have the gun in the cock position here I want to show you guys how the safety works. So the safety can only be engaged when the rifle is cocked so now that it is cocked, we can go ahead and take our safety from the hot and fire position and push it on through, cross bolt style safety, and now the gun is safe, go ahead and close the bolt and you'll see nothing happens, I'm not able to pull the trigger. If you do want to decock the rifle also a very easy process, you just go ahead and make the rifle hot and ready to fire, open your bolt, hold it back, and then pull the trigger, you hear it release, let it slide forward, you're all good to go. And of course we have Ataman’s two-way adjustable trigger, it is a little bit of an odd feel for those of you that are used to a true traditional two-stage trigger where you take up and then you hit that wall and then you release. You don't really hit that wall with the trigger as it comes out of the box, so you can adjust it to get that feel if you want it, but very lightweight out of the box probably under a pound if I had to take a wild guess at it. And overall once you get used to it the the two-way adjustable trigger system that they have is not bad to use it all really easy. And another shared feature among the M2R line is that Picatinny mounting rail on top of the breech directly machined in. Love that feature, makes putting scopes on and taking them off quickly a cinch, no problem at all. And on top we do have the Athlon Argos BTR eight to thirty four, this is a first focal plane scope so our reticle spacing is never going to change, it's a beautiful thing. Does add a fair bit of weight though, the gun’s probably with the scope on it, coming in a little over ten pounds, maybe ten and a half. The gun on its own is about a nine and a half pound gun, so probably not something you're gonna be takin walking through the woods, but definitely a gun that if you're a rested shooter or you know you're gonna be in one spot, this is gonna do wonders for you. So let's head out to the range, check out what it does over the chronograph, see what pellets are most accurate, and do some sound testing for you guys. We'll see you out there.

Alright guys, we did all 8 shot groups, figure 8 shot mag no point and just holding it back to 5, you guys want to see what a full mag does. So right here 25.4 grain JSB Kings, a half inch group it doesn't get a whole lot better than that, and honestly I think it could have been just a little bit tighter, cuz that last shot I think I pulled it just a little bit so. But a half inch group is really impressive and honestly what I would expect. The King heavies, the 33.9 grains, a little bit bigger at about 5/8 but certainly you know 45-50 yards, either of these are gonna do exactly what you want them to. So the Ataman has certainly got accuracy for days. Let's head over to the chronograph and see what those 25.4 Kings do.

With the 25.4 grain JSB Kings off of a 300 bar fill we're getting about 46 good shots on that regulator to 125 bar before it falls off. And you can see super consistent an extreme spread of just 12 feet per second so that's not going to impact your accuracy at 50-60 yards at all, and a standard deviation of just 2.5 feet per second means everything is nice, tight, and consistent from shot to shot, and at 53 foot pounds this guns got plenty of smackdown with those Kings.

All right guys, let's break this one down. So I wanted to get my hands on one of these .25 caliber Atamans because I hadn't seen a lot out there on them yet and I hadn't gotten the opportunity to play with one. So the .25 caliber tactical carbine that we have here, obviously super good shooter 1/2 inch at 45 yards. Honestly it's what I would expect out of a gun in this price range and with the Ataman name, you know obviously super accurate low through Walther barrels, you know good shot count, more than we expected right around 45-46 good shots on that regulator before it dropped off, and a 300 bar fill I know makes it a little bit of a scary thing for some folks out there, but you don't have to fill it that high, you can still get a good shot count off of a 250 fill or something like that. But obviously this guns got pretty much everything going for it outside of being a little bit heavy and a little on the loud side. If those are deal-breakers for you, I understand but for those of you that are looking for extreme accuracy, over 50 foot-pounds of energy, good shot count, good trigger, smooth side lever, good magazine system, adjustable stock, I mean I can keep going alright. The Ataman M2R tactical carbine in .25 is definitely on my short list of rifles to own especially in that high-end PCP price point so check it out on For the Insyder, I’m Tyler Patner, we'll see you guys at the next one. 

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