Date: 24/6/2021 18:24

Video: BSA R10 SE Precharged Pneumatic Airgun

Video: BSA R10 SE Precharged Pneumatic Airgun  | Pyramyd Air

An improved version of an already impressive airgun, the BSA R-10 SE brings you everything that worked with the BSA R-10 MK2 and adds an improved regulator and updated shroud system that moves the R-10 SE into a class of its own.

BSA R10 SE PCP Air Rifle Video Transcript Below:

Welcome to the Pyramyd Insyder, I’m Tyler Patner, today we're going to be taking a look at the BSA R10 SE in .22 caliber. 

So we have the .22 R10 SE here today, is also available in .177 caliber for those you looking as well. But just a little bit about me real quick. I'm a big BSA fanboy, like you're just gonna be upfront with you guys, there may be a little bit of bias in this review. Largely because I've owned an R10 before, so I've owned actually most of the guns in the modern BSA line, and I'm just a huge fan of their designs, the looks of the guns, so please understand that going in. But let's take a look at some of the features of the gun. So starting at the front of the gun probably the biggest change on the R10 SE from the R10 MK2 is the new shroud system. Now this is a fixed route and suppressor on the end here. Big change, it was just a full shroud system, just one piece unit the length of the gun, but this new moderator, they're claiming it's half the noise level of the MK2. And I just tell you guys from the initial testing, I would agree with that statement, I don't know exactly what half is but I can tell you it's definitely quieter than the MK2. And, of course, under the shroud is the BSA cold hammer-forged barrel. These barrels are world renowned as being some of the most accurate out there. They will stand up to Lothar, Walther, Green Mountain, I mean any of the big barrel manufacturers. BSA’s cold hammer-forged set a very very high standard so I'm expecting this gun to be very accurate. And under the barrel and shroud setup, we have a 200 cc bottle, nice, small profile doesn't add too much weight to the gun overall, really like the size of the bottle. And that connects right to our regulator. Now the R10 has always been a regulated platform but the SE has a new regulator design that BSA is claiming boasts 25% more shots. Now whether they mean more shots in general in terms of the whole fill or if they mean more regulated shots. I would assume that's what they mean, obviously we're gonna chronograph the gun and see just how efficient and how many shots that's gonna give you guys. And underneath to track that, we do have a gauge here and there's also a fill port here. Now it does come with a standard 1/8 pspp threaded probe. Important to note that if you are gonna have a quick disconnect setup on the end of your hose, you're gonna want to get that quick disconnect adapter. And that just plugs right into the end of the hole here. Now one of the things that BSA is done on the SE version that they didn't do in the past is provide a little fill port plug so you can keep dust and debris out. And I really like this upgrade. It's a small little thing that is a value added, in my opinion, on any gun, and one I would like to see from pretty much any manufacturer that uses a fill probe.

You'll also notice we have front and rear swivel studs, so if you want them on a bipod on that front one or you can go ahead and mount a sling up to that. Up to you of course, you don't have to use them at all. And you'll notice immediately, nice walnut stock. I mean this is's a sexy gun, I think it's a sexy gun at least. You got the Rosewood cap here, on the end at the bottle you got the Rosewood grip, you know on the on the bottom of the grip there. It's just the Minelli makes the stock for BSA. It's a gorgeous stock and really, I mean this is what you're looking for when you're looking into that thousand dollar plus price range. You know it's got to have some good looks and I really really like it. Some people might say this is a like an aggressive looking stock, you know the lines on it, the checkering, all that but I love it, I'd it's just me again, but your mileage is gonna vary. But really nice walnut stock on this gun. And moving up to the breech block we, do you notice we have our breech opening there for our magazine. Now the gun does come with two magazines, that's a first for BSA. And one thing I do want to point out on these mags you'll see this little white dot in the hole right here. Now that's actually gonna let you know that you're out of rounds in empty. That's important. The magazine is also numbered on top to tell you how many shots you have left but that white dot is what lets you know that it's empty after you load that last round and that's really helpful in the field. So loading the magazine in is quite simple. Just go ahead and slide it into the open breech and obviously you have to pull the bolt back. You'll feel it lock into place because there's a little hole on the other side that it protrudes through and it just locks in nicely. Now to keep that secured, BSA makes you flip this little lever guy back and really lock that mag in place, so now even with the bolt open you can't pull it out, and that's going to keep it nice and secure, make sure you don't lose it when you're hunting, target shooting, whatever you might be doing. So wanted to show you guys also real quick this trigger. Really nice trigger unit, now it's a little heavy for my liking, we're going to flip the hunter-style safety off and I'll just decock it for you guys so you can see. But a very long take-up, that's all first stage there and it is that's a lot, I was not expecting that so personally if it were me I'm gonna adjust that out, but very clean break right there. So I I really like the way it breaks, the way it feels, it's maybe a little on the heavy side for what a gun like this in my opinion should be, but of course it's fully adjustable, and this is just out of the box to give you guys an idea of how it's going to come to you. And on top of the breech we have an 11mm dovetail for mounting your optics. And we've gone ahead and mounted a Hawk AirMax 30 here the 4 to 16 to be exact, we've used it a lot here on The Insyder, it's a scope I'm a big fan of which is why I mounted it up here. And overall gun comes into the shoulder really nicely. One thing I want to point out though is that they did also upgrade the butt pad on this one, it was formerly just vertically adjustable, now you have that horizontal adjustment as well so really nice feature. I found that I didn't really have to adjust it for myself, you know you got this raised cheekpiece that brings you right into the line and line of sight with the scope, it's a really nice feeling rifle in my opinion, just about seven and a half pounds or so. And you even got a nice little cut out here on the grip for a more thumb up position which I'm a big fan of as well, as opposed to wrapping it around, so overall really like the way this gun feels. We're gonna go get it gassed up to the fill pressure 232 bar, go put some rounds downrange at 45 yards, see how she does. 

Alright guys so we opted to do all the testing just straight at 45 yards. With a gun like this, you know in that thousand dollar price range, there's no reason to go any closer. And we went with ten shot groups, so they're a little bit bigger than usual but you know you got the JSB 18s right about an inch for ten shots at 45, not bad I expected a little bit better as a lot of the BSA that I've owned in the past usually like those JSP 18s, but this gun didn't happen to. Surprise one for me. The Crosman Ultra Mags, 10 shots at about an inch as well. Quite good for a relatively inexpensive pellet. And then when we got into the better shooting stuff, the Predator GTOs, again another gun that's just super surprising. You know at under 12 grains this guy's flying pretty quick, and a 5/8 ton shot group, I mean this this gun laces them in there nicely. And very impressive but if I was gonna pick a pellet the Beeman Kodiaks, that's still a 5/8 group for 10 shots but give you that little bit of extra knockdown power and a little bit heavier weight. Now with those then the GTOs, we're gonna take both of them, throw them over the chronograph, and also do sound testing with both. See how much of a difference there is. Let's check it out. 

Looking over our shot strings here you can see immediately that we're doing a fair number of shots right around 45 or 50, and I can tell you guys just from experience that the MK2 version of the R10 was only doing about 35 good shots. So you know looking this over we do some pretty flat strings here, a little bit wider standard deviation on the Kodiaks, as well as a larger extreme spread but not by much. Certainly good enough to give me pinpoint accuracy out to about 50 yards and probably further than that. So definitely some nice tight shot strings out of the R10 SE.

Well guys I'd like to think you can see why I'm a BSA fanboy. You got the supreme accuracy you know five eights groups of 45 yards with a couple different pellets. Really phenomenal shooting, you know, nice trigger breaks, super clean, and obviously fully adjustable, take out some of that take-up or at least I would. The new regulator seems to be doing its job right around 45 good shots, 45-50 depending on the pellet used there. So you're getting quite a few more shots, about eight to ten more than you were on the previous version on the MK2, so the SE's definitely got a lot going for it, and obviously the new shroud system is much quieter and super backyard friendly. I definitely recommend checking this one out guys, if you're looking for a new high-end addition to your airgun collection the R10 SE should be at the top of that list. So give it a look on For the Insyder, I’m Tyler Patner. We'll see you guys at the next one. 


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