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Video: Evertyhing you need to know about the Gauntlet 2

Video: Evertyhing you need to know about the Gauntlet 2 | Pyramyd Air


Welcome to the Pyramid Insider. I'm Tyler Patner. And today we are going to be going in-depth on the Umarex Gauntlet 2 in. 22 caliber.

Now, the Gauntlet two was announced right around just before summer of 2021. And obviously as the successor to the ever popular Gauntlet, it has a lot to live up to, and, Umarex, has done a pretty good job of enhancing the original gauntlet to give you quite a bit more power and also add in some other very much needed features that a lot of you guys asked for with the original Gauntlet. I think the best way to compare, though, and talk about some of these upgrades and enhancements is to pull out an original gauntlet.

So I have that here. Now.

Looking at the original Gauntlet compared to the Gauntlet two, you have some striking difference, obviously, in the looks of the stock. The stock is Umarex's tactical precision stock, and it has a lot of nice enhancements over this original Gauntlet one stock, the biggest one being a lot thinner, a lot easier in the hand, not as bulky answering a lot of the calls from folks out there that just didn't seem to love this stock. They've still kept the adjustable cheekpiece, and they've also added a number of m-lock slots onto the far end of the stock for your accessories, your bipods and what have you?

One thing they have done away with, though, is this adjustment wheel for the cheekpiece. The cheekpiece piece on the Gauntlet two adjusts with two allen screws.

Very simple to do, and it's cut out a considerable amount of weight. That's an important enhancement here as well. Umarex wanted to keep the weight of the gun right about the same as the original Gauntlet. And considering what they've added in a bigger bottle and a much beefier breach block assembly, you are talking about the same eight and a half pounds, which is very impressive. Now starting at the front of the gun.

When we're talking about the differences between the original Gauntlet and the Gauntlet, too, let's start with that bottle. So on the original Gauntlet, you will remember in. 22 caliber, you are talking about a 13 cubic inch, 3000 PSI fill bottle with an 1100 PSI regulator. Now in the Gauntlet, too, they have nearly doubled the size of the bottle. This is a 24 cubic inch bottle, and the regulator pressure has been boosted to 1900 PSI.

Here in the 22. It's a little bit higher in the 25. Just something to keep in mind there. Now again, the original Gauntlet filled the 3000 PSI, which is great for you. Hand pumpers.

The biggest change here for those of you out there that maybe don't have a tank or a compressor yet is the Gauntlet two fills to a full 4500 PSI, so a much higher fill pressure. And they've done that not only to go along with that higher Reg pressure, but also to maintain the stellar shot count that the original Gauntlet was known for. They claim over 70 shots in the. 22 caliber here. Of course, we're going to go ahead and put it to the test over the chronograph.

So we'll see how it comes in when it all shakes out. Now, another big change that they've made between the original Gauntlet and the two is the Bolt handle. Now, one of the big complaints with the original Gauntlet was it was kind of stiff cocking. If you were trying to pull it back like a Bolt action rifle, it can be a little difficult personally, not a big problem for me, but I understand why most folks had that issue. So what Umarex has done with the G Two is actually gives you an upgraded Bolt handle, which is nice and beefy.

You have a nice neural end here. And they've also managed to reduce the caulking effort by about 15%. That's what they say. Anyway, I don't have a good way to measure it, but one thing I will tell you is that while it was a little stiff out of the box, we put about 1000 shots through this now and it is super smooth and a lot easier than the original. A little pro tip for you guys.

If you're having trouble caulking this gun, put your thumb at the back of the action here, wrap a couple of fingers around that neural knob and just pull straight back. Super easy. If you try and operate this gun like a Bolt action rifle and just holding that Bolt, you're going to have some difficulty so that'll make your life a little bit easier. But this is a very nice upgrade for Umarex. Now, the last two changes we're going to talk about here are a bit more subtle.

You've probably noticed already that the Gauntlet Two sports a Picatinny rail on top here. Personally, I like Picatinny mounts a lot. It's a little bit easier to swap on and off. Take it off if you need to travel. What have you?

But the nice thing about this is, Umarex has actually secured this picatinny rails on with set screws. So the original Eleven millimeter Dovetail is still present. Now, what that's going to allow you to do is run your scope just a little bit lower to that board if you want to. Personally, I'm going to stick to the picatinny mounts. But like I said, it's a nice little option to have if you think you need it.

The other change that they've made is to the Baffle system. Now. Same shroud set up. But obviously with the Gauntlet Two, you're talking about a lot more power. So without redesigning the Baffles, they would have had a much louder gun.

So in order to keep that nice low sound profile that the original Gauntlet was known for, they've redesigned the Baffles, and you are still getting a very quiet experience will obviously put it on the sound meter for you and you'll see for yourself. But I think you will be impressed when we talk about how much power this is putting out and how little noise that's coming out of this thing. Now, the rest of the features on the G two are largely the same as what you had on the Gauntlet one.

You still have your quick disconnect fill fitting, you have your pressure gauge on the other side. Your trigger safety is the same setup.

You still have the same trigger, which can be adjusted, but you do need to remove the stock. You also have your de-gassing port and the tool for that is the same cocking function is the same as well. So when you want to go ahead and load your magazine, you go ahead, throw that Bolt into the back section. You take your ten round Mag and 22 and you load it right into the breach there from the right hand side. Very simple.

And these are the same Mags so you can reuse your original Gauntlet Mags, which is a nice touch. Also decocking procedure exactly the same. You hold that Bolt back, you go ahead, pull the trigger and you are safe. Decocked. Good to go.

Now again, as I mentioned before, the cheek piece is still adjustable, although the method to do that is a bit different, and your sling swivel studs are also a bit different on this version. You have a QD mounting point at the back and then here at the front, you're going to want to use one of those mlock slots to get an adapter and Mount your sling that way. Other than that, that's about the differences, the similarities between the one and the two. Now let's get to the nitty gritty stuff and head out to the range and see how the Gauntlet Two performs.

All right, so accuracy on the Gauntlet Two and. 22 caliber. Pretty solid results overall. You have the JSB standard Monsters. Now, these are the 25.4s, the heavyweights, not the redesigns, though.

Just under an inch here for all ten shots moving on to JSB 18.13. You can see I threw one there, but you have a seven, eight inch group in total and three quarters of an inch nine out of ten. Very solid. The H&N Baracuda matches also did pretty well at a one inch group as well, but the very best is the monster redesigned JSP five, eight inch for all ten shots. This is a stellar group, exactly what we've come to expect from the Gauntlet line of guns, and it's going to create a ton of power.

But speaking of, let's put the gun over the Chronograph and see what these are doing. So taking our JSB Jumbo Monster redesigns over the Chronograph with the Gauntlet Two, you are looking at over 90 shots on a fill from 4500 PSI down to the regression of 1900 PSI. That's really impressive. They're only rating the gun for 70 or over. So to get another 20 on top of that's really phenomenal, obviously.

Meaning you don't need to fill this gun all the way up to 4500 PSI to get a ton of shots. So for you, hand pumpers out there, for those of you running on setups that maybe don't output 45 or 43. 50 or something like that, you're still going to get plenty of shots, but obviously almost 44 foot pounds of energy coming out of those monster redesigns with an extreme spread of just 10ft/second and the standard deviation of just 1.7ft/second, the numbers are very impressive. And if you compare them back to the original Gauntlet, you are getting more shots.

And obviously that's coming with a higher fill pressure.

But you're getting way more power and way more shots. And really, that's what the Gauntlet two is doing for you. It is building upon what was already pretty impressive.

So let's run down the Gauntlet two here. Personally, guys, I think, Umarex, has done a great job of following up the original Gauntlet very hard thing to do with such a game-changing rifle, but they've taken this in a very cool direction. They've created a real powerhouse airgun at just a few dollars more, right around $400 or so. This gun packs a ton of power, a ton of shots as you saw into a pretty nice package. The gun is still eight and a half pounds.

It is on the heavier side of the market, but it's not too bad to manage get around with and the stock changes. While personally, the aesthetic is not my favorite, I like the color. I just don't like the blockiness of the stock, but it does feel good and it handles well. Also, I love the incorporation of the unlock slots, the fact that they've still managed to keep it quiet while upping the power to nearly 45 foot pounds of energy in 22 is pretty insane. And like I said before, the shot count is phenomenal as well.

And most importantly, this thing is damn accurate. Basically, a little over a half inch group of 45 yards is stellar. I mean, that's exactly the high standard that the original Gauntlet set that the Gauntlet Two is certainly carrying on. So overall, for me guys, the Gauntlet, too, is a definite winner. One I'm glad to see hit the market, and one, I hope you will all check out if you are looking to get into the PCP game and looking for a gun that can really reach out and touch something with authority, as always.

Hope you enjoyed today's video for The Insider. I'm Tyler Pattern. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook. Instagram like Comment subscribe here on YouTube. We appreciate it a ton and we'll see you at the next one.

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