Date: 24/6/2021 16:37

Video: Pyramyd Insyder at SHOT Show 2018 - Part 3

Video: Pyramyd Insyder at SHOT Show 2018 - Part 3 | Pyramyd Air

The Pyramyd Insyder was all over SHOT Show 2018 scouring the floor for the latest air rifles and air pistols from cutting-edge airgun manufactures like Air Venturi, Seneca, Umarex, RWS and Springfield Armory.

Pyramyd Insyder: SHOT Show 2018 - Part 3 Video Transcript:

Hey guys we're here at the Air Venture booth SHOT Show 2018. This is the Double Shot. Alright why do they call it the Double Shot? Two barrels of ultimate badassery right here. This is of course first and foremost an air shotgun. Basically you can call this the big brother of the Wing shot if you want to, I am just calling it awesome. We have an air distributor system here this is going to allow you to quickly flip between the left and the right barrel, it is absolutely fantastic, it works super smooth and all you have to do, you cock the gun, you turn it, and you are good to go. Of course if you're going to shoot something maybe like these guys, these air bolts out of this, you're going to have to take off these chokes. They did let me play around with this before we came out to SHOT. This is, of course, like one of two prototypes right now, but guys this is super awesome, 18 inch pattern at 20 yards with both barrels. And you're able to put four of these, you know one after the other, with one reload in between into about a three-inch group at 35 yards. This thing is going to be a hunter's dream. You got a quick follow up shot with these air bolts. What more could you ask for guys? So really cool, brand-new, this is going to be under the Seneca line the Double Shot, one you're gonna want to check out in 2018.

Alright guys we are back at the Air Venturi booth. This is a cool little rifle that caught my eye here at the booth. They're calling this the TR 5, now this guy is a youth target rifle, very reminiscent of the IZH 61 that we can no longer get here in the states so. You got a five-round repeating system, of course, this is a spring piston side lever gun. You can see that side lever right here, you simply lift up on it and go to the side and you're able to go ahead, pull that back, and you can actually you just saw that index right there. So this is all gonna work really really simply and smoothly for those junior shooters out there. You got a rail underneath for mounting a sling accessory and, of course, we're going to put target sights on this. So I would imagine you're gonna probably see some sort of aperture sights, you know probably similar to what we used to see on that IZH model, but some updates. They made a little update to the design as far as I can see here. You have a quick adjusting buttstock and it feels like it's got about six positions in it, as well as an up-and-down adjustable butt pad here via this thumb screw on the back, so you loosen it you can actually move that rubber butt pad up and down. You know this one's going to be a great option to get the kids into some target shooting with or if you're just looking to plink in the backyard, probably going to be a really really good choice, and one to keep an eye on as the year goes forward.

Back at the Air Venturi booth. Guys these guys keep coming out with new products it's crazy. This is the Hellboy alright, this is in their Hellraiser line they're calling it. This is basically your AR M4 replica and this feels pretty damn real to me guys. You can see you got the flip opened dust port there, the ejection port. Here's all the features this thing has packed in guys. You have the fully adjustable six-point buttstock here and it this castle nut actually can come loose so it does seem like at least you can change out your buffer tube and your buttstock if you so choose. We do have a selector switch over here on this side. Now you'll notice it does say auto, they are telling me this does not function in full auto, only semi-automatic even when you do have it on that auto selector, eh but that's alright. They're telling me they're hitting good targets with this thing you know a 12 by 12 target I'd bet 240 yards with bb's, alright, that's pretty awesome. You got a drop free mag that's going to house 18 bb's in one co2 cartridge, they're saying fifty to sixty shots. Guys it looks like honestly you could replace all of these accessories with just about anything you want on here, and for those of you that want a little bit more precision you can even unscrew this and you got a flat top rail on top. This is actually really awesome if you're looking to do some action shooting or practice for what you're going to be doing out in the field maybe in the range with your real AR, the Hellboy's going to be one to check out, stay tuned.

Hey guys we're back at SHOT Show 2018 still at the Air Venturi booth. We are taking a look at the brand new Seneca Dragonfly. This actually looks a lot like the Diana Stormrider except that it is a multi-pump, alright, so check that out. You're able to get eight pumps with this in 177, you're looking at about 800 feet per second they're telling me and about 622. Coolest thing about this though,.multi-pump multishot you slide, just like the Stormrider you slide the single shot tray out and a magazine fits right in here. Nine rounds into 177 and 7 and 22. Same magazines as a Storm Rider so those are already readily available, so a little solid 5-pound gun multi-pump gun, it's going to be perfect for you preppers out there. Open sights of course, and you're gonna be able to mount a scope on the 11 millimeter dovetail guys. Again if you've been looking for a multi-pump rifle whether you're looking to get a youth shooter into it or you are looking to do some hunting yourself without having to worry about a spring or a piston breaking on you or having to fill up a gun with a PCP multi-pump pneumatic, the Dragonfly's coming your way. Check it out in 2018.

Hey guys back here at the Air Venturi booth, last thing we're going to show you here today and probably the most significant. I'm watching this display here, it's got me a little mesmerized so I apologize if I zone out. These are the Dust Devil BB's, this is the world's first and only frangible BB. Frangible means it breaks apart when it hits a hard target, guys. That means you could shoot your steel targets, your plinking stuff, we got a gong target, you know on the website, there you can shoot any of these hard targets and these BB's break apart. He's working almost every BB gun you got out there, I think they don't work in the MP40 which was I was really bummed to hear that, but any of your single-stack magazine BB pistols or rifles, these are gonna work great in. They're a little bit lighter than your traditional 5.1-grain steel BB, so they are gonna go a bit faster as well, but this is a way safer option than your traditional steel BB and even then your smart shot BB's, which are low ricochet. If those are low ricochet these are no ricochets, what I'm being told, so that's really cool. 1500 counts probably going to be around ten bucks. Guys, these are gonna make shooting BB guns a lot more fun. We're going to be using these quite a bit here on the Insyder in 2018 so stay tuned.

Alright guys so I was about to leave the Air Venturi booth and they told me they got us a licensing deal with Springfield Armory. Pretty cool. Actually, the first pistol I ever bought, real steel 9-millimeter pistol, was an XDM, and this is the exact replica of that gun. Now this is an airsoft version, they're also going to have BB versions. Pull blowback, drop three mag. Guys this feels just like the real thing, they even have the texturing down, and I'm told it comes with the interchangeable backstraps, as well functional grip safety, come on this is awesome. This is going to make training at home if you have a Springfield pistol, there's gonna be some 1911's out there as well, awesome stuff here guys, this is really gonna open it up. I can't think of many brands now that aren't represented with an air gun replica. Springfield Armory was one of the last ones that wasn't, and Air Venturi is gonna take care of that for us, but not only do they have pistols, guys, that are coming, but they're doing rifles too. Parking them back, just a little bit of an older time here. We have the M1 Carbine replica, this is actually, this is full metal and if this is a wood stock. I'm told there's going to be a synthetic stock option available for a little bit less probably around $199 or so but this wood stock option is definitely going to be available. They're telling me this is a cold blowback gun in the airsoft version. Co2 cartridge looks like a drop free mag again here, yep CO2 right in the bottom, so I'm expecting the BB versions probably going to be very similar. And, of course, the venerable M1A. Now this is a Springer airsoft version that they have here for show, but they tell me they're working on a bunch of other versions which includes CO2 as well so if you are an M1A fan and looking for something not only in airsoft but also in steel BB to replicate the field, maybe your real M1A or an M14, definitely one to check out. Guys this is a huge deal for the guys at Air Venturi. Really cool, looking forward to seeing what they put out in 2018. We're gonna check out the rest of the show now guys. Stay tuned here with the Insyder at SHOT Show.

Hey guys we're here at the Umarex booth, obviously Umarex did big big things in the PCP world in 2017, and in 2018 they are not going to disappoint. The Hammer is here guys. Very very impressive changes and upgrades in my opinion to this gun here. Now they're saying made in America, I don't know what exactly all qualifies is made in America, that's not really the important part, let's talk about some of the performance specs they're talking about here. You have a 4,500 psi carbon-fiber cylinder on this gun which is regulated at 3,000 psi. Gun has a two-round magazine in it and that's going to give you, you should be able to get two to three good shots on a fill at this at up to 700 foot-pounds, seven zero zero guys. That is a ton of power, this will be the world's most powerful production big bore and man I can't wait to get my hands on this, guys. I know it looks like a pretty big gun, obviously fully shrouded barrel but this thing doesn't handle that heavy guys, and quite frankly, the balance throwing it up to the DI there is really really nice. Talking about a brand new valve design there, light speed valve in this gun which should be able to deliver not only that big power, but also a very quick jolt shock shot cycle that should be really really shooter friendly, and a 2-pound cocking effort you just pull it back like that, push it forward, let's try the trigger here real quick. For a big bore guys, that's pretty good, overall the Umarex Hammer is a fan, only one you're gonna want to check out. 50 caliber 700 foot-pounds, 2018 big things coming, stay tuned.

Hey, guys, we're back at the Umarex booth checking out some new RWS guns, now these are going to be made in Germany and America, so this is gonna be an interesting kind of mash-up between Umarex Germany and Umarex USA to deliver what is going to hopefully be a very high-quality spring piston gun. This is the 3400 and we have the 3500 right behind me. Obviously you can tell some really nice stocks on here, you got some nice checkering in there, it looks like we do have an adjustable trigger as well, and you can definitely tell this is taking departure from the traditional RWS line, as we have a fiber-optic front sight up there and even as far as the safety goes, this looks very similar to what they're doing with the Walther guns. So we have a lot of new updated features kind of a mashup gun here between the historically significant Art of US line and what Umarex is wanting to do with updating some of these features. So definitely one we're going to be checking out on the Insyder here in 2018. Looking forward to this one a lot, stay tuned.

Alright guys back into Umarex checking out some Glock stuff. Umarex got the Glock license earlier in 2017 and looking at these I got to tell you, these feel pretty realistic. Now these are some early samples here, and it looks like we got a drop free BB mag here so pretty nice, co2 is gonna be housed in the grip, you could see that piercing screw there at the bottom, but we don't have blowback on this particular version so this is probably going to be a lower price point gun right here, but definitely some cool stuff going to be coming out of this Umarex Glock relationship, we're looking forward to hearing more about it in 2018.

Guys check this out. I saw a video of this gun just before SHOT show. Lit up the Internet, this is the Umarex Legends cowboy rifle. You see that in there, you know what that's gonna be doing? That's ejecting shells. You guys remember those shells that come with the John Wayne pistols, the Colt single-action pistols, those are exactly what we're talking about. You load those shells up right into here, one BB of course in each of those shells, and you are good to go. Blasting with lever action fun, two co2 cartridges I believe in the back of this thing. Guys this is the real deal, this is exactly what we've been looking for add that realism factor with that shell ejection. I could do this all day, guys, Umarex is gonna nail this one. Very excited to get it on the Insyder in 2018.

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