Date: 6/12/2023 15:4
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Video: Review of the Air Venturi Avenger Bullpup PCP Air Rifle

Video: Review of the Air Venturi Avenger Bullpup PCP Air Rifle | Pyramyd AIR


Welcome to the Pyramid Insider. I'm Tyler Pattner. And today we've got a brand new one for you. The Air Venturi Avenger Bull Pup in. 22 caliber.

Now, as I'm sure all of you know, the Avenger, obviously the original the synthetic stock rifle came out 2020. Extremely popular gun, followed up by a wood stock. And now we have a Bull Pup version now pretty much the same action. You've got a lot of the same features. There are some changes, differences on this in particular that we're going to go over for you.


But as many of you know and have experienced for yourselves, the Avenger is a highly adjustable gun and also a very good performer. It has done really incredibly well out in the market and shoots very well. We've shown you all this stuff in our original review. You've seen a ton of others as well that have sung the praises of this gun. And I think the Bull Pup will be no different.


But let's dive into the details and check this thing out, tip to tail, and then we'll get it out to the range and shoot. Now, running down the features of the Avenger. Obviously, we have our quick disconnect fill fitting here at the front with that protective fill cap on there to keep your dust and debris out. One change that we've seen so far on this Bull Pup and on the other Avengers as well is actually a new baffle system that is threaded onto this end cap. Here, let me get this out and I'll show you.


There you go. You can see that baffle stack there. This does not contact the barrel. So keep that in mind. You might still want to consider that.


Donny foxtender that we sell, which is a really great upgrade, but this is going to keep things just a hair quieter than the original Avengers. That just have the end cap. No baffles. So that's a nice upgrade. I know a lot of folks were asking for a way to quiet this down and Air Venturi seems to have answered the call on that one.


Now, as we're moving our way back on the gun, you still have the same 180 CCS of air capacity. We do still have that air cylinder hidden in the stock here on that bottom portion fills the 43. 50 PSI that is unchanged. Spec wise. All of this is going to be the same from a performance perspective as that original Avenger and your enhancements are really going to come in the stock for the most part.


Here at the front of the stock, you have a kind of Tri rail picatini set up here. So we have picatini rails on both sides and then one on the bottom. The nice thing about this one on the bottom compared to the original rifles is that this is not connected to a barrel band or anything like that. So if you do Mount a bipod on here, it shouldn't have an influence on your point of impact. Now, moving back.


We do have a relatively tall Picatinny scope rail. Now, this is Picatinny only, not the dovetail picatini setup that we saw on the original Avengers. Personally, no problems for me. It is on the long side. So if you do want to Mount a more compact optic, you have room to get that back closer to your eye.


Or if you want to Mount something a little bit bigger or longer like I have with this UTG four to 16, you have plenty of room to do so and use really, whatever Mount setup you want. Of course, that is accompanied by two separate barrel bands here and again, nothing on the stock is influencing those barrel bands, so it shouldn't have any point of impact shift issues, rather or anything like that to speak of, which is nice. And again, you have some nice texturing on the stock.


As I mentioned before, completely different material moving back to our breach. We do still have our regulator gauge on the right hand side of the rifle and your fill pressure gauge on that left hand side.


Now, as far as your adjustments go, when you flip the stock over, you are going to find this little rubber cap here. You Peel that back and you are going to find your regulator adjustment and your degassing screw all unchanged. So again, if you do want to make adjustments to this rifle, remember, if you want to adjust that pressure down, you do need to Degass the rifle. First, go ahead, reset that regulator and then you're good to fill it back up and you can adjust it up at will to 200 bar right around 3000 PSI rather.


Now another cool little feature that's been built into the stock here is some extra magazine storage.


The Avenger comes with two Mags. There are ten shots here in 22 and 177 as well. Of course, 25 is an eight round Mag, but these fit right into this little stock section and have a nice positive snap when they lock in so you can carry extra Mags ready to go whenever you need them right on board. You do still have your swivel stud attachment points, your sling mounting points here on the front and the back of the rifle, although it's very compact, so I'm not sure you guys are going to need them.


Another little bit of a different enhancement feature here that's built into this butt pad is a tool free adjustment.


So basically you're just going to pull back and you can slide it up. There are little individualized slots that's about as high as it goes. This is about as low as it goes, but you can set it for really almost anywhere in between there or right back at the center. Nice textured rubber butt pad. And like I said, all you got to do, pull it back, move it up or down wherever you want and adjust it.


You do still have your hammer spring adjustment point at the back of the action there. And the only other real change here is that cheek piece. You take a pen or something like that, you grab a hold of this cheek piece on top, you'll see those four holes in there, you're just going to slide that detect down and then you can actually move your cheek piece backwards. Or if it's in one of those slots, you can move it forwards. So you do have that adjustability in tandem with this long rail to really get this gun set up to be most comfortable for you to give you the best results and rounding things out here, of course.


Still side lever action. Personally, I'm not a fan of Bull Pups when they have that action back at your face, it's not difficult to work at all, but it is a bit of an inconvenience to have to reach back there to operate that each time. Not a huge deal. A personal gripe of mind you guys, your mileage will vary as it always does. But really, everything else is standard.


Avenger here. So we're going to get this thing out on the range, shoot it, see how it does. One other thing I will mention before we head out the trigger system because you are adding a linkage in now for this Bull Pup trigger to move everything forward. The trigger definitely is not the same nice, crisp feel that the original Avenger had. Now, I'm not saying you can't adjust it to that, but out of the box, as we test all things, this one is not quite as nice as I was expecting it to be, but it's still pretty good.


It's relatively light and predictable. Easy to shoot for sure. Just different. So I'm letting you guys know up front, but let's get this thing out to the range. We'll go ahead, shoot it for accuracy.


I'm sure it's going to be good there as the Avengers of past have been, we'll get it over the chronograph, see what shot counts. Like at our current settings. I'll let you know what those settings are. Also sound testing. We'll see how that new Baffle system is working, and then we'll put that trigger to the test and see how it performs before we recap the accuracy that this Avenger Bull Pup put out.


I wanted to show you guys, since you can't see it while I'm over there at the bench. Just how this thing operates without having to really move out of the way so you can talk. It just like that.


So at least for me, pretty easy to operate without having to move my body. Not a huge fan of a side lever at the back of the action, but certainly workable. Not too cumbersome. Should be easy enough for you folks out there to get behind. All right, 45 yard accuracy results.


Ten rounds for each of these groups all fired out of the magazine. No single shots. Right. And again, this is no tuning. This is out of the box, so maybe not ideal velocities for all of these pellets.


But looking it over, H and N. Barracuda matches 21 grains. These are five point 51 mm, just under an inch at .9 inches. Solid ten shot group. Not the best.


Jsb 1589 jumbo is a point 85 inch group, so we're getting a little bit better there. Our FX hybrids were the only slug. They grouped under an inch at 45 yards and probably shooting them a little slower than they want to go. But zero point 85 inches for all ten there as well. Certainly not bad.


Crossman Premier Dome is a little bit of a surprise at three quarters of an inch. A very good ten shot group there for a relatively inexpensive pellet. But our two best, the H and N. Barracuda 18s and the JSB 18. One three exact heavies both of these at 0.6 inches.


Absolutely phenomenal accuracy for all ten shots at 45 yards. The Avenger Bull pumps got the goods. Let's take these 18s and get them over the chronograph. So taking our JSB 18, one three Jumbo heavies to the chronograph with a regression of 2200 PSI and just one turn in clockwise on that hammer spring one out of five turns, you are looking at an average velocity of 856ft/second. That's just under 30 foot pounds and over 88 shots within an 18 foot per second spread.


Those are absolutely fantastic numbers out of 180 CC cylinder from a 43. 50 PSI fill. And you can see we dropped off the rag pretty quick after that. Of course, as you tweak and tune this gun to your liking, you're going to see some variants in that shock count. But really, this is great right out of the box for me, for a backyard pester.


Nice baseline numbers. If you wanted to go with a power tune, you certainly can. You could certainly drop that rag pressure down a little bit and get yourself even more shots if you want to shoot a lighter pellet, the possibilities are really endless. One of the great things about the Avenger, but right out of the box some awesome numbers.


So I'm sure most of you will remember when we originally reviewed the. 25 caliber Avenger when it first came out. Obviously very impressive results. And with a little bit of tuning, we got some very impressive shot count numbers out of that gun at good power. And the 22 we had never reviewed before.


Tons of other people have done it. So for tuning and all that stuff, you guys know where to go check out all that stuff. But from a straight out of the box performance perspective, this 22 has been nothing short of phenomenal. Obviously, the accuracy that we saw with that 25 when we originally reviewed it, the 22 is just as good. You have a lot of great pellet options out there that are performing well out of this gun and the ability to set it up wherever you want for whatever your application is is really a huge benefit.


And one reason why the Avengers been so successful in the market and so well received because it gives you kind of the ability to set it up the way you want to do whatever you want to do. And the gun performs at pretty much all of those places in terms of how you're going to set it up. It's been really nice to see air Venturi answer some of the calls that folks have had as far as like adding these baffles, changing up some of the attachment points for your bipods and things like that so that they're not changing the performance of the gun out of the box while adding some of these enhancements like this adjustable butt pad as well as your Mag storage.


These are all nice things to see in my opinion. And overall, this gun is a real value in that $400 price point range for a Bull pump.


There's not many affordable Bull pups out there, so for air Venturi to throw the Avenger into a Bull pump stock and have this out for you pretty much just a year or so after the original rifle came out is really great to see. And one I think you guys are going to enjoy a lot. So next time you're on pyramidaire. Com, don't forget to check this one out. As always, we appreciate you watching.


Thank you a ton for joining us today. Don't forget to like comment subscribe here to the channel on YouTube. Click that notification Bell. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram. We'd love to see you guys over there as well.


For the Insider, I'm Tyler Patner. We'll see you next time.


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