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Video: Review of the Ataman AP16

Video: Review of the Ataman AP16 | Pyramyd AIR

Join Tyler Patner for this Pyramyd Air Insyder video where he gets you up to date on the latest news about the Russian made Ataman AP16 PCP Air Pistol. Learn about the new add ons like the P2C Conversion Kits and how to customize your very own with Pyramyd Airs exclusive Build Your Own Airgun feature!


Welcome to the Pyramid Insider. I'm Tyler Patner. And today we are going to give you seven reasons why you need to check out the best PCP pistol on the market, the Attaman AP16. So for those of you that are not familiar with the Attaman AP16, this is Russian-mades is a Russian made PCP pistol, available in .22 caliber. Packs plenty of power for small game pest control, things like that. But it's a very unique pistol in the PCP market just because of its size and some of its features and really a phenomenal gun.

We've done a full review of this in the past, but there have been some changes in the last year or two that we wanted to kind of update you with. So let's get into it. Reason Number One Accuracy Attaman uses Lother Walther barrels in these pistols, and they are fantastic. Typically, with your JSP Pellets, your 15.89, you're 18.13. These guns are capable of shooting out to 50 yards. And that is saying something, considering you've got a small barrel. Now, this is a customized one here, but you're talking about standard length barrel, what you see.

And then there's also a compact edition, which is about an inch shorter. So you're not having a lot of barrel there to work with. So getting that kind of accuracy is very impressive. Reason Number two is power. The AP16, whether you get it in the standard length or the compact, is putting out depending on pellet weight, between 12 and 17 foot-pounds or so. And it does so very well, like I said, with great accuracy. So you're gonna have plenty of power for those small game interactions.

And, of course, good enough accuracy to take head or vital shots on any of those small game animals, squirrels, chipmunks, pest, birds, whatever you want. The AP16 is going to get it done. Reason Number Three, the Attaman AP16 is fully regulated. Now, that has not changed. One of the nice things about this gun, actually is you can swap cylinders, and because they screw directly into that regulator, you can actually swap them under pressure. So no real issue there. If you run below the Reg pressure, you can unscrew it, swap another cylinder on really easy to do, but going to give you extremely consistent velocities.

This is a 300 bar filled gun, so it does fill that higher pressure. You don't have to fill that high but that's where you're going to get your Max shot count. Now, with the compact cylinder that you see here, you're going to be looking at about two to two and a half Mags, so 14 to 18 shots or so. And with the full size, standard length cylinder, you're going to be looking at about three Mags, so 21 shots roughly. And it does so with great consistency. Guys, that's the important part.

And that's going to lead to great downrange accuracy. Reason Number four, the AP 16, while this is a custom version, is offered in two sizes. So if you do want a more compact pistol, you can buy the full compact gun, which the barrel ends right where you see the air cylinder on this guy. Or if you want a little bit better performance in terms of velocity and power and shot count, you can swap the standard length parts onto it, which you see the standard length barrel.

You throw a standard length cylinder on there and you're going to get roughly another mag, mag and a half worth of shots. So that's one of the nice things about this. And the parts are all interchangeable. So if you buy it as a compact, you can buy a longer barrel or a longer cylinder and swap them when you want. Reason Number five is the sleek side lever. Just looking at the gun here at the profile, you would never know where the side lover is.

Let me give you a hint.

It's right here. So it's kind of dished out. You go ahead and reach your finger in there, operate it like so we've had tons of people give us calls on the phone and say, how do I make this gun work? Because people don't read the manual anymore. We know that. But the side levers are super easy, super simple, and the sleek design placement of it really sets this gun apart and doesn't detract from the looks. That's one thing that a lot of other manufacturers of PCP pistols kind of lack.

Where you get this big side lever, bolt action type of deal hanging off of the gun. Attaman, and has done a really fantastic job of integrating it into the gun nicely. Reason Number six, and this is one of those new features I wanted to tell you guys about.

As you can see.

I've got some gold parts on my black pistol and I have some nice black Pearl grips as well. We actually started offering custom builds of the AP16 last year in 2020, so you can build this out to your heart's content. You can swap the grip frame you can pick from different color actions. You can get different color trigger guard cylinders and barrels. And of course, as far as barrels and cylinders are concerned, you can swap the colors as well as the size. So you can do what I've done here and go with a full size standard barrel on a compact cylinder, or you can flip it so that you have full compact, full standard.

We won't let you do the standard cylinder and the compact barrel just because, well, I don't know why you'd want to do that. It looks funny, but anyway, you've got definitely a lot of grip options as well. I think there's four or five right now, so a ton of different stuff you can do with this and really get an AP16 that is built for you and last, but certainly not least, reason number seven is this beautiful P2C kit. Now, the P2C kit stands for pistol to carbine.

And that is really the kind of chassi housing that you see here. Lots of picatinny rails. And, of course, one of my favorite features folding stock. This makes the AP 16 probably one of the better backpacker guns out there. You get yourself a compact scope you throw on your extra Mags like I've done here with these 3D printed holders. We don't sell these, but they're out there. You can find them. You can put lights, bipods lasers, whatever you want onto this thing. We sell the Donnyl Suppressor adapter so you can throw a can of your choice onto the gun as well.

And you can really turn the AP 16 into a beautiful, compact, little pesting rifle that is still very, very small, very easy to backpack and really just enhance the experience. Now, I know we told you guys this was going to be seven reasons why you need the AP 16.

But I'm going to give you an eight.

No matter what you think of Russia or Russians in general. Our good friend Rustam over at Attaman is a pleasure to deal with one of my favorite people in the industry. He's a really nice guy and hooks me up with sweet swag and vodka Shot Show, which is the reason in and of itself, why this is being included because he's the man and we like to support good people. So by the AP 16 because it makes everybody happy. Rustam is happy.

I get vodka.

I don't see the problem.

It's great to close out the video today. We must say thank you to our good friends at Attaman.

And really again, seven.

Well, eight reasons why you should check out AP 16 next time you are at , we appreciate you for watching and hope to see you again very soon as always.

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Because this is how I get paid and get vodka. Don't forget to comment down below as well.

And as always, subscribe. See you later, Friend.

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