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    Benjamin Marauder PCP Air Rifle, Synthetic Stock

      Benjamin Marauder PCP Air Rifle, Synthetic StockNew Benjamin Marauder with synthetic stock and adjustable comb! More shots per fill, reversible bolt for right- or left-handed shooters.
    Benjamin Marauder PCP Air Rifle, Synthetic Stock
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    Action kit
    0.177" (4.5mm)
    Action kit
    0.22" (5.5mm)
    Action kit
    0.25" (6.35mm)

    0.177" (4.5mm), 1100.0 fps, Synthetic, Ambi, Black
    Benjamin Marauder with adjustable comb

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    0.177" (4.5mm)
    1100 fps
    11mm dovetail
    Two-stage adjustable
    Soft rubber recoil pad
    Small game hunting/plinking
    1.5 lbs
    Pre-charged pneumatic
    Multiple settings
    7.3 lbs
    215 cc
    • Benjamin Marauder air rifle
    • 10-shot repeater with auto-indexing feature (.25 cal is an 8-shot repeater)
    • Uses compressed air: 2,000 to 3,000 psi (make adjustments as shown in the owner's manual)
    • Can be adjusted for different velocities
    • Internal shroud makes this a VERY quiet gun
    • Choked barrel delivers superior accuracy
    • 2-stage adjustable match trigger...and the trigger is metal!
    • Raised aluminum breech for easier loading of circular magazine
    • 11mm dovetail (does not come with sights)
    • Ambidextrous synthetic stock with vertically adjustable comb (almost a full pound lighter than the wood-stocked rifle!)
    • Built-in air pressure gauge (manometer)
    • 215cc air reservoir
    • 7.30 lbs.
    • 42.8" long
    • Air reservoir ends with a male quick-disconnect Foster fitting for fast refills (requires a female Foster quick-disconnect adapter to fill from a scuba tank or hand pump)
    • Includes one magazine, sling swivel studs & degassing tool
    • Upgrades from the original version of the gun: Factory-installed depinger changes the sharp "ping" to a dull thud. Improved valve (increases the number of shots: .177/.22=32 shots, .25=16 shots). Trigger moved back for better hand position. Reversible bolt for left- or right-handed shooters.** Simplified the breech design for assembly, service and to provide a more stable platform for larger scopes.

    As the caliber increases, the gun becomes somewhat louder.

    Airgun Reporter Episode #107
    *The owner's manual does not show the correct weight and length for this rifle.

    **The gun arrives with the bolt set up for right-handed shooters. If you're left-handed, the bolt can be moved to the other side…but it must be done by a Crosman-approved service station. Pyramyd Air can move the bolt, and the charge is $50.

    The Benjamin Marauder air rifle is one of the most popular precharged pneumatic guns made today. The wood-stocked version came out first, but this synthetic-stocked version kicks it up a notch with a vertically adjustable comb and a whole bunch of improvements!

    Most PCPs require 2,900-3,000 psi air pressure. You can run it on high-pressure air from 2,000 to 3,000 psi by making the adjustments shown in the owner's manual.

    Since this air rifle is a repeater, it's one of the best hunting rifles you'll find. Attach sling loops and a sturdy sling to the mounted sling swivel studs so you can easily carry the gun for hours while in the field.

    Remember to mount a scope, as this air rifle doesn't come with open sights.

    Testing has shown that filling your Marauder air rifle to no more than 2,600 psi (179 bar) may deliver the greatest accuracy. We recommend trying different fill levels between 2000 and 3000 psi to determine the optimum fill level for your own rifle. Each gun is different. A chronograph is the best way to determine optimum fill levels for precharged pneumatics (PCPs).

    The owner's manual states this about fill pressures:
    "The Marauder has been factory set to an efficient fill pressure that will suit most hunting and target uses."
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    Overall rating:5 5.0

    Value for money:5 5.0

    Accuracy:5 5.0

      By rick from USA on 2014-04-13
    See all my reviews
     Was this review helpful?
    00 ratings
    Things I liked:I bought the 25 caliber and I love it. I've only shot about 20 pellets, but at 50 yard with Benjamin dome pellets, it will do half an inch. The trigger is very light and allows for precision shots. It sounds like a Red Rider BBC gun and is much quieter than I expected.
    What others should know:The hand pump is a lot of work. I'm going to figure out a better way to fill it.

    Overall rating:4 4.0

    Value for money:5 5.0

    Accuracy:5 5.0

      By Craig from USA on 2014-04-13
    See all my reviews
     Was this review helpful?
    00 ratings
    Things I liked:I had been using a Benjamin Trail NP ... and had trouble with accuracy ... I since have learned that it takes some practice and a correct hold to shoot those well. I then looked for a pcp and ordered the Marauder after watching youtube videos. I am very happy with the marauder .22 I love the 10 shot mag., and have found I shoot more.
    Things I would have changed:I don't know enough about pcp's to suggest changes.

    Overall rating:5 5.0

    Value for money:4 4.0

    Accuracy:5 5.0

      By Heather from USA on 2014-04-13
    See all my reviews
     Was this review helpful?
    00 ratings
    Things I liked:I love the look and the feel of the gun, the weight is perfect .I had the wood stock for almost 4 years and the improvements are great.I sold my first mrod befor I got the new one,my friend told me I may have made a mistake.cause it's new and the changes may affect the accuracy. Well I got it and man after I mounted a cheap scope on it and got it sited in.we compared the guns . I had the old mrod maxed out all the way. Even 10lb hammer spring installed .I cld Match shoot for shoot at 90 yards, inside of a quarter using Jsb pellets.they did some nice changes to the gun and out the box you can take big Game with ease at 60 yard or better,depending on your skills.
    Things I would have changed:The only thing I would change is making it a Non floating barrel.reason is cause for guys like me that truly hunt with air guns ,we like to camo these thing so game can't see it from a mile away. With that floating barrel I can add a gun sock ,cause it make the barrel drop a little,witch in turn knocks off your accuracy.I refuse to paint it,
    What others should know:You will not be disappointed in this gun, I know I am not !!!
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    • Moss from USA asked:

      Hey guys...this is the set up im thinking of getting...Benjamin Marauder PCP Air Rifle, Synthetic Stock....Air Venturi Scuba Tank, 80 cu ft, Aluminum, Deluxe Valve, 3,000 psi, Black...Air Venturi Scuba Tank Adapter & Hose Assembly, 1/8 BSPP Threads, Gauge , what do you guys think will this set up work and will I need any thing else ?? thanks ...

      • Val from USA:

        Have you used the PCP Hookup tab on the right? it will tell you if you got all the connectors!

    • Kelvin from USA asked:

      I've had my second generation marauder for about two months now. I love it!!! I got the 27.8 grains Benjamin domes with it. I also go some H&N 31 grains that I will use to hunt with. But I want to try the JSB exact kings. Last I looked, Pyramyd air was out of the.25. Anyone know how I can get some. Kelvin Phillips 1155 Spinks dr Thomasville, AL 36784.

      • Asif from Pakistan asked:

        Can anybody tell us about the accuracy of the .22 version of the gun out to 70 yards with GAMO Pro Magnum 15.43g pellets. Any chrony data with the same pellets?

        • Kelvin from USA:

          Look "Marauder Brothers of the World" on Facebook. I think just a few days ago they were talking about this. Like the page that way you can stay in touch with those guys. They have shown me a lot about my marauder.

      • Asif from Pakistan asked:

        Hi, I am interested in buying the .22 version gun and want to know how much ft lb this gun is tuned for out of the box. Also if any one can tell me the max ft lb that the .22 version can be tuned for.

        • Robert from USA asked:

          I had a problem with another PCP rifle Crosman made that leaked and they said it was ok for it to leak up to 300psi a day. Is it acceptable for these Marauders to leak?

          • Michael from USA:

            I have a .22 cal. BM, about 6 mo. young, that does not seem to leak at all. I can leave it for 2 weeks, and still not detect the needle budge at all.

        • Mohamed from USA asked:

          is it important to install regulator for Benjamin marauder ?

          • Valoren from USA asked:

            I am interested in buying this gun but i have heard that .22 CAL has had accuracy issues and i was wondering if that is still true? Is the .25 CAL better than the .22 in terms or accuracy?

            • austin from USA:

              the new synthetic .22 is almost exclusively accurate with the h&n barracuda match, these pellets will give great accuracy and weigh in at 21.4 grains, wich is pretty heavy. so the answer to you question is no, they both have the same accuracy its just a matter of finding the right pellet

          • Reno from USA asked:

            What sling would you recommend?

            • ZARIF from Uzbekistan asked:


              • austin from USA:

                with cheap pellets I would guess up to 50 YYARDS witch equates to however many metters

            • Kelvin from USA asked:

              I looking to buy a marauder. Which cal. gives me more bang for the buck. I'm gonna be using it to hunt squirrels and maybe wild hogs.

              • austin from USA:

                I would definitely go with the .25 and buy the package deal that comes with pyramid air, the .25 is not pellet fussy unlike the .22, and it also deals a heck of a lot more damage and it is more forgiving in terms of shot placement. but take into consideration that the .25 does not have as many shots per fill and uses a lot more air, but you can make hammer spring adjustments to fix that. if u do get the .22 I would not recommend hunting hogs, the shot placement would have to absolutely perfect and even with a perfect shot I would not kill the animal instantly

            • Rashad from USA asked:

              How many usable shots does the marauder (in .25) get off of a full fill?

              • Travis from USA asked:

                I am a greenhorn at this PCP stuff, I am the proud new owner of an .25 Marauder, I am wondering how much pressure can I leave the gun charged at? Say for example over a 2 day weekend of hunting is it ok to leave it charged to 1500 or maybe 2000 for overnight? or do I need to degas it after every hunt?

                • Michael from USA:

                  I keep my older model 2000 to 3000 psi, and leave it. For weeks, even (and it does not leak at all). Tough job, though, cuz it's too tempting to play with it!

                • John from USA:

                  Mine stays fully charged, ready to be used.

                • steven from USA:

                  you always want to keep some pressure in the chamber so your seals stay good just leave it around 500 thats how it comes factory you can leave it at 1500 and it won't hurt it just when you are done shooting don't fill it back up there is no need

              • gary from USA asked:

                dose 2o14 22 have green mountain barrel

                • Reno from USA:

                  No, only .25.

              • LUISFERNANDO from Colombia asked:

                why dont use a 1 piece scope mount

                • Richard from USA:

                  the pellet magazine sits taller than top of breech need two piece mounts to span the gap where magazine goes get it cool

                • Clay from USA:

                  Magazine won't fit properly in the limited space with one piece mount.

              • Robert from USA asked:

                You say not to use CO2 but it is still on the specifications page.

                • Nadav from Israel:

                  i bought the .25 version and i used co2, its not recommanded and it could break your gun, and its just low powered, use pcp.

                • Christopher from USA:

                  It works with CO2 but the new valve design makes it less efficient than the previous marauder using CO2... so now they market it as just an HPA gun.

              • Nadav from Israel asked:

                i have Air Venturi G4 Hand Pump, Hose with 1/8" BSPP Threads and Benjamin Hand Pump, Fits Crosman & Benjamin PCP Guns, so which hand-pump will work without adepter Benjamin Marauder PCP Air Rifle, Synthetic Stock ?

                • Richard from USA:

                  benji hand pump cause its a QC fitting on gun and pump

                • Nadav from Israel:

                  it was a troll question... lol

              • Francis from USA asked:

                Does it use the same air connection as the previous version? I have a Hill pump that I use with my wood mrod.

                • Lynn from USA:

                  Yes, it does.

              • Tony from USA asked:

                It looks like crosman took the wood version off their site?

                • Richard from USA:

                  new wood version out in 2014 or so they say???

                • devon from Canada:

                  the wood stock is undergoing changes in the factory. it should be available in febuary

                • Jack from USA:

                  seems like it...

              • Anthony from USA asked:

                Curious as to why it is now showing as HPA only? Is this a new change related to the new valve, or has it just been incorrectly promoted in the past?

                • Val from USA:

                  Marauder started off to be marketed as dual fuel. While you could run it on CO2 very few people were doing it and it was not performing very well. Thus Crosman now only markets it as HPA. Some of the valve design changes introduced later in the Marauders also made them less effective on CO2.

              • Lloyd from USA asked:

                Today ( 11/3 ) you now show 11/25 versus 11/4. This is getting hard to believe. I realize it's not your fault, but Crosman is real close to losing a customer. I hope they read these types of posts. People are getting burnt out on their release games !

                • Lloyd from USA asked:

                  Are we still on track for 10-29 ? I'm ready to cancel and ask for a refund !

                  • Val from USA:

                    Ok, update from Crosman today - they are entered production today and should be shipping first few hundred to Pyramyd Air on Wednesday 10/30.

                • Armando from USA asked:

                  this rifle have any recoil? in at scale of 1 to 10 how much?

                  • Val from USA:

                    1 - having no recoil at all, and 10 - being a Barrett M82, this gun is a 1.

                • Tony from USA asked:

                  Any updates?Crosman keeps changing the release dates.Also will they discontinue the wood version?

                  • Val from USA:

                    No, wood stock rifle will NOT be discontinued. We are told synthetic stocks went into production today (10/21/2013), so far release date is on target.

                • John from USA asked:

                  Does the Synthetic stock 25 caliber have the same ( Green Mtn ) barrel as the wood stock version of the 25 caliber?

                  • Tyler from USA:

                    I would assume so as we have not been told anything different from Crosman. But we will have to wait for the gun to arrive to find out for sure.

                • Eugene from USA asked:

                  Did they improve the pressure gauge?

                  • Tyler from USA:

                    Since we have not seen the gun yet we are unsure if the gauge is the same.

                • Hemn from Lebanon asked:

                  Please will you Post more pics of this new design? One pic is not enough.

                  • Hemn from Lebanon:

                    Thanks, can't wait to see more and closer pics.....

                  • Tyler from USA:

                    Once they come in more pics will be taken and posted.

                • Mike from USA asked:

                  If I preorder the gun will I be charged on my CC before the gun is shipped ?

                  • Tyler from USA:

                    No. Your card will not be charged until everything is in stock and ready to go.

                • Geoffrey from USA asked:

                  weight changed from 6.2lbs to 7.12 lbs ... do you know for certain what the weight is ? I need a light rifle and lean towards the disco, but would like an MRod. weight will be teh deciding factor. thank you

                  • Tyler from USA:

                    We cannot confirm until we get one in.

                • Armando from USA asked:

                  what kind of improvements made ??in rifle barrels or the inner workings of the rifle? compared with the previous marauder, speaking of the three calibers .177, .22, .25?

                  • Val from USA:

                    Different valve and a depinger were added to provide more shots per fill. Same barrels, and action, trigger was moved slightly for a more comfortable use.

                • Ken from USA asked:

                  What is the difference in weight in the .25 between the syn stock and the wood stock

                  • Val from USA:

                    1+ lbs (synthetic stock is lighter)

                • Eugene from USA asked:

                  When are you going to get the manuel available?

                  • Val from USA:

                    hopefully in October!

                • S from USA asked:

                  I have a .22 marauder. Love it. I'd like to replace the wood stock for the new adjustable synthetic is or will this be available for sale (stock only)?

                  • Val from USA:

                    The actions are expected to be different, and I don't believe you will be able to swap the stocks with the old wood stock unfortunately

                • Mike from USA asked:

                  Can I get the lighter stock for my current Marauder?

                  • Val from USA:

                    Mike, unfortunately we don't expect the stocks between the current wood stock version and the new synthetic stock to be replaceable

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                Benjamin Marauder with adjustable comb

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                0.177" (4.5mm)1100 fpsBJ-BP1764S [PY-3139-6067]SyntheticAmbiBlack


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