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Best Quiet Air Guns

The term air gun can encompass many types of air gun power plants and many degrees of both power and accuracy. From the vintage Daisy Targeteer spring pistol in .118 caliber (that's right a .12 caliber), which can almost penetrate a piece of paper at 15ft, (5 meters) to the opposite end of the spectrum that currently is a .72 caliber precharged air rifle capable of taking any animal that walks on the earth.

When air guns were first invented, they were intended to let people practice shooting indoors at low power, with acceptable accuracy. No matter what gun you are shooting from a BB gun to a long-range high-power rifle, you are still using the same technique, breath control, sight picture, trigger pull, and follow through.

Everyone has their own purpose and reasons for shooting air guns, but most people use them for enjoyment and to keep their "skills" sharp.

Today we are going to be looking at the quietest air guns, from low powered recreational spring BB guns to full-blown long-range hunting guns. We all know that quiet and powerful are two terms that normally do not go in the same sentence, but with the right engineering, pellet selection, tuning, and accessories you can have a rifle that is powerful, accurate, and quiet.

Quiet air guns are perfect for:

  • Pest control indoors or in an urban area where loud noises would be a problem.
  • Low-powered target practice indoors during winter or inclimate weather.
  • Teaching fundamental marksmanship in a safe classroom environment.
  • Recreational shooting in confined spaces like an apartment or basement.
Table of Contents
  1. Top 10
    1. Daisy 1938 Red Ryder
    2. Benjamin Marauder
    3. Daisy Model 25
    4. Benjamin Marauder Pistol
    5. Umarex Fusion 2
    6. Diana Stormrider
    7. FX Impact M3
    8. Walther Reign
    9. Hatsan AT44 QE
    10. Gamo Arrow
  2. Common Questions
    1. Features to Look for When Buying a Quiet Air Gun
    2. Can I Add a Suppressor to an Air Gun?
    3. What is the Quietest PCP Air Rifle for Hunting?
  3. How to Buy

Top 10 Quietest Air Guns

1. Daisy 1938 Red Ryder BB gun

Number #1 Best Quiet Air Guns - Daisy 1938 Red Ryder
Product Details

When someone says BB gun the first name that comes to mind is Daisy Red Ryder. That gun has been on the Christmas list of every boy and girl (and some adults as well) at some point in their life.

The Red Ryder is the iconic BB gun, it is easy to cock and shoot, it is well made, it holds about 650 BBs in the magazine so you will spend more time shooting than reloading.

With a maximum velocity of 350fps, traps for the BBs can be made from many materials, from a box of old wadded-up newspapers, or a box of old rags. Since the projectiles are made from steel you do not want to use any hard surface such as metal or wood as the BBs can bounce back from the target.

For safety, everyone in the area should wear impact-resistant eye protection.

The air gun is made from stamped steel, the rear sight is adjustable for elevation, and has a wood forearm, and the wood stock is engraved with the Red Ryder logo. The Red Ryder is very robust and will last for years with minimal maintenance.

The air gun is sized for younger shooters, and is easy enough to cock so younger shooters can operate the gun but with adult supervision. The sights are easy to use and will help them learn the basics of sight alignment.

The newest version of the Red Ryder comes with the LASSO (Lever Action Simple Securing Optics) scope mount that gives you the option of mounting a small scope to the rifle.

Whether you are rolling feral tin cans in the backyard with the family, or honing your open-sight skills in the basement while it's snowing outside, the Daisy Red Ryder is sure to give you years of service and enjoyment.

Why We Like It

The Red Ryder is made from stamped steel and wood, with minimal synthetic parts. It is sized for younger shooters and is easy for them to operate.

It is perfect for teaching marksmanship as it comes with adjustable open sights, but also includes the LASSO scope mount so small air gun optics can be mounted as the shooter advances.

The Red Ryder is classically styled and is the iconic American BB gun, at least one needs to be in everyone's collection.

Things to Consider

The Red Ryder is not a match-grade shooter by any stretch of the imagination, nor is it a powerhouse. However, it does perform its intended purpose very well, and at a great value.

The rear sight is adjustable for elevation, but not for windage if the alignment is off, adding the LASSO scope mount and an inexpensive scope will allow you to adjust the point of impact.

2. Benjamin Marauder

Number #2 Best Quiet Air Guns - Benjamin Marauder
Product Details

When people talk about quiet air rifles, the number one gun that always comes up in the conversation is the Benjamin Marauder.

While the Marauder has been around for a few years, the manufacturer has been quietly upgrading the rifle over the years as PCP technology has advanced, some of which is a factory-installed "depinger" to make the gun's firing cycle quieter, a simplified breech to make a more stable platform for larger scopes, and easier to service, an improved valve design to increase the shot count, and the trigger was moved rearward to provide better ergonomics and hand position.

The stock was changed from a plain wooden stock to a stock with an adjustable comb and also added an all-weather synthetic option for people that want something more durable.

There is also an option to have a Match Grade Lothar Walther barrel installed for improved accuracy.

The rifle is infinitely adjustable for velocity, shot count, and fill pressures up to 3000 psi.

The Benjamin Marauder is a proven design that other companies have tried to copy, but none have ever equaled.

The Benjamin Marauder (also known as the MRod) is the PCP rifle that because its price was significantly lower than European rifles, became the gateway to PreCharged Pneumatic air guns for millions of people.

The Marauder is available in .177, .22, and .25 calibers, the barrel is encased in a full shroud that has baffles installed to make the rifle one of the quietest full-power PCP rifles available today.

The trigger that is used in the Marauder is the same fully adjustable match grade trigger that Crosman uses in their 10-meter competition rifle.

The rifle uses a rotary self-indexing magazine that has become the most duplicated magazine design in the air gun industry, but can also be used with a single shot tray for loading the pellet directly into the barrel.

The bolt on the rifle can be moved so it can be operated from the left side, the safety and stock are already ambidextrous, making this a perfect rifle for southpaws.

The Marauder excels at everything, hunting, pest control, target shooting, and informal plinking, all the while being what we call "backyard friendly" because of how quiet it is.

Why We Like It

The accuracy of the Marauder is great, it is also one of the quietest rifles on the market from the factory. The trigger is one of the best on the market, the power, the adjustability, and how quiet the gun is are all part of an outstanding value in an air rifle.

The synthetic stock is ambidextrous and impervious to the weather, it has an adjustable comb and sling swivel studs.

The fill pressure is adjustable, as is the velocity, the hammer spring, the transfer port opening, and the trigger so you may tune the rifle to your desired level of performance.

The pressure gauge is located on the bottom of the rifle in front of the trigger guard, not at the barrel end of the rifle like some other guns.

The Marauder is covered by a 5-year warranty!

Things to Consider

There are no sights on the rifle, so you will have to buy a scope and rings.

In its stock form, the Marauder is not regulated so as your fill pressure changes, your velocity will change as well.

3. Daisy Model 25

Number #3 Best Quiet Air Guns - Daisy Model 25
Product Details

The Daisy model 25 is a pump action spring-powered smooth bore BB gun that has a capacity of 50 shots before needing to reload.

The Daisy Model 25 was introduced in 1914, and its production continued until 1979. It was reintroduced in 2009 and is extremely popular with air gun enthusiasts of all ages.

The popularity of the Model 25 was partly due to its power, as it was one of the most powerful BB guns in Daisy's line, and it used a spring-loaded shot tube that doesn't let the BBs rattle around in the magazine, and also could be loaded and fired in any orientation.

The current Model 25 has an open rear sight and a flip-up peep sight just like the original. The new production rifle is capable of velocities up to 350 fps and incorporates a cross bolt safety.

The original run of the model 25 had decorative engraving on the sides of the receiver with floral patterns and images of hunters and ducks, and that tradition continues with the current production guns as well.

The model 25 is still one of the most popular air guns in the Daisy lineup, partly because of their accuracy, power, and build quality as they are made from stamped steel, and have wooden stocks.

Why We Like It

The Model 25 is accurate, powerful, and quiet for a BB gun, and they are well made. The engraving really dresses up the air gun's appearance.

The shot tube is spring-loaded so it can be pumped and fired in any orientation, unlike gravity-fed BB guns.

The adjustable rear sight with a flip-up peep sight is an added benefit aiding in accuracy.

Things to Consider

Some people will not like the 50-shot capacity compared to some lever action models with higher capacities.

The pump mechanism may be harder for some younger shooters to operate.

The way the pump arm is hinged could possibly pinch some inexperienced users if they are not careful when operating the mechanism.

4. Benjamin Marauder Pistol

Number #4 Best Quiet Air Guns - Benjamin Marauder Pistol
Product Details

If you want to shoot quietly, but you don't want a full-length rifle, you need the Benjamin Marauder air pistol.

The Prod (pronounced P rod) as it is called by owners is a .22 caliber pre-charged air gun that can serve double duty as a "pistol" or a carbine with the included stock attachment.

It fills to 2900 psi, so it is hand pump friendly and feeds from an 8-round self-indexing magazine that is not compatible with the Marauder air rifle magazine. It also sports a raised aluminum breech that uses a dovetail mount for attaching your scope.

The Prod is quiet, thanks to its fully shrouded barrel, which is choked to give maximum accuracy from many pellets. The shroud also has baffles to further reduce the sound level.

The fully adjustable match grade trigger comes set from the factory at 1.5lbs. But you can adjust it to your preference.

In its pistol form, it's only 18 inches long, in its carbine trim, it is 29.75 inches overall, with a weight of 2.7lbs, making it a compact lightweight, powerful and quiet package that is perfect for small game or pest control out to about 30 yards, or target shooting at longer ranges.

Why We Like It

It is two guns in one, a pistol with a longer barrel and shroud, and a short carbine with the shoulder stock attachment. Giving you the flexibility of both platforms.

It fills to 2900 psi, with a 65cc pressure tube making it perfect for owners that use handpumps.

The bolt handle can be switched to the left side for left-handed users, but it still uses the same magazine to feed the pellets.

The Marauder air pistol is quiet, accurate, powerful, and compact, making it attractive to many people in the air gun world.

Things to Consider

The Marauder air pistol does not come with sights, so you will have to fit it with some type of optic.

It is unregulated but fills to only 2900 psi, do not fill it to 3000 psi as it will become slightly valve locked and your first few shots will be slower than shots below 2900 psi.

It does not ship with a single shot tray, but aftermarket alternatives are available.

5. Umarex Fusion 2

Number #5 Best Quiet Air Guns - Umarex Fusion 2
Product Details

The Umarex Fusion 2 is the latest version that has been updated and improved to give you the best parts of the shooting experience without all the noise. Their newly redesigned SilencAir muzzle device ensures that your shooting experience will be extremely quiet.

Not only is it virtually silent, but it gives you amazing accuracy and performance up to 650fps with lead pellets. The Fusion 2 comes with an adapter to use two 12-gram CO2 capsules or you can use larger 88-gram co2 cartridges. You can expect to get over 70 shots from each pair of 12-gram CO2 cartridges and upwards of 250 shots per 88-gram cartridge.

The included 9-shot magazines are very easy to load and use, and it ships with 2 of them to keep the fun going.

The rifle sports an ambidextrous thumbhole polymer stock, that has M-Lok slots on the forearm for adding accessories, and the rifle also ships with a 4x32 scope that mounts to the picatinny rail on top of the rifle.

If you want stealth, accuracy, and power in a co2-powered package, the Umarex Fusion 2 is the one for you.

Why We Like It

The Fusion 2 can be powered by either 12gram co2 cartridges, or by the larger 88-gram co2 cartridges for a higher shot count.

With the redesigned 5-chamber moderator, the rifle is virtually silent, you hear little more than the mechanical noise of the gun discharging.

The rifle ships with the 12-gram adapter, the bundled scope, and 2 magazines. The rifle is ambidextrous so it will be a favorite among left-handed shooters.

Things to Consider

Being .177 caliber and powered by co2, it is not a powerhouse, but it is accurate and quiet. Being co2 powered, its velocity is not adjustable.

There are no sights on the rifle, but it does come with a bundled scope and mounts.

If you are using the 88-gram cartridge, there is no way to remove it from the gun without emptying the cartridge.

6. Diana Stormrider

Number #6 Best Quiet Air Guns - Diana Stormrider
Product Details

Diana has been in the air gun business since 1892, mostly with quality spring-powered air guns, they have made several pre-charged air guns over the years, but this is the first time they have offered a budget-priced PCP.

While it may be budget priced, it has a list of features that are anything but budget. Moderated to be backyard friendly, it comes with both open adjustable sights, and scope mounting options, an auto-indexing magazine, and a single shot tray.

The Stormrider is available in both .177 and .22 caliber with power levels in the 20 ft-lb range in .177, and 26 ft-lbs in .22 caliber. Since its introduction, Diana has made some improvements over the first generation of the Stormrider. The Gen2 has a DIT (Diana Improved Trigger) and a redesigned moderator for improved sound suppression.

The Stormrider has a 100cc air cylinder that fills to 200 bar (about 2900 psi) making it very easy for shooters that use hand pumps to fill their rifles. It has a pressure gauge so you can monitor your pressure, the rifle is technically right-handed, but is still comfortable for left-handed shooters to use.

Quiet, accurate, and powerful, the Diana Stormrider is an entry-level PCP that gives anything but entry-level features.

Why We Like It

The German Beech wood stock is sized to fit both adults and kids, and with a weight of 5 lbs, it is a lightweight powerhouse that is perfect for shooters of all ages.

With adjustable sights, a 100cc air tube, and a fill pressure of only 2900 psi (200 bar) makes the Stormrider perfect for new users that choose to use a hand pump, thereby lowering the price of entering the precharged air gun world.

The rifle ships with one magazine, and a single shot adapter, the magazines are compatible with other Diana pcp and co2 air guns.

Things to Consider

The Stormrider uses a fill probe to fill the rifle, be careful not to misplace the probe, the probe does have an industry-standard Foster type quick connect machined into the probe so special adapters are not needed.

The rear sight is located pretty close to the receiver, if you want to use a long scope, you will have to remove the rear sight, if you use a short scope, you can leave the rear sight in place.

The Stormrider is not regulated, but there are aftermarket regulators available that are user-installable and can be purchased at a very reasonable cost.

7. FX Impact M3

Number #7 Best Quiet Air Guns - FX Impact M3
Product Details

The FX Impact M3 has become the standard of what shooters consider a modern precharged air rifle should be. It is quiet, completely adjustable, and tuneable, it has dual regulators that help the gun precisely meter the correct amount of air being used to drive the pellet.

But it does not stop there, FX has left the M3 open to future upgrades as they become available, both in the barrel department and in its air management system. In early 2022, FX released the power plenum to give the rifle a boost in power with little more than an add-on part.

Out of the box, the FX M3 is capable of sub-MOA accuracy with the right pellet, but like all guns, to make the gun more consistent for your shooting style requires tuning and FX makes that easy.

The M3 offers the option of changing barrels and calibers, while the base gun stays the same. As new barrel technology becomes available, you can upgrade the M3 to the newer barrel and liners. FX offers harmonic barrel tuners that allow you to adjust the harmonic vibrations of the barrel, you will find "nodes" where a particular projectile/velocity combination is supremely accurate and will take your shooting experience to the next level.

Why We Like It

The adjustable dual AMP (Adjustable Match Precision ) regulators meter the air for more consistent shots, working in harmony with the power plenum, and topped off with the FX stackable moderators, that allow you to add or remove sections allowing you to fine-tune the sound suppression and velocity the projectile travels for optimum accuracy and stealth.

The FX Smooth Twist X Superior (STX) barrel system is currently state-of-the-art in air gun accuracy technology, and the M3 makes the most of the new emerging technology. The ability to change the barrel length and caliber in just a few minutes and "clock" the barrel (turning it around its long axis to change the harmonics) is a real game changer.

The rifle is backed by the FX 3-year factory warranty.

Things to Consider

The adjustability of this rifle can be a double-edged sword, while it allows you ultimate control over the gun to tune for optimum performance, if you are not sure of what you are doing, you can also adjust the gun too far the other way and it may not perform well.

FX quality doesn't come cheap, but you are getting the flagship of the FX brand.

It is a precharged air rifle, so you will need a way to fill the rifle to the 3625psi (250 bar) fill pressure.

8. Walther Reign

Number #8 Best Quiet Air Guns - Walther Reign
Product Details

The German-engineered Walther Reign bullpup made its way to the best quiet air guns list not just for its whisper-quiet operation but also for its suite of features. The bullpup design makes it shorter and lighter than many other rifles. The all-weather polymer stock makes it a reliable companion through diverse environments.

Available in .22 and .25 calibers, it's a hunting rifle designed for accuracy, stealth, and ease of use. The ambidextrous stock and side lever action makes it equally at home on the target range or in the backyard plinking.

The attention to detail reflects the understanding of shooter diversity and a commitment to making high-quality air gunning accessible to all.

Why We Like It

This air rifle combines stealth, power, and precision, offering robust performance without compromise. The polymer stock is built to withstand all weather conditions. It's fully ambidextrous, so switching from right-handed to left-handed use is easy.

Things to Consider

It is a precharged rifle that fills to 3300 psi, so you will need a way to fill it. You could use a hand pump, but we recommend a portable compressor for easier filling.

9. Hatsan AT44 QE

Number #9 Best Quiet Air Guns - Hatsan AT44 QE
Product Details

There is no dancing around the obvious fact that the Hatsan AT44 QES is a sledgehammer. But it's a very quiet sledgehammer. That sounds like an impossibility, but Hatsan has done it.

The Hatsan AT44 QES (Quiet Energy System) tames the sound of the 46 ft-lb rifle to a level that belies its actual power. Hatsan has made their proprietary Quiet Energy moderator integrated into the shrouded barrel reducing the sound level to backyard-friendly status.

The AT44 QES is one of the few shrouded air rifles that integrate open sights with the gun. The rifle does have a hybrid scope rail that offers a combination dovetail/weaver rail to allow the use of both scope mounting systems.

The list of standard features of the AT44 sounds like a wish list of what many shooters want on their rifles.

The gun ships with 2 rotary magazines, has an ambidextrous synthetic all-weather stock, smooth side lever cocking action, an adjustable trigger, an adjustable buttpad, an anti-double feed mechanism, a 2900psi (200 bar) fill pressure, and a reasonably high shot count with power for hunting, and the list goes on.

For hunting, pest control, or backyard plinking, the Hatsan delivers on all fronts, it has the accuracy, the power, and it is one of the quietest air rifles in its class with many desirable features.

Why We Like It

The Hatsan QES gives you very high value for the money. It's well made, quiet, accurate, and powerful, it ships with 2 magazines, uses a pump-friendly fill pressure, has a good trigger, comes with open sights, and offers optic mounting options as well.

The stock has sling swivels, and a picatinny rail mounted on the forearm to mount accessories like bipods or lights or lasers.

The all-weather stock and side lever action, along with the Quiet Energy System make this rifle a joy to shoot.

Things to Consider

The AT44 is no featherweight, with an out-of-the-box weight of 9.7 lbs, it's a good thing it comes with sling swivels for hunters.

It is an unregulated precharged air rifle, so you will need a fill source for 2900 psi air.

The dovetail rail is a standard size, but the weaver mount is nonstandard and is not a standard dovetail or picatinny rail as most air rifles are.

10. Gamo Arrow

Number #10 Best Quiet Air Guns - Gamo Arrow
Product Details

The Gamo Arrow is Gamo's first PCP air rifle that is actually made in Spain. The Arrow incorporates many of their proven designs and a few new ones that are truly innovative.

The Arrow is an entry-level PCP that boasts a list of features many more expensive rifles wish they had. To start with, it's completely ambidextrous right out of the box, the stock is symmetrical and made from automotive-grade glass-filled nylon.

The bolt is a unique straight pull design that can be operated with either hand and is unlocked without turning it in either direction. The safety is a manual flip type lever that is located inside the trigger guard just in front of the well-known adjustable Gamo CAT trigger (Custom Action Trigger).

The main parts of the action are clamshelled inside a polymer shroud that covers the receiver, the barrel, and the pressure tube. The rifle is topped off with adjustable fiber optic sights, and an 11mm dovetail rail for mounting optics if you wish.

On the business end of the shroud you will find what makes the Arrow so quiet, the Gamo Whisper Fusion sound suppression system they have used with great success on many of their other rifles, also you will find they use their 10x Quick-shot magazines from their highly successful Swarm series of repeating break barrel rifles.

The Arrow is available in .177 and .22, and uses a 125cc cylinder that fills to 3365psi (232 bar) and thankfully uses an industry-standard Foster quick fill port to charge the gun. While it can be filled with a hand pump, a small electric compressor would make your precharged life so much more enjoyable.

Weighing in at a trim 5 lbs, the Arrow is perfect for hunting or pest control, or even plinking in the backyard, and with the proven Whisper Fusion suppressor, it will handle all of these tasks very quietly.

Why We Like It

The Gamo Arrow incorporates many of the things Gamo has proven it does well, sound suppression, adjustable trigger, and their extensive use of advanced polymers. While pushing the envelope with innovative designs, like the ambidextrous straight pull bolt system, and the clamshell design of the rifle.

The Arrow is quiet, lightweight, and offers great value for the price while keeping many features that air gunners want on their guns. The rifle is also covered by a three-year factory warranty.

Things to Consider

The rifle only ships with one magazine, and with the design, there is no way to use a single shot tray, so the pellets you use have to fit in the magazines.

The velocities that Gamo lists are with lightweight alloy pellets, with lead pellets your velocities will be somewhat lower.

Common Questions

Features to Look for When Buying a Quiet Air Gun

We all know that air gun manufacturers advertise high velocities on their boxes because to the uninitiated, velocity sells, it's kind of like bragging rights about your car's top speed.

But honestly, even if your car can do 180 mph (289 kph) how often do you ACTUALLY drive at top speed? Your car gets horrible gas mileage at top speed, it's hard on the engine, and it doesn't perform well maxed out.

The same goes for air guns. Making a pellet gun that can exceed the speed of sound can be done, but it uses a lot of air with each shot, and because of the buffeting of the air in the transonic range, (from about 900fps up to 1300fps) depending on the projectile shape and weight, the accuracy suffers greatly.

Making a powerful air gun that is quiet can be difficult. Once you exceed the speed of sound (about 1130fps or 344mps at 72 degrees F.) the crack of the sonic boom behind the projectile cannot be silenced.

With smaller calibers, if you can keep the projectile below the speed of sound the gun can be extremely quiet, up to a certain caliber. The breakover point seems to be .25 caliber, because of the volume of the air needed to drive larger projectiles, suppressing them effectively is very difficult.

When shopping for an air gun that can be either quiet from the factory, or made quiet with an aftermarket moderator, you will typically want a gun that is .25 caliber and smaller, with a velocity of less than 1000fps.

The length of a barrel has a lot to do with how quiet an air gun is, but that comes with its own caveats, a longer barrel will let you use the limited volume of air and air pressure efficiently, and give you more velocity to a point, but after a certain length, the velocity will start to fall off, unless you use MORE air to push the pellet down the longer barrel.

Break barrel air guns can be suppressed as well, but as the shooter, you don't think it is quiet because of the noise the power plant makes is right by your face and the noise it makes is transmitted through the bones in your head. From 20 feet away, you would be surprised how quiet some break barrel air guns can be.

To sum it up, when looking for a quiet air gun, you should be looking for a .25 caliber or smaller, with a medium length barrel, preferably with a shrouded barrel, or a good aftermarket moderator that matches the air volume your air rifle uses per shot, and ideally with a velocity of less than 900fps for maximum sound suppression.

Can I Add a Suppressor to an Air Gun?

The short answer is yes, but... These air guns are so quiet you won't need one. However, for louder air guns, let's continue.

While dedicated air gun suppressors are not regulated at the federal level in the USA by the BATF (Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms) they may be regulated by laws at your state or local level, or in your country if you live outside of the USA.

Firearm suppressors are regulated by the BATF and require a special tax stamp, and an extensive background check, they also use a different thread pitch than air gun suppressors to deter the use of non-firearm designs being interchangeable.

Some air guns that don't come with suppressors from the factory may have threaded muzzles or replacement muzzle caps that are threaded 1/2 UNF for air gun suppressors.

Some air gun designs that do not have threads or can not be threaded because of their sights or sheet metal or plastic barrel shrouds can be fitted with aftermarket suppressors that have been designed and tested by enthusiasts using 3D printers.

The 3D-printed suppressors will be made from plastic, and the end that attaches to the rifle can be designed and printed to fit almost any air gun on the market from a $30 Daisy to a $3000 Daystate.

But before purchasing a suppressor for your air gun, check with your local municipality to see what the laws are in your area.

What is the Quietest PCP Air Rifle for Hunting?

If you ask 20 air gunners that question, you will likely get five different answers.

The most popular answer will probably be the Benjamin Marauder in .22 caliber. Followed closely by the FX Impact M3 in .22 caliber.

Side by side both rifles are very quiet, within a Db or so different on the meter, but they are two entirely different animals, aimed at two entirely different types of shooters.

The Marauder can be had in either an all-weather synthetic stock, or a wooden stock, and has a fully shrouded barrel that uses the volume of the shroud to dissipate the air blast exiting the barrel, and has internal baffles to reduce the muzzle blast even further, the mechanical noise of the gun operating is somewhat absorbed by the wood or synthetic stock.

The FX Impact M3 is almost entirely carbon fiber and metal, and acts like a tuning fork when fired, so there is a little dampening of the mechanical noise. The M3 has a shrouded barrel with a DonnyFL moderator/suppressor on the end of the shroud, but the shroud is not actively used to quieten the rifle as the Marauder does.

The M3 also has a more tactical design to the air gun, whereas the marauder has a more traditional design.

The biggest difference is in the price, at the time of this writing, the Marauder sells for about $570, whereas the Impact M3 sells for $2200. The difference in the sound levels between the two rifles is negligible, but the differences in the price and shooting experience are worlds apart.

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