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Education / Training Hi-Capa 5.1 Marui blowback airsoft gun is packed with realistic features & a blast to shoot!

Hi-Capa 5.1 Marui blowback airsoft gun is packed with realistic features & a blast to shoot!

By B.B. Pelletier

Ask any airsoft enthusiast what the best brand is, and you’ll get the same answer every time: Tokyo Marui. They have earned that reputation because they produce airsoft guns that are RELIABLE, REALISTIC and FUN!

A tricked-out Colt M1911A1 that looks amazingly realistic!
The Hi-Capa 5.1 is a tricked-out M1911A1 Colt widebody. It has many of the features of a good slicked-up carry gun, yet it retains the look of the basic pistol. It weighs 33 oz., which is about right for a Commander-sized gun but a few ounces light for the full-sized 1911 that it copies. There is a lot of metal in the gun, including the frame – but the grip frame and slide are plastic.

It operates on green gas, which is injected into the base of the magazine. The gas not only powers the BB but also cycles the gun’s slide, cocking and loading it for the next shot. So this is a true semiautomatic handgun.

The magazine holds 30 BBs in a double-stack. But where other airsoft guns use a funnel to pour in the BBs, this magazine requires them to be inserted by hand, one at a time. I think the reason for this is Marui’s commitment to precision. This gun won’t “vomit” BBs all over the place as it fires, because they are retained in the magazine under spring tension at the mouth.


It takes a while to load all the BBs,
but this gun holds them securely
until all are fired.

This stock gun packs a lot of power!
Green gas guns typically have more power than most spring-piston guns and many stock electrics, as well. This one has a stated velocity of 270 f.p.s., and the recommended BBs should be the heavier ones, weighing 0.20 grams to 0.25 grams. So, it shoots heavy BBs fast. That makes it a very powerful airsoft gun, and you must use caution and safe gun handling at all times.

With the gun you get a cleaning rod that’s also handy for removing stuck BBs and drifting out the takedown lever. There is also a Weaver-style mount for a laser under the frame. To install it, remove the two frame knockouts so the self-tapping screws have a place to attach. Marui included the correct drift pin for this job as well.

Marui loaded lots of Colt features into this gun
All the important controls on this pistol function as expected. The rear sight adjusts for both windage and elevation, the front sight drifts in a sideways slot and the safety is ambidextrous. The grip safety works as it’s supposed to, the magazine release is identical to Colt’s button – even the slide comes off the gun when the takedown lever is drifted out through the side of the frame!

Maruis are for serious shooters
While the common view is that airsoft guns are cheap, this is not true of the better brands. Tokyo Marui is at the very top of the heap and should be the most expensive of all – but that’s not the case. This pistol sells for $158.95, which is pretty fair for an airsoft gun that is very well made and has a surprisingly similar look and feel of an American firearm icon. If you know airsoft, the name Marui says it all!

27 thoughts on “Hi-Capa 5.1 Marui blowback airsoft gun is packed with realistic features & a blast to shoot!”

  1. I just received the Marui 5.1 High capacity for Christmas. The instructions are in Japanese. Hence, I don,t know what the hop up is in the box or what it does. Can you help?

  2. This is a question about gas in general.

    is the 134 gas quieter than top gas and if so by how much (enough to us in the backyard)?

    about how many mag fills can you get off of one bottel of gas 1000ml?

    these q’s are for pistols.

  3. I cannot answerr your question, except to say both gasses will sound very similar. At the low pressures they both operate, there isn’t enough difference to discriminate.

    As for backyard use – it depends on the back yard. Since you are asking, you should assume these are both too loud for you.

    Fills from a liter bottle? I have never counted, but the number must be very high. I hear the number of shots quoted in the thousands all the time. All I know is these bottles go on for a very long time.


  4. You won’t be able to discerne the difference between the sound of the two gasses. Since you asked the question, both are probably too noisy for your back yard.

    I never counted the shots from a liter bottle of gass, but it’s in the thousands.


  5. hello,

    i was wondering what the best airsoft gun that is under 200 dollars would be. It does not matter if it it gas blow back or Co2, i am just looking for a very accurate, powerfull gun, that is well made.


  6. thanks for your advice, also i was wondering if a certain make of pellets is better for accuracy or are they all the same. also is it good to leave the green gas mag with a little bit of gas in it when it is empty and im done shooting? thanks

  7. You need to direct the importation question to Pyramyd Air


    As for the best NON replica airsoft pistol with price being no option, I’d have to go with the Marushin target pistol that’s patterned after (but not a copy of) European 10-meter pistols. It’s a single-shot target pistrol that uses 0.29-gram BBs.


  8. Hey, i bought a TM 5.1 Pistol. The magazine fell out of the gun when i was running from my leg holster. It broke the plastic peice on top of the mag that feeds the BB’s. I have been looking on line and nothing helps. Any ideas where i can buy just that plastic piece instead of buying the entire mag?

  9. dumontwrestling5,

    CO2 is a gas that maintains a pressure of 850 psi at 70 degrees F. Green gas is propane, which maintains a pressure of 115 psi at 70 degrees F. Green gas is the better gas for airsoft guns.

    Blowback means that the pistol slide is blown straight back upon firing. It sends an impulse through the gun that feels something like the recoil of a firearm. It does nothing to the flight of the BB.

    A non-blowpack gun will get more shots per charge of gas, because it isn’t using gas to operate the slide. A blowback gun will feel more realistic.


  10. ok thank you just one more quest. even thought its a gas gun do you still have to bull back to shoot or is it just were you can shoot by just pulling the trigger.

  11. dumontwrestling5,

    This is a copy of an M1911A12 Colt pistol. That’s a single-action pistol. So the hammer has to be cocked before every shot.

    Before the first shot, we pull the slide back to cock the hammer. After that, blowback of the slide cocks it for each shot until the magazine is empty. During that time, a squeeze of the trigger is all it takes to fire the pistol.


  12. B.B.

    Is this your favorite gas blow back airsoft pistol?

    I ask, because I'm looking for the most accurate .45 cal replica airsoft with these features.


  13. B.B.,

    Did read that correct?

    I know you prefer 1911's but do you like the HFC 190 better than the Capa?

    I still want a 1911 based airsoft,
    but I just wanted to make sure I read that right.

    BTW… PA has discontinued your Capa. They recommend this one instead, the WE Hi-Capa 5.1 by WE;


    However, I'm curious if this one is better? The Caspian Hi-Capa 5.1K-Tac Gas Pistol by Caspian;


    Which would you recommend?



  14. BBA,

    Yes, I do like the 190 best. But the Hi Capa Marui is a great gun, too.

    I haven't tested the Caspian. If it were a firearm I'd say no problem, but I don't know who makes it for them.

    I do hear very good things about the WE 1911.


  15. B.B.,

    I've heard great things about the Hi Capa Marui too, but I was surprised to hear that you felt the HFC M-190 was better since you're such a 1911 fan.

    Right now, the WE 1911 is only $75.00 as opposed to the Caspian Hi-Capa 5.1K-Tac Gas Pistol by Caspian for over $100.00
    so I think I'll pick that WE 1911 up.

    Thank you for the input & helping me decide.


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