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Crosman 1077 – a fun pellet gun

by B.B. Pelletier

CWI posted that he has both a Crosman Nightstalker and a 1077. He likes his NightStalker but not his 1077. The airgundoc asked me to blog it, however. I thought I had already reported on this rifle, but looking back, I can’t find it. So, here we go – hopefully not again!

It’s really a revolver!
The 1077 looks something like Ruger’s 10/22, which it’s patterned after, but inside the gun’s mechanism is a revolver instead of a semiauto. This revolving aspect is where the (sometimes) long, hard trigger-pull comes from, as you are both advancing the clip to the next pellet as well as cocking and releasing the hammer. The Ruger 10/22 is a highly successful product, and Crosman’s copy is too. I expect it to be around for many more years.

Run by CO2
This is a gas rifle and available only in .177 caliber. Its velocity is in the 575-600 f.p.s. region with accurate pellets, which makes it too weak for hunting. But, it’s the perfect gun for plinking and general shooting.

For many years, there was just one basic model – the one that accepts 12-gram powerlets. Crosman added a walnut stock in the late ’90s, and a few years ago they adapted it to their new AirSource system. Newer guns can be converted from 12-gram to AirSource, though one of our readers reports having problems with his conversion. Read the conversion stipulations on the Pyramyd AIR website (in the conversion description), which is straight from Crosman.

A collectible model
For a few years in the ’90s, Crosman offered a model they called the Constant Air gun. It was a 1077 adapted to accept a braided steel hose from a 12-ounce CO2 tank that was either worn on the belt or clamped to the bottom of the gun. The retail price of $185 for the Constant Air setup kept sales low, but the existence of that rare variation proves how dedicated Crosman was to get back into bulk-filled CO2. They had not made a gun of that type since 1954.

Both a clip and a magazine are required
The heart of the rifle is a removable box-like magazine. Into this magazine goes a circular 12-shot clip loaded with pellets. When it’s inserted, it’s locked in place. The large magazine is easier to handle than the much smaller clip, so it is used to load the clip into the rifle.

Different clips work differently in the magazine, so you will get a different trigger-pull as each new clip is installed. As the rifle wears in it becomes smoother and the trigger pull gets lighter until it arrives at a very pleasurable state. My first 1077 was a used gun that was already worn in, so I didn’t experience the harsh trigger of a new gun for a long time. When I got a second rifle that was adapted for the AirSource cartridge and it, too, had a sweet pull right out of the box. I’ve felt some 1077s with harder pulls, however, and they do crop up here and there. The best tuneup you can give the gun is hard use, which isn’t difficult once you find out how much fun the rifle can be.

Very accurate!
My first rifle is so accurate that I mounted a $300 Beeman SS-2 compact scope on it. That seems laughable, but this gun can drill a dime at 25 yards all day long, so it’s worth the better scope. Also, the obsolete Beeman is one of the smallest on the market, which goes well with the 1077’s smaller size and weight. Today, I would mount a Leapers Bug Buster 2 on one – which doesn’t cost anywhere near as much as the SS-2!

A classic
The 1077 is a design that will endure through time. Long after it’s no longer sold, new airgunners will be hoarding the used guns and using them for what they were built to do – shoot fast, accurate and OFTEN!

199 thoughts on “Crosman 1077 – a fun pellet gun”

  1. BB,
    I own a 1077. It is accurate, and I love it! My rifle is equipt with a 30 mm red dot. I mounted the red dot instead of a scope because I’m able to get on the target much quicker during strings of rapid fire. As far as the trigger goes, it is what it is. Sometimes in the pursuit of becoming better marksman with the best gear, all the technical aspects can be overwhelming and blur the main reason most of us shoot in the first place, for fun!That is what the 1077 is all about. Back to basics shooting for pure enjoyment. Now if I could only get my airsource upgrade kit to work!

  2. Hi BB,

    Never owned a scope but had a dovetail made for my Sheridan 392, so considering the Leapers 6x Bug Buster. Pyramyd recommends the 1-piece adjustable B-Square mini mount. Which adjustable 2-piece B-Square mounts do you recommend, and do you have a preference–1 or 2 piece?


  3. Bill,

    Mounting a scope on the Benjamin 392 is a challenge. I’d take Pyramyd’s advice, because the 392 needs a special base to attach to the gun. Also, pumping will become more difficult with the scope in the way. You can’t use the scope as a handle while pumping!

    As far as B-Square adjustable rings go, two-piece medium rings will probably work, but check with Pyramyd.

    Let us know how it turns out!


  4. Dear BB,
    I don’t know if i got a lemon or not, but ever since i got my 1077 last July it doesn’t get that many shots per CO2 cartridge and it isn’t too accurate. I’ve also tried to mount an airsource adapter on it, but all of the three times I’ve tried it I’ve had problems. Any suggestions?

  5. It sounds like you have a leaker. You should get 40-50 good shots per powerlet. Call the dealer who sold it to you and see qhat they can do for you. If that doesn’t work call Crosman and see what can be done.

    Have you ever used Pellgunoil on the powerlets?

    What date is on the triggerguard, per the conversion instructions in today’s posting?


  6. BB,

    You told me you did not suggest the eu jin 16.1grain pellets for the cf-x.What is the next good hunting caliber.And If I bought a eu jin 16.1grain pellets,how fast would it go on the cf-x?

    CF-X guy

  7. BB,
    My 1077 was manufactured Feb 2004 so it is a model that is compatible with the airsource kit. I was pretty sure it was compatible even before dating the rifle. I also tried to use pell gun oil, as I do every time a fresh CO2 cartridge is installed in the rifle. A couple drops on the tip of the cartridge. I will contact Crossman with the situation. Thanks for your input BB.

  8. BB,

    Do you have any expirience with Logun Penetrators. Either, the 16 or the 20.5 grain in .22 cal. I would also like to hear any and all, of the expiriences of fellow readers with this ammo. Sorry for being off topic. Thanks.


  9. BB,

    Can you mount a scope on the Crosman 357GW kits 8 inch barrel??
    i have heard that you cant and also that you can also can i mount a rifle scope on it or would it not work? I am going for the “dirty harry with a scope” look as my friends call it.

    if you can answer this thanks!


  10. BB,
    I’m making a valiant effort to break in my 1077 and I must admit it is performing better. The accuracy has improved and the trigger is very slowly softening. We’ll see how much improvement it makes.
    I have been using Logun Penetrators for some time and like them a lot in 20gr.for raccoon busting. My chrony says they are a bit faster than Beeman Kodiaks but the latter are cheaper so I have been in the habit of saving the Loguns for varmint control. BB may find that I am way off in my estimate of their value and I really respect his evaluations so we both should wait for his comments. (The Loguns sure are “pretty” though).

  11. CWI and Jason,

    I will do the Logun pellets soon, I promise. I have learned as much from reading the comments on this blog as some readers claim to have learned from my writing. If there is one thing I know it’s to never decide about anything until I test it.

    That said, I’m also testing a brand-new pellet from Gamo that is supposed to increase the velocity of the 1250 Hunter to 1,600 f.p.s. I’ve already clocked it in my test CF-X and seen speeds above 1,100 f.p.s., so there seems to be some truth to this one. Now to see how accurate it is!


  12. Hello BB,
    I have experience with 3 different 1077’s, and a couple airsource adapters. My favorite is a Laminated stock model to which I’ve added a 1 inch rubber buttpad. The extra length makes it easier for me to shoot. A BSA red dot tops my synthetic stock model, which is deadly on soda cans out to 25 yards. These are really fun guns.

    One Airsource adapter works just fine, no leaks on any gun. One adapter leaked from day 1. Turns out that it was defective, had a leak on the long tube that fits in the gun. Crossman promptly replaced it with one that works perfectly, they did not replace the 3 wasted airsource cartridges! Be careful to not overtighten the adapter to the gun, it seems to really deform the seal so that going back to powerlets can be a problem with leaks. I might have to replace one of those seals.

    Yes, the triggers do get better with use. I read(or heard) that the pull could be improved by manually working the mechanism on the magazine. I’ve worked the magazines hundreds of times, without shooting, just watching TV! It works! The pulls are improved, but I don’t have a new one to compare as a control.

    Thanks for writing this Blog, keep the info coming!!


  13. JB,

    Thank you for your report. I, too, have cycled a 1077 trigger while watching TV. I guess I should have mentioned that.

    Thanks also for the report on how Crosman treated you. I speak to them all the time and I know they want their customers to be satisfied, but so often we just don’t pick up the phone and call.


  14. BB,

    Thanks for all the info. I am really looking foward to the blog about the Logun Penetrators, and your results from testing them!


    Thanks for your input and thoughts on the Penetrators also! From what you said, theese pellets seem great. How well do they group? I just got some in, and can’t wait to shoot them thru my new Gladi8or! Thanks.


  15. Thanks JB,
    I think that’s what killed my seals on the 1077 the first time. I am going to be more careful tightening down the Airsource adaptor when I use that. When you talk about recycling the magazine while watching TV I assume it is in the gun or can you do that while it is out and if so, how?

  16. CWI,

    On the 1077 magazine there is a “little square tab” on the rear edge . With a clip in the magazine if you pull this “tab” the clip with advance to line up the next chamber. If you look in the mag well of the 1077 you will see the “hook” that fits in the “tab”, and when the trigger is pulled this “hook” pulls the “tab” back and advances the clip to the next chamber. I hope this helps.


  17. Kenny,
    You can mount a scope on a 357, but…
    There is no dovetail. Just a tiny thin groove that can be used. You could do it, but in order to clamp it tight enough to hold it steady, you risk damaging (at least superficially) the top of your pistol, and ruining your scope if it is bumped wrong and the (very)tiny bit of plastic breaks, dropping the scope to the ground.
    Possible. Not recommended.

  18. Dear .357,

    Dont the 357GW kit on pryamidair have mounts?

    becouse that comes with a red dot and it says “red dot sight and mounts” in the description, or is that what your talking about?

    I am close to having the money for it(i am only 14) and i just wanted to know everything about it.

    If ya can answer this question thanks!

  19. Kenny,

    When you first asked about the Crosman 357, you asked whether a scope could be mounted on one. The red dot sight that comes with the gun is not a scope. A dot sight does not magnify the target image the way a scope does. It shines a dot on a glass screen that can be aligned with the target, so all the shooter has to do it put the dot on the target a pull the trigger.

    Dot sights are much lighter than scopes because they don’t have as many lenses. So it’s easier to clamp one to the top of a plastic pistol than it would be to clamp a much heavier scope.

    I hope that clears up any confusion for you.


  20. BB –

    I noticed the nightstalker a while back while searching for air guns, and I have to say I’m impressed! Before I buy, I wanted to know if I could load this thing with ‘BB bullets’ (6mm, .25g) for some of my other targets when I’m not shooting pellets. I’ve seen pellet rifles that take both, is this one of them… or will it jam and missfire? Thanx in advance!


  21. Bill,

    I have a benji 392 that is scoped. I used the b-sqaure 17010 mount. With this mount you have to use weaver rings. Low ones are fine. I like the weaver rings because, you can take off the scope and put back on and keep the relative zero. This mounting system still allows the stock sights to be used! It is rock solid (put threadlock on the two screws that secure the mount to the reciever. I never tried the plastic crosman inter-mount system, I don’t like that they mount to the barrel.


  22. Whoops – pays to read my own comment before I leave it – I meant the 4.5mm bbs (for plinking). Stupid me- how is 6mm suposed to fit into a .177 hole?

    With that in mind, would a plastic round will work in this weapon? I have seen cheaper break-barrel air guns, and some air pistols (.177) that will shoot about anything that you can load into them. Being automatic, I wouldn’t want to damage the mechanism in any way with incorrect ammo.


  23. Bill,

    If you mean the 1077,and by plastic you mean the “hypervelocity” and it’s kind, I can speak only from my positive experiences. No jamming from loose pellets, no ill effects from the valve. I think using around 700 counts as a good test, and that’s what I’ve done. All this piece really needs is a pellet that is not longer than the magazine is thick. They do seem to reduce accuracy, though.

  24. Hi BB, Kenny,

    This is “ES” and I came across your note about whether it is possible to mount a scope on a Crosman 357 with an 8 inch barrel. I had entered and article on your ” Crosman’s 357GW kit” link with regards to my experiences with my 357 with an 8 inch barrel; and yes it is possible to do so. It really depends upon how adept you are in doing so…

    With the Crosman 357 kits here in Canada, they come with a set of “Crosman Airgun Mount 459MTC” mount kits. This kits consists of 2 clamps that are tightened around the barrel, and will provide a pair of 11mm scope rails for you to mount a .22 based scope on to. This is a quite an efficient solution, and will also allow you to mount scopes on to a variety of diffrent airguns other than those made by Crosman.

    However, my experience with the 459MTC mounts are that they do tend to shift a little if you bump your gun resulting in a “loss of zero.” Since the mount are made of aluminium, you cannot really tightened them as you would a real gun mount, else you may strip the screws that hold the mounts together.

    With my dissatifaction of the 459MTC, mounts I resorted to the most “logical” conclusion, and that is to install a real mount rail to the top of my 8 inch barrel. I bought a “Weaver 63B” rail kit and a tap kit from my local gun store. The rail kits run about $10CDN, and the tap kits about $15CDN. The 63B rail has a flat base with a grove cut in it that matches the top rail of the 357 barrel. Once the rail is lined up, simply mark the hole’s mount points to the barrel, drill and tap the holes. Then apply the rail, and screw it in place. This will provide a sturdy mount for either an optical, or a “red dot” scope that will not shift from zero once sighted in. I have used both an 4 power optical scope, and then migrated to a tactial red dot on my 357 now for over a year, and my zero has not drifted at all.

    On the other hand, you will notice the added weight of a full size optical scope on your pistol. My full size red dot scope took my 357 from what once felt like a pocket pistol, to a weight close to that of my real S&W 357. (I know… I could have mounted a smaller scope. But! That would have been too easy… Besides, I like the look of a full sized scope on my 357 as opposed to the tiny little red dots.)

    The added scope weight may also cause “barrel droop.” However, since the scope is mounted on the barrel as opposed to the receiver, this should not cause a loss of zero. With my 357, after a while, I began to notice the barrel slackening resulting in a minor droop due to the weight of my scope. To cure this, I shimmed the barrel’s latch hole with a metal strip cut from a tin can, and now my barrel is rock solid.

    If this note is getting too technical, you can take the pistol to a competent gunsmith to have them install the rail. A good gunsmith should understand what is required, and be able to safely install the accessories. Hope this helps.

    Take care,


  25. Hi i need a littile help. I want to buy a Pellet gun i want to use it for hunting birds and maybe squirls if i have to when i am in the wilderness what would be a good gun. Could you please tell me what velocity i need what bb is best and how many feet per second is best for hunting birds and squirls please please tell me Thankz you for your time.

  26. Hunter,

    The perfect airgun for hiking is either a Sheridan Blue Streak or a Benjamin 392. Both are multi-pump pneumatics, which means you can vary the power by the number of pump strokes you put in.

    Go to this address to read a posting about a survival airgun, which is what you want.



  27. Hi thank you for responding to my Qestion. I think the Sheridan Blue Streak and the Benjamin 392 are great guns although. I am looking for a gun with a littile more modern look. Black gun with crome scope or barrel i need it to get rid of rabits and squirl’s. I want a gun that would provide me with a acurate shot. I dont want the BB going side to side i want it to go to where i see the object in my scope i want a very powerfull gun. I like the style of the RemingtonAirmaster77kit by Remington but do not know if this gun will take out rabbits and squirlz from 50 feet. PLEASE REPLY THANKZ YOU

  28. I love the crossman pellet gun i own. I am 15 yrs old and its great. I love shooting targets, but i cant get the scope to work right! Without it it is fun, but i want to use it! can someone help me.?its a 4×32 scope. .177 pellet

  29. Hi thank you for responding to my Qestion. I think the Sheridan Blue Streak and the Benjamin 392 are great guns although. I am looking for a gun with a littile more modern look. Black gun with crome scope or barrel i need it to get rid of rabits and squirl’s. I want a gun that would provide me with a acurate shot. I dont want the BB going side to side i want it to go to where i see the object in my scope i want a very powerfull gun. I like the style of the RemingtonAirmaster77kit by Remington but do not know if this gun will take out rabbits and squirlz from 50 feet. PLEASE REPLY THANKZ YOU

  30. Scope problems,

    First put on safety glasses.

    Next, start sighting in at 10 feet from the target. The goal is to have the pellet hit in line with the center of the aim point and as far below it as the center of the scope is above the center of the barrel.

    Make the aim point a dot the size of an asprin and don’t worry if it’s not clear. You can still see where it is. Put thgis dot in the center of a piece of cardboard that’s at least 12 inches square.

    When you are hitting where I’ve indicated, move back to 30 feet and the pellet should land about at inch below the aim point. At 60 feet it should be close to the center of the aim point.


  31. hi bb pel,

    i wonder is there a way to pep up the 1077 by changing valves. there is a company out there, which offers to upgrade co2 guns to higher velocity. i forgot the name of it. if you use your airsource canister only 200 times instead of close to 400 shots and double your velocity to close to 1000 fps instead, what a nice squirrel hunter you would end up with. i wonder why nobody ever asked this question. i read somewhere, this company does this conversion all the time or sells the conversion kits. btw canadian tire sells now the 1077 as crossman airsource 1077 and comes with the airsource can nicely snuggled underneath the belly. no fumbling around necessary any more. looking forward to your reply.
    cheers faustus

  32. Just purchased a 1077, and it seems real weak, does thi go away with time. I have other pellet and or BB guns, and even my gammo pistol has more power..

  33. i just got a 1077 i that it would a plesure to have one . But after a couple of shots i was dissapontied any sujestons. now have winchester 800xs its a heck of a beter gun than the 1077

  34. My Gave Me A 1077 And For A Target Plinker That THing Can Be A Serious Squirrel Killing Pellet gun Ive Killed About Thirteen With that Gun From Ranges Up 32 Yard This Thing Can Do Some Serious Damage And It Being Semi Auto Makes It All The Better For Small Game Hunting . I Highly Reccomend it For Rat Gophers Squirrell Dove Quail (if You Can Hit One ) Ane Even Rabbits This Gun Shows WHow Amazing Crosman Is With There Air Rifles God Bless The Crosman 1077.

  35. Hello, Just wanted to add my 2cents. I bought this rifle to teach my son how to shoot. Fit and finish are really quite good for the low price. My son and I are very pleased. I really like the new front sight. The rifle is very accurate, at 10M it’s really a little tack driver. I may have to get another for DAD to shoot 🙂 I may have to scope mine though. Nice gun, not much cash, a real value, Crossman hit the X ring with the 1077.

  36. 1077 hunter
    does the 1077 realy hunt that good? if so, this shouldnt be the best of youth rifles, now would it? there has to be a setback to this gun if its known for youth shooting. any ideas?

  37. I’m having a problem, two actually, but the second has more to do with finding the answers to the first.

    I have had my 1077 open to lube some internals, open a few ports (that sort of thing), when I put things back together and tested, it took about 18 shots before dumping the rest of the cartridge (I’m still on the 12g). Now anytime I put a new one in it just emptys right away.

    Any thoughts on what needs to be done?

    Oh, I have daignosed it through 3 powerlets as co2 going the full circuit. It passes through the piercing and valve assemblies, but nothing inside seems to stop it….I haven’t had the valve apart yet.


  38. Just received my 1077w and am experiencing a weird problem. The first 2-4 shots of the 12 round clip are always weak (guessing around 300fps). Then it “warms up” so to speak and fires much more powerfully.

    Do new airguns need a break-in cycle? I have an old 1077 from 1995 that never had this problem.


  39. if i want to use my 1077 for hunting squirrels and other pests at close range (30-50 feet), what sort of ammo would work best? i hear that the 1077 can be finicky with anything but the standard crosman wadcutter ammo. is that ammo right for my project?

  40. thanks for your reply …but if i already own the 1077 and prefer it for its repeater capability, what options do i have? is there another pellet which has more leathality than the standard wadcutter?

  41. BB. Many thanks for your replies.

    Basically, my goal is to inflict as much pain or death as possible on the squirrel, possum and raccoon population that chooses to enter my backyard. I know this sounds cruel, and you must believe me when I say that I’m generally a non-violent sort of guy. But nothing bothers me as much as rodents — of all varieties. My idea is to mulch my backyard plants (which seems to draw them out like moths to a flame) and then wait on the back porch with the 1077. The reason I’m thinking of the 1077 is for its semi-auto firing mechanism — so if one shot doesn’t take them out, at least it will stun them enough to allow me to get another or a third into them. My thought is that I’m likely to only get one shot, so I’d like to make it count.

    Oh yeah, my wife said that I can’t spend much money on this endeavor, so the 1077’s $70 price tag is a real attraction. Most of the pump-action rifles seem to cost twice what the 1077 does.

    Do you have any thoughts on the issue? Also, do you have any experience with silencers on the 1077? A little birdy told me that firing pellet guns inside my city limits is illegal, so if there’s a way to minimize any attraction I get from the neighbors, I’m all for it.

  42. The 1077 is not the gun you want. If you want to kill squirreels and raccoons you need more power.

    The 1077 is not a true semiautomatic. It’s a double action only revolver that looks like a semiauto.

    Have you considered buying a used gun? A used 392 or Blue Streak would run about $75.


  43. thanks for the advice, BB. i’ve got a friend who likes my 1077 that he’ll buy it from me, so i think i’ll set out to find a blue streak.

    regarding the blue streak, i read your article on it as a great “survival gun,” but are there any modifications that you’d make to it, or is it good to go right out of the box. i’m a fairly good air rifle shot, and i’m comfortable with a williams receiver sight. other than that, is there any work that you’d recommend being done to it? perhaps a basic tune up after i shoot some pellets through it? any air gun smiths in the austin area that you know of?

  44. B.B. –
    Two questions:
    1. Is the stock on the 1077/1077W plastic?
    2. Will the Air Source conversion work on both the 1077 and the 1077W or just one of them?

  45. B.B.
    One more question.
    Is there any technical advantage (meaning not looks, but more metal parts or anything like that) to the 1077W as opposed to the 1077?


  46. I have attached the CO2 airsource cartridge carefully following the directions and both times gas came out through the two gas release holes resulting in an empty cartridge. What should be done differently?

  47. Did you put a drop of Pellgunoil on the tip of the AirSource cartridge before you punctured it?

    Take the AirSource cartridge out of the adaptor and look inside the hole. Is there a light yellow O-ring near the bottom of the hole? If not, that’s the problem. If you have one, it probably has a cut, allowing a leak. Either way, Crosman should take care of it for you.

    You can shoot your gun with powerlets while you await the repair of the adaptor.


  48. Thanks, B.B.,

    Do you know of any pellet guns that do share the same receiver dimensions as the 1022? (or any other common firearm.) It seems like there might be a market for such a gun and the ability to tweak it with aftermarket options.

  49. Esteves,

    There are no airguns that share exact action dimentions with firearms, but what you are saying has been done for at least 30 years. High power rifle shooters (M1 Garand and M1A) have been bedding air rifle actions in firearm stocks to use as indoor trainers. They use bedding compound to make the fit, and they select air rifles that weigh close to the weight of their firearms.


  50. My 1077 arrived looking like a return, the box was damaged and the gun had a few dings on it. It can barely push a pellet out and jams 100% of the time with the high velocity pellets. The only way we can hit anything is watch where the pellets are going and adjust. The target has to be within ten feet or, the drop is too severe to make it worth while. The good news is that we get to reuse our shatter targets several times before they break. Obviously we have a damaged rifle. I was not able to get any response from pyramydair and am stuck with all the garbage they sold me. So, how can I get my rifle fixed?


  51. Jeff,

    When did you order your gun and when did it arrive?

    Who did you speak to at Pyramyd Air?

    Did you actually call them or just email?

    I have forwarded your report to Pyramyd AIR and I’m sure they will want to get ahold of you, so please provide your email address here or else call them directly today, if you can. They are at 888-262-4867.


  52. I purchased the rifle in June for my sons July birthday. I also ordered a bunch of other stuff. I made the mistake of ordering a couple of 12 ounce C02 tanks. I thought they were 12 gram tanks when I ordered them. It was completely my fault. Pyramyd air acted like they would take them back. We went through the entire process, I even called and got a return number. However, I couldn’t find anyone locally who could ship a full C02 tank. Then I asked Pyramyd air for a shipping label and never heard from them again.

    By the time my son tried his rifle, it was after the 30 day period. After my previous experience, I have no hope of any help from Pyramyd. I didn’t suspect the Crosman would have any problems even though I could tell it was a return. I had a Crosman when I was a kid and put it through all kinds of hardships but, it kept working, no problem. If you have any ideas on how to fix my rifle or where I could take it to be fixed in Austin, Texas, that would be greatly appreciated.

    The C02 doesn’t leak, it just doesn’t deliver the pressure to the ammo. We’ve been through an entire box of pellets and ten or twenty C02 cartridges. At best, we can get it to go about fifteen feet with a drop of about six inches.

  53. I just checked my emails and I was wrong on my order date. I place my order on May 9th. I got what I ordered (plus a few substitutions for what they didn’t have in stock) on May 26th and sent my last email request about returning the C02 tanks on June 14th. I don’t have access to phone records.

    Anyway, I just want to try and get the rifle fixed.


  54. Jeff,

    I am not you you need to speak to.

    Thank you for the clarification. But you really need to be speaking to Pyramyd AIR. I have no idea why they did not continue with your earlier return, but that isn’t their policy. Their internal tracking system should have a record of everything you did with them.

    Please phone Pyramyd AIR at 888-262-4867 and ask to speak to Ariel or Nicole. They have been made aware of your situation and are expecting to hear from you.


  55. I wish I hadn’t mentioned the origin of the rifle. One last try and I’ll go away.

    Forgetting the origin of the Crosman 1077, how would I go about getting it fixed once the source of the rifle is out of the picture?


  56. hey its jeremy from the blog on the daisy 953 so i just learned about this gun and i think this might just be the one im ganna get because of the 12 clip and it last long time the only q i have is can it get a good group at 50 yards and what is it if you know… dont worrie about the other blog i think this will be it and my dad said the gamo nitro 17 is to big for me and to expensive even though im buyin the rifle i pick ya so thanks for all this help i would be lost without ya
    and i have something to share with everyone i say the 12g rifle is better because if you do the math you can get more shots for the money they look nicer too

  57. We finally got to test out the repaired gun. Odd that a “new” gun would need the seals replaced. Anyway, Rick Willnecker at Precision Pellet did a first rate job. He somehow managed to make the rifle look and work like new. In the mean time, our son has been shooting his great grandfather’s .22. The 1077 is much more appropriate and fun for a six year old. We are happy with the 1077 but, very unhappy with the place we purchased it.

    Thanks for connecting us with Rick!

  58. B.B.

    I got my 1077 two months ago, have put about 3-400 pellets through it, and am only able to get about 3″ groups at 25 yds from a bench rest, stock sights. I’m good enough to get 1-2″ groups at 50 yds with other guns, so I think it’s the airgun, not me. I’m using Crosman Premier Wadcutters, and haven’t found much difference with other pellets.

    Do you think your bore cleaning procedure is appropriate for a CO2 gun like this? Any other ideas?

    Thanks, I’ve learned more about airguns on this Blog than I EVER thought possible!

  59. Something is definitely wrong with your gun. I suspect the barrel is loose. The barrel is held to the gun by two tabs – one on either side of the receiver. If the barrel is loose, it can move around and cause inaccuracy problems. Too bad you don’t have an optical sight for your gun because that’s one way to discover is you have a loose barrel. If the sight doesn’t fix the problem, it’s probably the barrel.

    The other possibility is that the circular clip is not indexing properly and the pellets are getting clipped as they leave the gun. Try a different clip holder (the large box that holds the circular clip. If one works better than the other, that’s what’s causing the problem. You can buy replacements here at Pyramyd AIR.

    Since your gun is only two months old, Crosman will repair it for free, if what I told you doesn’t work. Contact their customer service department.



  60. Hi B.B.,

    I have tried to respond several times to your answer, but all my posts on this particular blog went into cyberspace. I’ll try again:

    I tightened up the loose barrel before I posted, so that’s not it. I can’t find anything wrong with the magazine.

    HOWEVER, after cleaning the barrel, I had a good look with very bright light and magnification. I found a series of annular grooves cutting the rifleing! They almost look like chatter marks, deep enough to cut through the lands and sometimes even scratch the bottom of the grooves. This barrel is JUNK! It’s going back to Crosman after New Years.



  61. Hi BB

    Finally got my replacement 1077 from Crosman…this one has a good barrel. I cleaned it with JB, shot some groups, and it seemed about the same as the first: 3-4″ at 25 yds. Since it’s winter, I’ve been shooting in the crawl space at 30 ft mostly: mostly 1 inch+ groups though. Gave it up for junk!

    Finally, I decided to put a CP 3-9×40 on it and find out once and for all whether it was me and the iron sights or the gun. Also decided to time between shots for one full minute. AND finally got some JSB’s (actually BSA wolverine 8.4gr)

    Well, lo and behold, I got one 0.25″ group with the JSB’s! Then I switched to Hobby’s, normally rather poor for groups before, and got a 0.45″ group! And all this was from a sitting position using my knee as a rest, leaning back against a wall, not quite as good as a full bench rest, but close. I think that this should translate into possible 1″ groups at 25 yds in perfect conditions, at which point I would be satisfied.

    I’m still getting evidence of POI shift, though, ala your newest blog post. I need to be writing everything down for a couple dozen targets and removing ALL possible inconsistencies before I’m sure. IF it is true, I think it may be the floating barrel design of the 1077. I have used some aluminum foil at the muzzle as well as shimming the barrel tabs to keep it tight against the magazine in the breech…next is some hard foam spacers between the shroud and the barrel to try and keep movement to a minimum.

    I assume you never did anything like this to the 1077 you were getting sub 1″ groups at 25 yds with, so I’m curious whether you think the barrel really should be free to move around in the front sight mount and float back and forth 1/16″ at the magazine as the tabs allow it to do? To me, random movement of the barrel just can’t be good for accuracy.

    Well, at least I can now hit a tin can at 25 yds…;>)

    Thanks for your help.

    Jay in Idaho

  62. Jay,

    Free-floating has no effect on most airguns because they don’t heat up when fired. Hence the barrels don’t walk.

    PCPs do experience movement when the reservoir contracts from the pressure reduction as you shoot. If the reservoir is tied to the barrel, it can pull it along. Then a free-floated barrel would be good. But in a 1077, it has no advantage.


  63. Thanks, BB

    My terminology probably isn’t correct about barrel float, I meant that the barrel isn’t held tightly to the shroud by the front sight mount, nor do the tabs at the back (for the purpose of allowing extraction of a jammed pellet) hold the barrel tight in the action. I can get about 0.03 movement at the muzzle by inserting a wood dowel and side loading the barrel a little, and about 1/16 movement by holding both tabs and pressuring them fore and aft a little.

    This is the reason I’m trying to tighten up the barrel to the shroud as I mentioned above….this was mentioned on the 1077 forum. Only time at the range will tell if it works. I’m certainly having to work at getting this gun to shoot as advertised! My opinion of Crosman’s QC is pretty much in the toilet. But whaddya want for $70!


  64. Hey B.B.

    I am relatively new to the sport of airgunning. I have had a Gamo MultiShot for about the past two years which I love. However, I am interested in buying a semi-automatic. I have no experience with CO2 and I was wondering: If I was to use the 1077 with the AirSource adapter (or with just a regular cartridge), does the CO2 remain inside the cartridge when it is stored? If not, is there anyway to ensure that the C02 is not going to leak when the gun is in storage?

  65. Ok I know this sounds absolutely ridiculous but it is all true and I’m desperately looking for help here, so if you guys know how to help please let me know. I was 15 years old when I bought my 1077 from a friend. My parents hated guns so I had to hide it. Well, they ended up finding it. They took it away and it was forgotten until 3 weeks ago when they handed it back to me. I’m nearly 26 yrs old now. Unfortunately it is missing the whole box-like magazine. I’m devastated since I am having a terrible time finding a replacement one online. I really want to get this gun up and running, its like a piece of my childhood that I want to keep alive. LOL. Anyone know where I might be able to get a replacement? Please email me if you know.


  66. Does anyone know where I can purchase a crosman mode 1077W. Until just recently thet were being offered on the crosman web-site, and now they are gone.

  67. hi guys..i got a 1077…got a power;ine daisy scope and mounted it..sited this in the best i could.Maybe im shooting to far.whats the average range for plinking with this rifle.im out at about120 feet..i get great shots at first ..then i notice some shots like to hook to the right a little.i cant get a constant group on a center of the target..i did but a bipod ,and im using the 88 gram co2.it says 400 shots.not really tho.i get 260 that are accurate but not perfect..then around 330 shes really starts to drop out.i used the pelgun oil like it suggest..trigger feels nice.I dumped about 800 rounds through this.the small co2 suck i get about 30 shots and then dive bombers 6-10 inches off target
    I read on the barreltabs..whats the deal on that,are they suppose to be all the way back and you slide them forwrd to remoce a jammed..which i havent had one
    other deal is i noticed when putting on my bipod.the shroud is off centered,never noticed it.caus ei used a scope..the whole shroud is turned about 20 thousands off the center line of the rifle when looking down the site.you actually have to tilt rifle a little to get the sited lined up center..is that normal..lol..if not how do i moved the shroud back to centerline.doczmann@msn.com

  68. 1077,

    It is not normal for the barrel jacket – what you called a shroud – to be misaligned. Have you been fooling with the barrel tabs – trying to remove the barrel?

    You are getting about the right number of shots from your PowerSource. Crosman publishes a high number but practical experience shows the guns don’t get 400 shots.

    Your bipod could be causing the shot-wandering problem. Since the barrel jacket may be loose, the shoots will wander depending on whether the bipod is deployed and even then, the jacket may be wobbling. I’d take that bipod off and shoot the gun again.

    So, I think you need to reseat your barrel and drop that bipod and start shooting the rifle by itself.


  69. todd here..actually i wasnt shooting with the bipod at first..i havent used the bipod yet to shoot..I just ordered it and noticed when i put it on that the barrel jacket was off centered.i never noticed at first as i was using a powerline scope..as far as taking the barrel off.i didnt..I brought it back to philipins army and navy to swap it out..well surprisingly the next rifle right out of the box had the same deal with the barrel jacket way off center…i called crosman and they said they are going to take a brand new one at the company have their quality team members check it out and i can be assured the barrel jacket will be aligned correctly and they will test fire this rifle to make sure at 75 feet its dean on with open sites..So they said they will ship it to me and i can test it and they will then accept the other one after i test this new one out.Thats pretty nice of them.They told me there has to be a bad run of them from that particular store.LOL bad run,these rifles were like this right out of the box..someone is not inspected these rifles correctly..illl keep yas posted on the results

  70. Hi ya’ll!
    is it really true that the 1077 veers off to the a lil? or it happens b-cuz of a lot of good shooting? and also, mr. b.b. and others who said it, you guys said to pull back the lil tab on the magazine (with a clip inside?) and keep pulling it back and forsth to smooth the shooting, how many times do i have to do this?also, if you guys have many more tips, plz let me know. and also, is the factory sights already great? or would adding a peep sight be the same or would it increase the accuray? ok thx.

  71. The 1077 doesn’t shoot to one side or the other. It should shoot straight. The factory sights are fine. A peep sigh is probably unnecessary.

    To smooth the trigger, pull it with the magazine inserted. The more times you pull, the smoother it becomes. A thousand times is enough.


  72. Hey b.b.
    I don’t know if it says on the info or if one of the commenters said it, but is this gun ambidextrous? i dunno, but i think it can both be in a righty or lefty? ok thanks!

  73. hi, i just thought of something kinda weird, but can the nightstalker weaver rails be screwed on the top of the 1077 (the dovetail)? i don’t have the weaver rails, i thought it would be kinda cool..

  74. new to the blog, and i love it! getting back in to airguns after about a 15 year break.

    I have an older 1077, but was considering something a little more substantial and not dependant on bought co2.

    How do you compare the 1077 to the Diana Schuetze 240(?). I know it is apples to oranges as far as co2 vs. spring, but i’m most interested in sound and power comparison.


  75. Michael,

    Since your question is apples and oranges, allow me to restate it. Is the Diana 240 Schutze as muich fun and as good a shooter as a Crosman 1077?

    Yes, I think it is. Of course it is a single-shot and it isn’t as powerful as the 1077, but it is very accurate. The trigger is stiff, but it is usable.


  76. BB,

    Excellent, i was really impressed by your 3 pt story on the 240, which is what led me to look into it.

    is the 240 something that will startle the neighbors with it’s report?

    i was figuring that the fps was less than the 1077, and there was no compressed gas. is it a correct assumption that is quieter?

    my main criteria are quality, reliability, and pass-down heirloom-ablity. 🙂

    not having to run out of power is a big plus too.


  77. Michael,

    The 240 is much quieter than a 1077, which isn’t a noisy CO2 gun to begin with. Your neighbors probably won’t know you’re there unless they see you.

    I wouldn’t call the quality heirloom, but the gun is substantial. You will be able to pass it along.


  78. Well a 1077 hitting 5 to 7 ftlbs could knock down some samll game if you can hit .250 ctc at 10 yards and head shots only. But it seems to be more of a plinker.

    Some people have mentioned if our groups start to grow, check the front sight where the barrel is held in place. Sometimes they come loose.

    Always use a drop of pellgun oil on each new Co2 cartridge or canister and only tighten until you firsts hear it break the seal.

    I have found the trigger pulls better after use and you can feel tell when it’s going to fire with some practice. Keeps your eyes open and follow through and the shots can be well managed even with the long hard trigger pull.

  79. hey guys, i gotta question..which one is better? the 1077 or the nightstalker? i have not read the blog that much if someone already asked, but i don’t mean to double ask if there was already. ok thanks!

  80. Bad/good,

    And what criteria makes an airgun “good”?

    The 1077 is less expensive and just as accurate as the NightStalker. Both shoot 12 pellets at a time. The 1077 is more traditionally styled, plus it is available to shoot 12-gram cartridges, as well as 88-gram cartridges, while the NightStalker only uses the larger cartridges.

    The triggers are equivalent and the 1077 has better scope mounting options. The 1077 is also a little more powerful.


  81. I had been down on getting a co2 air rifle, but I have been looking into the 1077 and 2260 Crossmans.I have a couple of questions for owners. How loud is this gun? How many shots from one co2 cartridge before you start loosing power?Are the empty cartridges just throw aways? Or can they be somehow recycled?

    Thanks, Jon

  82. Jon,

    You typically get 40-50 shots per CO2 cartridge. It varies, depending on the temperature of the day and how fast you shoot.

    The 1077 isn’t too loud. It will be a little louder than your Ruger AirHawk.

    The empty cartridges are not reusable, but a craftsman can turn them into targets or windchimes.


  83. Just a suggestion.Maybe you could do a test/review of the Crosman 1077 Combo (mentioned above) with the Centerpoint 4×32 scope.This scope should be good enough to get some decent accuracy, and show the potential of the 1077.You mention that you have a 1077 that you are getting, I believe, dime-sized groups at 25 yards.I don’t doubt that you are a good marksman.If I thought an off the shelf 1077 could do that as the norm, I would buy one right now.Some owners were complaining of getting more like 2.5-3.0 inch groups.I have read that the trigger, though having a stiff pull, works in stages as it self cocks,advances the magazine, etc, and that the shooter, once they get to know the feeling of the stages, can anticipate the final stage and take control and squeeze the trigger from that point and get a decent letoff.I also understand that , when shooting for group or economy of co2, the shooter should wait at least 15 seconds in warm weather, and 30 seconds in cold.

    Thanks, Jon

  84. I found an older model 1077 in the trash. The gun itself is in excellent condition, however, I have a couple of mechanical issues: The first being the co2 cylinders become lodged in the tube fit very snug. The second when I insert a cylinder and tighten the holding rod, immediately the co2 cartridge is empty. Anyone else experienced this issue? I wonder since the cartridge fits so snug if I am tightening to much. Any suggestions?

  85. I decided to give the 1077 a try, and ordered one of their “combo” kits.see here:

    I also ordered a Crosman 760 XLS.This one is a .177 multi pump rifle with a rifled barrel.
    I ordered this one to use as a trainer for my wife and kids. I didn’t think the 1077, being a repeater,
    would be the best choice as a trainer.I’ll leave this one with the open sights for the time being, as
    shooting with these sights is something every shooter should try to master before using a scope I think.
    I can use this gun with a lessor number of pumps for new shooters, but still have the possibility of higher power too.
    The 1077 will be my main air rifle (I hope).I’m hoping that this gun will have near the accuracy that B.B.’s 1077s have.

    I’m looking for suggestions on what pellets others have had good results with in this gun.I have heard that pointed
    pellets should be avoided, as they may jam the 12 round clips from rotating as the points may stick out too far.

    So, any suggestions?
    Thanks, Jon

  86. Thanks, B.B. I’m working on an order for pellets right now and included your two suggestions. I’ll let you know how they work out in these guns. The Crosman 760 XLS is out of stock, so I won’t have them for a little bit.


  87. Here’s what I ordered for now:
    500 RWS Hobby 7.0 grain Wadcutters

    500 Crosman Premier Super Match 7.9 grain Wadcutters

    500 Beeman Laser Sport 8.09 grain Wadcutters

    500 Beeman Silver Bear 7.1 grain Hollowpoint

    2 Pellgunoil

    40 Crosman co2 cartridges, and the rifles last night.
    That should get me started. And I also have an old Daisy Model 717 pistol that I can use these pellets with also.
    Now, I wait….


  88. Hey Jon, nice to see you.

    Good luck with your 1077. It basically a good fun plinker.

    I just wanted to add that I bought a barrel stabilizer from Joe at muzzlemack.com.

    My 10 meter 5 round groups still avg. 10mm (.394″) c-t-c with RWS Hobby Pelles, but my fliers went from 1 in 10 (10%) to 1 in 40 (2.5%). NOTE: A dime is 18mm in diameter.

    For targets, I shoot 40 rounds per 12 g cartridge. Generally I shoot 5 and load 5 to let the AR warm up a bit between groups. If I shoot more than 8 in a row sometimes the POI changes.

    Plinking I can manage to change my aim point towards the end and can get 6 clips or 72 shots per 12 G cartridge sometimes.

    I did glue my barrel clip to the barrel to keep the barrel from rolling, but I still get verticle lines in my groups, but not as often.

    The trigger pull runs about 5 lbs, after I cleaned and lubed the trigger and magazine lightly with pellgun oil. It is a used 1077 in good shape and I did find the trigger to be pretty smooth.

    Sometimes I will pull the trigger till it clicks then pull again to simulate a single action like shot.

    Other then that I take all my unwanted tins of pellets and shoot them up indoors in my basement when the weather is very cold outside.

  89. Got my new 1077 Combo from Pyramid Air. I only had time for a few testing shots today before darkness closed in. I won’t be able to shoot now until at least next Sunday. I got the scope set to hit point of aim at about 28 feet now, and that didn’t take many shots to do. I know the gun functions okay now, but, Oh My God…..that trigger!! It’s the worst!! How can you get any kind of accuracy/consistancy with this thing? This trigger may give me blisters!
    I’ll try again when I’m off work and its daylight.


  90. Hi jon neet: I’ve got and realy like my 1077. You’re right about the trigger. However, you should see my 12 year old grandson shoot sparrows
    with it–Leapers 4x bug buster, off a rest. 10 shots 6 sparrows. The gun trigger can be mastered and you can shoot 3/4″ or less 5 shot groups all day.

    You’re post is in a blog from Feb 06. Please join us at / and ask your question again cause there are alot of folks there that will be glad to answer yur questions. Mr B.

  91. I got my 1077 6 years ago from a friend; it’s a may 1995 model. When I got it, it had a few 1000 pellets through it with no maintenance (not even pelloil). For the past 6years I didn’t even know it what a 1077 was. I just shot tin cans with cheap lead and no pelloil; it was fun.

    Last week I started finding info on the 1077 online and became more interested in it. I cleaned it, oiled it, shot 300rnds of cheap lead through it with pelloil on every loading. Then I put a gamo 4×32 scope on, and it shot 1.25″ 3rnd groupings at 22yds with RWS 8.2gr “Meisterkugeln” Professional Line Flat Points.

    Last night I decided to try my hand at a DIY barrel stabilizer. I removed the front sight, put a few drops of superglue on the outside of the barrel tip, reinstalled the front sight, and let the glue cure. I did this thinking that bonding the barrel to the front sight would provide better support and damping at the barrel tip than delrin stabilizers, plus it didn’t cost a dime, and prevents the barrely from rolling too.

    An hour ago I tested my “superglue stabilizer” and managed to break off 3rnd groupings were dime size at 22yds, three times in a row. Not center to center either; the holes were completely covered by a dime! btw, this was with the same can of RWS flatpoints.

    On a side note, the jam clearing function still works 100%. Just have to remove the screw from the front sight, then it slides freely foreward and backward like before (not that I’ve ever had to use it).

  92. Anonymous with the 1077,

    What a great story and excellent first hand experience in improving your 1077. Pellgunoil is critical in keeping CO2 guns operating smoothly. Good for you in knowing that.

    What you wrote about the 1077 is such good information that it should be shared with all the other airgunners currently sharing similar stories on the current blog. (you posted your comment under an article that B.B. wrote about your 1077 in February 2006 and not many people check back on comments that far back). I’m going to copy your story and put it in the current discussion. You can access the current discussion by going to the most recent article that B.B. wrote (B.B. writes a new article every day Monday-Friday) and under the article click on “comments” and you’re a part of the discussion. Here’s a link you’ll have to copy and paste:


    Hope to see you there!


  93. One drop on each CO2 cartridge as you put it in the gun.It is supposed to keep the seals/o-rings from leaking.So far so good with my 1077-but I’ve only run 3-4 CO2 cartridges through it.
    Also, someone sells a (delrin??) barrel stabilizer for the 1077 for like $6.00.It is supposed to help accuracy and cut down the number of flyers.
    I am still experimenting with my 1077.Good pellets are the Crosman Premier wadcutters,the Gamo Match wadcutters, and the Gamo Masterpoints shoot very well also. RWS Hobbys are no good in my gun.

  94. B.B.

    I found a 1077 at my local k-mart, on clearance for 35 dollars, i figured, no matter what, for that price, if it puts pellets downrange, its good enough to have fun with some cans. I took it to the register and they rung it up for 17 dollars! Little snowy here today, but I can’t wait to try it out.

  95. Ryan:

    A real score. You’ll enjoy shooting it for sure. Check out PA’s website for the adapter to use the AirSource cylinders. Alot cheaper per shot, but it adds alot of weight to the gun.

    Don’t forget that drop or two of Crosman Pellgun Oil on the tip of the cylinder just before putting it in the gun.

    My gun like Crosman Premiers and Gamo Match pellets.

    We have a daily blog that I’m enviting you to check out. You’ll met alot of great folks with a ton ao knowledge that they’re very willing to share with you.

  96. Ryan,

    Great find! I will be watching more at KMart. I had a similar experience with a PPK/S BB gun at KMart – marked on sale, got to the register and it rang up about $7. Can’t pass up deals like that!

    By the way, your KMart wouldn’t be in Placerville, California would it?

    .22 multi-shot

  97. Sorry, this one’s in Sharon, PA. I’ve got to get myself some more pellgun oil, and as soon as this snow stops falling I can get out to see how well it shoots.

    I’m probably gonna need to get a few extra clips for it so I can have even more fun!

    I also have a Gamo Shadow 1000 that I do like, and it came with a scope that I didn’t like on it. I think I’ll put it on the 1077 and see how that turns out.

    Oh, yeah, got a deal on the Shadow Combo pack, only 80 dollars. Always check the local clearance racks! Great deals to be had by all.

  98. Adam,

    A good question. No the 1077 will not shoot BB’s, but you can shoot .177 lead balls which work ok out of my 1077. However, they’re not as accurate as pellets, at least not out of mine.

    We have a daily blog where you can converse with alot of good folks who share a passon for all types of air guns please join us at /blog//

  99. Adam, if you put BB’s in the magazine, insert it into the gun and pull the trigger they will come out. But the gun isn’t intended for BB’s, and almost certainly you’d have trouble with the BB’s rolling out of the barrel if you point the gun down, and eventually barrel rifling will get chewed up by the hard steel BB’s.

  100. Hi everyone,
    I have a question about custom-making the 1077. after unscrewing the barrel/metal and co2 charge parts away from the synthetic stock, can you add on a pistol grip on the end of the metal receiver and trigger? or just, simply saw off the stock, or remake another grip? where can i buy pre-made custom stocks? also, on the original stock, how can you mount a sling?
    Thanks a bunch.JJ

  101. Just got the 1077AS today from Pyramid. Worked very well out of the box, plenty of power (for target shooting), no misfires, after some sight adjustment seems fairly accurate at 30 feet. I shot most of the evening and have not noticed any fall off on the airsource cartridge. Have used only RWS Hobby wadcutters so far. I was worried about a hard trigger after reading comments here, but I don't think it is bad at all. I've learned to pull it about half way to advance the cylinder and the last bit to fire, it doesn't seem like the 9 pound pull some people claim. Also shot some empty soda cans, penetrates both sides easily, then into the Crosman pellet trap. Too easy to hit the cans at 30', so started turning them end on (still easy), then started shooting popsicle sticks (more of a challenge but doable). Only complaint I have is the front site is not exactly verticle, almost as if the barrel shroud needs to be turned a couple degrees. Is that possible for me to do, or should I send it back to Crosman? I did adjust the rear site to compensate, and I'll probably get a scope soon, but it is a brand new gun so it would be nice for the front site to be correct. I'm not sure it is a big enough problem, though, to send it back.

  102. Can someone help me, I can't decide between the Crosman 2260 and the 1077.

    What I like about 1077
    -1077 gets 40-60 shots per Co2
    -12 shot semi-auto
    -No pumping or work
    -under $100

    What I don't like about the 1077
    -I prefer wood stocks
    -Like .22 cal better
    -More of a plinker than pest eliminator.
    -I would want more Fps if in .177

    What I like about 2260
    -In .22 cal so there is more stopping power
    -wood stock
    -longer than 1077
    -its light
    -No pumping or work
    -could still take out rabbits/squirrel easily
    and could plink
    -Under a $100

    What I don't like about 2260
    -does not come with 11mm dovetails
    -needs 459mt scope($10 mounts or steel breech upgrade($30) for the dovetails
    -Wouldn't mind it being longer

    If I got the 2260, I most likely would put a steel breech upgrade, either a 4×30 centerpoint scope or a CenterPoint AR22 Series 3-9x32mm, and not killing my wallet

    If I got the 1077 I would buy 2 more box magazines and some more clips, 4×30 scope(or no scope at all) and still not break the bank.

    And if this helps, I will mostly plink with whatever gun but I want to take some game out. I want a Co2 gun because of the no pumping or work. I have a sheridan blue streak and a powermaster 66 both with a 0410 target finder scope.

  103. I just received my Crosman 1077. I am trying to load it. I put the gun on safety and verified that there is no CO2 cartridge inserted. I then put pellets into the magazine (clip). Now, when I try to insert the clip into the holder, it won’t go. The clip seems too wide for the opening. What am I doing wrong?

    • Aubrey,

      Welcome to the blog.

      Did you seat the pellets flush with the circular clip? If they aren’t flush, the clip will not go into the holder (which we call the magazine).

      Is the round pin on the left side of the magazine pushed as far forward as it will go? If it isn’t, you cannot insert the clip into it. Look at pictures 3 and 4 in this report to see what I’m talking about:


      Check these things out and get back with me. You can do that on the current blog, located here:



  104. Thanks. I did all those things. I even tried an empty clip. It will NOT fit in the opening of the magazine. I don’t want to force it, fearing the plastic might break. Perhaps I have a faulty magazine? What now?

    • Aubrey,

      That pin I indicated has a detent at the end of its travel. Push it hard to the front and see if it doesn’t pop forward just slightly. In a new magazine, that pin can get sticky.

      Also, if that isn’t the problem, look for plastic flashing that prevents the clip from going into the magazine. And the clip has to be inserted the right way. One side is forward and the other side is backward. Look at this closely.


    • I’m telling you that the opening on the mag is too narrow (approx. 3/8″) and the clip width is approx. 7/16″. The slot is TOO SMALL. How can I talk to a live person about this?

      • Aubrey,

        Have you notice that there is a slot in the magazine that is as wide as the clip? The circular clip is inserted into the magazine on the LEFT SIDE of the magazine — not from the top. Look on the left side of the magazine and see the slot that accepts the front of the clip. It’s a cutout in the magazine.

        If this still does not solve your problem, the please count the holes in the clip. If there are 12, you have the correct clip for the gun.

        You can always talk to a customer representative at Pyramyd AIR. 888-262-4867.


  105. Reb, you replied at the top of this thread:
    Aubrey hardly anyone will see your question here.If you’d like a answer tonight you need to post it on the current blog. click here to get started.
    Isn’t that where I posted my question?

  106. OK, Edith, I am following your suggestion. I prefer this to be a new topic. I’ll see if it is.
    Air Pistol – BB vs. Pellet
    I am looking at various PyramidAir pistols and revolvers. There are quite a few.
    I want a pistol (not a revolver) that I can use for target practice, for “plinking”, and for shooting varmints, such as squirrels.
    Does anyone have suggestions as to whether a BB pistol or a pellet pistol will be best for me? Thanks.

        • Topic: Air Pistol – BB vs. Pellet
          I am looking at various PyramidAir pistols and revolvers. There are quite a few.
          I want a pistol (not a revolver) that I can use for target practice, for “plinking”, and for shooting varmints, such as squirrels.
          Does anyone have suggestions as to whether a BB pistol or a pellet pistol will be best for me? Thanks.

          • The killer (no pun intended) is “shooting varmints, such as squirrels”.

            First off — NO BB gun (oh, BTW — you’ll likely need a hunting license for the squirrels — they are a small game animal in most jurisdictions; unlike junkyard rats).

            Second — you’ll need something that is producing over 5ft-lbs of energy (some articles list 5ft-lbs AT THE TARGET for small squirrels and birds). You won’t find that in what most people consider to be a “pistol”. The Marauder Pistol (not to be confused with the Marauder Rifle) is likely in the realm as a hunting gun. Granted, the “p-rod” is likely most used with a clip-on shoulder stock making it a short carbine.

            Most all pellet pistols will be single shot, not repeaters. The CO2 repeaters tend to really be double-action revolvers inside (Umarex/Walther CP99). The target guns will be low-power SSPs (Daisy 717, 777; IZH-Baikal MP46 [now rare due to sanctions]) or PCPs (Hammerli). They are low power as they are designed for use at 10 meters only, and having a highly arced trajectory doesn’t matter as long as the trajectory is repeatable at that one distance.

  107. I recently bought a Crosman 1077 pellet rifle. When I shot it a few times, it didn’t seem to have much power. I shot at some cans and plastic jugs from 20 feet. I tried again another day, and the gun would not expel the pellets. (I do hear it “firing”.) So, I replaced the CO2 cartridge. The gun still does not expel the pellets. When I remove the clip, it is full. Should I replace the CO2 again? Is a seal perhaps leaking?
    Any ideas?

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