by B.B. Pelletier

Today, we’ll look at the performance of this pistol. It has a 5″ barrel, so we expect it to be in the 400-425 f.p.s. region with lighter lead pellets. I’m interested in a pellet that shoots as accurately as possible.

Make mine wadcutters
All the Umarex action pistols are .177 caliber only. I use wadcutter pellets exclusively because the low velocity means the pellets will try to tear the target paper and wadcutters don’t do that at the velocity these airguns can generate. If I were shooting action targets , I’d want accuracy but the shape of the nose would be less important. My choices for the Colt M1911A1 Tactical are Gamo Match, JSB Match Diabolo (pistol), RWS Diabolo Basic, RWS Club, Crosman Wadcutters, Crosman Premier Super Match and RWS Hobby pellets. I chose these on the basis of pellet shape and price. An action-pistol shooter is going to shoot a lot, so price has to be a factor…the same as accuracy.

Velocity and number of shots per powerlet
I chronographed the pistol with three different wadcutters to give you a good feel for the gun’s potential. From a fresh powerlet, Crosman Super Match averaged 397 f.p.s., with a spread of 24 f.p.s. and a high of 410. RWS Hobby averaged 416 with a spread of 27 f.p.s. and a high of 430. Gamo Match averaged 408 f.p.s. with a spread of 10 f.p.s. and a high of 414. This pistol gave over 60 good shots per powerlet – a big suprise, because I only saw 45 good shots from the Walther CP88 Tactical!

Accuracy was best with Gamo Match, by a wide margin. With a careful hold, they will give 1″ 5-shot groups or better at 25 feet. I feel they are capable of even a little better, like 3/4″, but I didn’t see it. Crosman Super Match pellets were second, and, being smaller, they loaded easiest of all. All other pellets have to be pressed into the magazine with a tool to get the skirts in all the way. A pellet seater works well for this. And RWS Hobbys gave surprisingly large groups – in the 1.5″ range.

Adjusting the dot sight
The sight adjustments on the Walther MDS sight are backwards. Turn TOWARD the right to move the group left, and so on. This is in line with German target sights in general, and opposite how most of the rest of the world marks sights.

The grip safety on an Umarex Colt pistol has always been a bit “clicky” compared to the firearm. I mean, you can feel a click in your hand when it takes the gun off safety. The test gun’s grip safety was very noticable. The single-action trigger-pull, however, is as crisp as I have come to expect on this model. A couple weeks ago, I commented on the nice trigger on the new Walther CP88 Tactical. That trigger broke at 6 lbs., and I liked it. Well, the trigger on this Colt breaks at 3 lbs., 4 oz. and is just as crisp! I can do some good shooting with a trigger like this!

The Colt M1911A1 is my favorite of all the Umarex pistols. Only the S&W 586 shoots better for me. This tactical version has a great dot sight that really enhances the gun’s performance. If you’ve been wondering which Umarex to get, I’d suggest one of these Colts.