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Education / Training Crosman Pro77 – Part 2

Crosman Pro77 – Part 2

Part 1

by B.B. Pelletier

Time for the performance report on the Crosman Pro77 BB pistol. We know it’s a blowback, and with the test of the Walther CP99 Compact so fresh in out minds, don’t we expect this pistol to turn in similar results? Those were my thoughts as this part of the test approached.

You can load up to 19 BBs into the stick magazine (the spec says 17, but 19 will fit) through the same loading hole that the CP99 Compact uses. The spring-loaded follower works the same way, too. But I have to comment that the Crosman magazine is much more fragile than the Walther mag. Mine came apart at the start of testing and from that point I was constantly putting the floorplate back on. It’s held in place by two rather thin plastic latches and one of them on my mag is bent and useless. While a replacement mag will solve the problem, it will not correct the inherent weakness of this design.

The Pro77 has the same tendency to drop a BB out of the muzzle each time the trigger is pulled when the gun is uncocked – just like the CP99 Compact. A reader just told me that he sometimes worked the trigger of his uncocked P99 Compact between shots and got double feeds when the BB didn’t fall from the muzzle, so you definitely don’t want to do that!

Using Crosman Copperhead BBs, I saw similar accuracy at 15 feet with the Pro77 as the best groups with the CP99 Compact, or, let me rephrase that – this gun grouped well from the start. Actually the two guns grouped about the same one inch after I got used to the Compact, but the better sights of the Pro77 made it easier to hold those groups from the beginning.

The trigger that I had liked so well before shooting BBs suddenly decided to hang up, leaving the pistol with an very indecisive one-stage pull that could go two-stage at any time. Had that not happened, I believe the groups might have improved.

Hold-open device failed
For some reason the device that holds the slide open after the last shot is fired quit working during accuracy testing. The only way to make certain of whether the gun was loaded was to remove the magazine and examine it. Now that’s a safety measure anyway, but it is odd that the hold-open function quit working. I believe the reason for this failure is the action is over-lubricated. The slide release that springs up to catch the slide seems to be slowed down by excessive oil.

When the magazine is empty, the slide release is suppose to spring up and catch the slide like this. Too much oil and a weak spring caused intermittent operation.

It was 52 degrees when I tested the pistol’s velocity. That’s very significant, because 50 degrees F is where CO2 guns start losing major velocity. Using Crosman Copperhead BBs, I averaged 256 f.p.s. with an extreme spread from 249 to 267. Had the temperature been 68 degrees, as it was for the CP99 Compact test, I believe the average velocity might have been about 275 f.p.s.

Hard case
The Pro77 comes in a hard black plastic carrying case, as opposed to the plastic clamshell packaging on the P99 Compact. The triangular case has two latches to secure the lid and egcrate foam inside to protect the gun.

Although the Pro77 is meant to be a P99 Compact competitor, there are several subtle differences between the two guns. The Pro77 has just been launched as this is written, so buyers have to give Crosman a chance to catch up with their orders. The basic gun has already sold out at Pyramyd AIR, but they do have the kit for just a few more dollars. I’m sure they have the guns and magazines on order, as this promises to be one of the hot items for this Christmas season.

49 thoughts on “Crosman Pro77 – Part 2”

  1. B.B. This is unrelated to your current review but I have ordered a Talon SS and I’m wondering if you could recommend a flashlight attachment for it? I couldn’t find one on the Air Force site, although, Talons are pictured with flashlights.

    Thank you—————Don

  2. Hi bb, been reading your blog for a while, loving it. Ive come to a tough descision though. Should i opt for the Mendoza RM-600 with (Supposedly) Slightly more power, and not many reviews to back it up, or the RWS 34 Diana with barrel droop, and only 600 fps? Perhaps something else? Im looking for a .22 under 200$ for target shooting and hunting (hoping to get something powerful enough to kill turkeys, but mostly squirrels and racoons) Thanks in advance! (Your the best)

  3. NewAirgunner,

    The Mendoza has barrel droop, too. All breakbarrels do.

    I have never tested the 600 so I can’t comment on it except to note that RWS USA no longer imports the rifle. The RWS Diana 34 has been around for more than a decade and there’s no sign of it going away.

    I read the Mendoza description and it sounds good. Perhaps some of our reader care to comment on your choice?


  4. B.B.
    I believe I may know why your slide release is not catching and stopping your slide. After so many shots, (especially if you like to rack the slide just for fun like me) both the slide release and the notch in the slide where it is supposed to catch get worn down to the point where neither are at a sharp angle any more, and when they hit they just make contact and slide past eachother. To fix this I took the pistol apart and first filed the slide release to a sharp, slightly more than 90 degree angle, and then proceeded to do the same with the slide. Careful not to slip and ruin the finish! Anyway, I may be wrong but this same thing happened on my CP99 Compact, and to me these two seem to be very similar pistols in mechanics, materials , and looks. So if you find the problem is not lubrication, check out the mechanisms themselves for wear! 🙂

  5. But this is a brand new gun and I haven’t racked the slide more than a few extra times.

    No, the problem is a weak slide release spring and too much oil in the action. But I do thank you for your tip. Perhaps it will help others whose guns have worn in this area.


  6. Hey B.B.

    I was just reading through some of your old blogs when I came upon the old article about shooting supports. At the end of it you mention the new Gel Shooting Supports that pyramyd air has. So my question is, to you and everyone else reading this, have you had any experience with this pad? It looked pretty nice, and I’ve been needing a good support pad. So, any advice would be great.


  7. Mr Lama
    I personally like the bean bag type. I purchased mine from walmart. It was two for 20. I got one for the front of the gun and one for the rear. I used to use pillows and I find the bean bags provide much more support. On the other hand though the gel is priced really well. Hope this helps.

  8. Yes, it’s good enough, but with just 12 power you cannot rangefind beyond 20-25 yards. That’s why 24 power is the lowest power generally recommended. I use 30 power myself.

    However, I have been beat more than once by a shooter with a 6 power scope!


  9. lama and baldtrucker,

    I’ve already done this post.


    To determine range, you have to be able to see the target at a small detail level. You then rotate the parallax ring until the target comes into sharp focus. The distance indicated on the ring os the range to the target. The level at which this is done is on objects about the size of a blade of grass. With a 12 power scope, you can’t see an individual blade beyond 20-25 yards.


  10. BB,

    Do you remember BB speedloader straws? They were straws that held BBs by pounding the end of the straw into a box of BBs until it was full. Then you placed the end over the gun’s reservoir and pinched open the end. It (they) worked remarkably well and were inexpensive to boot. I used them back in the late ’80s. They came to mind recently after buying a Daisy speedloader bottle. It looks like a miniature hummingbird feeder, but there’s a kink in the plastic tube that keeps the BBs from exiting the loader when the release button is pushed in.


  11. BB,

    What do you know about Eagle Air brand Co2 cylinders (12 gram)? They come in 15 ct boxes and they sell them at K-Mart here for less than Crosman Powerlets. They seem to work fine, although at the moment I’m only using them in my Crosman AirMag P50 AirSoft gun.


  12. BB,

    Thanks for the replies. I guess the straws were local to Ollie Damon’s in Portland, OR. I bought a lot of vintage airguns there.

    The seals and necks on the Eagle CO2s are distinctly different from those on the Crosman Powerlets. Other than that, they just say MADE IN THE USA on the box. Powerlets have that groove just below the tip whereas the Eagles are smooth. Also the Crosmans have a flat tip surrounded by a lip, and the Eagle has a crator-like tip that indents towards the center. It doesn’t seem likely that Crosman would use a different machine to produce an “off-brand” powerlet. Do you know off-hand who else produces 12 gram Co2 cylinders in this country?

    None of this is important. I’m just curious, since it has to do with airgunning.


  13. i got this gun not too long ago, but recently i noticed that the BBs would come out of the gun with little force. I think that it is leaking co2, but when i open the co2 chamber, it seems to be full. What do you think is the problem?

  14. PRO77,

    Your problem is hard to follow. Why do you think your gun is leaking gas?

    Please describe “little force.”

    How many shots are on the CO2 cartridge when this problem crops up? You know the cartridge does have limited life?

    Are you using Pellgunoil on each cartridge?

    Is the magazine follower unlocked, so the BBs are feeding as they should?


  15. hi i just got a gun from a freind for free but it doesn’t have a clip it is a airmagp50 made by crossman i have used a friends green gas clip from his glock and we can’t find the same clip do u think u could give me a website were i can get a clip that will fit in it?

    thank you Cmac

  16. Cmag,

    The Crosman P50 is an AEG pistol. The Crosman M50 is a submachinegun powered by CO2.

    Which model do you have? Pyramyd AIR sells magazines for both guns. They are under the accessories tab on the description page (under the gun).


  17. Can somebody help me. I just bought this gun yesterday and it worked fine until the CO2 cartridges started leaking. When I put the cartridge in and tighten the piercing nobit immediately starts leaking and within 5 minutes the cartridge is empty. Can anyone tell me if they had similair problem with this gun and how to fix?

  18. MattNJ816,

    First, did you use Pellgunoil on the tip of the cartridge? That is SO important!

    Second, when the cartridge pierces, don’t stop tightening. Try to twist another half twist, unless the screw becomes very hard to turn.


  19. i have the same problem as matt. when i put a new cartridge of co2 in i tighten it as much as it can go and then the gun leaks. havent tryed the pengunoil yet so if you have any idea of fixing this problem please help thanks alot.

  20. Carbon dioxide is a refrigerant gas. It expands violently to many times its volume when changing from liquid to gas and thus carries a great deal of heat with it.

    Conversely, CO2 must have heat in order to expand. Below 50 degrees, F, CO2 loses its effectiveness as an airgun propellant.

    Also, a gun powered by CO2, when fired rapidly, will cool itself below the point at which CO2 is effective – effectively loosing power until the gun is warmed up again.

    For Alaska and zero degrees you want single-shot airguns powered by compressed air.



  21. I have another question here in Alaska. You said to get an air rifle, If I wanted to shoot small animals like quail,dove, and maybe rabbit, What would be a good air rifle to do that with?

  22. BB’

    Its Alaska again. I live way-out in the “bush” in alaska, the town I live in only has 200 homes. I would get the condor, but i would have no place to refill the air tank, unless the tank could be refilled with an air conpressor? So if you could give me another Idea, that would be great. Thanks for being so helpful.

  23. Alaska,

    Buy a hand pump with the gun. They you can fill it without resorting to a scuba tank.

    The Condor is very powerful and uses a lot of air. Get the Talon, which gets twice the number of shots and is still powerful enough for raccoons, but not for coyotes, like the Condor.


  24. hey i was wondering if they made a scope mount for this gun like the p99 but i couldnt find anything on the internet could someone help me out. and also if you knew of some way to attach a silencer to it cause as far as i know there is no way to do it

  25. HI
    Iam a beginner and have done some splintering with a very old pump/spring shot gun…i dunno the name of the airgun…
    i am looking to buy an airgun as my interest has been renewed recently…
    I was thinking of CP99 compact and crossmanpro77
    Which one will u recommend for a begineer?thanks in advance…anyway ur website is coool and very informative

  26. As long as you are aware that both the pistols you mentioned are BB pistols and are not as accurate as pellet pistols, I recommend the CP99 Compact.

    But the Tanfoglio Witness is more accurate and less expensive. Read about it here:



  27. I just got the Crosman PRO77. And I am not very happy with it at all!!! My PRO77 is having many problems!!!! Every time I fire the gun the slide dosn't come back and recok it and I have to pull the hammer back! I always drops bb's out of the mussle even when the safty is off and I pull the triger to fire it!!! And the co2 runs out with less than 5 shots!!!!
    I am very unhappy with this gun!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Anonymous,

    it is too bad that your Pro77 does not appear to be working properly. Where did you buy the pistol? If from Pyramyd AIR, I advise calling their tech department and asking for help.

    As respects the CO2 leaking out, I advise putting a drop of oil, 20 or 30w motor oil or silicon will be fine, on the CO 2 cylinder tip, before inserting in the chamber and sealing it. Are you tightning the chamber cap all the way but not over tightning?

    Crosman does stand behind their products and while it's the weekend now, come Tuesday call their service department. They try to be very helpful and if your problem can't be solved on the phone, they will probably ask you to send the pistol back to them for inspection.

    The Crosman website contact information is:


    you can find the service department number there.

    One other thing, very few of us monitor these old blog comments. There are a core group of volunteers, I being one of them, that do and try to help folks like yourself. If you want a greater number of comments and help, I suggest you comment on the most current blog. This can be found at


    There is a new blog 5 days per week. Comments are welcome, even off-topic. Good luck.

    Fred PRoNJ

  29. Hey people! I just got a Pro 77.. and I'm having kind of a problem. I installed the CO2 Cartridge just fine, but when i put the magazine with the bbs in it, it doesn't shoot!
    It's driving me crazy.. it does shoot with the magazine off.. but with it on it does nothing..
    I tried everything and it stil doesn't shoot!!
    Please i need your help!

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